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This is a complete episode listing for the anime series Ceres, Celestial Legend. Directed by Hajime Kamegaki and produced by Studio Pierrot, the twenty-four episode series is based on the fourteen volume manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. In Ceres, Celestial Legend, Aya Mikage finds her world turned upside on her 16th birthday, when her family suddenly tries to kill her, her twin brother is taken away, and her father is killed. Aya learns she is the reincarnation of Ceres, a celestial maiden seeking her celestial robe (羽衣 hagoromo?) and revenge on the Mikage for keeping her trapped in this world for so many centuries. As Aya seeks the robe, another branch of the Mikage family pursues her to capture Ceres for their own gain. The series premiered in Japan on WOWOW on 20 April 2000 and concluded on 28 September 2000. It was released to VHS videotape and DVD by Bandai Visual in twelve volumes, with each volume containing two episodes.

Ceres, Celestial Legend is licensed for Region 1 release by Viz Media, which also owns the North American license for the source manga. Viz released the series to VHS and DVD in eight three-episode volumes, with the first volume released on 24 July 2001.[1] The VHS editions were dubbed in English, while the DVD volumes offered a choice between the dubbed English audio track and the original Japanese audio, with optional English subtitles. The DVD versions also offers extra features, including art galleries, character profiles, and interviews with Yu Watase.[2] In 2003, Viz re-released the series in two volume collector's edition sets that contained twelve episodes on two disc, and all of the on-disc extras from the earlier releases. The English dubbed version of the series were broadcast in Southeast Asia by AXN-Asia.[3]

For pieces of theme music are used in the series. The opening theme, "Scarlet" is performed by Junko Iwao and used to open all twenty-four episodes. A remixed version of the song is also used as the closing theme for the final episode. For the first fifteen episodes, the song "One ~ Kono Yo ga Hatete mo Hanarenai" is used for the ending theme, while episodes sixteen through twenty-three use "Cross My Heart". Both songs are performed by Day-break.[3]


# Title Original airdate
01 The Day the Moon and Sixteen Stars Meet
"Jūroku no Hoshi to Tsuki ga Meguru Hi" (16の星と月が巡る日)
20 April 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Fraternal twins Aya and Aki Mikage leave a karaoke bar with three of their classmates. As they are crossing a bridge, they see a man ahead of the other side steal a woman's purse and run towards their side. Aya runs forward and tackles the man, knocking the purse out of his hand. She tries to catch the purse, inadvertently jumping over the side of the bridge. As she falls towards the busy street below, she finds her mind filled with strange images, including a symbol she's never seen before. Suddenly, she stops falling and begins floating instead, landing gently on her feet. A stranger then saves her life by pushing her out of the path of a car, then disappears before she can thank him. The next day, Aya and Aki go to their grandfather's house to celebrate their sixteenth birthday. They are surprised to find that many of their relatives are there for the party. They are given a single present, a wrapped box. As as she unwraps it, Aya becomes increasingly uneasy. Aki volunteers to open the box instead. Inside is a mummified hand inside. Aya experiences another blur of strange visions, her shirt sleeves rip, and for a moment her eyes change from bright blue to deep gold. She sends out an incredibly strong and powerful burst of highly destructive power that destroys the hand, then returns to normal. Confused, she turns to Aki to ask what happened, but Aki is writhing in pain as cuts begin appearing all over his body. Aya screams to her family to help before he dies, but no one moves. Her grandfather tells her the marks are a sign that Aki is the rightful heir of the Mikage and he will be fine, but that she must now die.
02 The Angel's First Kiss
"Tennyo no Fāsuto Kisu" (天女のファーストキス)
27 April 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aki is taken away and the other Mikages leave the room, with Aya's father and grandfather staying behind with the armed guards. Aya's father is given a gun to kill her with. As he points it at her, his eyes fill with tears and he apologizes, and tells her not to let the Mikage's control her but to find her own life. He turns and points the gun at his father, but a guard also points a gun at him and Aya's grandfather orders the guard to shoot him. The guard complies, then he and the other guards point guns at Aya. Shocked by her father's murder, Aya has remained speechless, but her eyes change color and suddenly the house explodes. In another part of the city, a woman named Suzumi Aogiri calls to her brother Yuhi to go with her to pick up a "certain girl" and they speed to the Mikage house. Aya comes to in a tree, unable to remember how she got there. The young man who saved her the day before appears at the bottom, asking why the family wants to kill her. Aya begins to cry, remembering her father's death. Surprised to find the man suddenly beside her in the tree, Aya panics and nearly falls but he catches her. She starts to freak out remembering what happened, but suddenly the man kisses her, to silence her as guards appear below. The guards leave and the man introduces himself as Toya, a name meaning "ten nights." More guards appear below, but Yuhi arrives to knock them out. He calls to Aya to jump down. When she hesitates, Toya pushes her out of the tree. As she falls, she begins floating again, to land safely in Yuhi's arms. Yuhi quickly pulls her into a run towards the waiting car. As they flee, Aya looks back at Toya still watching her from the tree. In the car, Suzumi introduces herself, but Aya doesn't respond. When they arrive at Suzumi's house, Aya quickly falls asleep. In the morning, Suzumi tells Yuhi and Aya that Aya is a tennyo, an angel or celestial maiden.
03 The One Who Descended to Earth
"Gekai e Orishi Mono" (下界へ降りし者)
4 May 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Suzumi explains to Aya that the Mikage's are descendants of the celestial maiden of legend, and that they have been killing girls her age for a long time. Aya doesn't want to believe it, and later sneaks away from the Aogiri house to return to her own home. She falls asleep there, awakening near sunset. As she's washing her face, she has a vision letting her know the hospital where Aki and her mother are. Aya goes there while the Aogiri's are searching for her. Meanwhile, her cousin Kagami tasks Toya with protecting both Aya and Aki, and making sure they do not see each other. At the hospital Aya is misdirected to her mother's room. Her mother tries to kill her, believing Aya killed her father. As Yuhi reaches the room, it explodes and he sees Aya transform into a dark blue-haired, golden- eyed woman who says that she is the celestial maiden who had descended from Heaven, Ceres.
04 The Stolen Celestial Robe
"Ubawareta Hagoromo" (奪われた羽衣)
11 May 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ceres tells Yuhi that Aya is a personification created over the last 16 years, and that they are both the same yet different. Sensing Toya nearby, Ceres attacks him, opening a portal in the floor to take him to another floor. She starts to attack Aya's mother, but Yuhi stands in the way. She tells him not to interfere, because she doesn't want to hurt him as he is not a Mikage. When she goes down to where Toya is, she demands to know where her robe is. As Toya does not know Ceres moves to kill him, but Yuhi holds her back. Ceres declares that she will kill every Mikage male to pay them back for stealing her robe and humiliating her. Yuhi kisses her, causing her to transform back into Aya. Aya's mother falls into a coma, and Aya is confused and upset to realize that she doesn't remember what happened and wants to know what is going on. Aki, meanwhile, overhears his grandfather ordering Kagami to kill Aya and escapes from the hospital to search for her. The next night, he is still looking for her when he is attacked by three men. As they are beating him up, Aki's eyes glow for a moment and his voice changes, before returning to normal. As Aki wonders what that was, Toya arrives.
05 Toya's Destiny
"Tōya no Shukumei" (十夜の宿命)
18 May 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Toya quickly dispatches the three men, and tells Aki to return to the Mikage house. Aki refuses, wanting to see Aya, so Toya takes him to the Aogiri mansion. Aya cries as they are reunited. She decides not to tell him about the celestial being, but that night as they sleep, Ceres emerges and attacks Aki. She saying he is the is her sworn enemy, the Mikage who stole her robe and that he scars on his body are the one's she gave him. She repeatedly demands her robe be returned, and tries to attack Aki. Toya, strangely unharmed by her attacks, escapes with Aki while Yuhi uses a kiss to bring Aya back. Outside, Kagami is waiting for them and takes Aki away. When Aya catches up, only Toya is there. He tells her that Aki was taken away. When she demands to know what happened to her, and if she attacked Aki, he points out her open bathrobe. He asks her to go with him and takes her to his apartment. Toya tells her to stay away from Aki for both their sakes. Aya asks who he is, but he says he has no memories of his own except of the names Toya and Mikage. He works for Kagami because a month before, Kagami told him that he had a way to restore Toya's memories. After they talk, he offers to let her sleep there. He also gives her the birthday present from Aki, the same red earrings she had purchased for him. Aya cries as she holds them. Toya wraps his arms around her and promises to hold her until she stops trembling. She eventually falls asleep in his bed lying in his arms, realizing she loves him.
06 The C Project
"C Purojekuto" (Cプロジェクト)
25 May 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In the morning, Aya calls Yuhi to let him know where she is. When he realizes she spent the night with Toya, he quickly goes to retrieve her. After parting from Toya, they follow him to the Mikage corporate headquarters in hope of finding Aki. Kagami sees Aya and the others enter, and lets her past the security gate, immediately locking it behind her to separate her from the others. Aya continues up an elevator, and at the top finds Kagami waiting for her. He promises he doesn't want to kill her, then leads her to a room claiming he wants to talk. He locks her inside, saying he wants to experiment on Ceres, and demanding Aya let her out. She refuses, so Kagami attacks her and starts to rape her. When she still refuses, he opens a partition, letting her see Aki and Toya in another room. At the sight of Aki, Ceres emerges and destroys the room. Kagami sprays her with a numbing gas to stop her from moving. In response to Kagami's questions, she explains that she reappears in the female descendants that most closely resemble her, with Aya being the closest yet. Kagami takes a sample of her blood, then Yuhi arrives. Seeing Kagami about the gas Yuhi, Ceres holds on to Yuhi and flies out the hole in the building. He asks why she needs her robe when she can fly, but she says she must have it to return home. When he asks if she can't live as Aya, Ceres changes back to Aya, causing them to fall into a pool below. Aki decides not to see Aya again until Ceres is gone, and agrees to help Kagami find a way to return Aya to normal. Kagami, however, has no intention of destroying Ceres. He tells Alexander to initiate to the "Celestial Project" otherwise known as "the C Project."
07 Celestial Awakening
"Mezameta C Genomā" (目覚めたCゲノマー)
1 June 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Mrs. Q drives Aya and Yuhi to school, Aya has a vision of a girl burning. Nearby they find Yuki Urakawa, a classmate, unconscious. As Yuhi and Aya discuss what to do, she awakens and says she wants to go to school. They take her to the infirmary. Toya is there working as a school doctor, having been given fake memories by Kagami. He tells Aya she should have nothing more to do with him, as he only wants Ceres. As they return the infirmary, they discover the school nurse has burned alive. Aya later discovers that Yuki is having an affair with one of the school doctors. She promises Yuki she will keep her secret, but the doctor overhears them talking and tells Yuki that they can never see each other again because Aya has told. An explosion rocks the school, and Aya gets lost in the ensuing fire. As the smoke overtakes her, Toya appears and takes her to the school pool. When she asks why, he kisses her and tells her he suddenly found himself looking for her. He wonders if that's love and says he must find out who he is so they don't end up hurting each other. A furious Yuhi arrives and orders Toya to get away from Aya. Before he leaves, Toya tells them both that Kagami is gathering up all those who have the celestial maiden genes, C-genomes, as part of the C Project. Yuki arrives and attacks Aya with her pyrokinetic powers and abilities. Yuhi blocks the attack, getting burned himself, and both of them are thrown into the pool. Ceres emerges from within Aya and tries to attack the doctor controlling Yuki, but Yuki stops her, begging Ceres not to hurt him. The doctor gets angry at Yuki for being unable to fight Ceres. Hurt by his words, Yuki cries remembering how he told her he loved her before. She holds on to him and envelops them both in flames, killing them both. Aya regains control of her body, and to her relief finds Yuki hurt, but alive, behind her. At the Mikage Corporation, Kagami shackles Toya and forbids him from leaving the building, until Toya can stop playing "little love games" with Aya.
08 The Mikage Conspiracy
"Mikageke no Inbō" (御景家の陰謀)
8 June 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yuhi recovers from his wounds, having been protected from fatal injuries by the angel headband. His father and brother come to visit, but Yuhi refuses to see them at first. Aya is annoyed by Tomonori, Yuhi's brother, seeming lack of concern over Yuhi, but Tomonori only responds by flirting with her. Yuhi comes to the room and he vaguely thanks his father for coming, then tells them to leave as "that woman" would be upset if he was there. Tomonori lashes back that Yuhi is just the abandoned son of a mistress, and has no right to refer to his father's wife as "that woman." Suzumi rides back with her father-in-law and Tomonori to the main Aogiri house, while Yuhi explains why he lied about his mother dying, and that only his brother Kazuma was the only one in the main family who seemed to love him. Yuhi says he doesn't need a family, since he was abandoned, but Aya cries at him for saying such sad things. She reminds him no one can survive alone and that he will find someone to love. Yuhi tells her he wants her to be that person, and pushes her to the floor, kissing her. Aya pushes him away, and he yells that he loves her, then holds her down as he kisses her again. Mrs. Q interrupts Aya and Yuhi, and after she's gone he apologizes for his behavior. Meanwhile, Kagami realizes that Suzumi is a C-genome and sends his men to capture her. Aki has been hooked up to a machine that lets him search his own memories. He asks where Toya is, and Kagami tells him that Toya was playing love games with Aya. The Mikage's attack the Aogiri car, forcing it off the road. Suzumi takes over driving, promising to get them back to the main house. Kagami calls Aya to taunt her about Yuki, and tell her Yuki's power surge was caused by her being injected with Aya's blood. He also tells her that another woman close to her is about to have the same experience. Suzumi gets everyone back to the house, but the Mikage men are waiting for them and use gas to knock them unconscious.
09 The Angel's Promise
"Tennyo no Chikai" (天女の誓い)
15 June 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Strange glasses are put on Suzumi, connecting her to a nearby machine. Aya realizes Suzumi has been captured by the Mikages and she, with Yuhi, head to the main house. The machine feeds Suzumi memories of her late husband, Kazuma. Yuhi and Aya are able to defeat the men outside, but inside they are stopped when one of the men puts a gun to Yuhi's father's head. Aya and Yuhi are tasered. Yuhi tries to awaken Suzumi by calling out to her, but she can't hear them. One of the Mikage men shoots at Yuhi to shut him up, but Yuhi's father blocks the shot, getting hit in the shoulder instead. Realizing they can't do anything, Aya willingly calls to Ceres for help. Ceres quickly dispatches the man and destroys the machinery, but Suzumi doesn't awaken. Entrenched in her memories, Suzumi will only wake up if she is willing to return to reality. As they listen to Suzumi talking in her sleep, Ceres and the Aogiris discover that Suzumi was three months pregnant and had miscarried when Kazuma died. Crying, Yuhi continues trying to call out to her and eventually his voice reaches her. After Kazuma's death and the loss of their unborn baby, Suzumi had attempted suicide, but was stopped by Yuhi. Remembering she had a brother who needed her her the will to live, and remembering that moment that enables her to wake up from the dream. At the Mikage headquarters, Aki demands to speak with Toya. Kagami agrees and asks Toya to choose between Aya and his memories. Toya says he chooses Aya. Aki frees Toya from his handcuffs, thanking him for protecting Aya. As he talks, Aki's tone changes and he stabs Toya with one of the handcuffs saying that he will never give Aya to him or anyone else. Aki returns to himself when Kagami touches him, leaving Aki upset at what he had done. In the car, Ceres and Yuhi talk, and she has him promise to show him the truth about people, as she has no trust in them. Aya returns, and she promises she will stop the C-Project, and that she will rely on Ceres to help her from now on.
10 Chidori's Flight
"Chidori no Hishō" (千鳥の飛翔)
22 June 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A bacterial infection appears in Tochigi that is making people sick. Yuhi and Aya suspect it is part of the C-Project. A young girl named Chidori Kuruma comes to the house looking for Yuhi. She had seen him flying with Ceres the month before, and wants them to come to Tochigi to meet her brother, Shota. Shota, who has paralyzed for the last two years, was hospitalized three days before after being afflicted by the bacteria. Chidori wants Aya to fly with Shota, to help keep him from giving up on his dreams of being a pilot. Aya promises to take him flying. In one of the waiting areas, Yuhi is holding her when Toya appears, working as a doctor in the hospital. He doesn't say anything and walks past them. Aya follows and asks him about the bacteria, and why he isn't bother by Yuhi holding her. Toya says he can only give what he knows. Aya kisses him, and tells him to show her feeling by holding her. The next day, Aya overhears Toya and Shota talking about Toya being alone and never feeling sad because he never had anything precious, until now and that he's afraid he'll hurt her by being near her. Aya goes to meet with Toya, but Ceres demands to come out. Aya is afraid Ceres will attack him, but stops fighting and allows Ceres to emerge. Ceres asks Toya what he is and tells him that if he loves Aya, he needs to get away from the Mikage. She also says she feels she has seen him somewhere before, but doesn't know if the memories are hers or Aya's. As the sun sets, she gives him Aya's choker, telling him to wear it instead of the one from Mikage if he loves Aya. Ceres then goes to Yuhi and the others, so she can take Shota on the promised flight. During the flight, one of the patients infected by the bacteria awakens their dormant celestial powers and abilities, sending out a highly strong and powerful destructive blast of energy that knocks Shota out of Ceres' arms.
11 Stir of Emotions
"Ugokidasu Kokoro" (うごきだす気持(こころ))
29 June 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ceres is able to get under Shota just before he lands, taking the brunt of the fall and knocking her unconscious. Upset that Aya was hurt protecting him, like his parents, Shota starts to wheel away. Toya clears the hospital room around Akiyama, the patient who sent out the energy blast, as Akiyama sends out another energy blast that destroys the roof. Shota is caught in the blast and is knocked down out of his wheelchair to the floor below. Yuhi tells Shota to slowly crawl backwards, as the rubble he is own is too weak to support anymore weight. Yuhi leaves to try to get to the other side, but runs into Akiyama. Shota is ready to give up and die, but Aya is able to help him find the will to live and to remember his dream at last. As he crawls back to safety, the rubble falls. Shota catches himself and is able to pull himself back up. Yoshizuka, another patient who has awakened to his C-Genomes, appears in front of him, grabbing Shota by the arm and hurting him. Chidori, wanting to protect Shota, awakens her own dormant celestial powers and abilities and transforms into an older version of herself, similar to Aya's transformation into Ceres, but retaining her own personality. Toya knocks Akiyama unconscious, rescuing Yuhi, and confirms their earlier suspicious that the vaccine spread by the Mikage was something to awaken C-Genomes in people. Chidori uses her amazingly strong and powerful celestial powers and abilities to destroy Yoshizuka's arm, freeing Shota. He falls, but Yuki is able to catch him. Toya appears and throws a chain around Chidori. Aya begs him to stop. Brought back to the roof by Yuhi, Shota stands for the first time in two years promising not to give up anymore if Toya will promise not to take Chidori away. Toya releases her and leaves without a word. Chidori decides to go with Aya and Yuhi, revealing that despite her elementary school appearance, she is a high school student. Meanwhile, Aki finds himself obsessively watching the videos of Aya that Toya recorded, and worries that he is losing his mind.
12 The Silver Choker
"Gin no Chōkā" (銀のチョーカー)
6 July 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kagami takes Toya to task for failing to capture Chidori. Aki writes a letter to Aya, desperate to finish it while he is still himself. Toya comes to see him as Aki collapses. Aki cries, afraid the machine Kagami has been using on him is making him lose himself. Toya asks if Aki wishes to leaves, as Aya antagonizes over how she can stop the Mikages. Toya calls Aya to tell her that he and Aki are leaving the Mikages that night for good, and asks if she can control Ceres. The agree to meet at the overpass where they first met Toya at midnight. Toya has Aki wait in his room while he has his last meeting with Kagami. Kagami wants him to hook him up the same machine Aki has been subjected to, promises he is going t return Toya's memories. Toya uses his dagger to destroy the machine. He cuts the Mikage collar from his neck, then uses the dagger's powers to destroy the door. Toya heads to Aki's room as Kagami and Alex wonder how he got the dagger in when he'd been searched before he came in. Toya makes it past the defense systems and guards, moving at inhuman speed. At Aki's room, he faces Wei, the leader of the Mikage security force and Aki's new bodyguard. Toya is able to defeat him after a short battle. Wei recovers before he and Aki can escape. Wei gets Toya's dagger and badly hurts him, but Toya is able to make the dagger reappears in his hand and cuts Wei's eye. As Toya and Aki make their way to the garage, Toya gets shot by some of the guards. Toya blasts a way out of the garage, but as he moves to leave, Aki's eyes start glowing. He picks up a metal shared and stabs Toya in the leg with it. When he comes to, he is horrified at what he's done, and says he can no longer control it. Crying, he tells Toya go without him, as he can't see Aya the way he is now, and gives Toya the letter he wrote to her. Doors close between them, and Toya is hit with a spotlight. Aya, Yuhi, Chidori, and Mrs. Q wait long into the night for them at overpass. Toya, badly wounded, makes it there as the clock approaches four in the morning, wearing Aya's choker.
13 Relic of the Mikage
"Mikageke no Goshintai" (御景家の御神体)
13 July 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Toya gives Aya the letter from Aki. He prepares to return to the Mikage building to persuade Aki to leave, but she stops him, saying that he will die. Toya says he does not mind, but Yuhi scolds him, telling him not to make Aya any sadder. Back at the Aogiri house, Aya cries as she rereads Aki's letter. A convalescing Toya asks whether it was all right for him to come to the Aogiris', and Aya begins to explain that it was Yuhi who allowed it. They are interrupted by Yuhi bringing in a tray of food. Aya follows him out of the room and apologizes for not reciprocating Yuhi's feelings, but he stops her. He says he will stand aside for now, but swears that if Toya ever hurts Aya, he'll take her away. Toya appears behind them and promises to give his all to Aya, if that is what she wants. Alone in his room again, Toya confesses to Aya that he has been scared all this while, but now he's found his own secure place. He shows her how he can make a short dagger blade appear and disappear out of his wrist at will. He asks what kind of a human can he be, with such an unnatural power and ability. Aya decides that she wants to relieve him of his burden of sadness and loneliness. Later after her bath, Ceres appears in a mirror and asks Aya to let her take over so that she can destroy the Mikage family, to punish them for taking the lives of so many innocent lives only to increase their own strength and power. Aya refuses and promises instead to get back the celestial robe, as long as Ceres does not hurt Aki. Ceres warns her that Aki will not be coming back, and that "that man", too has been reincarnated is already taking over. Aya visits her mother at the hospital and reads Aki's letter to her. As she leaves, she discovers that Aki has written a message inside the envelope, asking Aya to kill him if he is taken over. Aki goes to visit his grandfather. They go into a sealed vault that contains Ceres' mummy, the guardian deity of the Mikage family. The sight of the relic inflicts scars on Aki once more, the mark of the Progenitor, who had been slashed to death by Ceres. Aki has been taken over. His delighted grandfather declares that Aki is his successor, the one who will protect the family against Ceres' curse and make the Mikage family even stronger and more powerful. Aki growls that he's being noisy and kills him. Looking at the mummy he says this is just her shell and demands to know where his woman, Ceres, is.
14 The Return of the Ancestor
"Kakuseishita Shiso" (覚醒した始祖)
20 July 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya returns from the hospital and finds Toya in his room struggling to bandage his wounds. She helps him and lays her head on his back, wishing that the moment would last forever. Meanwhile Kagami is cleaning up after Aki's murder of his grandfather. He looks at the mummy and muses that he understands why Ceres kept reincarnating as her body was not allowed to rest in peace. But he knows that the relic is merely a thing and more important is the Ceres that was reincarnated in Aya. The Aogiris are sitting down to dinner when their servant Kyū runs in and tells them that Toya is nowhere to be found. Suzumi knows that Toya has decided to act alone in keeping an eye on the Mikages and has promised to keep in touch, but Aya, Yuhi and Chidori set out in search of Toya before she can tell them. Aya catches up with Toya by a fountain. Toya explains that the Mikages will come after him and that he doesn't want to leave Aki alone. He promises to watch over Aya. Leaving the Mikage mansion, Aki senses Ceres' presence and forces Kagami to drive towards her. He appears on the scene as Toya and Aya embrace. Aya runs over to Aki, but is warned by Ceres to get away. Aki pulls her into a deep kiss. Aya realizes that he is not Aki and pulls away. Aki tells them that the real Aki has gone to sleep deep within him. A distraught Aya transforms into Ceres and Aki taunts her, telling her that she will always be his woman and that she will never find her celestial robe. As he makes his threats he collapses due to hunger, as Aki had not eaten or drunk anything for a few days as he struggled for control. Toya runs forward to get Aki but Wei gets there first. He calls Toya a traitor and promises to kill him someday. As Kagami and the others drive away he ponders whether the reappearance of the Progenitor will be good or bad for the C-project. Toya goes on alone to keep an eye on the Mikage. Aya stays in her room and watches old videos of Aki. She tells Yuhi and Chidori she can't go on any longer knowing that there was nothing left of Aki in the man she met at the fountain. Yuhi reassures Aya that Aki is merely "asleep" and together with Chidori encourages her not to give up on him.
15 Toya's Past
"Tōya no Kako" (十夜の過去)
27 July 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Aogiris have moved to Matsubara on Toya's suggestion, to look into the legend of the hagoromo there. They are staying in Yuuhi's father's villa and attending Kaisei high school. They meet a girl named Miori Sahara who looks just like Aya/Ceres. Miori tells Aya that her childhood sweetheart disappeared a year ago. Aya meets Toya by the sea and tells him that their investigations revealed that the hagoromo at a local shrine turned out to be just a piece of cloth. Toya looks at the sea and memories flash back to him. He sees Miori and recognises her. As he crosses the street towards her he gets hit by a car and Aya's choker falls off. Though he isn't badly hurt, he no longer recognises Aya nor Yuhi. They later go to visit him. Miori tells them that he is Toya Mizuki, her childhood sweetheart, and that he is still amnesiac. At school, Miori asks Aya to leave him alone, for his sake. Yuhi goes to see Toya and tells him that he's taking Aya away, as he promised before. Aya cuts her hair on an impulse. Toya meets her on the beach and tells her that whenever he tries to remember the past year he gets headaches. She gives him the choker back and he hugs her before he can stop himself. He asks if anything happened between them during the past year but Aya denies it and walks away and weeps. Aya asks Yuhi to help her forget Toya and decides to give herself to him. But he pulls away, telling her he loves her and that he will wait for her memories of Toya to fade. Aya cries and wishes she could disappear. Wei and his men come to the Mizuki house to pick up Toya, but Toya asks to see the Mikages. Back in Tokyo, Kagami tells Toya that they had some misunderstandings in the past due to Aya Mikage, and that Toya should eliminate her now that he is back in Kagami's employ. Ceres reappears and flies to Tokyo. Toya is told to eliminate her, and Miori asks Kagami why Toya doesn't love her as he is supposed to. He replies that it is not his fault. Toya corners Ceres. She notes that he has abandoned the choker that contains Aya's feelings. Miori appears and orders Toya to torture and kill Aya. If he doesn't, she will. To their astonishment, Miori transforms into a vengeful Ceres-lookalike.
16 Another Ceres
"Mō Hitori no Seresu" (もうひとりのセレス)
3 August 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ceres and Miori face off above the Mikage building. Miori asks Ceres to transform back into Aya so that she can have her revenge against Aya. Miori reveals that she is Aya's cousin and that her mother was killed by Aya/Ceres on her sixteenth birthday. Aki tells Toya that his memories as Toya Mizuki are false and tries to kill Toya. Deep within her mental cocoon, Aya hears Aki's voice telling her not to run away. Aya returns and calls out to Toya, who gets the strength to fend off Aki. Toya tears off the Mikage collar and protects her from Miori. Miori tells Toya of her wish that they could live together happily with his fake past, then flies up to the roof of the building and throws herself off before Toya can stop her. Aya is deeply scarred by the incident and refuses to eat. Toya goes to the Aogiri residence and tells Suzumi that he still cannot remember Aya. He goes to the sleeping Aya and leaves his dagger with her so they will always be together. Toya then sets off in search of his real self, with the flicker of a true memory as his guide.
17 Bewitching Affection
"Hikiyoserareru Chikara" (魅きよせられる愛(ちから))
10 August 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
An unconscious Toya washes up on the beach and is brought to a clinic. He tells the doctor that he was travelling around beaches in search of his memory of the ocean, was chased by thugs and dumped into the sea. The doctor orders him to stay until he recovers and can work off his bill. Toya sneaks out and is fired on by Wei's men, but is found by the doctor before they can get to him. Aya visits her mother in hospital and finds Aki there. Aki takes her captive and, back at the Mikage building, tries to rape her. Toya's dagger sends out a pulse of energy and throws Aki off. Toya senses that Aya is in danger, takes the doctor's motorcycle and hurries to Tokyo. Aki orders Kagami's men to drug her and take her to the lab, while he goes on ahead. Alec Howell is told to give her a drug to manipulate her mind. He objects that the shock to her system might cripple her, but Kagami says that Ceres will then take over, which is his objective. Aya is put in a truck and driven over to the lab. Ceres lends Aya her powers to resist the effects of Howell's machine. Toya is tracked by Wei and his men in helicopters. He leaps off his motorcycle and onto the helicopter and takes Wei captive, ordering them to fly in the direction of the truck. After forcing the men to jump into the sea, he leaps onto the roof of the truck and lets the helicopter crash. He goes in to rescue Aya and Howell releases her. Howell tells Toya that he cannot ask for forgiveness or even understanding, and that they just wanted her cooperation in ensuring the survival of the human race. Toya brings Aya to a desolate shack and waits for the drug to wear off. According to Howell, the drug should wear off at 4 a.m. If not, Aya will never wake up from her dream state. When she doesn't wake up at the appointed time, Toya cries. Ceres tells Aya that Toya is calling for her, and Aya finally wakes up. Toya embraces her and asks her to come with him in search of the hagoromo and his memories.
18 Fleeting Happiness
"Tsukanoma no Shiawase" (つかの間の幸せ)
17 August 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya and Kagami go to the hospital to visit their respective mothers. Kagami's mother is mentally ill and obsessed with her son getting perfect grades. Kagami reveals that he himself is obsessed with Ceres' "perfection", and has been since fifth grade when he found an old picture of Ceres emerging from a Mikage girl. Aya explains to her unconscious mother that she is going to live with Toya, and Toya assures her that he will protect Aya. Her mother reacts for the first time with a squeeze of their hands. Aya and Toya then return to Niigata to thank the doctor for looking after Toya. They stay and find work in Niigata. One night they accompany the doctor on a call to Sado Island, but fall overboard in the stormy sea. Toya carries Aya out of the water and is shocked to find a webbed red material between his fingers. Afterwards, he spends hours staring out at sea. Walking along the beach, Aya finds a shell and holds it out for Toya to see. This seems to trigger a memory in Toya, and he urgently asks her to remember an island. She recalls that her family once vacationed at Hachijo Island ten years ago when she was six years old. They go to the island, where Aya remembers seeing an already grown-up Toya and offering him a shell. Toya's memories return, and he recounts how an old hermit on the island once found a baby encased in a membrane. Astonishingly, the baby grew rapidly to a fully-grown man. The process took ten days, hence Toya's name ("tenth night"). The old man forbade Toya to leave the island, and Toya is content with that until he meets the young Aya. Upon the old man's death, he leaves the island to search for Aya but is struck by a car. In his amnesiac state, he remembers only her last name - "Mikage" - and his own, "Toya". He wanders to the Mikage building and is taken in by Kagami and trained as one of his men. Aya abruptly changes into Ceres, who announces that Toya and Aya have seven months to find her celestial robe, otherwise she will kill all the Mikages' including Aki.
19 Chidori's Confession
"Chidori no Kokuhaku" (千鳥の告白)
24 August 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya and Toya come back from their long journey with Ceres's warning of there being only six months left to find her celestial robe. Aya faints from exaustion on their way back to the Aogiri house. While she is sleeping, Toya and Suzumi learn that Aki has captured Chidori and Shota to do C-genome testing on them. Toya and Yuhi go to the Mikage headquarters with a group of soldiers to save Chidori and Shota. While Yuhi finds and rescues Chidori, Toya searches for Shota. Yuhi and Chidori pause in the parking lot to let Chidori rest a moment. While embracing, Chidori spots a man about to shoot Yuhi and pushes him out of the way, getting shot herself. Yuhi almost shoots the man in the head when Chidori stops him. Yuhi carries Chidori out of the building, while she weakly tells him of her feelings for him until she dies and Yuhi screams in anguish. Meanwhile, Toya finds Shota and is able to free him, but is captured by the Mikages and brought to the Progenitor.
20 Toya's Death
"Tōya Shisu" (十夜死す)
31 August 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya willingly goes to the Mikage and asks where Toya is. She finds out that he is dead. She sees a vivid vision of how he had died and faints from shock upon learning that the Progenitor, her own twin brother had murdered her husband.
21 The Ancient Tennyo
"Inishie no Tennyo" (いにしえの天女)
7 September 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Progenitor captures Ceres on her way to reunite with her long-lost celestial robe. She told him that she had never loved him in the first place and that his only use was for creating seed in order to perfect progeny and more superior human descendants. He was shot and then locked up. Ceres and Aya had a conversation about what really happened in the past. Then Aya awoke and Ceres does not answer Aya's question of if she really had loved the Progenitor.
22 Song of Redemption
"Fukushū no Utagoe" (復讐の歌声)
14 September 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
One of the decendants of another celestial maiden took revenge on the Mikage for the death of her cousin. She sang and destroyed the Mikage's building. The celestial robe is fully re-created and Ceres goes to reunite with it. Howell assists her in bringing her to it so she can be alive again with her mana and become a full-fledged celestial maiden. The chief of the Mikages tells Ceres that he will give her to no one. Then Toya suddenly appears with amazingly large and wide white feathered angel wings.
23 Mikagi Reborn
"Yomigaetta Mikagi" (甦ったミカギ)
21 September 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Aya yells out Toya's name after he produces her real celestial robe. Then Aya becomes herself again, but the chief holds her back. The female ancestors of the celestial maiden killed themselves and destroyed the Mikage building. Toya saves Aya from the chief. Yuhi, Toya, and Aya escape to a safe room. Toya tells Aya how he was created by the mana of the celestial robe after it was discarded. He is about to return the celestial robe to Aya, but he will become a complete human being. Aya tells a shocked Toya that she is going to have his baby. The Progenitor finds the new celestial robe and literally merges with it becoming the original Mikage. He kills almost everyone. Toya and Mikage fight. Toya stabs Mikage in the throat and jumps into the water after him knowing that he will soon regenerate. Toya does not find him. Yuhi goes to see what is happening and Mikage stabs Aya through the chest.
24 Denouement
"Saigo no Ketchaku o Tsukeru Toki" (最後の決着をつける時)
28 September 2000 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mikage says that Ceres/Aya will die along with Toya's child. Yuhi stabs him with his chopsticks out of sheer fury. Chidori lent him her power and ability. Toya comes in screaming her name. Toya gives Aya the celestial robe and he just becomes mortal. Howell and the chief find out that Aya is dying. They run to her. Mikage gets there and tries to kill Toya, but fails when Ceres becomes her true original self, a full-fledged celestial maiden. Aki apears and tells Ceres to kill him and Mikage. She does and goes to live in Heaven with Mikage. He tells her how afraid he was of losing her that it destroyed him. The chief dies on the boat after everyone else gets out. Howell leaks information about the Mikage to the police as instructed. Aya is going to have the baby soon and Yuhi and Mrs. Q visit them on the island. Toya tells Yuhi he does not have much longer to live maybe two years, maybe longer. Toya and Aya are talking about what they will tell the baby in the future.


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