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The Claymore anime and manga series features a diverse cast of characters created by Norihiro Yagi. The series is set in a medieval like world where humans coexist with creatures called Yoma sentient monsters that feed on human innards, a nameless and highly secretive organization has created an order of half-human, half-yoma warriors to protect humans from the yoma, for a large fee. The people of this world have dubbed these warriors as "Claymores" based on their gargantuan, unsheathed swords, or the "Silver Eyed Witches", based on their appearances and seemingly cold nature toward others.

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Claymore Generations

Claymores' ranks are based on their strength and ability. They can obtain higher ranks as they become stronger, but when they are surpassed by other Claymores, they will be demoted. Claymores are known to belong to different "generations" marking the time they joined the organization, but not all the Claymores who are active at the same time will belong to the same generation. Each Claymore is identified by a unique symbol which is found on their clothing and sword. This symbol is also on the Black Card kept inside their sword's hilt.



Clare (クレア Kurea?) is the series' protagonist. When she was a child, a yoma made her part of its disguise and its toy, often torturing her.[1] The yoma is killed by Teresa. Able to sense and empathizing with Teresa's own personal pain, Clare follows her for days without rest, food, or water. Teresa, after at first trying to get rid of Clare, eventually lets her travel with her, and the two became attached.[2] The presence of a caring human in her life helps Teresa regain her lost happiness and humanity. Their life together is cut short when Teresa kills some human bandits to save Clare's life. The organization sends four of their best Claymores to execute Teresa, who is eventually killed by the awakened Priscilla.

Clare vows to take Priscilla's head in revenge, and searches for a member of the organization. Once she discovers one, she demands that the organization fuse her with Teresa's flesh and blood.[3] Clare becomes the only person to volunteer to join the Claymores[4] and the first hybrid with 1/4 Yoma blood instead of the normal 1/2.[5] Because of this low demonic ratio, she has little power and is given rank #47 — the lowest.[6] However, Clare shares Teresa's ability of heightened Yoki sensing to the point of being able to predict an opponent's moves. It is unknown whether this is a genetic inheritance or Clare choosing to follow in her mentor's footsteps. At one point, Miria ponders whether this is a deliberately chosen tactic in order to fight Awakened Beings.[7]

Clare partially awakens during her fight in the holy city of Rabona, but is able to revert to her human state with Raki's help. She loses her right arm during an incident involving Ophelia, but later receives a new one from Irena, along with the "Quick Sword" technique. However her "Quick Sword" only has half the speed and power of Irena's.[8] She once again comes close to Awakening during her battle against Dauf, but Galatea manipulates her yoki flow and brings her back.[9] She then uses the same method to save Jean from losing her mind to awakening.[10]

In the Northern campaign, Clare joins Flora's party. Having grown significantly stronger, she fights on the same level as her captain.[11] During the fight against Rigaldo, Clare is able to deliberately awaken parts of her body, while remaining mentally human.[12] However, she finds herself unable to turn back after the fight. Jean, believing she owes Clare her life for saving her despite Clare's adamant refusal, sacrifices herself to save Clare from awakening. Clare is the only member of her team to survive the Northern Campaign.

During the next seven years, Clare and six other surviving Claymores, would remain in seclusion causing the Organization to believe they had all perished. During this time, Clare would learn and master Flora's "Windcutter" technique.

Despite the danger of being discovered and hunted by the Organization, Clare has returned to the southern lands to find Priscilla as well as continue her search for Raki. She has currently returned to Rabona and defeated the Awakened Being, Agatha. with help from her comrades. The Organization's current Number Four, Miata, upon witnessing their battle, indicated that Clare and her companions all have great power but two of them, probably Miria and Clare, surpassing the others by far. Later, during a conversation with Sid and Galk, Clare learns that Raki is still alive and has been searching for her.[13] Relieved that Raki survived, Clare is troubled when it is revealed that he is traveling with a small girl. To facilitate their movements, Miria has assigned Cynthia and Yuma to accompany Clare on her search for Raki.[14] Clare, Cynthia and Yuma travel in the Western lands in search of Clare's former companion, but they fail to find any clues. In one of the cities they encounter three warriors of the Organization with their handlers that appear to be searching for another Claymore, oblivious to an Awakened Being within that very city. While Yuma throws the Organization's agents and Claymores unconscious, Cynthia and Clare finish off the Awakened Being, only to be confronted by Rubel, who reveals his identity as a spy for the Organization's enemies and offers information to Clare.

Acting on Rubel's hints, Clare, Cynthia and Yuma continue their journey but are beset by Dauf, who captures Yuma. Clare, after failing to harm Dauf even with her improved Windcutter, is forced to cut off Yuma's leg in order to escape. Subsequently, Clare follows Dauf back to Riful's hideout, narrowly escaping Riful's attacks only to be drawn into Rafaela's and Luciela's merged consciousness. Within Rafaela's mind, Clare briefly relives the events of seven years ago. Rafaela informs her that she is making a big mistake, but without revealing what it is challenges her to a fight. Clare cannot win, and is brutally outmatched until she finally releases her Yoki and uses the Quicksword, which "kills" Rafaela, resulting in the merged creature's Awakening. No rest awaits Clare, though, as soon enough the giant statue begins attacking with living parasitic spear-like projectiles - though Clare, Deneve and Helen who arrive shortly thereafter evade the barrage, as the spears begin transforming into cat-like creatures akin to Awakened Beings, the three find themselves in a tough spot, although they manage to defeat them all. As they rest, Clare sensed the yoki of Priscilla, who had just killed Alicia, Beth, Dauf, and Riful, nearby. As the second barrage of parasitic spears deploys, Priscilla appears to the three warriors, her target being Clare herself. Clare recognizes Priscilla and attempts to Awaken to kill her, possibly in reference to the anime. However, according to Helen and Deneve, Jean's pre-timeskip sacrifice left Clare so psychologically scarred she can no longer Awaken. After being torn in half by the Destroyer, she allows herself to be assimilated into it and manipulates it into attacking Priscilla.

In the anime, Clare battles Priscilla immediately after killing Rigaldo. After a lengthy battle, Clare surprises Priscilla by increasing her speed and power on her flash swords with all blades she could possibly unleash until Priscilla couldn't keep up. She was prevented from killing Priscilla when Raki stopped her. Clare couldn't control herself and attacked Raki but Jean, the 9th rank during that time, sacrificed her life she once owed to Clare. Although Jean dies from fatal wounds, Jean in the end helped restore Clare to her regular form and Priscilla was left alive.[15]


Raki (ラキ Raki?) is Clare's traveling companion. He is introduced as a young boy whose family is murdered by a Yoma, which then takes the form of his older brother, Zaki, as a disguise. This Yoma is slain by Clare, but Raki is suspected of being a Yoma as well, and exiled from his village. Clare only offered to take him with her until he finds a village he wishes to live in, but she gets attached to him. Raki also cares very deeply for Clare, and protects her without hesitation from anyone; even another Claymore. It remains unclear whether their relationship is platonic or romantic (although Clare kisses Raki before they part ways). Officially, Raki was a 'Cook' for Clare. Raki carries a holy sword given to him by Galk and uses the sword in an attempt to protect Clare.

Raki is separated from Clare during her fight with Ophelia in Volume 7. Soon after that, he is apparently captured by slave traders and sent to the North. In Volume 10, he escapes but falls under the care of Isley and Priscilla, although he is not aware of their true identities as Awakened Beings. Priscilla was 'saved' by Raki from a large number of falling stones (and, in the anime Priscilla likes his smell because Raki came from the south[16]). Isley says that Raki should "keep her (Priscilla) company for a while". Raki then begins to study swordsmanship under Isley. Raki reappears in Chapter 80, after the seven year time skip, travelling with a regressed, child-like Priscilla. Raki is shown wearing Claymore-like armour and wielding a massive broadsword. In addition to maturing physically, his skills and confidence have increased dramatically as he easily defeats a Yoma and displays remarkable reflexes and speed. His abilities of persuasion and discussion have also developed over the years to the point that with a logical argument, he can defuse a small crowd that is about to kill him.

Raki's dialogue reveals that he now knows Priscilla's true nature. Raki also mentions that Priscilla's small frame is probably due to the fact that she has not eaten any human flesh for a few years, although she is probably "at her limit". He says that, should she submit to her hunger, he will attempt to stop her but acknowledges that he will probably fail and be eaten. It is revealed in Isley's last moments that he chased Priscilla and Raki out of the south so that they wouldn't be endangered by the Abyss feeders but that he cared for both Raki and Priscilla like a family.

Raki and Priscilla later find themselves caught in the danger caused by the projectiles fired from the Rafaela-Luciela combined awakened being. Later, a Retrieval group from the Organization discovers that decimated town Raki and Priscilla were in. They discover an injured Raki and comment that he appears to be the only survivor; Priscilla is later revealed to have survived the attack and eaten the villagers to regain her strength before pursuing Raki. Raki has several small projectiles imbedded in his shoulder and the Retrieval team marvel that how he has managed to resist being absorbed by them. The leader of the group plans to take Raki back to the Organization, believing that being infected by the awakened projectiles may yield some interesting results.

Following Raki's meeting with Priscilla and Isley, things are drastically changed in the anime adaptation. Raki becomes aware that Priscilla is an Awakened Being and a former Claymore prior to the 'War in the North'. He then leaves Priscilla and Isley in order to meet up with Clare. He witnesses the end of Clare's fight against Rigaldo and narrowly escapes being killed as Jean sacrifices herself to save him. Afterward, Raki and Clare reunite and Raki accepts Clare's offer to join her on a new journey, despite the dangers they will face now that they have abandoned the Organization. Raki and Clare are last seen walking together towards a nearby valley.


Miria (ミリア Miria?) was Claymore #6. She can greatly, but briefly, increase her speed to the point where she leaves many afterimages of herself in battle, confusing the opponent, thus earning herself the nickname Phantom Miria (幻影のミリア gen'ei no Miria?). She is also very skilled at using teamwork and planning battle tactics. Miria was secretly investigating the Organization after she swore revenge against it. This stems from an Awakened Being hunt, when she discovered that the target was originally a close friend, Hilda, who had awakened. The shock of this led her to nearly awakening. [17]

Miria was first introduced in Volume 5, Scene 25 as a team leader of an Awakened Being Hunting Squad where she had an uneasy encounter with Clare due to the latter's disobedience.

She was assigned again as leader of an Awakened Being hunting squad - formed of Clare, Helen, and Deneve. The squad was almost defeated but Clare and Miria eventually killed the male Awakened Being.

After realizing that they had had almost no chance of surviving the fight, Miria believed that her squad had been betrayed by the organization and sent on a suicide mission. Her theory was that her squad, composed of partially-Awakened Claymores, were considered troublemakers by the organization. After the battle, she told Clare, Helen, and Deneve that she'd found one of the organization's darkest secrets, but didn't reveal it out of fear for the others' safety. She told them to keep a low profile and stamp out their trouble making images, and that she'd contact them when the time was right.

Miria was also the chief Claymore in the Northern campaign. She demonstrated her tactical skills by the way she organized the Claymores into small teams that would allow them to gain experience in fighting with Awakened Ones with minimal loss of life. In their first fight against three male Awakened Ones, her strategic capabilities were even recognized by one of the Awakened Ones. Miria directly led the following Claymores: Queenie (#20), Tabitha (#31) and Yuma (#40). It was her planning that enabled some of the Claymores in the campaign to survive. In addition, her own team took only one fatality.

While in seclusion she develops a new way to greatly increase her normal speed, without needing the yoki bursts. Deneve describes the technique as "A new kind of Mirage" and although it is slightly slower than her former technique, this is actually considered superior because there are no limits to how many times she can use this ability, as opposed to the short yoki bursts needed for her mirages. With this new technique she's also able to achieve more precise movements. She serves as the leader of the surviving Claymores.

Miria revealed that she had accessed the Organization's archives prior to the Northern Campaign. She discovered shocking information, but it took her seven years to piece everything together. She reveals her theory that the Yoma are not natural, and that she believes the Organization created them. That the lands they live in is actually a massive island that the Organization is using to conduct experiments towards the creation of an ultimate weapon to win a war between two great nations in a distant land that has been raging for over a hundred years. These ultimate weapons are the Awakened Beings.

She decided to let her comrades leave Rabona to finish whatever tasks they might have. She was staying in Rabona with Tabitha, when she decided that there was an opportunity to take down the organization by herself after Alicia and Beth were sent to kill Riful. She was able to defeat the normal Claymores sent against her easily, without killing them, but has trouble with the new twins recruits, created as a future replacement to Alicia and Beth. She was apparently killed by the Claymores when her mind was put into a state of confusion by Raftela, believing that the twin she was fighting, was her deceased friend, Hilda.


Voiced by: Hana Takade (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

Deneve (デネヴ Denevu?) is ranked fifteen in Clare's generation and one of the few to return to normal after starting to awaken. She is very calm and her regenerative abilities are exceptional compared to other Claymores. She became a Claymore after her parents and sister were killed by a Yoma while she remained hidden.[18] She wishes to avenge her family, but as she has a strong will to live, she ended up becoming a defensive fighter instead. Ashamed of what she regarded as her cowardice, she fought suicidally until she met Helen, who convinced her that her thoughts were natural as they are still humans.[18] The two formed a very close bond, and after their first mission together, she also forms a bond with Clare and Miria.

During the northern campaign, she comes to respect Undine, whose true nature she manages to deduce. After Undine's death, Deneve becomes haunted by feelings of weakness for her perceived inability to avenge her captain and she carries Undine's sword in in memory of her. As one of the seven survivors, she masters suppressing her presence, learns how to enhance her muscles to augment her strength, and becomes skilled in using two swords at once.


Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)

Helen (ヘレン Heren?) is Claymore twenty-two in Clare's generation, who is able to stretch her arms to extreme lengths to attack at range or bind her opponents. She likes to eat and drink for pleasure, and especially enjoys apples. She is hot tempered and aggressive, and she places much value on ranks, initially disliking Clare for her low rank and weak power.[19] Like Deneve, her close friend, Miria, and Clare, she has come very close to awakening, which causes them to form a bond when they are sent on a mission meant to have them be killed off. After surviving the Northern Campaign, she masters the "Drill Sword" technique, a blow that takes the stored energy from rotating her arm a number of times and releases it all at once, developed by Jean. She is able to use it more often due to her flexible arms.


Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia?) is Claymore #14 and a defensive fighter. Cynthia is another survivor of the Northern Campaign as a part of Veronica's team. She seems to be on the same level as her captain while fighting the bug-like awakened being. She and Veronica both finished off their target together after Jean and Helen effectively disarmed it. She says she wants to go back south to exact revenge for Veronica and her other fallen comrades. Her personality seems to be ever cheerful and hopeful despite all that she and the group have gone through. Along with Yuma she is accompanying Clare to find Raki in the west. While in a town searching for Raki, Cynthia, together with Clare and Yuma, were able to easily exterminate an Awakened Being present in the town. After the battle, Cynthia tells Clare that visiting the town despite the presence of an Awakened Being was worth it, as there were no casualties in the end. Clare then remarks that she now knows why Cynthia was labeled a 'problem child' and sent to the War In The North.

After the 7 year time frame her Yoki manipulation skills have advanced to the point that she can aid in the healing of another Claymore by manipulating their Yoki.


Tabitha (タバサ Tabasa?) is Claymore #31. She was on Miria's team and is one of the survivors of the Northern campaign seven years ago. Tabitha is a defensive fighter and, like Galatea, appears to specialize in sensing Yoki accurately enough to distinguish the presence of distant Claymores, fulfilling the role of the 'Eye' for the survivors. She is serious-minded and puts her loyalty to Miria first and foremost.

In Chapter 78 it is revealed that her Yoki sensing capabilities, after the time skip, are almost comparable to Galatea's pre-timeskip. She has decided to stay in Rabona with Miria while the others temporarily leave.


Voiced by: Norihiro Yagi (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

Yuma (ユマ?) is Claymore forty of Clare's generation. She is a defensive fighter, who is part of Miria's team during the Northern Campaign. She is one of the seven survivors, and even after their seven years of training, she still feels insecure and weak compared to the other members of the group. She later finds that she has the strength to easily dispatch higher ranking Claymores and awakened beings, and she can throw her sword accurately over long distances.


In the history of the Organization, there have only been three known cases of Rank #1 warriors Awakening. Known as "The Powerful Three",[20] they are considered the most powerful and dangerous of the Awakened. Fortunately, all three were, at least initially, extremely reclusive, maintaining minimal contact with humans and Claymores. As such, they came to be known as the "Abyssal Ones" (深淵の者 Shin'en no mono?, literally "Persons of the Abyss") (Viz "Creatures of the Abyss"). By chance, the three of them decided to settle in different parts of the country - one in the West, one in the North, and one in the South. This arrangement remained in place for years, ensuring that none of the three would come into contact and sparing the world the devastation that would surely ensue were they to battle. The status quo did not change until Isley, the Abyssal One of the North, began to raise an army of Awakened and expand his influence into the others' realms.

Abyss feeders

Abyss feeders (深淵喰い, shin'en gui) are half-human, half-awakened beings created by the organization out of the corpses of the awakened beings that attacked the headquarter of the organization after the battle for the North. These eleven warriors/beings are trained for a single purpose, to hunt down the Abyssal One Isley. Their eyes and mouths have been sewn shut, the ability to sense and radiate Yoki has been removed and they track their enemies by scent alone.[21]. They have been taught that in the case of 6 or more Abyss feeders being killed for the remaining ones to retreat to the organization though to stop Isley killing them all they split up in separate directions. This is so the remaining ones can help create more abyss feeders from the remains of Awakened Beings (the reason for the organizations "hunt all Awakened Beings regardless of requests" stance), Hardly any of the original 11 were still alive when they took down Isley.

After eating Isley, they are used as guides in the organizations attack on Riful to help Alicia and Beth find her using a piece of Riful sliced off by the Clare's squad in their last encounter with Riful as a way for the Abyss feeders to track her.

Despite originally being guides, they are permitted to attack Dauf (even eating one of his arms) in the battle against Riful, and were later used against the spawn of the Destroyer.


Agatha (アガサ Agasa?) was formerly a #2 Claymore, and at an unknown point earned the moniker "Crimson Agatha" (鮮血のアガサ Senketsu no Agasa?). After awakening, she hid in the holy city of Rabona. Eventually, her presence there was discovered by Galatea, who suppressed her Yoki to hide from the Claymore organization. When Galatea is found by Miata and Clarice, she leads them to Agatha, resulting in a three way fight between Miata, Galatea, and Agatha. Agatha is defeated when Clare and her squad of Claymores intervene, cutting up and killing the Awakened Being.

Agatha's favourite tactic is to house the 'core' of her being in seemingly non-vital parts of large bodies, with a decoy in place to trick enemies. The first form she appears in resembles an immense, circular platform supported by 8 crab-like legs, with her 'human' body resting atop it. The human portion proved to be a distraction with her core situated deep within the platform itself. She later fights in a towering humanoid body, but is defeated when the Claymores shear chunks of her form, eventually reaching and killing her core body.

Alicia and Beth

Alicia the Black (黒のアリシア kuro no Arishia?) and her identical twin sister Beth (ベス Besu?), known as "The Black Ones", are the first and second Claymores of Clare's generation. They are part of an experiment to allow for a Claymore to fully awaken while retaining their humanity. Due to constant training, they can perfectly align their Yoki to create a powerful mental link, allowing Alicia to awaken without defecting. They are meant to combat the Abyssal Ones, which includes Luciela, who along with her sister, Rafaela, were the first attempt to perfect the controlled awakening. Though Alicia and Beth are a considered success, Miria states that they would not be viable in a real war due to the fact that Beth is too vulnerable. Beth shows the ability to easily outmaneuver Dauf while retaining the link, though it puts some strain on it. When Beth is impaled by one of the projectiles launched by the fused Awakened Being that was Rafaela and Luciela, Alicia starts losing control and kills the Abyssal Hunters pursuing Riful and Dauf, while Beth is assimilated by the projectile and metamorphoses into an Awakened Being, attacking Yuma and Cynthia.

After Yuma and Cynthia retreat, the Awakened Beth encounters a revitalized Priscilla. Despite Priscilla referring to her as a "baby" and that she has no interest in fighting her, Beth continues to attack. Due to Beth's fight with Priscilla, Alicia's yoki is unstable causing Alicia to hesitate during her confrontation with Riful. Sensing the danger Priscilla poses to Beth, Alicia leaves Riful behind and joins her sister. Alicia then reverts to her Awakened form and she and Beth team up to fight Priscilla. While the twins manage to land several minor blows to Priscilla, they are unable to defeat her. With one quick motion of her hand, Priscilla decapitates Alicia. Seeing her sister die, Beth begins to shed tears. Priscilla comments that even though they were raised to be unemotional tools for the organization, they still have feelings for each other. Beth then attacks Priscilla in a rage, and is killed. She attempts to infect Priscilla with parasitic projectiles, but due to Priscilla's overwhelming strength the projectiles detach and die.


Dauf or Duph (ダフ Dafu?) was originally his generation's Claymore #3, surpassed only by Rigaldo and Isley. He is currently Riful's follower and lover, helping her torture captured Claymores and forcing them to Awaken. Dauf, in his Awakened form, is an immense humanoid with tremendous strength and exceptionally hard armour plating. He can form large rods from his armor (usually from his hands, back, and in his mouth), firing them as projectiles. Riful has stated that she made Dauf her lover because he is the only Yoma who could "accept her without breaking". However, for all his physical power, Dauf is rather unintelligent and notably poor at tactics. His regeneration and healing abilities are also very slow. In his first appearance, he managed to fight Clare and Galatea to a standstill, as neither could breach his armor. He was defeated when Jean managed to cut a gaping hole into his chest, nearly killing him. Accordingly, Riful had to intervene to save his life. He is extremely devoted to her and is terrified that she will one day leave him.He assisted Riful in her fight against Alica, Beth & the Abyss feeders, resulting in the loss of his right hand and legs, and suffered even further when Priscilla tore out his innards before killing Riful before Duph's eyes, as Priscilla did not kill him outright. He returned a short time later, however, to smash Priscilla into the ground, actually able to illicit a cry of pain from her. He has two of the large, parasitic projectiles protruding from his back and chest, and his once-recognizable face now resembles a monstrous skull. Priscilla believes he allowed himself to be hit with the projectiles to avenge Riful, who he actually carried the upper torso of in his hand. He repeatedly attacked the pinned Priscilla before having his arms destroyed in a manner similar to Isley's when he fought Priscilla. Despite badly injuring Priscilla, he was utterly destroyed at the end of the battle.


Hilda was formerly number 6 of the Organization. She was active at the same time as Miria and they were close friends. When she reached her limit, she gave her black card to Ophelia asking her to pass it on to Miria. Ophelia instead ripped it apart, condemning her to become an Awakened Being. She was later hunted down by a team including Ophelia and Miria. Hilda was slain by Miria, who at that time didn't realize her identity. After Miria realized it was Hilda she had just killed, she temporarily lost control of her Yoki powers which led her to partially Awaken. Years later, Miria stumbled across Hilda's sword, which Hilda had lost when she had Awakened. Miria placed the sword in the ground where Hilda died, in memory of her friend. In her awakened form, she resembles a large (about as big as Dauf) humanoid with what looks like mummy wraps around her body that can be extended .


Isley (イースレイ Īsurei?), known as the "White Silver King" because of his silver hair, he was a former number one Claymore of his generation.He became the Abyssal One of the Northern lands and when he defeated Luciela he became abyssal one of the southern lands. He believes that strength decides who rules, so once he is easily defeated by Priscilla, he decides to do everything he can to make her happy. Her docile nature makes others believe that Isley was the winner and that she is simply his lover. He eventually decides that the stalemate between the Abyssal Ones is pointless, and gathers an army of Awakened Beings in order to further his territory. He sends his army after a number of Claymores and Riful, and he goes on to battle Luciela for her land. He also comes into contact with Raki and trains him in swordsmanship, commenting that Raki reminds him a lot of how he was in his own youth. Despite viewing them as a makeshift family, even going so far as to repress his hunger to keep Raki safe, he sends him away with Priscilla in order to have them avoid the Abyss Feeders. He spends seven years in his newly conquered land attempting to battle them before eventually being overwhelmed and eaten as the Organization replenishes their numbers without allowing him to restore his own strength.

Isley's human form can manipulate his arms into weapons such as a lance, a bow that can fire organic homing arrows, shield, claw, axe, and a massive broadsword. He has existed for over seventy-eight generations of Claymores, so he is very skilled in swordsmanship. His awakened form resembles a large, sleek, black centaur. He is still able to manipulate his arms into much larger and more powerful weapons, and despite his size, he is extremely fast.


Ophelia (オフィーリア Ofīria?), known as the blood-soaked warrior (血塗られた凶戦士 chinurareta kyōsenshi?), is Claymore four of Clare's generation, who wishes to kill the "one-horned monster" who killed her brother. She is very powerful, but her mind is very unstable. She displays sadistic and sociopathic tendencies, such murdering humans and fellow Claymores, which is against the tenets of the Organization, and even trying to provoke her colleagues into Awakening just to vent her hatred for Awakened Beings, torturing her opponents and allies alike in battle. She is initially polite towards people, but after her "fun" is ruined, she switches to a very harsh tone. Though her crimes are undiscovered, many Claymores note her monstrous nature.

Ophelia's special fighting technique is "rippling" her sword by waving it back and forth at great speed. This technique is extremely difficult to dodge or block, even for an opponent who can predict her movements. She gives herself the title Rippling Ophelia (漣のオフィーリア sazanami no Ofīria?) after it. She attempts to kill Clare, who had partially Awakened before, but due to help from Irena, she is defeated and badly injured. She flees and later Awaken herself, transforming into a serpentine creature, although she remains oblivious to this despite her hunger for intestines. After realizing that she has Awakened, she allows Clare to kill her and asks her to carry on her hope of killing Priscilla.

The Organization

The Organization leads the Claymores, and it is based in the eastern region of Sutafu. It is led by a number of men, who simply regard Claymores as tools. Miria researches them and deduces that they also created the Yoma. She believes that the landmass that they live on is simply an island used as an experimentation ground to perfect a controlled Awakened Being. She states that there is another country with warring factions of monsters and humans, and that the humans, who have the materials necessary to create the seemingly indestructible swords of Claymores, turn their own soldiers into Awakened Beings in order to combat the draconic monsters of the opposing faction. The Awakened Beings are uncontrollable and often hurt their own side, so the Organization wishes to perfect a way to control them.

  • Ermita (エルミタ Erumita?) is the handler of Galatea and Miria. Ermita compares his duty of watching over Claymore to that of a parent watching over his child, though he states that he wouldn't want to be the father of a monster. Voiced by: Yūichi Nagashima (Japanese), Bill Jenkins (English)
  • Orsay (オルセ Oruse?) was Teresa's handler. Voiced by: Houchu Ohtsuka (Japanese), David Trosko (English)
  • Rado (ラド Rado?) is Clarice's handler and the one to tell her to take care of Miata.
  • Rubel, known as Louvre (ルヴル Ruvuru?) in the original Japanese version, is one of the handlers of the Claymores, who personally dealt with Clare's induction into the Organization and was her handler during her time as a Claymore. He reveals that he is a spy from enemies of the Organization, who wishes to destroy it from the inside. He gives information to Miria and hides their existence to further stall research after failing to eliminate the half-awakened Claymores. Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese), R Bruce Elliott (English)
  • Dae the leader of the retrieval squad that captured Raki. Half his face is missing skin giving him a inhumane look.


Priscilla (プリシラ Purishira?) was promoted to Claymore #2 shortly after she joined the organization. She was so powerful that she could fight with her Yoma power almost entirely suppressed, allowing her to conceal her presence from Yoma and fellow Claymores even in the heat of battle. According to Irena, this made her a perfect candidate for fighting Teresa, as Teresa's greatest strength was her ability to sense Yoma energy.

Priscilla became a Claymore after a Yoma posing as her father slaughtered the rest of her family right before her eyes. She chopped off its head while it was eating her sibling's innards. This incident left her mentally traumatized and extremely unstable.

Despite her sheer power and incredible potential as a warrior, Priscilla's youth meant she was still a child, and as such was extremely naive and immature compared to older, more experienced Claymores. She was polite towards her opponents, and felt that battles should always be one-on-one. Her view of the world was entirely black-and-white; a person was either absolutely right, or completely in the wrong, with no middle ground. This belief ultimately led to her mental breakdown when she was soundly defeated by the then-ranked #1, Teresa. That she, a righteous person, had lost to an enemy she considered 'evil', shook her faith and drove her to attack Teresa in a fit of blind rage and self-righteousness. Despite reaching and surpassing her limit by using over 80% of her Yoki, Priscilla was again defeated, even though Teresa had only released 10% of hers. Priscilla begged Teresa to kill her before she fully Awakened, causing Teresa to drop her guard. Priscilla then picked up her claymore and cut off Teresa's arms before decapitating her, though it remains unclear if this was part of a ruse from the start, or if she had genuinely lost control. Immediately following this, she Awoke completely, going on to severely wound Irena and kill Noel and Sophia in front of a horrified Clare before flying off.

As recounted by the Abyssal One Riful, Priscilla then flew North, slaughtering and voraciously eating every man, woman, and boy in the town she passed through. Just as she had spared Clare's life, however, she never once harmed any young girls, as if they "didn't even get reflected in her eyes".[23] Eventually, she came into conflict with Isley and Rigaldo, but defeated them both. In her Awakened form, she destroyed roughly half of Isley's Awakened form during their battle. However, at this crucial junction, Priscilla's body returned to its human form. For unknown reasons, Isley also returned to his human form and swore allegiance to Priscilla. It is widely believed that Isley had defeated Priscilla and made her his lover, instead of the other way around.

As an Awakened One, Priscilla is a winged humanoid about 2 meters tall, with a single horn on her forehead and four wings. Her body channels vast quantities of Yoki, surpassing even that of any of the Abyssal Ones. In addition to vast strength and speed, this also grants her unparalleled regenerative abilities, allowing near-instantaneous regeneration from any wound that is not immediately fatal. Like many Yoma and Awakened Beings, Priscilla can extend her fingers at high speed to strike from a range. Her arms can unravel and extend into tentacles/ribbons that crush and tear her opponents, an ability she used to destroy half of Isley's torso in a split-second despite his bulk. When she turned into an Awakened Being, according to Rubel, all of her latent abilities were released[24], and probably surpassed Teresa, making Priscilla the most powerful character in the series.[25]

In the current manga, Priscilla appears to have completely mentally regressed into childhood, having lost her memory after subduing Isley. She's often seen wandering off on her own or sticking close by Isley's side. She's also especially attached to Raki, claiming that he has a pleasant smell. Many times during the night, Priscilla would climb into bed with an asleep Raki and fall asleep to the scent of the south that she is so fond of. After the northern campaign, she blindly follows Isley to the south along with Raki. When Riful attempted to finish Isley off after his fight with Luciela, Priscilla stood in front of him to protect him, forcing Riful to retreat, implying that she's still stronger than all the Abyssal Ones in spite of her childlike nature.

After the seven year time skip, Priscilla reappears as Raki's traveling companion, having been exiled by Isley to keep them safe from the Abyss Feeders chasing him. She pointed out a yoma for him when he arrived in his old hometown. When Claymore Number Six Renee confronts and manhandles Raki, Priscilla grabs her arm and terrifies Renee into releasing him. Realizing Priscilla's true nature, Renee questions if Raki is aware that she is an Awakened Being, which Raki tells her he is aware of. Raki also reveals that Priscilla has not eaten human flesh in several years, causing her body to shrink in size. Raki also acknowledges that one day Priscilla won't be able to hold back any longer, and though Raki will try to stop her, he knows he will fail and be eaten.

Shortly after Raki is taken away by the Organization, Priscilla reappears in her adult form and appears to have regained her memories and intellect. She encounters the Awakened Beth and begins to fight her. During the fight, she initially attempts to eat Beth but comments that she isn't very tasty. Then, she tells Beth she has no interest in fighting her stating that "I finally came here today, after this long struggle following the remaining weak smell of that man." Alicia then appears to protect Beth and also unleashes her Awakened form. The Awakened twins manage to land a few minor blows to Priscilla, but they prove no match for her: without transforming, Priscilla decapitates Alicia in a single motion and moves to finish off Beth. She then follows Riful's Yoki, presumably killing both the Abyssal One and Dauf. After that she follows Clare's yoki, meeting with Clare, Deneve and Helen.

Clare, enraged to see the killer of Teresa, raises her yoki level and attempts to strike her down. Clare fails, but before Priscilla kills Clare, she tells Clare that she does not remember her or understands the reason for pursuing Clare's scent. Priscilla proceeds to kill Clare thinking Clare's death would help her remember. This is interrupted by Helen who stretches her arm at an attempt to repel Priscilla. Priscilla then attempts to destroy Helen's arm, but Clare manages to sever Priscilla's hand instead. Clare is then found to have severe wounds while Priscilla reconstructs her arm. Clare tries to "abandon her humanity" in order to kill Priscilla, but fails because of "Jeans's wedge", which prevents her awakening. Her team then flees with an injured Clare. Priscilla is then attacked by the infected Dauf forcing her to release her power. During the battle her body gets badly hurt, which triggers memories of once fighting Teresa, as she then completely regenerates and pierces Dauf's body to pieces. She chases Clare, intent on killing her, but is attacked by the Destroyer. She captures Helen and Deneve and questions them about Clare's whereabouts, and is enraged when she learns the Destroyer killed Clare and vows to destroy it.


Riful (リフル Rifuru?) is the Abyssal One of the western territory. She was the number one in the first generation of female Claymores and the youngest ever to awaken. She presents herself as cheerful and polite, though she will instantly discard anyone who gets in the way of her goals. She lives with her lover, Dauf, and she constantly attempts to force strong Claymores to awaken, often through torture, in order to increase her companions. She later focuses her interest on matching Isley and Priscilla's power in order to stop them from advancing into her territory, and she finds the merged form of Rafaela and Luciela. She wishes to awaken the new being, and captures Renée for that reason.

Riful's awakened form retains a feminine humanoid form, but one composed of fleshy strips. Her lower body is an immense mass of such strips, which are incredibly resilient and capable of lashing out at high speeds to ensnare or impale her opponents. Her enemies often attempt to attack the humanoid portion, though it simply splits into the strips when attacked.

After Rafaela/Luciela's Awakening and the chaos that ensued, Riful was attacked by the Abyssal Feeders and Alicia, and was rendered too weak to use her Awakened Form and left with one human leg remaining (forcing her to use some of her "tentacles" to help her stay upright). She burst into tears at the thought of dying like this and begged Dauf not to help her in fear of him dying. Before Alicia could kill her, Beth's Awakening and fight against Priscilla caused Alicia to abandon Riful and assist her sister, although she was killed in the process. This doesn't last for long, as Priscilla finds her Yoki and presumably kills Dauf and her. It turns out Dauf lived, but deliberately let himself be infected by the Destroyer's Projectiles according to Priscilla . After a surprise attack on her, where he pounds her into the ground, Dauf throws the top half of Riful's body close to where Helen was standing, though she doesn't seem to notice youki on her.


Rigaldo (リガルド Rigarudo?) was the #2 Claymore of his generation before his Awakening, and is from the same generation of Claymores as Isley and Dauf. Rigaldo comes across as calm and composed, but was the most bloodthirsty in Isley's army.[18] Although he did not get along with Isley, he worked for him and Priscilla during the Northern campaign, having been defeated by both.[18] While his nickname was "Silver-Eyed Lion King" (銀眼の獅子王 Gin gan no shishiou?), he disliked it for unknown reasons. His Awakened form resembled a 3 meter tall, silver-eyed humanoid lion, During the Northern Campaign, he was dispatched to kill off the 24 Claymores sent against Isley's army. He deduced Miria's tactic of dividing the Claymores into teams, and began by eliminating the five team captains, who were also the strongest Claymores present. Of the five (Miria, Flora, Jean, Veronica, and Undine), Miria was the only captain to survive his assault. Jean was mortally wounded, while the other 3 were killed instantly. He intentionally ignored the weaker members in favour of focusing solely on the captains, which led to his downfall when Clare went berserk and killed him in her partially-Awakened form.

Being far smaller in stature than the average Awakened being, Rigaldo relied more on his correspondingly superior speed and agility in battle. His speed easily matched that of Miria, one of the fastest Claymores of her generation, and his greater Yoki allowed him to maintain it without tiring. For long-range and surprise attacks, Rigaldo could extend his claws at high speed, much the same way Yoma and other Awakened Beings hyper-extended their fingers. His control over this skill was so great he could bend and change the trajectory of his elongated claws, allowing him to strike opponents above or behind him. In contrast to his offensive capability, Rigaldo was lacking in regenerative powers, and could not regenerate lost limbs quickly.

Supporting characters



  • First Appearance: Volume 12, Episode 18
  • Rank: #3
  • Type: Defensive

Audrey (オードリー Ōdorī?) is Claymore #3. She is a proud but well mannered warrior. She uses her sword to deflect her opponent's attack without opposing it with force. Riful calls this technique a "gentle sword". Audrey's team attempted to take down Riful, but had to be rescued by Clare, Miria, Deneve and Helen. In return, Audrey told them that Galatea was still alive but had gone renegade. She is a close friend of Rachel.


Clarice (クラリス Kurarisu?) replaces Clare as the rank forty-seven of the Claymores. She is an incomplete hybrid, who still retains her original hair color and only has her rank because they are short on warriors. She lacks the fighting strength and abilities of her peers, which causes them to look down on her. She is sent with a group to hunt awakened ones in the north, though the entire team is defeated and saved by Clare's group. She is later assigned to watch over Miata.


Miata (ミアータ Miāta?) is the rank four Claymore. She is very young and she has a very unstable mind, which if controlled, could allow her to be ranked one. She has the strength to easily kill Yoma with her bare hands and she has heightened senses, described as a "sixth sense", which allows her to fight instinctively and detect the strength of others without relying on the need to sense Yoki. Miata has an extreme obsession with her parents and imposes this on Clarice, whom she treats as her mother, attempting to breastfeed on a regular basis to calm herself. They are sent to hunt Galatea, but after a fight with Agatha, they decide to stay in the church with her instead.


Dietrich (ディートリヒ Dītorihi?) is the current generation's #8. She is introduced leading an awakened being hunt, when her underpowered team is at a disadvantage because of poor tactics. She is then saved by the intervention of Helen and Deneve. She appears to have good deductive skills and a serious mind, because she immediately analyzes Helen and Deneve's goals and then prioritizes the safety of her teammates.

Out of a sense of debt to the duo, she decides to stick with Helen and Deneve and warns them of the abyss feeders and developments in the South and explains everything about the Abyss Feeders and how they target the Abyssal Ones.

She has since left the company of Helen and Deneve, and has left for Rabona upon Deneve's request to update Miria and Tabitha about the developments regarding Isley and the new absyss feeders. However, she declined further information to Miria upon further questioning, expressing loyalty to the Organization, and states that her delivery of the message to Miria is simply a means to repay her debt to Deneve and Helen.

Dietrich's skill surprises Helen and Deneve as she evades being knocked unconscious, saves Helen and demonstrates either a strong improvised attack or unnamed skill of using the enemies body as a spring board to jump higher than normal. Then, using that height and the power of gravity, she cuts the enemy in half with a downward slash.

She has been described as "persistent" and "following instructions to the letter" by Galatea, who calls her "Tracker Dietrich", as she has been previously involved in tracking down of Galatea.

As of chapter 102 it's revealed she has been demoted for failing a mission (current rank unknown). Furthermore she saves Yuma by getting the Abyssal Feeders and Hellcats to fight.


Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki (Japanese), Trina Nishimura (English)

Windcutter Flora (風斬りのフローラ kazekiri no Furōra?) is Claymore eight of Clare's generation. She is known for her sword drawing technique, considered to be the fastest draw of any Claymore. She is a division captain during the Northern Campaign, overseeing Clare and several others. She is soft-spoken and she is always polite, even when trying to impose tight discipline. She becomes interested in Clare after seeing her strength and challenges her to a duel in their signature techniques. They determine that Clare's is faster but less precise. Flora is killed during the battle with Rigaldo.


Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

God Eye Galatea (ガラテア Garatea?) is Claymore number three of Clare's generation, who acts as the Organization's "eye." She is a master of sensing Yoki, being able to sense other Claymores from a long distance, read their emotions, and see their actions as if she were near. She can also control other people's actions by subtly manipulating their Yoki flows, and the strength obtained by releasing her Yoki is the highest among all forty-seven warriors of her time. She hates using the power, as it detracts from her personal view of her own beauty. She is sent on a mission to retrieve Clare, and after fighting against Dauf alongside Clare and Jean, she decides to abandon her mission.

Over time, Galatea becomes disgusted with the organization, so they decide to start training someone to take her place. She still follows them until the Northern Campaign's aftermath. After leaving, she intentionally blinds herself, which increases her ability to sense Yoki, and goes to live as a nun in Rabona. She is sought out seven years later for execution by Miata and Clarice, having intentionally leaked her energy in order to have backup to slay Agatha. They give up after the battle and stay in the church with her instead.


Voiced by: Minami Takayama (Japanese), Wendy Powell (English)

Quick Sword Irena (高速剣のイレーネ kōsokuken no Irēne?) was a Claymore previously ranked number two after Teresa but was demoted after the rookie Priscilla rose up in ranks. She led the hunting squad that would have purged Teresa. They failed killing Teresa and it resulted to Priscilla's outburst. Teresa was ultimately killed by Priscilla along with former number 4 and 5, Noel and Sophia. Using that mayhem, Irena faked her death.

Eventually she met Clare and saved her from Ophelia. She taught Clare the quick sword technique and gave her right arm to Clare. She was confronted by Rafaela whom being bound by the Organization's order to execute her. Irena's fate is unknown.


Jean (ジーン Jīn?) is Claymore #9 and an offensive fighter. Her "Drill Sword" technique, based on storing energy by twisting her arm 21 times and releasing it in one burst, is said to be the most destructive among her peers. She is serious and strictly honorable.

Jean and her team members (Katea, Raquel, and an unnamed Claymore) are captured by Dauf and Riful during an Awakened Being hunt, which turns out to be an ambush. After prolonged torture, she completely awakens, but is able to revert back to human form by virtue of her extraordinary willpower and Clare's help. She then decides to pay back the life debt she now owes Clare, choosing to serve her for life.

In the Northern Campaign, Miria gives her the position of division captain. Her team includes Eliza (#17), Emelia (#27), Natalie (#37), and Diana (#44). After Clare kills Rigaldo and is pleading for death due to passing her limit, a dying Jean, with a hole in her stomach area, uses the last of her strength in order to help Clare revert back, thus fulfilling her pledge. In the anime, this occurs after Clare's battle with Priscilla. No one from her team survived the Northern Campaign.

Her Awakened form resembled a butterfly with many veins connecting to its wings.


  • First Appearance: Volume 12
  • Former Rank: #9
  • Rank: #7

Nina (ニーナ Nīna?) is the current generation's #9 . She is cold and harsh, skilled in tactics, but a poor strategist. She is the captain of a team, including Clarice, assigned to kill an awakened one. However, they are ambushed and overpowered by three awakened ones. They were rescued by the surviving Claymores from seven years ago. After returning to the organization, the organization promoted her rank to #7.

Nina calls her attack "Shadow Chaser", as it tracks opponents' yoki with her blade and attacks the opponent, not stopping until its completely destroyed its target.


  • First Appearance: Volume 12
  • Rank: #5
  • Type: Offensive

Rachel (レイチェル Reicheru?) is Claymore #5. Her attitude is the opposite of Audrey. She is hot tempered and confrontational. She can perform a very powerful attack by restraining the blade of her sword (in the ground for instance) and then applying a large amount of pressure before releasing it from the restraint like a spring. This move can also be performed off the ground with the help of another comrade's blade to act as the restraint for Rachel's sword. Riful calls this technique a "strong sword".


Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)

Rafaela (ラファエラ Rafaera?) is Claymore five of Clare's generation and the former number two of her own generation. She was part of the Organization's first attempt at linking the souls of two Claymores to produce a controlled awakening. Her sister and number one Claymore, Luciela (ルシエラ Rushiera?), lost control during the experiment, which caused her to awaken and leave to become the Abyssal One of the South. Rafaela lost an eye, which she decided not to regenerate, and became stripped of her rank because her "weak heart" caused the experiment to fail. Years later, Rafaela is called back to make up for losing their top five during the hunt for Teresa with information regarding her sister as a bribe. After acting as a tracker by using her nearly undetectable yoki for a time, she eventually finds and kills her sister, who just lost the battle with Isley.

It is later revealed that she unconsciously injected all her life force into Luciela's dead body, and the two have been merging for seven years. Riful, hoping to take advantage of the new being that will result from the awakening, captures Renee to force them to awaken. Just before the new being awakens, Clare meets with fragments of Rafaela's mind, and after defeating her, Rafaela fully ceases to exist. Her memories are given to Clare and the new being, an extremely large conjoined form that resembles the statue of the two goddesses, fully awakens. It is around Isley's strength and constantly growing stronger, and it shows no emotion or hunger for humans. Dubbed the Destroyer, it launches a number of projectiles that transform into large humanoid felines that resemble Luciela's awakened form. After being attacked by Priscilla, the conjoined form is revealed to be an exoskeleton, and its true form is revealed to be a dark mass that devours anything it encounters.


  • First Appearance: Chapter 81
  • Rank: #6
  • Type: Defensive[14]

Renée (ルネ Rune?) is the new "Eye" of the organization. Although mentioned earlier, she is first seen when she encounters Raki in chapter 81. She questions him about Priscilla and himself and in exchange answers questions about Clare. (However she knows nothing about her and said she is most likely dead.) After leaving the town, Renée encounters Riful and ends up captured. However Riful does not intend to make her turn into an Awakened Being, she just wants to make use of Renée's yoki manipulation abilities on the now merged Luciela and Rafaela to make them awaken.

Renee is believed to have been killed by Riful as she was trying to escape from the awakening process of Luciela and Rafaela. However, before escaping Riful's lair, she took a yoki suppression pill, which caused Riful to stop sensing her. She then runs out of the lair while Riful and Dauf chase her. She is believed to be killed by Riful after she hinted that she could've been more considerate if Renee had told her how powerful the sisters was.


Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Christine Auten (English)

Teresa of the Faint Smile (微笑のテレサ bishō no Teresa?, lit. Smiling Teresa), known for effortlessly slaying enemies with a faint smile on her face, is the strongest of her generation and considered to be the most powerful Claymore of all time.[26] She is much faster, stronger, and more agile than those below her, but her real strength is considered to be her "unparalleled ability to sense Yoma aura." She can sense it to the point where she can accurately predict her opponent's moves in battle. Despite facing an awakened former number one, Rosemary, she has never used more than ten percent of her full power, which is only enough to change her eye color. Before becoming a Claymore, she was referred to as a "problem child" by her handlers during her training.[27]

Teresa initially does her job without caring about who she is helping, and she takes pleasure in scaring humans. She eventually meets Clare, who decides to start following Teresa after being abandoned by her village. Teresa is initially irritated, but soon grows fond of her. After leaving Clare in a village in an attempt to give her a normal life, bandits raid the village. Teresa kills all of them, which causes her to be hunted by the Organization for breaking the rule of never killing humans. She doesn't kill any of the Claymores after her because of her time with Clare, but she is slain by Priscilla offguard when Priscilla begs to be slain before awakening. Clare takes her severed head and convinces a member of the Organization to use it in place of a Yoma to turn her into a Claymore.


Voiced by: Rie Ishizuka (Japanese), Clarine Harp (English)

Undine of the Twin Swords (双剣のウンディーネ sōken no Undīne?) is Claymore eleven of Clare's generation, who is noted for her brash and aggressive nature. She carries two swords and she has a very muscular body. The muscles are the result of shapeshifting, and the second sword comes from a close friend. Deneve believes that after being saved from danger at the cost of the friend's life, Undine developed herself in order to not feel her own shame. After her death in the Northern Campaign, Deneve takes Undine's sword in her memory.


Father Vincent

  • First Appearance Chapter 5 Voiced by Chuck Huber

Father Vincent is a priest in the Holy City of Rabona and is first introduced when Clare and Raki travel to Rabona in order to kill a Yoma. It is later revealed that he was the one who called them. It appears that some people are unhappy about this but he explains to them that it was necessary to protect Rabona. Before Clare goes to battle the Yoma she asks Father Vincent to take care of Raki should she die and, although he is hesitant, he agrees to take care of him. While tending to Clare's wounds he sees her body which deeply shocks him, but he continues to bandage her anyway.

After the battle with Agatha, Father Vincent helps bandage the wounded. He allows Miria, Tabitha, Miata and Clarice to stay in Rabona and lets Galatea keep her job as a nun.


  • First Appearance Chapter 5

Voiced by: Kazuma Horie (Japanese), Christopher Sabat (English)

Galk is one of the captains in the holy city, he along with Sid fights Clare on a roof top while on patrol. He is the older and wiser of the two. When Clare was injured, Galk was the one who insisted that she was given medical attention. He claims that he will not allow Clare to die until he settles the debt that was made when Clare saved his life. He and Sid later aid her in the fight against the powerful Yoma that she came to the city to slay. He shields Clare from a fatal blow with his body, giving her an opening to attack. He also gives Raki his blade, which he keeps later on in the series.

He appears again after the 7 year time skip when Miata and Clarice come to the holy city to kill Galatea. He leads the attack on the Former Number 2 awakened being Agatha that suddenly appears a short while after.

Galk's weapon is a longsword, which he uses very effectively.


  • First Appearance Chapter 5

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)

Sid is one of the warriors of the holy city, he along with Galk fights Clare on the roof top while on patrol. He appears brash, arrogant and short tempered early on in the story. He later helps Clare in her fight against the powerful Yoma she was assigned to slay, resulting with breaking his leg. He later sees her and Raki off when they leave the city and gives her a good bye kiss (to which Raki kicks him in the crotch in the manga, and the two start a fist fight).

He appears after the 7 year time skip and helps Miata and Clarice evade some guards. He does not seem to have the same arrogance or other rude qualities as he did during his first appearance. Later when the Former Number 2 awakened being Agatha attacks, he is used as the central point in the defenders efforts to take her down. While the guards distract her, he attacks her from behind; he is caught one step away from attacking her however. She commends him on his skill and offers to "have some fun" with him on account of his handsomeness, when he refuses she proceed in trying to kill him but he is saved by Galatea. He reveals that Raki had come to Rabona one year prior to Clare's arrival looking for her still, commenting on Raki's growth.

He uses throwing daggers in the first part, and is seen using a short sword in his attack on Agatha

Rank in Generations

Isley Arc

  • No.1 Isley
  • No.2 Rigaldo
  • No.3 Dauf
  • No.4 Chronos
  • No.6 Lars

Riful Arc

  • #1 Riful

Luciela Arc

  • #1 Luciela
  • #2 Rafaela

Hysteria Arc

  • No.1 Hysteria
  • No.4 Rosemary
  • No.5-9 Teresa

Rosemary Arc

  • No.1 Rosemary
  • No.2 Teresa

Teresa Arc

  • #1 Teresa
  • #2 Rosemary/#2 Irene/#2 Priscilla
  • #3 Irene/#3 Sophia
  • #4/#5 Noel
  • #5/#6 Elda

Unknown Arc

  • #2 Agatha

Clare Arc

  • #1 Alicia
  • #2 Beth
  • #3 Galatea
  • #4 Ophelia
  • #5 Rafaela
  • #6 Hilda/#6 Miria
  • #7 Eva
  • #8 Flora
  • #9 Jean
  • #10 Raftela
  • #11 Undine
  • #13 Veronica
  • #14 Cynthia
  • #15 Deneve
  • #17 Miria/#17 Eliza
  • #18 Lily
  • #20 Queenie
  • #22 Helen
  • #24 Zelda
  • #27 Emelia
  • #30 Wendy
  • #31 Tabitha
  • #32 Katea
  • #35 Pamela
  • #36 Claudia
  • #37 Natalie
  • #39 Karla
  • #40 Yuma
  • #41 Matilda
  • #43 Juliana
  • #44 Diana
  • #47 Clare

Unknown rank

  • Kate Lucia and 1 no name Killed in North
  • Raquel and 1 no name Killed by Riful
  • Elena Killed by Clare
  • Undine's Friend

New Arc

  • #1 Alicia
  • #2 Beth
  • #3 Audrey
  • #4 Miata
  • #5 Rachel
  • #6 Renée
  • #9/ Nina
  • #8 Dietrich
  • #10 Raftera
  • #47 Clarice


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