This is a list of episodes of the anime series Elfen Lied. Based on the original manga series of the same name by Lynn Okamoto, the anime series was produced by Genco and VAP. It premiered on TV Tokyo's AT-X satellite channel on 25 July 2004 and concluded on 17 October 2004. Directed by Mamoru Kanbe, the series spanned 13 episodes and was followed by a single original video animation on 21 April 2005. The OVA episode, referred to as episode 10.5, depicts events occurring between episodes ten and eleven of the series.[1] The series is based around the efforts of humanity to quarantine and eradicate the diclonius, a species of mutant humans with horns, and focuses on "Lucy", believed to be the first diclonius, who encounters two teenagers on the shores of Kamakura after attempting to escape her holding facility.

Elfen Lied is licensed for English language releases in North America by ADV Films and in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. ADV Films UK division aired the English dub of the series in the United Kingdom on Propeller TV as part of Anime Network's launch. ADV released the series across four Region 1 DVD volumes, with the first volume released 17 May 2005.[2] A box set containing the entire series was subsequently released 28 November 2006 in both North America and in Europe to Region 2 DVD.[3], and in Australia by Madman Entertainment on 4 April 2007.[4] ADV did not include the OVA episode in the box set, instead releasing it as a standalone volume in 2006.[5]

Two pieces of theme music are used for the series. The opening theme "Lilium", arranged in the style of a Gregorian chant in Ecclesiastical Latin, uses lyrics taken from biblical passages in Psalms and the Epistle of James, as well as the Renaissance hymn Ave mundi spes Maria, in Ecclesiastical Latin. The Greek phrase "Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison" also appears in the text, from a passage in an alchemical mass written by Nicholas Melchior in the Theatrum Chemicum.[6][7][8] It was composed by Yukio Kondo (近藤由紀夫) and lyrics were arranged by Kayo Konishi (小西香葉). It is performed by Kumiko Noma. Chieko Kawabe performs the series ending theme, "Be Your Girl". The song is a J-pop piece that is in stark contrast to the horror and drama of the series. Majority of the incidental music in the anime series contain a variation of Lilium, performed by the various instrumentals, including a Tenors Version, a Music Box Version and a Saint Version.


The words "Elfen Lied" are in German, and all episodes have alternate titles in the language. The English translations of the episode names, however, are taken from the Japanese names for the episodes. The German titles do not translate exactly to those of the Japanese titles, except in some cases. The German episode names are included in the titles during the episodes, and "DAS ENDE" (lit. "The End") is shown in German at the end of the last episode. Translations of the original German titles are given.

TV series

# Title Original air date
01 A Chance Encounter ~ Begegnung (lit. Meeting)
"Kaikō" (邂逅)
25 July 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
One of the first diclonius, named "Lucy", escapes from an experimental laboratory off the coast of Kamakura, which is being used as a facility to hold diclonii and use them for experiments. After killing many guards, she is shot in the head and falls into the sea; her brain damage causes her to form an innocent, somewhat infantile split personality, "Nyu". Later, she is found by Kohta and Yuka, two cousins who are reunited after eight years to study at university, and is taken back home with them. After she breaks Kohta's seashell, his keepsake from his younger sister Kanae who died "of an illness" eight years earlier, she runs away because Kohta gets angry with her. She does not remember anything that she has done in her entire life.
02 Annihilation ~ Vernichtung (lit. Destruction)
"Sōtō" (掃討)
1 August 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The offshore facility, headed by the scientist Kurama, sends a special task force, headed by the ruthless, cold-hearted assassin Bando, to hunt down Lucy at a beach in Kamakura. However, they only encounter her in her innocent "Nyu" state. She is hit over the head by Bando. Bando then tells his partner to finish Nyu off, but the hit reverts Nyu back to Lucy, who kills Bando's partner, and goes after Bando. In the end, Bando has been dismembered and blinded. Lucy reverts to Nyu before she kills Bando. It is seen here that Lucy and Nyu switch between each other depending on the events surrounding them. After being shot by Bando, Kohta is put in the hospital, but is not severely injured, and is released hours later while Yuka goes looking for Lucy. He encounters her back at the house and forgives her.
03 Deep Feelings ~ Im Innersten (lit. At heart)
"Kyōri" (胸裡)
8 August 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yuka, who has been in love with Kohta since childhood, caught him in several awkward situations with Nyu (such as changing her clothes for her after the last episode because her other clothes are wet), causing her to become increasingly jealous of Kohta's concern for Nyu. Mayu, a 13 year old girl and her dog Wanta, who witnessed the incidents in episode 2, return an umbrella left by Kohta on the beach to him, where she is interrogated about the events. Meanwhile, Nana, codenamed "No. 7", another diclonius, is released from her confinement in order to track down Lucy and bring her back to the facility.
04 Attack ~ Aufeinandertreffen (lit. Meet one another)
"Shokugeki" (触撃)
15 August 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Nana, using the telepathic powers of diclonii to find Lucy, fights her in a local cemetery, and Mayu encounters them in the middle of the battle. Before long, Nana has all her limbs ripped off, nearly dead. Kurama is ordered by his boss, Kakuzawa, to put Nana down, however Kurama does not kill her. Yuka discovers that Mayu is homeless and invites her to stay with them.
05 Receipt ~ Empfang (lit. Reception)
"Rakushō" (落掌)
22 August 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mayu's past and why she ran away from home are revealed. Mayu's mother remarried, and her new stepfather repeatedly molested her. When her mother refused to offer her any help, she ran away from home, where she encountered a stray dog, whom she named "Wanta". As Kohta and Yuka enter university and take Nyu with them, Professor Kakuzawa, the son of Kurama's boss (and, by coincidence, the university lecturer) discovers Nyu and she is taken from Kohta and Yuka. Kakuzawa is revealed to be partly diclonius, and intends to breed with Lucy. However she simply kills him, claiming that he is worthless in the evolution towards a diclonius-populated world. Kohta finds out it is also Mayu's 14th birthday, and invites her to stay permanently with them, where she finally feels that she has a family who cares for her.
06 Innermost Feelings ~ Herzenswärme (lit. Heart warmth)
"Chūjō" (衷情)
29 August 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Bando escapes from the hospital, still trying to find Lucy to satisfy his grudge against her. Professor Kakuzawa Yū's decapitated body is found by his assistant and Kouta. While searching for Lucy, Kohta and Yuka develop a fondness for each other as displayed through a kiss. Finally, Lucy is found by Kohta and Yuka and taken back home.
07 Confrontation ~ Zufällige Begegnung (lit. Coincidental meeting)
"Saikai" (際会)
5 September 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Nana is released with brand-new artificial limbs and enough money to last her for a while on her own. Kurama, his second-in-command Shirakawa, and his assistant are all reprimanded by Kakuzawa for letting her escape and letting Kohta enter the facility to find Lucy. Meanwhile Nana, not knowing of anything outside the facility, does not know what to do with the money and begins to burn some. Soon, she is found by Mayu at the cemetery where she was almost killed by Lucy and they become friends with each other. Nana is then brought back to Kohta's home. Discovering that Lucy (actually Nyu) is in the home, Nana attacks her.
08 The Beginning ~ Beginn (lit. Begin)
"Kōshi" (嚆矢)
12 September 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As a result of living her entire life inside the facility, Nana is found to be naive and sensitive about the events surrounding her. Mayu discovers the real Lucy behind Nyu as Nana tells her of their diclonius powers. As Lucy is recovering from being hit in the face by Nana, she goes through a flashback of her childhood, where she was raised in an orphanage all her life where her peers constantly bullied her. Feeling lonely and ignored, she begins to develop her hatred for humans. When her peers discover that she has made friends with a stray dog, (discovered when a girl pretended to be Lucy's friend) they force her to watch as they beat it to death with a vase, and in her despair, Lucy activates her vectors and commits her first murders against her schoolmates.
09 Reminiscence ~ Schöne Erinnerung (lit. Beautiful memory)
"Tsuioku" (追憶)
19 September 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Lucy's past links with Kohta are uncovered - after her dog was killed, she began to show contempt for humans, until Kohta briefly befriended her. Kohta plays the series' opening theme "Lilium" in a music box which he bought in Kamakura. They go to the zoo and later play in the water, where she thanks Kohta for the most fun she'd ever had in her life. Her hope in being re-acquainted with humans is briefly regained. However, when she discovers Kohta's cousin (Yuka), who he claimed to be a boy, is actually a girl, she loses hope and begins her future murderous path.
10 Infant ~ Säugling (lit. Baby)
"Eiji" (嬰児)
26 September 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kurama's past is explained in this episode. He was a good friend of Professor Kazukawa, who invited Kurama to work with him and his father on the diclonius project after leaving university. He reluctantly agrees, however, as he is performing research, he is infected with the diclonius virus via transmission through their vectors, and as a result, his daughter Mariko is born a diclonius. He decides to kill her, however as his wife dies from complications after giving birth, begging him to spare her, Kurama chooses to let her live under Kazukawa's condition that bombs must be planted inside her to kill her in case she turns aggressive. Meanwhile, as both Lucy and Nana are now part of Kohta's household, the facility decides to send "the most powerful" diclonius, known only as "No. 35".
11 Complication ~ Vermischung (lit. Mixture)
"Sakusō" (錯綜)
3 October 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mariko is revealed to be the true identity of No. 35. Under supervision from staff at the facility, she is released as a last effort to retrieve Lucy. Nana senses Mariko's presence and her desire to kill her through their ability to locate each other. Mariko and Nana meet on a bridge on the shore and they battle. Kurama, who supposedly "had to leave", has joined Bando to kill Lucy on his own beyond the knowledge of Shirakawa and the staff.
12 Quagmire ~ Taumeln (lit. Tumble)
"Deinei" (泥濘)
10 October 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The past which Kohta had tried to forget eight years ago comes back to him as he remembers that Lucy took revenge on Kohta's lie about the gender of her cousin by killing Kohta's father and his sister Kanae. As Shirakawa dispatches Mariko to kill Lucy, Bando is paid by Kurama to kill her as well. Mariko is about to kill Nana (as well as Kohta and Lucy), until Nana uses her vectors to deactivate Mariko's and falls off the bridge, as Mariko's vectors fail and she is taken away. Shirakawa discovers Lucy's Nyu personality and identifies her as the target diclonius, only to be killed along with the security forces enlisted to guard against Mariko.
13 No Return ~ Erleuchtung (lit. Illumination)
"Fugen" (不還)
17 October 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mariko regains the ability to use her vectors and stages one final meeting with Lucy. They meet, and Lucy goes into a state of shock after losing one of her horns. Kurama, accompanied by Nana whom he rescued after she fell off the bridge where she battled Mariko, encounters their fight. Here, Mariko realizes that Kurama is her father and meets him for the first time, beginning to cry after finally encountering her father, who appears to have abandoned her for Nana. Kurama exchanges final words of reassurance to Mariko just before the final bomb inside her is detonated. The Director of the facility the had been holding Lucy, Nana and Mariko reveals that he is a diclonius. Lucy, who makes it out of the fight alive, reveals her remorse and emotion for Kohta and they kiss before she leaves to encounter the security team. However, Lucy's ultimate fate is unknown except that her other horn is broken, although it is possible that she died as the shots of the guns continue, even after her horn is broken. The "family" of Kaede house, including Nana, settles down. As they are about to eat, the music box playing "Lilium" stops, a figure appears at the front door and the grandfather clock starts ticking again.

OVA special

The OVA special of the series was created separately and released on 21 April 2005 in Japan and in 2006 by ADV Films. It is much more comical and light-hearted than the main series, with far less blood and violence, although it does contain the fanservice present in the rest of the series. However, the lengthy flashbacks to Lucy's past, while not as bloody as in some episodes of the normal series, still have a dark and somber tone. The OVA explains some of the history between Lucy and Kurama (specifically how he was able to capture her alive), and why she never kills him when she sees him, in a flashback while Lucy is unconscious, although the plot of the main series can be understood without viewing the OVA. It was not released with the ADV series box set in 2006, nor has it ever been dubbed into English.

# Title Original air date
10.5 Regenschauer (lit. Rainstorm) ~ In the rain, or, how can a girl have reached such feelings?
"Tōriame ni te arui wa, shōjo wa ikani shi te sono shinjō ni itatta ka?" (通り雨にて 或いは、少女はいかにしてその心情に至ったか?)
21 April 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Nana is still settling in at Kohta's home. After nearly killing Mayu when her arm flies off while trying to chop lettuce, Nana is given the task of helping Nyū clean the house. However, Nana treats it as a competition between her and Nyū, and repeatedly hurts herself and damages the building as a result. After getting in an argument with Kohta about her role in the house, she runs away and ends up at the beach, where she meets Bando again. He figures out that Nana knows where Lucy is and coerces her into agreeing to bring Lucy back to the beach that night. Later, Nana manages to get Nyū out of the house by saying she wants them to take a walk together to apologize for her earlier behavior, and she gets back to the beach where she starts having second thoughts. It starts raining, and Nyū slips in a puddle of water and hits her head, knocking her out. While Nana gets Nyū sheltered from the rain and tries to reawaken her, Nyū, now Lucy again, has a flashback of a time five years after her first encounter with Kohta (three years before the present day).

During the flashback, Lucy is shown to be hiding with Aiko Takada, who shares a similar interest in her as Kohta does. Lucy has been living day-to-day as a runaway for the past 5 years. However, when Kurama appears with some soldiers to try and capture Lucy, Aiko pushes her out of the way and takes a bullet to the chest that was meant for Lucy's head. In order to save her friend's life, Lucy agrees to sacrifice her freedom, and surrenders to Kurama without a struggle. Kurama promises Lucy that he will do everything he can to save Aiko, but she still ends up dying. When Kurama tells Lucy this, she tells him that she will not kill him, but instead take away everything he has ever loved, like he did to her, and she is shown crying through the mask on her face. Back at the beach, Nana is worried about Nyū because she won't wake up, and Nana can feel Lucy's life slipping away. Nyū then wakes up and, after Nana apologizes, Kohta, Yuka, and Mayu find them and they all walk home together.


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