This is a list of episodes from the anime series Digimon Frontier.

The season aired 50 episodes on Fuji TV in Japan from April 7, 2002 to March 30, 2003, then later on UPN and ABC Family Channel in the United States, and in Canada on YTV from September 9, 2002 to July 14, 2003. It was scheduled to air in the United Kingdom on Fox Kids UK, but it never happened (a fate shared by Season Three of Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon S)). On 27 February 2007, this series of Digimon was first aired in Australia on Toasted TV despite that it was already shown on Cheez TV in 2003. The Latino American version was first aired from March to June 2003 on weekdays at 8:30 p.m. (-4 GMT) on Fox Kids. The first four episodes were aired on Sunday during the Digimon Tamers marathon.


Ep# English Title
Translated Title
Original Japanese Title
Original Airdate[1] US Airdate
01 All Aboard
"Densetsu no Tōshi! Honō no Agnimon" (伝説の闘士! 炎のアグニモン)
April 7, 2002 September 9, 2002
After Takuya Kanbara receives instructions from a cell phone to take a ride on a train unlike our world's, he ends up in the Digital World with three other kids: J. P. Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto, and Tommy Himi, along with two odd Digimon Bokomon and Neemon. When Cerberumon attacks at the train station, can Takuya get the courage to use the Human Spirit of Flame, Agunimon, to defeat him? Ultimately Takuya Spirit Evolves to Agunimon and fights Cerberumon. Cerberumon is no match for Agunimon and Agunimon destroys him.
02 Lobomon: Warrior of Light
"Hikari no Vorufumon Chikameikyū no Tatakai!" (光のヴォルフモン 地下迷宮の戦い!)
April 14, 2002 September 16, 2002
While looking for a way back home, J.P. and Tommy run into a lot of Pagumon who chase them down because of J.P.'s chocolate. After Koji Minamoto rescues them in an underground labyrinth, one Pagumon digivolves into a Raremon, but even Agunimon isn't enough to defeat him. Koji finds the Human Spirit of Light, Lobomon, and prepares for the true fight. After a battle Lobomon defeat and destroys Raremon.
03 Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire
"Ijime wa Yurusanai! Kōri no Chakkumon Shinka" (苛めわゆるさない!氷のチャクモン進化)
April 28, 2002 September 30, 2002
On their way to the Forest Terminal, the gang (minus Koji) is ambushed by a large group of Candlemon, who try to fry them. Agunimon isn't even able to stop them with fire, but just when it looks like things are over for him, Tommy's courage to help summons the Human Spirit of Ice, Kumamon. Unfortunately, a Candlemon digivolves to Wizardmon and starts harassing Agunimon and Kumamon. Kumamon is unable to defeat Wizardmon, but points out which one is the real one to Agunimon and Agunimon defeats him. The Candlemon tribe apologize for the fight as it was a test to see if they were really the Legendary Warriors. With the fractal code taken from Wizardmon, Takuya repairs the bridge for the Forest Terminal.
04 Kazemon Kicks It
"Watashi no Kikku wa Itai wa yo! Onna Tōshi Fearimon" (私のキックは痛いわよ!女闘士フェアリモン)
April 28, 2002 September 30, 2002
Takuya, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. follow a rail-road track to the Forest Terminal. The track eventually splits; Zoe and J.P. go left while Takuya and Tommy go right. Zoe and J.P. meet a friendly village full of Floramon who are constantly harassed by the Mushroomon Brothers who have been taken over by evil. In the midst of an argument, Zoe finds her Spirit of Wind and digivolves to Kazemon. A battle begins but Kazemon is eventually defeated when the Mushroomon digivolve to Woodmon but Koji shows up and Spirit evolves to Lobomon. Lobomon defeats Woodmon and purifies him, turning him back into the Mushroomon Brothers who are good again. Woodmon's fractal code turn the Floramon's village back to normal and the Mushroomon and Floramon are back in harmony.
05 Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon
"Daichi o Yurugasu Ikazura Pawā, Burittsumon!" (大地を揺るがす雷パワー ブリッツモン!)
May 5, 2002 October 7, 2002
The group (minus Koji again) stumble across a wind factory, run by Kokuwamon, Goblimon and Minomon. The group take a tour of the factory hoping to find some food. Later the Kokuwamon tell the group that the Goblimon kidnapped them to work in their factory under the command of an evil Snimon. The group make a plan to destroy the wind factory so the Kokuwamon can be free (minus J.P.; he doesn't have his spirit yet). The plan backfires and the group is almost defeated when J.P. finds his spirit in the heart of the factory and evolves to Beetlemon. Beetlemon defeats Snimon and takes its fractal code. The Kokuwamon are free again. A Minomon reports on what happened to a shadowy figure who is not happy about it.
06 A Molehill Out of a Mountain
"Denetsu no Gotōshi tai Aratanaru Tōshi!" (伝説の五闘士VS新たなる闘士!)
May 12, 2002 October 14, 2002
When looking for food Takuya, Tommy, Zoe and J.P. come across KaratsukiNumemon who ask for their help in exchange for food. They take the challenge and take a train up a cliff to the homes of the KaratsukiNumemon. The group meet up with Koji whilst at the homes and they all try to work together to free the female KaratsukiNumemon. Grumblemon appears and takes on Agunimon, Lobomon, Kumamon, Kazemon and Beetlemon. Grumblemon then slide evolves to Gigasmon. Beetlemon attacks Gigasmon but results in the fractal code of the mountain being shown and swallowed by Gigasmon. The group (including Bokomon and Neemon) fall from the cliff.
07 Island of Misfit Boys
"Town Floating in the Sky! Toy Country of ToyAgumon" ()
2002-05-19 2002-10-21
The group is separated from the fall. Takuya, Koji and Tommy in one group and Zoe, J.P., Bokomon and Neemon in another. Takuya's group land on a moving toy island home to WaruMonzaemon, Pandamon and a large group of evil ShadowToyAgumon. Monzaemon kidnaps Tommy and Takuya with Koji try to bring him back with the help of Pandamon. Agunimon and Lobomon take on the ShadowToyAgumon as a team and defeat them together and purify them, turning them back into normal ToyAgumon. It turns out Tommy was just playing games with WaruMonzaemon who turned back into his normal Monzaemon form when the ShadowToyAgumon were defeated. As an apology for what they did, the ToyAgumon fly Takuya, Tommy, and Koji to meet the others.
08 The Odd One Out
"Save Everyone! Evolve Tsunomon" ()
2002-05-26 2002-10-28
Zoe, J.P., Bokomon and Neemon come across a Digimon School run by a Togemon. One of the pupils, Tsunomon is having a hard time fitting in because he can digivolve to Gabumon. When a flash flood heads straight for the school, Kazemon and Beetlemon make a barrier but Kapurimon is thrown into the water. Tsunomon digivolves to Gabumon to save him and becomes a role model for all the other students. The students give them a ship to sail over the grass with and they meet up with Takuya, Tommy and Koji who parachute out of the plane to them.
09 Welcome to My Nightmare
"Bakumon is the Enemy!? The Mysterious TV Forest" ()
2002-06-02 2002-11-11
The group (including Koji) reunite and camp in the mysterious TV Forest. They are harassed by an evil Bakumon (corrupted by Cherubimon) which turns Tommy against all the others. Koji digivolves to Lobomon to hold Kumamon off and Takuya digivolves to Agunimon when he spots Bakumon. Bakumon tries to trap him in a nightmare too, but Agunimon frees himself from it and looks like he's about to attack Kumamon, but turns his attack on Bakumon at the last second, defeating him. Agunimon purifies Bakumon back to his normal good self and Tommy returns to normal unaware of what happened. As an apology, Bakumon gives all but Koji, who stays awake, good dreams. Koji gets a message on his D-Tector indicating his Beast Spirit is nearby.
10 Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down
"Uncontrollable Beast Spirit! Garmmon's Evolution" ()
2002-06-09 2002-11-12
Koji looks for his Beast Spirit with Bokomon and Neemon following. They come across a Gotsumon village, who are terrorised by Grumblemon/Gigasmon. Lobomon confronts Grumblemon and a battle ensues. The rest show up and in the fight, Zoe loses her spirit to Gigasmon when she pushed Tommy out of the line of fire. Koji's Beast Spirit appears and he digivolves to KendoGarurumon and supposedly defeats Gigasmon.
11 A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon
"Defeat Me! Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild" ()
2002-06-16 2002-11-13
Bokomon takes the group to a fortune telling village to meet Shamanmon. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new hench-digimon, Golemon. Tommy loses his spirit to Grumblemon. Shamanmon is possessed by the Beast Spirit of Fire and attacks Golemon, Grumblemon, KendoGarurumon, Agunimon and the rest. Agunimon manages to free Shamanmon when he gets enough control to make himself stand still for a moment, allowing Agunimon to attack him and get the Spirit. The spirit then takes over Takuya who is now consumed by the Spirit.
12 Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
"Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon!" ()
2002-06-23 2002-11-14
Takuya nearly kills Tommy and burns down the forest on his rampage, but Tommy's tears hitting BurningGreymon's eyes cause Takuya to regain control over himself and de-digivolve leaving him afraid of using his Beast Spirit again. Grumblemon attacks and traps the others and takes Tommy. Takuya, still scared of his Beast Spirit, digivolves to Agunimon instead of BurningGreymon but is no match for Gigasmon and is defeated. Desperate to save Tommy, Takuya takes a chance and digivolves to BurningGreymon and is in complete control this time. He rescues Tommy then turns back into Agunimon to lure Gigasmon out of the forest and into the open before turning back into BurningGreymon. As they're on a wide-open plain, Gigasmon has the advantage as he's the Warrior of Earth, but BurningGreymon is more powerful and doesn't have to worry about burning down the forest and BurningGreymon finally defeats Gigasmon. He takes Gigasmon's Beast Spirit and retrieves Tommy's human one, but before he can get Zoe's back, Gigasmon turns back into Grumblemon who runs away. Ranamon, Mercurymon, Arbormon and Duskmon appear as the remaining Legendary Warriors.
13 Better An Egg Than An Egg Shell
"Seraphimon Awakens! Secret of the Ten Warriors" ()
2002-06-30 2002-11-15
The group make it to the Forest Terminal and encounter Sorcerymon who leads them to a frozen Seraphimon. Seraphimon springs to life and tells of the prophecy. Mercurymon, Arbormon, Ranamon and Grumblemon arrive and fight Seraphimon. Mercurymon's attack leads to the demise of Seraphimon and his fractal code stolen. They escape with Seraphimon's egg with the sacrifice of Sorcerymon. They are now heading out to find Ophanimon.
14 No Whamon
"Rock Breaking Thunder! Bolgmon's Do-or-Die Challenge"" ()
2002-07-14 2002-11-18
Trailmon takes the kids to an underwater cave where they meet a Whamon who was stuck here due to the likes of Grumblemon. Grumblemon shows up with Arbomon who turns into Petaldramon and a bunch of Golemon. Agunimon, Lobomon and Kumamon take out most of the Golemon and battle Petaldramon, but JP is too injured to fight although he tries and with Kumamon's help destroys all but one Golemon. JP's defeated by the last Golemon and Grumblemon goes to kill him, but stopped by Whamon who blasts him away, temporarily defeating him. Whamon's attack also releases JP's Beast Spirit which he'd accidentally swallowed and JP takes it and digivolves to MetalKabuterimon. JP is unable to control himself and brings the cave down on them, defeating Petaldramon, but he manages to regain control and turns his attention to Grumblemon. With one shot MetalKabuterimon destroys Grumblemon and the last Golemon and as Beetlemon he takes Grumblemon's remaining Spirit and returns Zoe's to her. With Grumblemon destroyed and Arbomon defeated, the kids escape in Whamon.
15 Beastie Girl
"Cool Beast Evolution! Calmaramon" ()
2002-07-21 2002-11-19
The group end up on an island paradise ran by four Toucanmon who are also members of Ranamon's fan club. They steal the boys D-Tectors with Zoe the only one to digivolve. Ranamon shows up and finds her beast spirit. She Digivolves to Calmaramon to fight Kazemon but loses control when she uses her "Titanic Tempest" attack which sends her spinning off. The group then chases the Toucanmon who still possess their D-Tectors.
16 The Swiss Family Digimon
"Strength Does Not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior, Shutumon" ()
2002-07-28 2002-11-20
The Toucanmon, with the boys D-Tectors flew to Goma Island. When trying to make it to the island, they are stopped by Gomamon. The Gomamon told them of the dangerous whirlpools blocking the island. Ranamon appeared and a fight between her and Kazemon brewed. Zoe finds the Beast Spirit of Wind and digivolves to Zephyrmon. Unlike the boys, Zoe is able to control her Beast Spirit immediately. The typical fight breaks out, but while Zephrymon is able to hold her own, Calmaramon nearly defeats her until the boys distract her long enough for Zephrymon to escape and launch an attack on her. Calmaramon ultimately loses control of her Beast Spirit again when she uses her "Titanic Tempest" attack and flies away again, ending the fight. After some celebration, the group finds that the Toucanmon have flown the coop and have gone to the Autumn Leaf Fair.
17 Bizarre Bazaar
"Blizzarmon, Blow the Snow, Call the Glaciers!" ()
2002-08-04 2002-11-21
The group make it to the Autumn Leaf Fair and look for the D-Tectors. Tommy finds a Datamon with them and can get them when he trades him something. Tommy takes the camera off the Toucanmon but is fooled and double-crossed when he saves their lives. Arbormon tries to use the camera to trade for the D-Tectors, but after he sees what Tommy did thanks to the camera recording it, Datamon refuses and decides to give them to Tommy instead as he deserves them. Arbormon digivolves to Petaldramon and attacks, but Takuya and Koji hold him off while Datamon gives Tommy back his D-Tector and reveals he programmed his Beast Spirit of Ice into it (which he earned as the prize of a game). With his D-Tector returned to him along with his new Beast Spirit, Tommy digivolves to Korikakumon to do battle. Korikakumon battles Petaldramon and is able to hold his own, but Tommy lacks full control of his Beast Spirit and is trapped by Petaldramon's Thorn Jab. Datamon gives Takuya and Koji back their D-Tectors and they digivolve to Agunimon and Lobomon who free Korikakumon. After being freed, Korikakumon sends Petaldramon skidding far away with his Frozen Arrowheads. A message from Ophanimon comes to them now that they've got all of the Beast Spirits offering them one last chance to go home. When they refuse, she tells them to go to the Rose Morning Star and they start their journey on a Trailmon using tickets Zoe won in an eating contest.
18 Trailmon vs. Trailmon
"Choo-Choo! The Great Trailmon Race" ()
2002-08-11 2002-11-22
A Trailmon race is about to begin but due to the appearance of ShadowWereGarurumon and Dogmon the other Trailmon don't have partners. Takuya, Zoe, J.P., Tommy, Koji and Neemon jump on the Trailmon as replacements. Neemon is automatically disqualified due to him falling asleep at the starting line with his Trailmon following him. J.P. is eliminated from the race because of a Raremon. Due to the foul play of ShadowWereGarurumon and Dogmon, Zoe, Tommy and Koji are eliminated from the race and even Takuya digivolving to Agunimon to fight ShadowWereGarurumon isn't enough to stop them. After getting trapped in a tunnel with Takuya's Trailmon, Worm's fuel set on fire, Takuya digivolves to BurningGreymon and drags Worm out of the tunnel. BurningGreymon fires his Wildfire Tsunami into Worm who uses it to breathe fire on ShadowWereGarurumon and Dogmon's Trailmon, Buffalo, defeating it and them. BurningGreymon de-digivolves to Takuya and he and Worm win the race. As their prize, the kids win a free trip to Burgermon Village.
19 You Want Fries With That?
"Save the Burgermon! Tomoki's Pure Heart!" ()
2002-08-18 2002-12-16
Petaldramon raids the Burgermon village with Chamelmon and captures the best cook in the village. The Group try to save him by making the perfect burger and Tommy makes a good start so the Chamelmon kidnap him, Zoe and JP while inside Takuya and Koji remain oblivious as they compete to find who makes the best burger, forcing Bokomon and Neemon to test their awful creations. At Petaldramon's mansion, PapaBurgermon is forced to work as his children have been captured and Tommy, JP and Zoe help him. They run out of time and digivolve to Kumamon, Beetlemon and Kazemon to fight the Chamelmon. With the help of the Burgermon kids, they trap the Chamelmon and Kumamon defeats them with his Crystal Freeze attack. Kumamon performs his first Fractal Code Digitize, de-digivolving the Chamelmon to Armadillomon and forcing them to run. This buys PapaBurgermon enough time to finish the perfect burger, but Petaldramon arrives before he can finish and the kids Beast Spirit evolve to fight him. PapaBurgermon finishes the burgers and feeds Petaldramon who cuts the fight short to eat and sleep afterwards. The kids and the Burgermon escape and outside, MetalKabuterimon destroys Petaldramon's manison. Tommy, JP and Zoe return the Burgermon home where PapaBurgermon names his new creation the Little Tommy after Tommy. At Petaldramon's ruined manision, Petaldramon wakes up hungry, but decides to go back to sleep instead of attacking again.
20 From Dawn To Duskmon
"Mystery Warrior Hidden in Darkness, Duskmon!" ()
2002-08-25 2002-12-17
The Legendary Warriors travel into the Dark Continent and are confronted by Arbormon who slide evolves to Petaldramon. Petaldramon eats a tree and grows to a massive size. Digivolving to their Beast forms, the kids fight him, but he proves to be incredibly strong. Finally, after some teamwork, Petaldramon is defeated by a combined attack from Zephrymon and BurningGreymon although Lobomon gets his Beast Spirit. Duskmon shows up and destroys Arbomon as he is now useless without his Beast Spirit.
21 Darkest Before Duskmon
"Total Destruction of 5 Fighters!? Terrifying Dark Power" ()
2002-09-01 2002-12-18
Duskmon defeats all Legendary Warriors with most in their Beast Spirit forms so they decide to regroup and plan out their attack. When their plan comes to motion, Duskmon appears and absorbs all their attacks and Koji is seriously injured saving Takuya from a fatal blow. Takuya hops on a Trailmon and returns home.
22 Home Again, Takuya Returns
"My home! Takuya's Lonely Return" ()
2002-09-08 2002-12-19
Feeling sad, Takuya returns home. However he comes back on the day he left for the digital world. He finds himself as a digimon still. He tries to stop the Takuya that is going to the train station from going to the digital world. Ultimately he realizes he shouldn't and destroys a vision of Duskmon that keeps haunting him. Takuya returns to the Digital World on the Trailmon he showed up on and automatically digivolves back to Agunimon when he returns.
23 Sockit Takuya
"Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya's Full-Body Strategy" ()
2002-09-15 2003-02-10
Takuya returns back to the digital world. However he can't find anyone. Meanwhile, J.P, Zoe and Tommy have been kidnapped by Mercurymon and Ranamon. Ranamon uses tickle torture to try to make them tell where Takuya and Koji are. Koji appears and fights the two evil legendary warriors. Takuya runs into Bokomon and Neemon and Sepikmon. Sepikmon befriends them and uses his boomerang to lead them to the others. When they reach them, Takuya, Koji, J.P, Zoe and Tommy use the power of nature and defeat Mercurymon and Ranamon.
24 Alone But Never Alone
"Confrontation, Volcamon! Junpei's Battle with his Past"" ()
2002-09-22 2003-02-11
When they are reunited J.P says he'll lead the way. However, later they get stuck in a large digimon, Sakkakumon who is the Beast version of Mercurymon. J.P is alone in the Earth Sphere and encounters Volcamon. Volcamon tries to hurt J.P. emotionally, to get his spirits. J.P. evolves to Beetlemon and destroys the walking volcano. But J.P's shadow keeps talking to him doing the same thing as Volcamon. However he then takes a physical form. He makes clones of the other four but they're all calling J.P names. J.P fights and then destroys his shadow.
25 The Dark Heart of Friendship
"Tomoki's Lonely Battle - Asuramon's Trap" ()
2002-09-29 2003-02-12
Tommy enters the fire sphere where he meets Asuramon. He tells Tommy that he wants to help the boy look for the other Digidestined, being overly friendly all the way, until Tommy realizes that his ideal of friendship doesn't work. Enraged, Asuramon burns his cloak away, revealing his true form and demands the boy hand his Spirits over. Tommy becomes Kumamon and is able to drive Asuramon over a cliff into the lava. Asuramon emerges from the lava unharmed. He is finally defeated when Kumamon changes to Korikakumon and destroys him. Tommy, now understanding the true meaning of friendship, rejoins Bokomon and Neemon outside.

Koji enters the Wind Sphere, where he encounters Karatenmon, who fights him for the Light Spirits. Karatenmon can predict his every move, but when Koji digivolves to KendoGarurumon he's too fast for Karatenmon and destroys him.

26 Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure
"Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat" ()
2002-10-06 2003-02-13
Zoe is stuck in the Water Sphere, where she has a flashback about being teased and finding a new friend. She soon finds a group of Honeybeemon who are attempting to capture her for Ranamon. Ranamon later forces them to feed Zoe an apple that causes nightmarish visions. Zoe soon breaks out of the spell and Spirit Evolves into Kazemon. Both Slide Evolve into their Beast forms and Zoe destroys Ranamon and collects both her spirits. Afterwards, Zoe is finally freed.

Takuya wanders into the Thunder Sphere, where he encounters Parrotmon. He Spirit evolves into Agunimon and easily defeats him.

J.P. is lost in the Wood Sphere, where he finds Cherrymon. He immediately Spirit Evolves into Beetlemon, and defeats Cherrymon easily and is freed from the digimon.

27 Stuck In Sakkakumon With You
"Double Spirit Miracle! Beowulfmon is Born" ()
2002-10-13 2003-02-14
Takuya finds himself in the Ice Sphere, where he fights IceLeomon. Takuya has the chance to leave Sakkakumon but chooses to look for Koji.

Duskmon enters Sakkakumon, troubled by the fact that Koji seems so familiar to him. It is revealed that Koji's mother is dead. Koji Spirit Evolves into Lobomon and battles Duskmon, Slide Evolving into KendoGarurumon. The fight causes Seraphimon's egg to fuses Koji's two spirits, allowing Koji to Fusion Evolve into Beowulfmon. Duskmon's true form as a human is revealed briefly, before both Duskmon and Beowulfmon are blown out of Sakkakumon.

28 Darkness Before the Dawn
"Takuya's Fusion Evolution - Ardhamon's Explosive Attack" ()
2002-10-20 2003-02-17
Takuya, still inside Sakkakumon, jumps through a portal which brings him to the Steel Sphere where Mercurymon's sub-conscious is located. He enters the Sphere of Light, where he finds Seraphimon's fractal code. Mercurymon absorbs the fractal code and becomes ShadowSeraphimon. ShadowSeraphimon overpowers Takuya, forcing him back into human form. Seraphimon's Digi-Egg, outside the spheres, begins to glow and allows Takuya to Fusion Evolve into Aldamon. Takuya is then able to defeats ShadowSeraphimon and retrieves his Fractal Code which he sends back to Seraphimon's egg. Takuya, as Aldamon chases Mercurymon back to the Steel Sphere where he destroys Mercurymon and collects his Human Spirit although he still exists as Sakkakumon. Takuya is freed and finally rejoins the others. Outside, Seraphimon's egg hatches and Patamon is born.
29 Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
"Escape! The Phantasmagoric Sefirotmon" ()
2002-10-27 2003-02-18
When they think Mercurymon is defeated he returns in his beast spirit form, Sakkakumon. They attack him but he just shoots their attacks back at them. Aldamon, Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon are forced to run with Bokomon, Neemon and the newly born Patamon. Sakkakumon uses their fears against them and everyone but Aldamon fights each other out of fear until Aldamon breaks it up. Using their Digimon senses and combining their attacks, they are able to hurt Sakkakumon a bit as he never saw combined attacks before. Realizing that Sakkakumon's central sphere, the Sphere of Darkness, never moves and never attacks them, Aldamon has Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon attack Sakkakumon together, stopping the movement of the spheres. Aldamon attacks the central sphere with his Atomic Inferno attack while the spheres are stopped and Sakkakumon is destroyed. Aldamon gets his Beast Spirit and with Sakkakumon (and consequently Mercurymon) finally destroyed, Duskmon is the only evil Legendary Warrior left.
30 O, Brother, Who Art Thou?
"Soaring! Warrior of Darkness Velgmon" ()
2002-11-03 2003-02-19
As Duskmon and Beowulfmon continued to fight, Patamon was leading the rest of the gang to Koji but Cherubimon trapped them. Luckily they manage to escape by digging their way out. Meanwhile Cherubimon used Koichi's amnesia to give him his Beast Spirit which made him forget the stuff he did know. As Velgemon he tried to destroy Koji but Ophanimon stepped in to remind Koichi that Koji is his brother. Velgemon flees, leaving behind a confused Koji.
31 Workin' On The Train Gang
"Sleep in Darkness - The Trailmon's Graveyard" ()
2002-11-10 2003-02-20
After the gang finally get back together again Koji decides to run off after Duskmon to find out their connection and Takuya chases after him. Meanwhile Zoe J.P and Tommy decide to find some information about the Rose Morning Star and they find a Trailmon that has some information but he wants some favours doing first. He finally spills the beans and tells them that Ophanimon is being held there in a castle.
32 My Brother In Spirit
"The Revealed Past! The Duskmon's Secret" ()
2002-11-17 2003-03-24
Duskmon didn't want to fight anymore knowing that Koji was his brother but Cherubimon turned him against him. Bokomon and Neemon were out looking for Patamon who they found along with Takuya. Velgemon found Koji and he told him that he was his brother and that his mother was in fact alive and divorced and this made Koji not want to fight him but Takuya saved the day by convincing him the only way to save him is to fight him. Takuya and Koji digivole to Aldamon and Beowulfmon and after Aldamon weakens Velgemon, Beowulfmon blasts him causing his Fractal Code to come out. Koji purifies the Spirits of Darkness and finally frees Koichi from Cherubimon's control.
33 Ne'er The Twins Shall Meet
"The New Warriors of Darkness! Löwemon & Kaiser Leomon" ()
2002-11-24 2003-03-25
Koichi is released from the form of Velgemon and explains that he is Koji's twin and his backstory, just as Cherubimon shows up. Koichi's D-Tector appears when from a flash of light from Koji's, which purifies the Spirits of Darkness, allowing Koichi to Spirit Evolve into Loewemon, then later Slide Evolve to JagerLoewemon. Koichi easily matches Cherubimon, but it turns out it was just a copy.
34 Operation: Free Ophanimon
"Decisive Battle!! Rose of Venus - Ophanimon's Rescue Plan"" ()
2002-12-01 2003-03-26
The gang head to the Rose Morning Star to free Ophanimon but when they get there two Phantomon wait for them but Koichi destroys them. When they enter the castle, an Oryxmon leads them to where Ophanimon is kept and she tells the story of how Cherubimon became tainted. Cherubimon turns up and destroys Oryxmon and the gang get ready for one of the biggest battles yet.
35 Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution
"Turn the Spirits Into One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution!" ()
2002-12-08 2003-03-27
The battle begins with the gang in there human spirits forms but find their attacks are useless inside the castle so Takuya and Koji Fusion Evolve to take Cherubimon outside while the other try to free Ophanimon from her cage. Aldamon and Beowulfmon are no match for Cherubimon and he beats them and absorbs their D-tectors. Cherubimon then goes back to the castle and claims every one but Zoe's D-Tector because Ophanimon broke out of her cage to help her, she tricks Cherubimon into thinking she could help but she really steals the D-Tectors from him. Cherubimon doesn't like being tricked so he kills Ophanimon and she turns into a Digi-Egg but uses the last of her power to evolve Tayuka's and Koji's D-Tectors which they use along with the spirits of legendary warriors they defeated to evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.
36 Ice Ice Baby
"The Flight Towards Victory! Confrontation at Cherubimon's Castle" ()
2002-12-15 2003-03-28
Takuya and Koji start to fight Cherubimon and thanks to their new evolution they are actually winning and they send Cherubimon flying but he doesn't come back just then the ground where the rest of gang are standing starts to crumble but Takuya and Koji save them and they changed back to there human forms and give the rest of the gang their spirits back. But an IceDevimon, who is a psychopathic serial killer and needed an army to be defeated and was too powerful for even Cherubimon to destroy, turns up and freezes Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors so they can't use them so others evolve to try to destroy him but it isn't working until IceDevimon starts hurting Koji which makes Koichi angry. As JagerLowemon he frees Takuya, Koji and the others who digivolve to MetalKabuterimon, Zephrymon and Korikakumon. Working together those three injure and weaken IceDevimon, leaving an open shot for JagerLowemon who uses the last of his energy to finally destroy IceDevimon.
37 Cherubimania
"Decisive Battle! As Long as There is Life - Get Back the Digital World" ()
2002-12-22 2003-05-11
After data starts streaming to the sphere where Cherubimon is, he finally finishes absorbing the data of the Digital World. Cherubimon then absorbs it himself, but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try their best to stop him, but they are no match for him now since he has all of the data. So Takuya tries to charge up his attack and fires it at Cherubimon making the whole bottom half of Cherubimon disappear but it regenerates. Koji then realizes that to kill Cherubimon, they must strike him in the head where the data is kept. Koji covers Takuya and is defeated, but Takuya, as EmperorGreymon, manages to reach Cherubimon and stabs him in the head, releasing the data and mortally wounding him. Takuya purifies Cherubimon who turns back into his old good self and sheds tears for what he did upon seeing the spirits of Ophanimon and Seraphimon, before succumbing to his wounds and dying. The data enters the core of the Digital World and dissolves a bit of the seal there. The children believe its over, but it's revealed that the true enemy is Lucemon who is trapped in the core of the Digital World and he releases his Royal Knights to finish the job that Cherubimon failed.
38 It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears
"The Endless Death Match! Prelude of Lucemon's Revival" ()
2003-01-05 2003-05-12
The kids are confused as to why the Digital World hasn't been restored and end up meeting with Baronmon who tells them the history of Lucemon and the prophecy of Lucemon's return, when told the gang refuse to go home and the Royal Knights show everyone spirit evolves to defeat them but are easily beaten so Koji and Takuya use Unified Spirit evolution but are still no match. Baronmon gives up his life to protect them but they are blown to the moon.
39 The Man In The Moon Is You
"This is the Digital World?! Escape from the Moon" ()
2003-01-12 2003-05-13
After being sent flying by Dynasmon's attack the gang have some how ended on one of the three moons. Koichi gets the attention of some Starmon and they take the gang to a space station where they attempt to try to get back to Digital World, but fail. They then see some Burgermon and learn that the Burgermon they saw on the Digital World were their friends and that they built a rocket to get there. The gang then stumbles upon the Burgermon's test rocket which they decide to use to get home. They use the tracks on the Starmon's vehicles to make a giant slingshot so they can head back, but halfway through the trip they start to lose power so Takuya Beast Spirit evolves to BurningGreymon to give the rocket a boost and they finally make it back.
40 The Bully Pulpit
"The Chosen Ones! The Children who Manipulate Angemon!" ()
2003-01-19 2003-05-14
The gang are back on the Digital World and try to figure out where to go next. They are then attacked by a Saggitarimon who wants their obsessions (possessions) but they refuse. Just when he was about to attack, another 4 kids arrive with an Angemon who gets rid of Saggitarimon. Tommy recognizes two of the kids as the ones who pushed him on the Trailmon. The kids explain why they were there and that they didn't want to leave even when the Digidestined told them to. Later, Saggitarimon turns up but now he has an army of Centarumon with him. At first Angemon fights them alone, but after Tommy saves one of the bullies, he digivolves to Korikakumon to protect them, stunning them. The others digivolve to Agunimon, Lobomon, Lowemon, Kazemon and Beetlemon and the Legendary Warriors easily defeat the Centarumon. Saggitarimon is easily defeated by Angemon once the Centarumon are gone. The bullies make peace with Tommy and become friends with him and also decide to return home. Unfortunately, the Royal Knights then turn up and destroy Angemon and kidnap the four new kids, but Tommy decides to take a ride with them.
41 Jerks And The Beanstalk
"Don't Let Them Scan! The Beanstalk of Friendship" ()
2003-01-26 2003-05-15
The Royal Knights take the kids to a village called Beanstalk Village and ask them about a key but they know nothing, so they throw them in a cage with a group of Mamemon who explain that without the key the Royal Knights can't absorb the data of the village. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang try to get a Trailmon to take them to Beanstalk Village but they all run for it when they ask, except one who fell asleep and they get it to take them. On the way there they find out that the track is broken so they decide to fix it. Meanwhile, Tommy and the Mamemon break out of their cell but the Elder Mamemon gets captured and the Royal Knights won't let him go until they tell them where the key is. Tommy tries to evolve but also gets captured. Just then, the rest of the gang turn up and free the Elder and Tommy and they Unify Spirit Evolve but are easily beaten (but manage to last longer) and were about to be destroyed, until the Elder reveals the Location of the key and the Royal Knights absorb the data while everyone runs for it. The new kids return home and ask the others to come with them, but they decide to stay and save the world. As a bit of payback for shoving Tommy on the train, one of the former bullies has Tommy do the same to him so the two are even now.
42 Glean Eggs And Scram
"Protect the DigiEggs! The Miracle of Disappearing Life" ()
2003-02-02 2003-05-16
The gang end up at the Village of Beginnings where Digimon are born. They are introduced to Swanmon who takes care of all the babies, but there are lots of them because the Trailmon are too scared to take them to their families, so the gang help Swanmon feed the babies and try to get the Trailmon to come out. Because the Trailmon are scared they refuse, and when the group get back they find that the Royal Knights are at the village. Takuya and Koji Unify Spirit evolve to hold them back while the rest of gang try to save the digieggs, and Zoe tries to get the Trailmon to help out. This time they agree and the babies are loaded on. Takuya and Koji get badly beaten (lasting longer than the previous occasions) and end up reverting to their human forms, but the babies protect them by using bubble blow. Just then, digi-eggs come out of Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors and it's the 4 evil Legendary Warriors but they have changed sides as they were purified so the gang all Spirit evolve and the Royal Knights run but still manage to scan the village while the Trailmon take the babies home.
43 Bad To The Bones
"Annihilation of the Hometown! Messenger of Hell SkullSatamon" ()
2003-02-09 2003-07-06
The gang find out that the place where they started the Flame Terminal is under attack so go to help straight away. A SkullSatamon is in the forest and asks the Digimon around to tell him where the data is and a Gazimon tells him and he absorbs the whole of the forest. The gang arrive in time and Unify Spirit Evolve to stop the SkullSatamon but he summons his brother but Takuya and Koji still have the upper hand until they summon a third SkullSatamon. The SkullSatamon find out where the data is but the Digimon of Flame Station stand up to them along with Takuya and Koji. After a long battle, Takuya as EmperorGreymon manages to destroy the SkullSatamon brothers and purifies them, but unfortunately Crusadermon absorbs the data instead.
44 Now You See It, Now You Don't
"Fight together~ Kouji and Gotsumon's Vow" ()
2003-02-16 2003-07-07
A Gotsumon is defending itself from some Knightmon trying to protect the three jewels (from an earlier episode) and just then the gang arrive and fight the Knightmon but the Royal Knights appear and destroy the jewels the Knightmon and absorb the data. The gang decide Gotsumon should come with them and then head for Seraphimon's castle where the Royal Knights are trying to get past the barrier protecting the castle. They fly to the top where they think it's weaker and attack, while Koji and Gotsumon attack the Knightmon they brought with them and the rest of the gang break in when they get in they find the data. Crusadermon helps the Knightmon against MangaGarurumon and Gotsumon while Dynastmon breaks in and destroys the castle. The gang inside are protected by Sorcerymon's spirit and Takuya evolves to EmperorGreymon to fight him. Gotsumon, wishing he was stronger, digivolves into Meteormon and destroys the Knightmon while Dynasmon destroys the Statue protecting the data and absorbs it. Crusadermon hurts Meteormon causing him to de-digivolve and the Royal Knights head off to the next area and Gotsumon decides not to come with the gang anymore.
45 All Aboard The Tag Team Express
"The Data of Operation! Defend Akiha Market" ()
2003-02-23 2003-07-08
With only 2 areas left to protect in the digital world, the Digidestined must act fast to save the Autumn Leaf Fair. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be getting stronger (having being able to hold out considerably on the previous occasion without being devolved). Unfortunately the two fail, but last considerably longer with EmperorGreymon even using the heat nearby to power himself up further. When J.P., Zoe, Koichi, and Tommy got hit hard enough to reveal their Fractal Code, Koichi gets confused on why his never came out until Crusadermon said it was because he didn't have a physical form in the Digital World.
46 To Make The World Go Away
"Annihilation of the Digital World!? Lucemon's Rule of Darkness"" ()
2003-03-02 2003-07-09
Only 1 area of the Digital World remains; Ophanimon's castle. Can the kids find a way to save the castle without losing any more Digimon friends, or is the Digital World truly done for? EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon battle the Knights again and this time hold out for a long time. The two turn it into a physical fight and nearly win until Lucemon sends a blast that defeat them. The Knights get the data and send it to Lucemon, finally freeing him. Lucemon joins them on the surface and reveals himself to be an angel that acts and looks like a kid. Despite being a Rookie, he's too powerful and blows the Digidestined away, but they land on an Angler Trailmon who takes them to one of the Digital World's moons.
47 When Knights Fall…
"The Royal Knights Disperse - And then…!!" ()
2003-03-09 2003-07-10
The Digidestined arrive on the Ophanimoon, where the Digi-Eggs have hatched and Patamon finds the eggs of Ophanimon and Cherubimon, which hatch into Salamon and Lopmon respectively. Meanwhile, Dynasmon and Crusadermon anger Lucemon by their impatience for the key to the Human World. They attack the children on the OphaniMoon and once again EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon fight them. This time, EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurmon are stronger and easily defeat them. The Royal Knights are finally destroyed, but Lucemon absorbs their Fractal Codes and Digivolves to his Chaos Mode and takes out Takuya and Koji, destroying the three moons as a result.
48 The Brothers Yin and Yang
"Turn Light and Darkness into One! Kouichi's Last Wish" ()
2003-03-16 2003-07-11
Lucemon has opened a portal to the real world. According to Bokomon's book, if Digimon go to the real world, they'll wreak havoc before destroying it. The Digidestined attempt to stop Lucemon, only to be defeated. Koichi sacrifices himself to save the others, and gives his spirits of darkness to Koji.
49 Lucemon on the Loose
"Fight, Susanoomon - Lucemon Reaches the Human World" ()
2003-03-23 2003-07-13
Takuya and Koji are able to "Ancient Spirit Evolve" to Susanoomon to combat Lucemon, with the surprising power to survive his Ultimate Sacrifice attack. Susanoomon destroys Lucemon with his Celestial Blade and scans his data...but a much bigger problem has surfaced. They were only able to scan Lucemon's good data, causing the evil data to become Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode and break through to the Human World, despite the valiant attempts of Aldamon, Beowulfmon, Kazemon, Kumamon and Beetlemon. Lucemon gives a cryptic message throughout the human world: "You Must Choose To Follow Me Or Be Destroyed."
50 End of the Line
"Go Beyond Time! The Birth of a New Legend" ()
2003-03-30 2003-07-14
After failing to defeat Lucemon and prevent him from entering the human world, the Digidestined lose hope. They end up in the wrecked train station where they started their adventure and Takuya tries to push over a fallen elevator but fails and becomes extremely depressed. Suddenly, Aguinmon comes to life and helps him do it. Agunimon is joined by the spirits of Lobomon, Lowemon, Kazemon, Kumamon, Beetlemon and even Grumblemon, Arbomon, Ranamon and Mercurymon. The ten Spirits give the children hope and are even joined by the spirits of Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon who gives them a vital clue about Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode. With their faith restored, the kids and the Spirits evolve together into Susanoomon again and drag Lucemon back to the Digital World to fight again. During the battle, the kids remember what Cherubimon told them about Shadow Lord Mode being soulless and realize there's another being controlling him. They locate another form of Lucemon, Lucemon Larva in a giant ball he carries and punch him out. Without Lucemon Larva, Shadow Lord Mode goes insane as he has no one to control him but Susanoomon pins him down and destroys him with Celestial Blade. Lucemon Larva attacks again and the Spirits expel the kids from Susanoomon. Susanoomon separates into the Human Spirits of the ten Legendary Warriors and each of the Spirits slash Lucemon Larva with a sword taken from Susanoomon. Lucemon Larva is destroyed and with his destruction Lucemon is destroyed forever. The Spirits thank the kids as the Digital World is reformed, but are forced to send them home when Lucemon's portal starts to close. Bokomon tries to follow but is stopped by Neemon, Patamon, Salamon and Lopmon. Bokomon, heartbroken, promises to write a new book about their adventures together. On the way home, Lowemon contacts Koji and reveals Koichi is still alive. The kids rush to the hospital, but arrive too late and Koichi apparently dies, but their D-Tectors heal him before turning back into cellphones. Afterwards the kids go on to lead better lives than the ones they had before, but remain best friends.


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