The following is the list of episodes of the Japanese anime Chaos;Head. The anime adaptation is produced by Madhouse Studios based on the Japanese visual novel of the same name by Nitroplus and The 5pb. The episodes are directed by Takaaki Ishiyama and composed by Toshiki Inoue. The anime characters are designed by Shuichi Shimamura base on the original design by Mutsumi Sasaki. Each episode has an official Japanese and English title.

The anime series was aired on various broadcasting stations, first on Chiba TV on October 9, 2008 and subsequently on the other stations. The anime contained twelve episodes, with two pieces of theme music being used, namely, one opening and one ending theme. The opening theme is titled "F.D.D." and is performed by Kanako Itō while the ending theme is titled "Super Special" and is performed by Seira Kagami.[1]


# Episode title Original air date
01 Boot Up
"Kidō" (起動)
October 9, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi is very reclusive person who lives in a storage container; he is not interested in the real world and suffers from a delusion with Seira, his favorite anime character. His friend Misumi tells him about a series of incidents called the New Generation events. Takumi chats with a person named Shogun who shows him a barrage of image links depicting a murder of a man being hung by stakes. Horrified, he goes to an Internet cafe to ease his mind. After, he walks into a dark alley and is horrified to watch the murder he saw online; only it is real and happening in front in his eyes. He also sees a pink-hair schoolgirl covered in blood wearing his school's uniform standing right next to the bloody scene. She then calls out his name "Taku". He runs away while unintentionally carrying one of the stakes. The next day, he feels someone is stalking him and finds it was a girl named Yua. She tells him that she too is a fan of Seira. After some initial reluctance, he finally agrees to accompany her to pre order the latest Seira figurine. The next day, he is shocked to find the pink haired girl sitting next to him.
02 Ego
"Jiga" (自我)
October 17, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi believes the girl is here to kill him, but the girl laughs it off having no idea what he is talking about. After looking into her eyes, he remembers her name as Rimi Sakihata. At first he is confused, but then Misumi says that three of them have been friends since the first year. While at home he is surprised to find Rimi checking up on him. Takumi freaks out and orders her to get out. At the same time, the police have found surveillance footage who they believe is a suspect of the murdered staked man. Takumi accompanies Yua to pre-order the latest Seira figurine. As they interact more with each other, Takumi takes a liking to Yua as she accepts him for who he is. Yua accidentally spills out the contents of her bags. Takumi then realizes that she has been conducting a lot of research on the New Generation incidents all along. Takumi, who is frightened with delusional thoughts, attempts to run. She confronts him about what he’s hiding by pulling out one of the cross-shaped stakes he had taken from the murder scene. Despite her suddenly threatening nature, she claims that she only wanted to ascertain if he knew about it. She also states that she is curious about whether or not Takumi has the power of precognition. Her reasoning behind this are the images of the third incident that were sent to Takumi. Takumi claims that he got them from someone called Shogun and wonders if Yua is that person. Yua, however, explains that the images were found on the computer he was using at the internet cafe. Yua concludes that Takumi is Shogun. Nevertheless, she lets him go, and Takumi returns home playing his MMORPG.
03 Contact
"Sesshoku" (接触)
October 24, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A flashback shows when Takumi was a little boy. He couldn't go on a field trip so he wished that no one could go. He drew a picture of a school bus and then he ripped it in half. His mother then receives a call informing her that on the way to the field trip the bus got in an accident and was ripped in half. Takumi thought his wish came true. For days he didn't talk so his mom took him to the doctor. (The flashback now ends.) Takumi goes to the hospital to see the doctor he saw before. He claims that he is sleepwalking so they have him sleep for three hours to see if he gets up. The nurse says that he was not sleepwalking and so Takumi goes home. Rimi goes to the library and meets a strange student. Back at home, Takumi receives an image of him running from the murder while holding a stake. He believes that Shogun took a picture of the future. Misumi brings Takumi to a live concert to see the band Phantasm and their lead singer FES. Takumi notices that FES is looking at him and hallucinates that she is walking towards him. Takumi leaves the concert early and the scene goes to a girl and her mother preparing to move to a new house. Nanami takes Takumi to go buy him a cell phone and then they go eat. At home Takumi goes on the chat room and clicks on a link saying "fourth incident". When he clicks on it, it leads to an auction called Vampire.
04 Commencing
"Shodō" (初動)
October 31, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While walking on the street Takumi bumps into a strange girl carrying a sword that others can't see but Takumi can see it. FES transfers into Takumi's school. On the way home two police officers ask Takumi about the recent murder cases. Takumi buys a new figurine of Seira so Rimi comes by to visit. FES tells Takumi that something called a di-sword can save him so he goes and buys one. Nanami stops by for a visit but leaves angrily. The di-sword breaks. The girl that was moving from the last episode is now a new student at Takumi's school. Her name is revealed to be Orihara. Takumi wanders around the street and has a hallucination that he and this old man are the only ones in the world. The man claims he is Shogun and tells Takumi to hurry up and awaken. Rimi snaps him out of it and Takumi heads home.
05 Guidance
"Sendō" (先導)
November 6, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi finds out from Rimi and Daisuke that the police are investigating the school. Yua catches Takumi in his attempt to hide from her after she requests to meet with him again. She tells him he has multiple personalities and to stop killing people. Takumi runs, but he is pursued and eventually runs into Ayase who helps him escape. Ayase takes him to the subway. There Ayase shows Takumi her di-sword by pulling it out of empty space. She tells Takumi the swords come from parallel worlds existing in the same dimension as the real world, which she refers to as delusions, delusions projected into the real world by people with certain powers. When Takumi gets home he finds an e-mail from Grim with a link to a video of the first New Gen case, the Group Dive, and Takumi realizes the video was filmed by Shogun.
06 Embracement
"Hōyō" (抱擁)
November 13, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yua comes to Takumi's class and he runs away screaming. He is found by Rimi and finally agrees to allow Rimi to support him and he begins walking to and from school with her. After school Rimi and Takumi go to a café and he begins to fill her in on his encounter with Shogun. At this time a protest against the New Gen events passes by the café. Back at his place Takumi tries to call upon his real di-sword while holding the fake one, but Rimi stops him. Rimi leaves to get more soda, and while she is gone Takumi finds out that his old psychiatrist has been the victim of the 5th New Gen incident. Meanwhile Sena destroys a device made by Nozomi in someone's backpack. The next day Takumi learns more about finding his di-sword from Ayase. After school Rimi walks Takumi home and he tries to tell her about his possible power to make delusions real but she doesn't believe him. Ban goes to see Katsuko Momose to learn more about the New Gen events. Meanwhile Takumi gets a call from Shogun, but decides not to answer it, and then suddenly a strange earthquake hits Shibuya with a very loud alarm-like noise.
07 Realization
"Jikaku" (自覚)
November 20, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After the earthquake Takumi searches for Rimi at school. Ayase jumps off the school roof, but Takumi unwittingly creates a garden to save her from the fall. Later rumors begin to circulate around the school that it was Takumi's relationship with Ayase that caused her to jump. As his class is teasing him a voice begins speaking to Takumi in his head. After school Takumi gets beat up by a group of paid men, but is saved by Kozue who is able to communicate telepathically and who calls herself Kozupii. Kozupii also has her own sword and after running into Sena is revealed to be Sena's friend. The Nozomi Group have a meeting and it is revealed that they are using Noah II to synthetically use the powers of the Gigalomaniacs for their own purpose. The backpack device destroyed by Sena in the previous episode is revealed to be a mobile transmitter for Noah II. Takumi learns that he, Sena and Koupii are all Gigalomaniacs with the power to reflect delusions into reality. When a Noah II created illusion of a runaway digger appears Kozue and Sena jump into action to destroy the mobile transmitters nearby. Nozomi vows to remove all obstacles to their plans. Kozue, Sena and Takumi form a group to stop Nozomi and take commemorative a picture.
08 Linkage
"Rendō" (連動)
November 27, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi is still waiting for Rimi to go to school but she was not around yet. It started since the day of the earthquake. Kozu-pii later asked Takumi in attacking Nozomi Technology. Takumi refuses and Kozu-pii started crying causing their classmates to rumor about them. He then went out with her outside to avoid another trouble. Sena was waiting for them outside and convinced him in coming with them. Takumi then joined them and Kozu-pii named their group Gigalomaniac Trio. They are aiming to destroy Noah II. To start the operation, they entered the research facility of the company as Executives. Meanwhile, Rimi was seen talking to the old man Takumi saw in the streets of Shibuya. Back to the Trio, they found Noah II but Norose, Nozomi Technology's President appeared and stopped them. Takumi saw Sena's past and her real name is Hatano Sena not Aoi Sena. When they were about to be killed, Ayase or FES appeared and helped them. Ayase collapsed after then. Norose was frozen due to Ayase but he made Sena and Kozue fight each other knowing it is him they are fighting with. Takumi cancelled the particles sent by Norose on the girls' blind spot unknowingly. Sena was able to defeat Norose and Kozu-pii destroyed Noah II. They found out that it was only a prototype even Norose. Takumi went to school the next day and Rimi too. Takumi was overjoyed. Norose appeared on a rooftop and is talking to his Di-sword.
09 Rejection
"Kyozetsu" (拒絶)
December 4, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kusunoki Yua-San goes to talk to detective Ban about the New gen incidents and Takumi, Ban asks her if she is the sister twin sister Mia-San, the victim of the first New-Gen incident/event, she replies in yes. Ban receives a call that a 6th New gen incident has occurred. Takumi also finds out about the 6th occurrence from the internet; 3 victim's bodies were mutilated, the 3 were the one's that attacked Takumi in episode 7. He believes that Shogun is targeting him. Going through old stuff stored in boxes he comes across an old scribbling with the words "Ir2" on it. Meanwhile, Yua-San tells the detective about Sena's sword and Kishimoto being able to split in two. The scientist sitting next to the detective asks about the Gero-frogs hanging from Yua's bag, she tells them they are available and new designs come out on Fridays with long lines of people waiting for them. Takumi goes to visit Kishimoto in the hospital where she tells him that he is one of the seven knights of Galadiale, currently suffering the divine punishment as a trial towards his Di-Sword. Takumi is surprised to believe this, and then Kishimoto tells him about her punishment and ability to summon her Di-Sword afterwards. Takumi goes to his trailer with Rimi and finds Sena on top of it. Sena asks if he has drawn the eyed monster with the equation Ir2 on it, Takumi says yes, at that moment Sena jumps towards him with her sword to attack but Rimi summons her Di-Sword and defends him; Takumi has still no idea what Ir2 is. Sena dodges Rimi and goes through to attack Takumi, Rimi defends Takumi by forcing the delusion on Sena's mind that her father is in front of her. Takumi asks what is so important with a scribble, Sena tells him that this equation is the source and essential element in Norose's Noah II. This equation is what separates giglomaniacs and normal humans. Kizoue tells about an old man's prophecy. Takumi thanks Rimi for saving his life and Rimi asks Takumi if he's going home, he says yes, she tells him that things won’t remain same if he goes. Takumi tells her that he has to see Nanami, when Takumi reaches the spot where his house was he is surprised to see that his house is no more there, Rimi tells him that he has no house in this world. At the end of the episode an old man, in a wheelchair, is seen entering a hospital room with Takumi's name written on the door.
10 Purification
"Senrei" (洗礼)
December 11, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi finds out he is a delusion. Yua confronts a delusion of her deceased sister, and finds her Di-Sword. Suwa is found to be a traitor. Rimi goes to rescue Takumi's sister, Nanami, from her kidnappers. Finally, Shogun tells Takumi that only he can stop Noah II.
11 Independence
"Jiritsu" (自立)
December 18, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Takumi abandons Seira and rushes to the aid of the Gigalomaniacs.
12 Mission
"Shimei" (使命)
December 25, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
All Gigalomaniacs do battle with Norose and Noah II. Norose is a formidable opponent and it appears Takumi is going to be killed with ease. However, Takumi had conjured up multiple delusions that activated at the right time. Norose's attacks become useless and Takumi defeats him and destroys Noah II and as a result creates a post-apocalyptic world but saves Rimi. At the end Takumi and the rest of the Gigalomaniacs are together and with their combined Gigalomaniac powers they restore the runined Shibuya to its original form.


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