This is a list of episodes from the Japanese anime Digimon Xros Wars. It is the sixth season in the long-running Digimon TV series by Akiyoshi Hongo. Digimon Xros Wars made its premiere on TV Asahi on July 6, 2010.

Episode listing

Ep# Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 Taiki, Go to Another World!
"Taiki, Isekai e Iku!" (タイキ、異世界へ行く!)
July 6, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The story begins with a seventh-grade boy named Taiki Kudō dreaming of commanding a Digimon army. The next day, Taiki spots a red creature flickering in static and hears a mysterious voice which presents him with a Xros Loader, into which the creature is absorbed. He and his friends, Akari Hinomoto and Zenjirō Tsurugi, are then sucked into a portal to the Digital World, where they are attacked by MadLeomon and his troops. The group is rescued by Ballistamon, Starmon, the Pickmon, and the mysterious red creature: Shoutmon. After Taiki and his Digimon companions fight back against MadLeomon and his troops, MadLeomon absorbs some Chikurimon, Troopmon, and Mammothmon to become Armed MadLeomon. Taiki uses his Xros Loader to allow Shoutmon and Ballistamon to DigiXros into a more powerful form. After injuring Armed MadLeomon, Shoutmon then uses the DigiXrossed Starmon and Pickmon, in the form of the Star Sword, to strike down Armed MadLeomon with a finishing blow. A portal appears recalling MadLeomon and his minions. Later, several Digimon are seen conversing about their evil plans after seeing the fight. As the episode ends, a boy and a girl, each with their own Digimon companions, watch Taiki's group from afar.
2 Shoutmon, Roar!
"Shautomon, Hoeru!" (シャウ卜モン、吠える!)
July 13, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Taiki and his friends encounter Jijimon, who tells them about the Bagura Empire. After Taiki, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon take out a Pteramon that was bombing a village, Akari briefly encounters Cutemon and Dorulumon. Elsewhere, Kiriha Aonuma, another boy with a Xros Loader, eliminates some of MadLeomon's troops with his Digimon, Greymon and MailBirdramon. Shoutmon gets upset when Taiki, Akari and Zenjiro talk about returning to the human world, which would ruin his dream of becoming Digimon King. As Taiki, Akari and Zenjiro depart without Shoutmon and the others, MadLeomon unleashes Orochimon, who corners them. Shoutmon and Ballistamon come to their rescue and MadLeomon absorbs Orochimon to become MadLeomon Orochi Mode. When Taiki hears that Shoutmon wants to become king in order to protect his village, he combines Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon ×2, who defeats Orochi Mode. MadLeomon retreats.
3 Rival Kiriha, Appear!
"Raibaru Kiriha, Arawaru!" (強敵キリハ、現る!)
July 20, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Lilithmon, Tactimon, and Blastmon, meet with Baguramon to discuss their current problem with the humans after a brief interruption by Baalmon. Later, a bunch of giant bamboo shoots rise from the ground surrounding the Village of Smiles, the work of a Bagura Empire Drimogumon. Zenjiro gets caught on top of one of the shoots. Taiki and his group are approached by Kiriha, who wants Taiki to become his subordinate, and attacks them with MailBirdramon. After overpowering them, Kiriha departs just as MadLeomon attacks with several Apemon and a Pteramon. Upon confronting Shoutmon ×2, MadLeomon absorbs the Apemon to become MadLeomon Final Mode. Cutemon and Dorulumon appear to aid Shoutmon ×2 in the fight, whilst Zenjiro uses the Star Sword to destroy Drimogumon and remove the bamboo shoots. Furious, MadLeomon initiates a self-destruct sequence. Remembering his dream, Taiki DigiXrosses Dorulumon with Shoutmon and Ballistamon to form Shoutmon ×3, who destroys MadLeomon for good. As Dorulumon and Cutemon leave, a microchip descends from his remains and the group is approached by a girl named Nene Amano.
4 Island Zone, Upheaval!
"Airando Zōn, Gekidō!" (アイランドゾーン、激動!)
July 27, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Nene introduces herself to Team Xros Heart and tells them about the Code Crown, which is proof of ownership of a zone. She teaches Taiki how to transfer to another Zone. At the Island Zone, they save an Archelomon from a group of Gizamon searching for the Zone's Code Crown. After recognizing Jijimon, Archelomon says that the Code Crown is in a place that is very difficult to get to. The Bagura Empire's general Neptunmon learns of Team Xros Heart's presence from one of the Gizamon and receives orders from Tactimon to stop them. As Team Xros Heart gather offerings for a festival, which is the key to finding the Crown Code, Neptunmon navy shows up. While Archelomon keeps ChibiKamemon and his companions hidden, Team Xros Heart heads underwater to infiltrate the Mantaraymon fleet and destroy them from within. When Neptunmon gets word of this, he unleashes Octomon, who destroys the hijacked Mantaraymon and tries to drown everyone. ChibiKamemon rushes out to help, revealing Archelomon's location to enemy spies. ChibiKamemon catches up to Shoutmon ×2 and has Taiki DigiXros him with Shoutmon ×2, which allows everyone to breathe underwater and gives them the skill to defeat Octomon. Meanwhile, Neptunmon's troops manage to capture Archelomon.
5 Digimemory, Shine!
"Dejimemori, Kagayaku!" (デジメモリ、輝く!)
August 3, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After Neptunmon learns the location of the Code Crown from Archelomon, it is revealed the island is actually a huge Digimon called KingWhamon. Neptunmon sends an army of Flymon to drop explosives to paralyze KingWhamon. As Taiki goes to save Shoutmon, they are both swallowed by KingWhamon, with the Flymon in pursuit. Taiki uses the Pickmon to help to find the Code Crown, but are soon ambushed by the Flymon, who then sting Shoutmon with a deadly poison. Hearing the prayers of their friends, KingWhamon flushes out the Flymon, gives Taiki some of his oil to cure Shoutmon, and allows them to take the Code Crown. However, upon exiting KingWhamon, they come up against Ebidramon, who proves to be a tough match for Shoutmon ×2. KingWhamon reveals that there is a set of DigiMemories of legendary Digimon in a temple under him. ChibiKamemon swims to the temple and retrieves a box containing the DigiMemories. Taiki uses one to summon the data of Leviamon, who aids Shoutmon ×2 in destroying Ebidramon. Refusing to let the Code Crown and DigiMemories escape him, Neptunmon unleashes an army of Seadramon and leads them against Team Xros Heart.
6 X4, Crisis Breakthrough!
"Kurosu Fō, Kiki Toppa!" (×4, 危機突破!)
August 10, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Neptunmon uses Archelomon as ransom for the Code Crown and DigiMemories. Before Taiki can give up the items, Kiriha arrives on MailBirdramon and takes out some of the Seadramon. Taiki then uses another DigiMemory, summoning a bunch of MarineAngemon who use their Kahuna Waves to distract the Seadramon. Shoutmon x2 carries Team Xros Heart toward the enemy and Zenjirou uses the Rare Star Sword to free Archelomon. Neptunmon then knocks them into the water and has the Seadramon freeze the ocean surface. Dorulumon arrives and attacks Neptunmon before freeing the others. Taiki then merges Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, and the Star Sword into Shoutmon x4. Shoutmon x4 ends up fighting against Neptunmon's sentient King's Bite spear, ultimately using Neptunmon as a shield against his own weapon. After Neptunmon's death, ChibiKamemon joins Team Xros Heart and Dorulumon takes his leave.
7 Volcano Digimon, Explosion!
"Kazan Dejimon, Daibakuhatsu!" (火山デジモン、大爆発!)
August 17, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Xros Heart arrives in Magma Zone and decides to take a dip in the hot springs. However, they are soon ambushed by an army of Meramon, led by SkullMeramon and BlueMeramon. Although they manage to beat the army, SkullMeramon proves to be too much for them until Dorulumon arrives with Cutemon and forces him to retreat. Cutemon explains that he is looking for his parents and talks about when he first met Dorulumon. SkullMeramon informs his boss AncientVolcamon about the skirmish. When Dorulumon still refuses to join with Team Xros Heart, they decide to follow him, stumbling upon an enslavement camp of Digimon digging for the Code Crown. Whilst Dorulumon is uninterested and leaves, the others head to the prisons, where they are ambushed by SkullMeramon. Dorulumon comes to their aid, after a Bearmon slave informs him that Cutemon's parents are being held captive there. Taiki then brings out Shoutmon x3 who defeats SkullMeramon with some encouragement from Cutemon. Unfortunately for Xros Heart, AncientVolcamon then steps into battle.
8 Fierce General Tactimon, Close In!
"Moushou Takutimon, Semaru!" (猛将タクティモン、迫る!)
August 24, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Realizing that prolonging the fight might cause the caves to collapse and kill the prisoners, Taiki decides to surrender, reassuring AncientVolcamon with a fake Xros Loader. They are taken to the cells, where they learn from a Prairiemon that Cutemon's parents had already been transferred to a different facility. Elsewhere, Tactimon is informed by a Troopmon that Taiki and Dorulumon were captured in the Magma Zone. Xros Heart starts to dig their way through the walls, motivating Dorulumon and the other prisoners to help them. AncientVolcamon soon learns of the fake Xros Loader from SkullMeramon, who sends an army of Meramon to ambush the escapees. Shoutmon x2 manages to defeat both the army and SkullMeramon, but AncientVolcamon proves to be a match for even Shoutmon x4. Taiki uses the DigiMemory of Agumon to distract AncientVolcamon long enough for Shoutmon x4 to recover and plug up the volcano on his opponent's back, causing him to explode. However, the group is soon approached by Tactimon, who reveals that Dorulumon was once his right-hand man.
9 Dorulumon, Run Like the Wind!
"Dorurumon, Kaze ni Kakeru!" (ドルルモン、風に駆ける!)
August 31, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tactimon explains that Dorulumon was his most clever warrior until he deserted the Bagura Empire. When Taiki says that he still trusts Dorulumon, Tactimon splits the ground with his attack and separates Taiki and Dorulumon from the others, sentencing them to death. Just as Taiki and Dorulumon are about to be burned alive by the Meramon, Kiriha arrives and fights Tactimon whilst the others Xros Heart members free Taiki and Dorulumon with the help of BlueMeramon, who explains Dorulumon once saved him from being sacrificed by Tactimon. They find Taiki's Xros Loader but are attacked by SkullMeramon, with BlueMeramon being killed protecting them from his attack. After Shoutmon defeats SkullMeramon, Xros Heart then confronts AncientVolcamon and the Meramon army. AncientVolcamon absorbs the defeated Meramon to become Fused AncientVolcamon, but Taiki counters his attack with Garurumon's Digimemory. Taiki DigiXrosses Dorulumon with Shoutmon to form the Dorulu Cannon to attack AncientVolcamon, before finishing him off with Shoutmon X3. Meanwhile, Kiriha retreats from his battle with Tactimon. Dorulumon finally agrees to join Xros Heart, and the Magma Zone's Code Crown appears and is claimed by Taiki as they set off for the next zone.
10 Taiki, Become a Knight!
"Taiki, Kishi ni Naru!" (タイキ、騎士になる!)
September 14, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Arriving in the Lake Zone, Team Xros Heart finds some frozen ToyAgumon and Pandamon. They learn from the White PawnChessmon that Knightmon is drowning in the river. Taiki dives in and unleashes ChibiKamemon to help rescue Knightmon. Afterwards, Knightmon thanks Taiki. Meanwhile, Tactimon tells Blastmon and Baalmon about his encounter with Kiriha. At the same time, some ToyAgumon and Pandamon are fighting an army of Icemon and Troopmon led by IceDevimon until Team Xros Heart arrives. They fend off the Icemon and Troopmon while the Pandamon and ToyAgumon fall back to the castle. After some attacks from Team Xros Heart, IceDevimon issues a retreat. Moments later at the castle, Team Xros Heart are introduced to the Lake Zone's princess Persiamon as Kiriha enters. Meanwhile, IceDevimon reports to Lilithmon about what happened during his encounter with Team Xros Heart. Back at the castle, everyone attends a banquet. Taiki and Kiriha have a chat while being overheard by Zenjirou, Knightmon, and Ballistamon. The conversation is interrupted when IceDevimon's army attacks the castle. Kiriha combines Greymon and MailBirdramon into MetalGreymon who annihilates most of the army. Taiki then realizes that the Icemon have found a way into the castle. IceDevimon and the Icemon with him confront Persiamon until Shoutmon arrives. When Taiki arrives with Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Knightmon, and the PawnChessmon, IceDevimon ends up absorbing the Icemon with him in order to become a much more powerful version of himself. IceDevimon ends up freezing Ballistamon. Just then, Baalmon arrives to help IceDevimon only to be attacked by MetalGreymon. When IceDevimon starts to slowly freeze Knightmon, Taiki combines Shoutmon and Dorulumon to form the Dorulu Cannon which ends up freeing Knightmon. The Knightmon and PawnChessmon combine their attacks enough to cause IceDevimon to regress back to normal and retreat. When Persiamon thanks Taiki, he collapses from exhaustion as two Monitormon watch on. Meanwhile, Lilithmon is at a gate that opens to reveal a gigantic Digimon.
11 Xros Heart, Burn!
"Kurosu Hāto, Moeru!" (クロスハート、燃える!)
September 14, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Taiki is still unconscious as Persiamon and Akari watch on. While this is happening, IceDevimon's army is attacking Persiamon's castle again as Zenjirou helps to command Persiamon's army to fight them. The fight is watched over by Nene and a Monitormon. Meanwhile, Lilithmon and IceDevimon begin working on thawing out a specific Digimon. Later that night, Shoutmon notices Akari becoming concerned about Taiki. Meanwhile, Lilithmon uses a mirror in order to take control of Akari and steal the Code Crown from Persiamon. Akari does so and gives it to Lilithmon. The others then noticed that the Lake Zone's Code Crown is stolen. The next day, Lilithmon attacks the castle with a defrosted Daipenmon and an army of Icemon. Daipenmon ends up overwhelming Persiamon's army as Taiki wakes up. As Lilithmon tries to get the Lake Zone's Code Crown from Akari's hands until Taiki and Zenjirou arrive. With Team Xros Heart's help, Akari breaks free from Lilithmon's control and slashes Lilithmon in the face with the Lake Zone's Code Crown. Enraged, Lilithmon then merges IceDevimon with Daipenmon and attacks Team Xros Heart. Just then, Knightmon and the PawnChessmon arrive and protect Team Xros Heart from the IceDevimon-Daipenmon's attack. Taiki then combines Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, the Pickmon, Knightmon, and the PawnChessmon into Shoutmon x4 Knight, that wields a shield and powerful sword. In this form, Shoutmon x4K destroys the IceDevimon-Daipenmon. When Persiamon praises Taiki again, Akari gets jealous. Meanwhile, Kiriha meets with Nene, as he discovers she wields a Black Xros Loader in which she unleashes Sparrowmon. Then Nene asks Kiriha to team up with her.
12 Sand Zone, A Great Adventure in the Ruins!
"Sando Zōn, Iseki de Daibōuken!" (サンドゾーン、遺跡で大冒険!)
October 12, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While traveling through the portal to the next Zone, Team Xros Heart notices land masses floating around. Jijimon emerges and tells them that they represent each of the Digital World's Zones and how each one came to be. Team Xros Heart then arrives in the Sand Zone. When Team Xros Heart sees a mirage, it ends up a sand trap where they are attacked by SkullScorpiomon. Dorulumon manages to uses his attack to burrow Team Xros Heart away from SkullScorpiomon only for them to fall onto Blastmon. Running from Blastmon, Team Xros Heart ends up fleeing until they are surrounded by a bunch of SkullScorpiomon. They are then rescued by Deputymon who enlists their help to help him find treasure. They find the entrance to a treasure cavern with Akari's kiss opening the door, unaware that the SkullScorpiomon army is nearby. They run into the first trap with a rolling BigMamemon that Team Xros Heart evades, though some of the SkullScorpiomon were not as lucky. When it nears Blastmon as he and his group arrive, he punches BigMamemon into oblivion. Team Xros Heart then crosses a bridge when Blastmon's group catchwa up. Taiki activates the MagnaAngemon DigiMemory, using the Gate of Destiny to send both Blastmon and his SkullScorpiomon and Vilemon armies out of the cavern as the group make it into the Tomb of Pharaohmon. Pharaohmon emerges from his sarcophagus, with Shoutmon x4 formed to fight him. However, Taiki ends up figuring out that Pharaohmon is a spirit as Deputymon then gives the boy the Sand Zone's Code Crown and 4 new DigiMemories. Meanwhile, after emerging, Blastmon is lured toward Nene by Sparrowmon, fighting the latter as both he and Nene learn from their respective intel that Xros Heart has the Sand Zone Code Crown. Blastmon is angered by this when he is suddenly attacked by Kiriha and MailBirdramon, with Kiriha summoning Cyberdramon to battle Blastmon as Baalmon watches from afar.
13 Taiki, Warrior of the Goddess!
"Taiki, Megami no Senshi!" (タイキ、女神の戦士!)
October 19, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Blastmon continues his battle with Kiriha's Cyberdramon and Nene's Sparrowmon, Team Xros Heart then finds themselves under fire by Baalmon. When Taiki tries to get his Xros Loader, Baalmon shoots near him with the nearby cliff breaking off revealing the statue of a Digimon Goddess. While Baalmon is distracted by the statue, Taiki takes the opportunity to reclaim his Xros Loader and form Shoutmon x4. Meanwhile, a Troopmon informs Lilithmon that Baalmon is fighting Team Xros Heart. Blastmon then unleashes an attack that hits the surrounding areas causing Cyberdramon and Sparrowmon to dodge it as well as Team Xros Heart. Taiki ends up falling off a cliff separating him from Team Xros Heart. Taiki sees that the Digimon Goddess statue is still intact as Baalmon arrives and explains about the statue. Blastmon gets exhausted and falls back while Kiriha and Nene take their leave. While moving through the cavern with Baalmon, Taiki uses the Guilmon DigiMemory to clear some boulders. Baalmon later explains on how he was associated with Angemon and the other worshippers of the Digimon Goddess before joining the Bagura Empire. When they get to the surface, Taiki and Baalmon discover that Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon, and Deputymon have fallen under an evil spell. Baalmon rescues Taiki who tries to regain control of the Digimon. Lilithmon arrives with an army of SkullScorpiomon and her EBEmon. Following another flashback where he had defeated Angemon (who turned out to have been mind-controlled by EBEmon), Baalmon ends up attacking EBEmon breaking the spell on the Digimon. Before Baalmon could finish off Lilithmon, she impales him with her nails. Taiki retaliates by combining Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and the Pickmon combine into Shoutmon x4 who destroys EBEmon and prevents Lilithmon from finishing off Baalmon. Baalmon ends up collapsing near Taiki.
14 The Warrior Beelzebumon, Dances!
"Senshi Beruzebumon, Mau!" (戦士ベルゼブモン、舞う!)
October 26, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After Baalmon was fatally wounded by Lilithmon, Taiki is instructed by Pharaohmon to use the Sand Zone's Code Crown which rises a pyramid that carries Team Xros Heart and Baalmon away from Lilithmon and her SkullScorpiomon army. Its power also unites the other pyramids in the area into one pyramid structure and changes part of the landscape that is under it. Taiki uses his Xros Loader to download the data from a sacred book owned by the Goddess. Since Taiki's Xros Loader is in used, this has causes Shoutmon x4 to Xros Open back into Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon and Pickmons and also unloads Jijimon, Dondokumon, ChibiKamemon, Persiamon, Knightmon, and the White PawnChessmon out from it. The SkullScorpiomon try to get through the barrier surrounding the floating pyramid but to no avail. Lilithmon summons Machinedramon who manages to open the barrier causing the SkullScorpiomon to get through. While Taiki tries to heal Baalmon, the others defend him from the SkullScorpiomon until Machinedramon chomps through the barrier causing more SkullScorpiomon to get through. The other Digimon try to stop Machinedramon, but to no avail. Machinedramon then grabs some SkullScorpiomon and eats some of them. Lilitmon later uses some of her power to drain the energy of some of the SkullScorpiomon and the Digimon on Taiki's side and feed them into Machinedramon. As Baalmon slightly recovers, Taiki uses his Xros Loader to form Shoutmon x4K who gets the upperhand against Machinedramon until he upgrades to HiMachinedramon. Right when HiMachinedramon was about to kill Shoutmon x4K, Baalmon make himelf as the shield to protect Shoutmon x4K and collapses. Baalmon's brave act has make him a true warrior and is reincarnated as Beelzemon, with the power grant by the Goddess, who manages to injure HiMachinedramon enough for Shoutmon x4K to finish the giant off. As Beelzemon disappears after that, the enraged Lilithmon ends up blasting Team Xros Heart into the portal that Taiki summoned which leads them to the next Zone.
15 Heaven Zone, The Trap of Paradise!
"Hebun Zōn, Rakuen no Wana!" (ヘブンゾーン、楽園の罠!)
November 9, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In Heaven Zone arena, a crowd of Piddomon, Pucchiemon, Tapirmon, Puttimon, Cupimon, Harpymon, and Lucemon are watching a trenchcoat wearing Gargoylemon and GuardiAngemon (commanders of Heaven Zone's Police) about to execute a Puttimon who broke a law. Meanwhile, Team Xros Heart arrives in the Zone. Zenjirou, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Starmon see a Pucchiemon painting a picture. Taiki and Akari are approached by Beelzemon. Taiki falls off a cliff but is saved by Shakkoumon. Dondokomon drums disrupting a Pucchiemon orchestra and gets in trouble with a police Piximon. Dondokomon retaliates causing more of them to show up. Starmon and Pickmon help. Taiki tries to break up the fight as Lucemon shows up. Gargoylemon and some Unimons arrive; Gargoylemon attacks Lucemon. After Gargoylemon leaves, Lucemon tells Taiki and the Team that Gargoylemon is a member of the Heaven police. Lucemon then takes them on a balloon tour, but Dondokomon knocks down a sculpture. Gargoylemon arrives with the police and arrests Dondokomon, Taiki, and Shoutmon. Zenjirou and Akari panic as Shakkoumon and Beelzemon see this. Moments later, Akari, Zenjirou, Ballistamon, Cutemon, and Lucemon visit the police department where they are told that Dondokomon is being interrogated (by Gargoylemon). Ballistamon ends up busting Taiki, Shoutmon, and Dondokomon out which alerts the rest of the force. When Gargoylemon, a Piximon squad, Unimon, and Pegasusmon catch up, the Team is knocked out by GuardiAngemon. The next day, they are put in cages in the arena to be executed. But Lucemon speaks out and a Cupimon confesses to the destruction of the sculpture. Cupimon ends up taking Team Xros Heart's place until the crowd speaks up. Taiki combines Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and the Pickmon into Shoutmonx4 to fight GuardiAngemon, but is overwhelmed until Beelzemon tells Taiki to combine him with Shoutmon. Taiki does so and forms Shoutmon x4B matching GuardiAngemon's speed. When Taiki sees GuardiAngemon about to attack, he alerts Shoutmon x4B who intercepts. Taiki stops Shoutmon x4B before he can finish off GuardiAngemon. Lucemon manages to convince GuardiAngemon to spare Cupimon's life and the crowd cheers.
16 The Dark Knight Digimon Arrives!
"Kurokishi Dejimon, Sanjō!" (黒騎士デジモン、参上!)
November 16, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As GuardiAngemon holds a coronation for Lucemon, Shoutmon has an encounter with Shakkoumon in the library after Lucemon leaves. When Lucemon arrives for his coronation, it is crashed by Shakkoumon who suspects that something is up. Lucemon uses the Heaven Zone's Presidential Armlet to split the Heaven Zone unleashing a floating building in order to gain its Code Crown. Lucemon than Digivolves into Lucemon Chaos Mode and reveals that he is actually working for Lilithmon. When Shoutmon tries to attack Lucemon, he ends up zapped upon the arrive of Nene and DarkKnightmon. She releases Sparrowmon as she and DarkKnightmon head to the floating building where a dark energy ball which also appear with the Zone's parting as it is corrupting the Heaven Zone's inhabitants. Before Lucemon takes off, he is grabbed by Ballistamon and then attacked by Dorulumon only for him, Ballistamon, Starmon, and the Pickmons to be knocked away. When he starts to unleash an attack on Taiki and Shoutmon, it ends up blocked by Shoutmon as Lucemon ends up attacked by Beelzemon. Taiki then forms Shoutmon x4B to fight Lucemon with Shakkoumon giving support before defeating Lucemon so Taiki can claim the Heaven Zone's Code Crown. Shakkoumon teleports Team Xros Heart to the floating building and find Nene harvesting the dark energy ball's energy for DarkKnightmon. Just then, having survived, Lucemon appears and grabs Nene while draining the dark energy. However, this results with Lucemon being overwhelmed by the dark energy as it engulfs both him and Nene before Team Xros Heart and Sparrowmon's eyes.
17 The Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Flies!
"Kiseki no Dejikurosu! Shautomon X5 Tobu!" (奇跡のデジクロス!シャウトモンX5飛ぶ!)
November 23, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As the dark energy ball engulfs Lucemon Chaos Mode and Nene, Sparrowmon tries to grab Nene but fails as the energy digivolves Lucemon into his Shadowlord Mode with the girl trapped in the Gehanna sphere. As Lucemon takes off, Sparrowmon attacks him to rescue Nene as Shoutmon x4 and Beelzemon jump in to fight too. But neither the Xros Heart Digimon or Sparrowmon could stop Lucemon as he siphons all the dark energy from the Heaven Zone's darkness-infected citizens, growing bigger as a result while a Monitormon informs DarkKnightmon on the current situation. While Team Xros Heart regroups to figure out how to defeat Lucemon, Nene reflects on the time when she was with Sparrowmon. Sparrowmon wakes up in Team Xros Heart's care as Lucemon starts to absorb the Heaven Zone as Shoutmon x4, Beelzemon, and Shakkoumon are unable to stop him. With some advice from DarkKnightmon, Sparrowmon tries another attempt at Gehanna with Taiki using the Patamon DigiMemory so Shoutmon x4 can support her. When Sparrowmon manages to penetrate the dark energy sphere, she is grabbed by Lucemon just as she almost reached Nene. Shoutmon x4 manages to slice Lucemon in the hand before he can crush Sparrowmon as she manages to save Nene when she falls from the hole in the dark energy sphere. Lucemon then attacks Shoutmon x4 and sends him and Taiki falling. But when they are saved by Nene and Sparrowmon, Taiki combines Shoutmon x4 and Sparrowmon into Shoutmon x5 to fight Lucemon. Shoutmon x5 manages to destroy as the Heaven Zone returns to normal. As Team Xros Heart are being congratulated by Shakkoumon (Giving Xros Heart the Code Crown in the processes), Nene harnesses what's left of the dark energy and brings out DarkKnightmon.
18 Stingmon, the Great Digimon Forest's Hero
"Sutingumon, Dejimon Dai Mitsurin no Yūsha" (スティングモン、デジモン大密林の勇者)
November 30, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While traveling to the next zone, Team Xros Heart wonders what Nene would've used the Dark Energy for anyway. They end up in the Forest Zone where the fall from it's skies. Beelzemon emerges and goes after Akari and Zenjirou while Taiki and Shoutmon continue falling until Taiki combines Starmon and the Pickmon with Dorulumon to form a helicopter-like propeller to save himself and Shoutmon. Meanwhile, Tactimon, Lilithmon, and Blastmon end up discussing about Team Xros Heart being sighted in the Forest Zone. Taiki tries to contact Akari and Zenjirou but to no avail. Taiki sends Dorulumon and Deputymon to find them. Taiki and Shoutmon wish them good luck. Akari and Zenjirou are with Beelzemon when they have an encounter with Stingmon who attacks them. Beelzemon's fight with Stingmon causes a tree to fall toward Akari and Zenjirou when they are rescued by Lilamon who stops the fight. Lilamon mistakens Akari and Zenjirou as a couple. They bring them to the nearby ruins where Lilamon and Stingmon reveal that they guard the ruins which contain's the Forest Zone's diety that sleeps within. Just then, the Forest Zone is attacked. Taiki, Shoutmon, and Ballistamon find themselves surrounded by Kongoumon and his army of Blue MegaKabuterimon. Taiki combines Shoutmon and Ballistamon into Shoutmon x2 and also brings out Knightmon and the PawnChessmon in order to fight Kongoumon. Dorulumon and Deputymon have their encounter with Nene and Sparrowmon. During Taiki's fight against the Blue MegaKabuterimon army, Tactimon arrives. Dorulumon and Deputymon managed to locate Zenjirou and Akari. After Beelzemon leaves with Dorulumon and Deputymon, Tactimon's Kongoumon ends up falling defeated when Kiriha, Greymon, MailBirdramon, Nene, and Sparrowmon arrive. Kiriha combines MailBirdramon and Greymon to form MetalGreymon. Meanwhile, Shoutmon x2 ends up pinned down by Tactimon who is then tackled by Dorulumon while Beelzemon and Deputymon shoot at the Blue MegaKabuterimon. Taiki DigiXrossed Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Beelzemon, Starmon, and the Pickmon to form Shoutmon x4B in order to fight Tactimon. At the same time, Lilamon is wounded by Kiriha's MetalGreymon who holds Stingmon by the neck. After a brief fight, Tactimon disappears leaving his Blue MegaKabuterimon army to deal with Shoutmon x4B who manages to obliterate them. With Stingmon and Lilamon defeated, Nene demands Kiriha to have MetalGreymon torture them for information on the legendary Digimon, but Kiriha refuses insisting that he only lives to fight those who are the strongest. Upon hearing their conversation, DarkKnightmon emerges from Nene's Xros Loader and ends up fighting MetalGreymon until Taiki arrives with Shoutmon x4B to protect MetalGreymon. Just then, light from the nearby ruins sent by the legendary Digimon within ends up dragging Stingmon, Nene, and DarkKnightmon into the ruins.
19 The Legendary Deckerdramon, Moves!
"Densetsu no Dekkādoramon, Ugoku!" (伝説のデッカードラモン、動く!)
December 7, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Cutemon heals Lilamon, Nene and DarkKnightmon pursue the light that Stingmon is on where DarkKnightmon destroys some MegaKabuterimon. Stingmon is then healed by the Forest Zone's diety Deckerdramon. Back outside the temple, Taiki's group is unable to get into the sacred ground. Lilamon decides to help them by having Zenjirou and Akari do a dance ritual called the Love Love Dance which will open the gateway, although they are reluctant to do so since the dance was embarrassing. Taiki goes after Kiriha and ends up drawing him, Greymon, and MailBirdramon back to the ruins. In front of a crowd of digimon, Zenjirou and Akari end up doing the embarrassing dance. Meanwhile, Tactimon appears near the presence of Baguramon and asks him to remove the seal on his sword. Blastmon and Lilithmon get contact from Kongoumon that he is leading an army of GranKuwagamon to go after Team Xros Heart. Zenjirou and Akari's performance ends up attracting the attention of Deckerdramon who opens the gateway and creates a bridge of light. Just then, Dorulumon and Beelzemon end up detecting Kongoumon's GranKuwagamon army approaching. Taiki, Zenjirou, Akari, Shoutmon, Blastmon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and the Pickmon end up going into the light while Beelzemon, Knightmon, the PawnChessmon, and Deputymon stay behind to help Lilamon fight Kongoumon's GranKuwagamon army. Kiriha follows right behind Taiki as do Sparrowmon and the Monitormon. Nene and DarkKnightmon appear before Deckerdramon in an attempt to recruit him and gain the Forest Zone's Code Crown. Team Xros Heart arrives as well. Taiki combines Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, and the Pickmon to form Shoutmon x4 in order to fight DarkKnightmon. Kiriha arrives and unleashes Greymon before combining him with MailBirdramon to form MetalGreymon to do payback on DarkKnightmon as Sparrowmon and the Monitormon watch from above. As DarkKnightmon fights Shoutmon x4 and MetalGreymon, Nene is told by DarkKnightmon to terminate the Xros. Nene does so and DarkKnightmon splits into SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon. SkullKnightmon fights Shoutmon x4 while DeadlyAxemon fights MetalGreymon. After an attack, Nene combines SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon to form SkullKnightmon's Big Axe Mode which manages to knock down Shoutmon x4 and MetalGreymon. Nene then tries again to get Deckerdramon to join up with her. Taiki tries to reason with Nene only to trigger a flashback she experiences involving her younger brother Yuu and then recombines SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon into DarkKnightmon. Kiriha also recalls a tragic memory to Nene. When Deckerdramon comes to life, Sparrowmon gets Nene out of the way as the entire area gets covered in steam. Deckerdramon sides with Kiriha giving him the Forest Zone's Code Crown as he helps MetalGreymon fight DarkKnightmon. Following an attack by MetalGreymon and Deckerdramon, Nene withdraws DarkKnightmon and takes her leave to the next zone with Kiriha following her. Taiki then combines Beelzemon, Starmon, and the Pickmon to form a new weapon for Beelzemon which he uses to destroy the GranKuwagamon army and Kongoumon. The next day, Team Xros Heart leaves for the next zone. While going through a portal, a dark energy ensnares Taiki as he ends up getting separated from his Xros Loader and pulled through the portal.
20 Dust Zone, Grand Locomon's Big Scrap City!
"Dasuto Zōn, Gurandorocomon no Dai Sukurappu Toshi!" (ダストゾーン、グランドロコモンの大スクラップ都市!)
December 14, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The wave of darkness that Taiki is ensnared by is revealed to be DarkKnightmon's action in an attempt to recruit Taiki. But when Taiki turns out to be too pure of heart to submit to his dark energy, DarkKnightmon discards the boy off a tower. Luckily, Taiki is saved by Akari and Dorulumon, though his Xros Loader is stolen by a Garbagemon who escape onto a Kettle the Trailmon with his teammates who consist a groups of MetalMamemon and ShadowToyAgumon. During the pursuit, Taiki, Shoutmon, and Dorulumon end up caught between the train tracks as different Trailmon pass by, that is sending trashes all around. Taiki then has an encounter with Puppetmon. Through Puppetmon, the gang soon learns about the tyrant Digimon GranLocomon is ruling the Dust Zone. When Taiki mentioned about Xros Loader, Puppetmon's behavior was turn rapidly by offering himself to Taiki for searching it. Taiki and the others later finds out the hideout of the MetalMamemon, ShadowToyAgumon, and the Garbagemon who stole his Xros Loader. Only then, Puppetmon break into and instead stealing Taiki's Xros Loader. It is later make known that GranLocomon have made a promise to leave the zone if they manage to obtain a Xros Loader for him. However, upon getting the Xros Loader, GranLocomon reveals that he lied and battles Puppetmon who manages to steal the Xros Loader back. Regaining his digivice, Taiki forms Shoutmon x4 and destroys GranLocomon. Though it seemed the worse is behind, Xros Heart, Puppetmon, and Garbagemon's gang are unexpectedly attacked by DarkKnightmon, SkullGreymon, SkullSatamon, and Kiriha (serving as DarkKnightmon's slave).
21 Decisive Battle! DarkKnightmon VS Xros Heart!
"Kessen! Dākunaitomon VS Kurosu Hāto!" (決戦!ダークナイトモンVSクロスハート!)
December 21, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Using Nene to gather dark energy for him, DarkKnightmon reveals his intent to have her Xros Loader to transform into Darkness Loader which will revives the worst and strongest force that he can obtain from it for his good sake. Taiki and his team is forced to fight DarkKnightmon with the his subordinate who consists of SkullSatamon, SkullGreymon, and Kiriha. Seeing this opportunities, Lilithmon too arrives at the Dust Zone with Damemon and an army of Tankmon. So, Taiki is facing a toughest condition that he never encountered!!
22 Wisemon, the Secrets of the Digital World!
"Waizumon, Dejitaru Wārudo no Himitsu!" (ワイズモン、デジタルワールドの秘密!)
January 11, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
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January 18, 2011 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}


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