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First volume of Excel Saga, released in Japan by Shōnen Gahosha in April 1997.

This is a list of the chapters and volumes of the seinen manga series Excel Saga by Rikdo Koshi. The chapters began serialization in Young King Ours in September 1996, where it is still running. The individual chapters are collected and published in tankōbon volumes by Shōnen Gahosha, with the first volume released in April 1997. As of March 2009, 151 chapters have been published in the magazine, and 22 collected volumes have been published in Japan. The manga was partly adapted into a twenty-six episode anime by J.C.Staff which aired on TV Tokyo in Japan from October 7, 1999 to March 30, 2000.[1][2]

Viz Media licensed Excel Saga for an English language release in North America in 2003.[3] Viz released the first volume on August 13, 2003, and has released nineteen volumes of the series as of June 2009.[4][5] It is also licensed for regional language releases in France by Kabuto[6] and in Italy by Dynit.[7]

List of volumes

Release dateISBNRelease dateISBN
1 April 1997[8]ISBN 978-4-7859-1565-0August 13, 2003[4]ISBN 978-1-56931-988-8
  • Mission 1: "The Initiation of a Legend" (起動する伝説?)
  • Mission 2: "Today and Tomorrow for Farewells" (別れの為の昨日と今日?)
  • Mission 3: "Today and Tomorrow for Encounters" (出会いの為の今日と明日?)
  • Mission 4: "Everyday Living Permissible" (許された日常?)
  • Mission 5: "Those That Burn, Those That Get Burned" (燃やす者 焦がれる者?)
  • Mission 6: "The (Untreatable) Unbeknownst Disease" (不知の病?)
  • Mission 7: "A Night of Necessary Evil" (必要悪の夜?)
Introduces the main cast of characters including Excel, Hyatt, and Il Palazzo. Excel, Hyatt, and their dog Menchi live in the same apartment complex as supporting characters such as next door neighbor, Tooru Watanabe, who has a crush on Hyatt, and Daimaru Sumiyoshi and Norikuni Iwata.
2 December 1997[9]ISBN 978-4-7859-1811-8September 3, 2003[10]ISBN 978-1-56931-989-5
  • Mission 1: "Destinies at the Crossroads" (運命の接点?)
  • Mission 2: "The Opening Winds" (始まりの風?)
  • Mission 3: "The Relative Speed of Fools" (愚者達の相対速度?)
  • Mission 4: "An Equation for Liberation" (解放の方程式?)
  • Mission 5: "Victims and Perpetrators" (被害者と加害者?)
  • Mission 6: "Shift in Tact" (風向き?)
  • Mission 7: "Unhappy Happiness" (不幸せな幸福?)
  • Mission 8: "The Joys of Defeat" (敗者の喜び?)
Introduces Dr. Kabapu, head of the Department of Environmental Security. Kabapu hires Iwata, Sumiyoshi and Watanabe into his staff and later Misaki Matsuya who joins them at a training retreat. This includes sentai suits and prototype laser guns. All the while Excel and Hyatt trade time between working part time jobs and doing missions for Il Palazzo.
3 July 1998[11]ISBN 978-4-7859-1854-5November 12, 2003[12]ISBN 978-1-56931-990-1
  • Mission 1: "Chose Broken" (壊れて選べ?)
  • Mission 2: "Uninhibited Electronic Signals" (自由な電波?)
  • Mission 3: "The Shape of White Color" (白色のかたち?)
  • Mission 4: "The Looking Glass of Delicate Bubbles" (うたかたの万華鏡?)
  • Mission 5: "That Which Scatters About in the White Skies" (散るものは白く空に?)
  • Mission 6: "He Who Does Not Open the Treasure Box Himself" (彼は玉手箱を開けない?)
  • Mission 7: "'We Came... We Left.'" (来た...去った?)
Excel and Hyatt jump from job to job. From working on a mayoral campaign to trying to sign people to cell phone contracts. The two also go undercover at a hospital to report to Il Palazzo about the state of health care in the city. This manga we also learn that Norikuni Iwata is the cousin to Dr. Sekifumi Iwata. Also Dr. Kabapu sends his team into the sewer to search out "suspicious things" and they are met with weird happenings such as falling cage doors and gushes of water. Unbeknownst to them Excel and Hyatt are tyring to ward them out of the sewers because they are too close to their headquarters.
4 December 1998[13]ISBN 978-4-7859-1884-2December 13, 2001[14]ISBN 978-1-59116-110-3
  • Mission 1: "Unforeseen Choices" (見えない選択?)
  • Mission 2: "How to Consume Oxygen" (酸素の使い道?)
  • Mission 3: "'The Smearing Bug's...'" (沁みいる虫の...?)
  • Mission 4: "23 Hours, 56 Minutes, and 4 Seconds in the Life of Dr. Kabapu" (博士の23時間56分4秒?)
  • Mission 5: "The Season Faraway from the Sun" (太陽の遠い季節?)
  • Mission 6: "Into the Labyrinth" (迷路へ?)
  • Mission 7: "The Path You Lead Alone" (ひとりきりでたどる道?)
  • Mission 8: "The Ocean and the Sky as Dangerous Weapons" (海と空が凶器?)
Il Palazzo's strange habits continue and Matsuya lies for the team to avoid them returning to the sewers. This caps off volume 4 as Hyatt gets kidnapped, Excel goes to the dentist, we meet Kabapu's new secretary Momochi, everyone goes to the pool and Watanabe gets sick and is rushed to the hospital. As well as Excel having brief amnesia and Watanabe hunting Iwata down for using permanent marker on his face while he was out at the hospital.
5 September 1999[15]ISBN 978-4-7859-1941-2March 3, 2004[16]ISBN 978-1-59116-136-3
  • Mission 1: "The White Album" (白いアルバム?)
  • Mission 2: "Shallow Wound Entertainment" (傷の浅い娯楽?)
  • Mission 3: "The Beautiful Force" (きれいな力?)
  • Mission 4: "The Dreams of the Dolls" (人形の夢たち?)
  • Mission 5: "Just Come Back" (還るだけ?)
  • Mission 6: "The String-Puller" (糸をひく者?)
  • Mission 7: "And the One That Dances" (踊るもの?)
  • Bonus Mission: "The Spring Programming Special" (春の番組?)
Volume 5 features first appearance of Mr. Owner when Excel and Hyatt briefly work at a cabin lodge. Also supporting character Prof. Shiouji and the Ropponmatsu robots (I & II). Also Iwata tries to get Matsuya's attention on Valentines day and Excel finds a pistol and tries to get rid of it.
6 May 2000[17]ISBN 978-4-7859-1993-1May 5, 2004[18]ISBN 978-1-59116-231-5
  • Mission 1: "Mirrors and Eyes" (鏡と瞳?)
  • Mission 2: "Friend of the Herbivores" (草食の味方?)
  • Mission 3: "The Parallel Everyday" (平行な日常?)
  • Mission 4: "The Resistance Value of a Gaze" (視線の抵抗値?)
  • Mission 5: "Fragment of a Body" (からだのかけら?)
  • Mission 6: "One Look With You" (ひとめあなたと?)
  • Mission 7: "That Won't Return" (それは還らない?)
Ropponmatsu (I/II) moves into the apartment complex where her co-workers live. Excel and Hyatt run into a little girl named Hiyako who they have to ditch because she's being chased by mysterious men in black. Excel and Hyatt also have a run into Ropponmatsu.
7 February 2001[19]ISBN 978-4-7859-2065-4July 14, 2004[20]ISBN 978-1-59116-232-2
  • Mission 1: "A Foul Deed in Springtime" (春の背信?)
  • Mission 2: "In the Midst of Drama" (戯曲の中?)
  • Mission 3: "Scars Upon a Dream" (夢幻の痕?)
  • Mission 4: "Wings to Eternity (T-Minus)" (永遠の翼(前編)?)
  • Mission 5: "Wings to Eternity (T-Plus)" (永遠の翼(後編)?)
  • Mission 6: "They Saw It" (彼女らは見た?)
  • Mission 7: "My Youth In ____________" (我が青春のそれ?)
  • Mission 8: "When Jaa, Ne Comes Marching Home" (戦士の帰還?)
Excel and Hyatt sale Ramen at the Cherry Festival where Kabapu and his subordinates are attending. Sumiyoshi reveals to his friends he collects dating sims. Excel enters the Birdman by the Sea contest to try and earn money. Also Il Palazzo sends Excela and Hyatt to a location to locate a third member. Excel and Hyatt also have to get away from immigration officers after they flee an explosion at a hotel in a foreign airplane.
8 September 2001[21]ISBN 978-4-7859-2126-2August 31, 2004[22]ISBN 978-1-59116-233-9
  • Mission 1: "Hold Your Breath and Wait for Me" (呼吸を止めて待っていて?)
  • Mission 2: "Two Shadows" (影ふたつ?)
  • Mission 3: "The Reality Called Illusion" (夢幻という現実?)
  • Mission 4: "Farewell Leader" (さらばリーダー?)
  • Mission 5: "Screw and Gear" (螺子と歯車?)
  • Mission 6: "A Long Day in a Small World" (小さな世界の長い一日?)
  • Mission 7: "Like a Rope in the Making" (糾う縄の様に?)
  • Mission 8: "Burnable and Nonburnable Trash" (燃える塵 燃えない塵?)
Ilpalazzo introduces ACROSS' third hire, Elgala, to Excel and Hyatt. Elgala's presence and her rebellious nature lead to more tension for Excel and also cause conflict between Excel and Hyatt. Due to these personnel changes, Ilpalazzo disburses a large amount of funds for his hirelings' use, leading to an encounter between them and bank security staff. Meanwhile, City Hall is in shock over the sudden death and robotic resurrection of Iwata, who died of colon cancer, and who is now housed in Ropponmatsu I's body until a permanent replacement can be prepared. A sudden fire engulfs the apartment building, and both ACROSS and the Environmental Security Administration must find new accommodations.
9 June 28, 2002[23]ISBN 978-4-7859-2205-4November 16, 2004[24]ISBN 978-1-59116-234-6
  • Outer Mission: "The Wild West Detective Saw in the Midst of Smoke on the Water Various Cases of Midnight Murder in the Secret Trick Room While Dangerously Dancing at the Stray Sun Series Story" (太陽に踊るあぶないはぐれ西部ケイ事貴ゾク物語旅情編トリック密室連続殺人事件24時湯煙の中にいろいろ見た!?)
  • Mission 1: "Density of the Protagonist" (主人公密度?)
  • Mission 2: "Crystal Locale" (結晶の行方?)
  • Mission 3: "Is Life Worth More Than the Stars?" (星よりも重い生命??)
  • Mission 4: "The Prison of Happiness" (幸せの牢獄?)
  • Mission 5: "We Will Find Each Other Again if We Return to That Town" (あの街へ還ればきっと逢える?)
Excel, Hyatt, Elgala, and Menchi move into their new hideout, an apartment building owned by Kabapu. Ilpalazzo performs medical investigations on Hyatt and is mildly displeased at the results, while Watanabe, Matsuya and Sumiyoshi speculate about Iwata's return. Ilpalazzo orders his agents to proclaim ACROSS' intentions to the masses, but Excel and Hyatt are intercepted in this task by Kabapu's new weapon. This weapon quickly goes on a rampage downtown, meanwhile Kabapu activates "The Plan" and reveals more of the true nature of the organization to his subordinates.
10 December 2002[25]ISBN 978-4-7859-2268-9January 11, 2005[26]ISBN 978-1-59116-644-3
  • Mission 1: "Sometimes Weak and Sometimes Fragile" (弱かったり儚かったり?)
  • Mission 2: "Of the Powerless Mind" (力なき心?)
  • Mission 3: "99.9% Dense" (濃度99.9%?)
  • Mission 4: "The Heart is Gold?" (黄金の心??)
  • Mission 5: "Even God Feels the Pain" (神でも痛い?)
  • Bonus Mission: "The Summer Programming Special" (夏の番組?)
Excel and company attempt to reach out to the ignorant masses at a shopping mall but are again thwarted by Kabapu's forces. Excel begins to feel her position in ACROSS undermined and takes a period of leave. Sumiyoshi's family is introduced, much to his colleagues' surprise. During her absence, Elgala and Hyatt attempt to propagandize at a soccer match, but are forced to retreat under pressure from Iwata. Excel returns to slavage the situation, and the girls celebrate with sake given to Hyatt by Watanabe. They awake hung-over and discover that their bank account has mysteriously emptied overnight.
11 October 24, 2003[27]ISBN 978-4-7859-2367-9March 15, 2005[28]ISBN 978-1-59116-722-8
  • Mission 1: "Elgala Saga" (エルガーラ·サーガ?)
  • Mission 2: "Money Come, Money Go" (天下のまわりもの?)
  • Mission 3: "Certain Things One Can't Do" (できないこと?)
  • Mission 4: "Stupid Struggle of the Wind" (風の駄苦闘?)
  • Mission 5: "Safe Wild Land" (安全な荒野?)
  • Mission 6: "Across Underground Uncovered" (ひみつ組織アクロスのひみつ?)
  • Mission 7: "Courage and Pebbles" (勇気と石ころ?)
  • Mission 8: "God's Work" (神様のお仕事?)
Elgala is forced to recount how she spent the agents' ¥10 million: on a sleep-walking night on the town. The agents are forced to take part time jobs to recoup the loss. Watanabe endeavors to assist Hyatt, but must turn to help from Kabapu—at "very reasonable rates of usury." An office ski trip turns almost deadly for Matsuya and Iwata, but is certainly deadly for the former's pride. The ACROSS agents contemplate new uniforms and aspects of the organization secret even from them. Kabapu and Shioji clash over the use and design of the Ropponmatsu units, and ACROSS inaugurates a bombing campaign to spur the city into action.
12 June 4, 2004[29]ISBN 978-4-7859-2427-0May 17, 2005[30]ISBN 978-1-59116-775-4
  • Side Story: "Professor, We Have a Problem!" (教授!大変です!?)
  • Side Story: "Professor, You Have a Phone Call!" (教授!お電話です!?)
  • Side Story: "Professor, Your Friend is Here!" (教授!お友達です!?)
  • Side Story: "Professor, Let's Have a Moon Viewing Party!" (教授!お月見です!?)
  • Side Story: "Professor, It's Valentine’s Day!" (教授!バレンタインデーです!?)
  • Mission 1: "A Lawless Woman" (無法な女?)
  • Mission 2: "How Many Pages of the Book of Life are Devoted to Youth?" (青春は何ページ?)
  • Mission 3: "Her and That Guy's Circumstances" (彼と少女の事情?)
  • Mission 4: "Plain so Lay" (大洋が○っぱい?)
  • Mission 5: "Work for Humans" (人間のお仕事?)
Dr. Kabapu reflects on the recent terrorist bombing campaign and how it has actually improved the city, but also on how much he needs to find Shioji's father Tenmangu, which will require an unpleasant meeting with Shioji's mother. The agents of ACROSS meanwhile summer at the coast, working at beach-shack owned by "The Manager." Iwata, Matsuya, Ropponmatsu, Sumiyoshi, and Watanabe also visit the beach, leading to Watanabe's being lost at sea with Hyatt. A collection of "side stories" at the start of the VIZ edition star Shioji and his cousin, Umi Rengaya. In these, Shioji's past, character, and relationship with his family are explored.
13 December 27, 2004[31]ISBN 978-4-7859-2496-6August 16, 2005[32]ISBN 978-1-4215-0143-7
  • Mission 1: "Vanishing as Subject and Object" (消えて消して?)
  • Mission 2: "On a Created Planet" (作られた星?)
  • Mission 3: "This is Not a Figment of Your Imagination" (それは幻ではない?)
  • Mission 4: "The Great Wide Tower" (広い巨塔?)
  • Mission 5: "A Few Words I'd Like to Convey to You" (あなたに伝えたいいくつかの言葉?)
  • Mission 6: "Alliance in the Park" (公園同盟?)
  • Outer Mission: "Say Hello to the Outbreak from the Clinic of the Super Doctor B.J. in White" (振り返れば白いスーパーDR. BJ診療所によろしく!アウトブレク?)
Shioji's mother, Dr. Miwa Rengaya, surprises him by returning from Illinois and resuming residence at the family institute. The agents of ACROSS attempt to spread the word to a passing television crew but are preemted by Ilpalazzo's public proclamation of ACROSS' ownership of the city. Kabapu is spurred by this to reveal his origins and true mission to his subordinates. Excel and company stage a daring but failed raid on City Hall to capture Ropponmatsu Unit 1 for Ilpalazzo. Dr. Rengaya and Kabpu consult over tea, while Shioji rifles through his mother's files for clues to his father's research and location. He later forms a secret alliance with Matsuya.
14 June 27, 2005[33]ISBN 978-4-7859-2546-8April 11, 2006[34]ISBN 978-1-4215-0481-0
  • Mission 1: "Fire Above, Flood Below" (上は大火事 下は洪水?)
  • Mission 2: "Shameful Miracle" (恥ずかしい奇跡?)
  • Mission 3: "The Lonely Lovers" (愛はふたりぼっち?)
  • Mission 4: "I've Been Working on the Railroad" (線路は続くよ どこまでも?)
  • Mission 5: "Death at Kuroyama-Les-Bains" (温泉殺人事件?)
  • Mission 5.5: "Little House on the Big Sea" (大海原の小さな家?)
  • Mission 6: "Mon., Mon., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thur., Thur., and Thur." (月月月火水木木木?)
The girls' cover (and apartment) are explosively blown, leading to a bath-house confrontation with Kabapu's forces. In order to draw their attention and let Hyatt escape, Excel and Elgala flee, taking Iwata and Ropponmatsu Unit 2 in pursuit. Nevertheless, Hyatt is captured and, in an amnesiac state, placed under Watanabe's care, with potentially dire effects on the latter's career. Her coworkers escape to the coast, where they are pressed into the service of "Mr. Owner" and "The Manager" on their floating resort, eventually ending up in an immigration detention center. Kabapu takes a vacation at a hot-spring, but is rudely interrupted by a murder mystery and local police.
15 December 28, 2005[35]ISBN 978-4-7859-2598-7December 12, 2006[36]ISBN 978-1-4215-0846-7
  • Mission 1: "Happy Revolution" (幸福革命?)
  • Mission 2: "Lord Il Palazzo's Big Day Out" (イルパラッツォの大冒険?)
  • Mission 3: "Preach Me the Gospel" (福音をください?)
  • Mission 4: "Forbidden Ground" (禁域?)
  • Mission 5: "The Visible Machine" (機械の視界?)
  • Mission 6: "Glory, Light, Shadows, and Things Like That" (栄光とか光とか影とか?)
Disrupting Watanabe's plan for romance, Ilpalazzo personally intervenes to restore Hyatt's memory and rescue her from captivity. With her at hand, and trailed by Kabapu's agents, Ilpalazzo tours the streets of Fukuoka. After a brief meeting with Kabapu, Ilpalazzo teleporting away with Hyatt and later takes Ropponmatsu Unit 1. Excel and Elgala are marooned on a desert isle, but Ilpalazzo again intervenes to deliver Elgala from danger. Excel, however, must fend for herself in her return to Fukuoka. Months later, Kabapu frets over the failing search for Ropponmatsu and sees his wealth and political influence challenged subtly by a disruptive new electronics and retail firm: ILL, which inspires fanaticism in its employees and addiction in its customers. A social event reveals to Kabapu the leadership of this firm: its chairman, Ilpalazzo, and president, a returned and focused Excel.
16 July 26, 2006[37]ISBN 978-4-7859-2663-2September 11, 2007[38]ISBN 978-1-4215-1347-8
  • Mission 1: "Perhaps Everyone is a Slave" (多分みんな奴隷?)
  • Mission 2: "Your Voice" (あなたの聲が?)
  • Mission 3: "Zero Meters Above Sea Level" (海抜零M?)
  • Mission 4: "Stomach of Chaos" (戦士の胃?)
  • Mission 5: "The Era of Black and White" (白と黒の時代?)
  • Mission 6: "Behind Shadow, an Extraordinary Being" (陰に籠もってもの凄く?)
17 January 26, 2007[39]ISBN 978-4-7859-2742-4March 11, 2008[40]ISBN 978-1-4215-1874-9
  • Mission 1: "Aim for the Top" (トップを攫え!?)
  • Mission 2: "Education" (教育?)
  • Mission 3: "Borrowed Thing" (かりたもの?)
  • Mission 4: "The Meaning of the Mustache" (髭の理?)
  • Mission 5: "Overloaded City" (過負荷都市?)
18 July 30, 2007[41]ISBN 978-4-7859-2825-4December 9, 2008[5]ISBN 978-1-4215-2155-8
  • Mission 1: "G-i-v-e Me a Secret" (秘密く·だ·さ·い?)
  • Mission 2: "Those Who Do Not Want to be Selected" (選ばれたくない人達?)
  • Mission 3: "The Girl With Curly Hair Who Leapt Through Time" (時をかける巻き毛?)
  • Mission 4: "The Girl With Curly Hair by the Window" (窓際の巻き毛?)
  • Mission 5: "Single-Seater" (定員一名?)
  • Mission 6: "Half Organic" (有機半分?)
  • Mission 7: "Love is All" (愛こそすべて?)
19 February 8, 2008[42]ISBN 978-4-7859-2914-5June 9, 2009[43]ISBN 978-1-4215-2586-0
  • Mission 1: "Just When You're Feeling Weak, Here Comes a Kick, a Bee, a Curse and God Knows What Else" (弱り目に蹴りと蜂と祟りとその他?)
  • Mission 2: "The Despair of White Copper (4.8 Grams, 22.6 Millimeters Diameter)" (白銅4.8g·直径22.6mmの絶望?)
  • Mission 3: "Run, Mince!" (走れメンチ?)
  • Mission 4: "The Diary of Somebody" (誰かの日記?)
  • Mission 5: "Two Wheels" (車輪ふたつ?)
  • Mission 6: "A Public Bomb" (公共爆弾?)
20 May 19, 2008[44]ISBN 978-4-7859-2963-3December 8, 2009[45]ISBN 978-1-4215-2782-6
  • Mission 1: Two People and One Pet (二人と一匹?)
  • Mission 2: Three People and One Machine (三人と一機?)
  • Mission 3: Teriha Vanishes (照葉消失?)
  • Mission 4: I'm Home (ただいま?)
  • Mission 5: 8000001 (8000001?)
  • Mission 6: The Waste Land (氷の世界?)
21 October 29, 2008[46]ISBN 978-4-7859-3049-3April 13, 2010[47]ISBN 978-1-4215-3161-8
  • Mission 1: 30,000 Miles Underground (地底3万マイル?)
  • Mission 2: Homecoming (再返還?)
  • Mission 3: The Gap (格差?)
  • Mission 4: I Am the Machine and the Machine is Me (俺がマシンで機械が俺で?)
  • Mission 5: I Am the President and That's the Machine (俺が社長で機械がアレで?)
  • Mission 6: To be Born Until You are Chosen (選ばれるまで生まれる?)
22 February 26, 2009[48]ISBN 978-4-7859-3120-9April 12, 2011[49]ISBN 978-1-4215-3570-8
  • Mission 1. (嘘·間違い·大袈裟?)
  • Mission 2. (鍵と鍵穴?)
  • Mission 3. (拾い食い?)
  • Mission 4. (ある美女の脳内日記から?)
  • Mission 5. (肉体労働?)
  • Mission 6. (満塁?)
23 September 30, 2009[50]ISBN 978-4-7859-3229-9
  • Mission 1. (あの人同じ笑顔で?)
  • Mission 2. (不治の後遺症?)
  • Mission 3. (お会いしましょう?)
  • Mission 4. (無地のパズル?)
  • Mission 5. (役者戦争?)
  • Mission 6. (不完全たち?)
  • Mission 7. (誰か無敵?)
24 April 9, 2010[51]ISBN 978-4-7859-3358-6
  • Mission 1. (ゆるくてしあわせ?)
  • Mission 2. (北風と豪雨?)
  • Mission 3. (青の降臨?)
  • Mission 4. (皺だらけの天使?)
  • Mission 5. (嗤う博士?)
  • Mission 6. (緋と蒼の影?)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.


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