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The 70-episode Cardcaptor Sakura Japanese anime television series is based on the manga series written and illustrated by the manga artist group Clamp. The episodes, spread over three seasons, are directed by Morio Asaka and animated and produced by Madhouse.[1] Art direction is handled by Katsufumi Hariu and character design is done by Kumiko Takahashi. The series composition was written by Nanase Ohkawa of Clamp, who also scripted most of the episodes. Other scriptwriters include: Hiroshi Ishii, Jiro Kaneko, Tomoko Ogawa, and Tomoyasu Okubo. The music is composed by Takayuki Negishi, with sound direction by Masafumi Mima.[1] The series focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, a fourth grade elementary school student who discovers that she possesses magical powers after accidentally freeing a set of magical cards from the book in which they had been sealed for years. She is tasked with retrieving those cards in order to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world.

The first season of the anime, consisting of 35 episodes, aired between April 7 and December 29, 1998 on the NHK Japanese television network. The second season, with 11 episodes, aired between April 6 and June 22, 1999. The third season, containing 24 episodes, aired between September 7, 1999 and March 21, 2000. The episodes were later released by Bandai Visual to 18 VHS, LD and DVD compilation volumes, each containing four episodes, though the first and twelfth volumes contain three episodes. The VHS/LD volumes were released between September 25, 1998 and May 25, 2000.[2][3] The DVD volumes were released between September 25, 1999 and May 25, 2000.[4][5] Six volumes of an abridged selection of the series titled Cardcaptor Sakura TV Series Selection were released on VHS between April 25 and June 25, 2001, containing 12 episodes.[6][7] Three DVD box set volumes were released between April 1 and August 10, 2005 by Geneon Universal Entertainment.[8][9] Two Blu-ray Disc box set volumes were released by Geneon, one on March 27, 2009 containing the first two seasons, and the second on June 26, 2009 containing the third season.[10][11]

Three short, bonus original video animation (OVA) episodes were released with the first-print, limited edition versions of the VHS, LD and DVD releases. The first episode was released with volume one of the VHS and LD releases on September 25, 1998. The second episode came with volume ten of the VHS, LD and DVD releases on September 25, 1999. The third episode, also released on September 25, 1999, was with volume one of the DVD release.

Cardcaptor Sakura was initially licensed in North America by Nelvana, which dubbed the series into English and released it under the name Cardcaptors.[12][13] The heavily edited episodes were reordered, with some episodes left out completely.[14] Potentially controversial material was removed, and the series was refocused to be more action oriented to try to appeal to male viewers, as they were seen as the largest audience of animation at the time.[15] Cardcaptors first aired in the United States on Kids' WB between June 17, 2000 and December 14, 2001.[16][17] In the Kids' WB broadcast, the first episode aired was "Sakura's Rival", the eighth episode of the series, having removed episodes focusing on Sakura and to have the show start with Syaoran Li's arrival.[15][18] The series ran for 39 episodes, changing the original episode order but finishing with the show's actual final episode. In Nelvana's airing of the series in the United Kingdom in 2001 on Nickelodeon and CITV, the skipped episodes were restored, but other edits remained. The Cardcaptors dub also aired in Australia on Cartoon Network, in Ireland on RTÉ Network 2, and in Canada on Teletoon (which also aired the episodes with a French dub). Animax created an English dub of the series as well, which it broadcast on its English-language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Pioneer Entertainment released the dubbed Cardcaptors episodes to nine VHS and DVD compilation volumes between November 14, 2000 and July 9, 2002.[19][20][21][22] It also released the unedited Cardcaptor Sakura series, with the original Japanese audio tracks and English subtitles,[14][15] to 18 DVD compilation volumes between November 14, 2000 and November 11, 2003;[23][24] the first 11 volumes were also released in VHS.[25][26] Pioneer also contracted with Nelvana to release the dubbed episodes. The Cardcaptor Sakura TV series DVDs went out-of-print at the end of 2006 when the license expired.

Two pieces of theme music are used for each season: one opening theme and one ending theme. For the first season, the opening theme is "Catch You Catch Me" by Gumi, and the ending theme is "Groovy!" by Kohmi Hirose. For the second season, the opening theme is "Tobira o Akete" (扉をあけて?) by Anza, and the ending theme is "Honey" by Chihiro. For the third season, the opening theme is "Platinum" by Maaya Sakamoto, and the ending theme is "Fruits Candy" by Megumi Kojima. The Cardcaptors English adaptation replaces the Japanese theme songs with an original song created for the adaptation, "Cardcaptors Theme", except in some countries such as Australia where the opening is the Japanese theme with English lyrics. In France and the United Kingdom, "Razzmatazz" by Froggy Mix is used for the second and third seasons. Eight insert theme songs are also used throughout Cardcaptor Sakura played during the episodes. These include: "Yoru no Uta" (夜の歌?) by Junko Iwao (episodes 5, 23 and 59), "Hitorijime" (ヒトリジメ?) by Gumi (episodes 34 and 40), "Tomo e" (友へ?) by Iwao (episode 37), "Shiawase no Mahō" (しあわせの魔法?) by Sakura Tange (episode 37), "Yasashisa no Shushi" (やさしさの種子?) by Iwao (episodes 37 and 49), "Prism" (プリズム?) by Tange (episode 38), "Ki ni Naru Aitsu" (気になるアイツ?) by Motoko Kumai (episode 57), and "Mienai Chizu" (見えない地図?) by Anza (episode 68).

Episode list

Season 1

Org # Dub # Original title translated to English / Cardcaptors title Original airdate North American airdate
1 Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book
"Sakura to Fushigi na Mahō no Hon" (さくらと不思議な魔法の本)
April 7, 1998 June 23, 2001
Sakura Kinomoto awakens from a dream of standing near the Tokyo Tower. She introduces herself, her family, and her friends. After coming home from a normal day at school, Sakura hears a sound coming from the basement. She finds a glowing book and opens it to find a deck of 52 cards. When she accidentally activates the Windy card, the other cards blow out of her house. Cerberus appears from the book and formally appoints Sakura as the "Cardcaptor" and gives her the Sealing Wand. Sakura captures the Fly Card, but she adamantly insists she does not want the job. All the same, she shows quick thinking, considerable magical power, and sheer joy on her first ride on the tamed Fly.
2 Sakura's Wonderful Friend
"Sakura no Suteki na Otomodachi" (さくらのすてきなお友達)
April 14, 1998
Tomoyo meets Cerberus after she discovers Sakura's secret and gets a full explanation of the lost Clow Cards and Sakura's designation as Cardcaptor. Cerberus gets given the nickname "Kero-chan" that will stick for the rest of the series. The next day, the students find the school's desks and equipment in large piles. Kero believes it was the work of the card and forces Sakura to go to school at night where she confronts The Shadow. Using the Windy card's binding ability, Sakura is able to capture the Shadow card. Sakura finally accepts her role as a Cardcaptor because of Tomoyo's support.
3 Sakura's Heart-Racing First Date
"Sakura no Dokidoki Hatsu Dēto" (さくらのドキドキ初デート)
April 21, 1998 November 18, 2000
Sakura's class is on a field trip to the aquarium. During the penguin show, something catches the trainer's leg and a penguin and pulls them into the water, but they are saved by Sakura's brother, Toya, who is working part-time there. At school, Tomoyo gives Sakura and Cerberus mobile phones and on the way home, Sakura bumps into Yukito who invites her on a casual "date" which is at a cafe where Yukito knew Toya was working. While they are eating, The Watery breaks the glass of the aquarium causing a flood. For the first time Sakura has to formulate a plan to capture a card, rather than jumping into battle and attacking with Windy. Using her wits and an unintentional clue from Yukito, she lures Watery into a freezer to immobilizes and capture it.
4 Sakura's Tiring Sunday
"Sakura no Kutakuta Nichiyōbi" (さくらのくたくた日曜日)
April 28, 1998
While cleaning the house, Sakura finds two dormant Clow Cards, The Wood and The Rain. But while running an errand for her father, the two cards activate creating a jungle inside the house. Sakura uses The Watery to capture The Rain card and The Wood yields on her own. Sakura gets the hard-earned lesson that a card is not fully subdued until she signs her name on it.
5 Sakura, Panda, and a Cute Shop
"Sakura to Panda to Kawaii Omise" (さくらとパンダとかわいいお店)
May 5, 1998
On the way to school, Sakura meets Maki Matsumoto who is opening a stuffed doll shop called Twin Bells. Sakura and her friends visit the shop after school to find most of the merchandise unpacked, so they offer to help. Chiharu Mihara, who has a fondness for stuffed animals, buys a stuffed panda, but it disappears shortly after taking it home. Sakura discovers the panda back in Twin Bells and Maki explain the reason for opening the shop and her business has been plagued by mysterious happenings that almost forced her to close down. While Tomoyo distracts Maki in the back, Sakura and Kero search the shop to find The Jump, which escapes with all the stuffed dolls in the shop. At Penguin Park, The Jump grows into a giant by absorbing the stuffed dolls, but it knocks itself out after it trips and falls allowing Sakura to capture it.
6 Sakura and Memories of her Mother
"Sakura to Okaa-san no Omoide" (さくらとおかあさんの思い出)
May 12, 1998
Naoko tells everyone a scary story about a bright light she chased into the woods. After school, Sakura and her friends visit the woods to see the light Naoko saw. When they do see it, everyone runs in fear, claiming they saw something appearing from the light, but everyone saw something different. Sakura returns at night in case it was a card despite her fear of ghosts. After following it near a cliff, the light takes the form of Sakura's deceased mother, Nadeshiko. Sakura, who is delighted to see her mother, walks towards it and off the cliff, but she is saved by an unknown entity and safely lowered into Yukito arms who is passing by. Sakura returns to the cliff a few days later and once again walks off the cliff. She realizes that it couldn't be her mother and discovers it to be really The Illusion.
7 Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief
"Sakura no Kaitō Hatsu Chōsen!?" (さくらの怪盗初挑戦!?)
May 19, 1998 July 7, 2001
At an art museum trip, Sakura witnesses a boy attempting to change a painting. During the commotion, she couldn't hear anything and Kero is sure that it was caused by a Clow Card, The Silent. Sakura sneaks out of the house at night and into the museum where they meet the boy from earlier also sneaking in. The boy, Yūki Tachibana, explains the painting is by his deceased father and his mission to restore the painting which a Clow Card has covered up. Every time Sakura attempts to capture the card, it transports the group outside. Using The Shadow, Sakura is able to silently capture Silent from a distance restoring the painting and discovering Yūki is actually a girl. A stranger, dressed in an odd costume, appears at the end of the episode and quietly mutters that he senses a Clow Card.
8 Sakura's Rival Appears
"Sakura no Raibaru, Tōjō!" (さくらのライバル、登場!)
May 26, 1998 June 17, 2000
Sakura has the same recurring dream she had in episode one, specifically focusing on the boy wielding a sword in Chinese clothing. She hears from both Cerberus and Yukito that it might be a "foretelling dream". A new transfer student arrives from Hong Kong named Syaoran Li and is seated behind Sakura. He terrifies Sakura with his glares all day and during recess, he demands Sakura to give him the Clow Cards. On the way home, there is a lighting storm, but no rain. Cerberus explains Syaoran is from the Li clan, a famous family of Chinese sorcerers from which Clow's mother came. The same lighting storm for earlier appears and Sakura deploys to battle the Thunder card. Syaoran demonstrates his command over elemental magic and calls on thunder god to return the Thunder card to its original form. He instruct Sakura to use the Shadow card to encage the Thunder card so it could be captured. Thanks to Syaoran's constant derogatory remarks, Sakura is left feeling upset after a card capture for the first time.
9 Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch
"Sakura to Fushigi na Burōchi" (さくらとふしぎなブローチ)
June 2, 1998 July 15, 2000
Sakura, usually cheerful, is forlorn by Syaoran's confidence and obviously superior skill. Rika and Tomoyo take Sakura to a shop to try to cheer her up. The three each buy brooches and return to Sakura's house for tea and pudding. When Rika puts on her brooch, The Sword takes control of her and attacks Sakura with a sword. Syaoran saves Sakura who refuses to attack Rika and stops him from attacking her as well. Using Illision to distract Rika, Sakura is given the chance to capture Sword. The next day, Syaoran is dismayed when he sees Sakura offer a gift of chocolate to Yukito, and quickly gives sweets of his own. Tomoyo has to explain to Sakura that Syaoran is "interested" in Yukito just like Sakura is.
10 Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers
"Sakura to Hana no Undōkai" (さくらと花の運動会)
June 16, 1998
It's Sports Day at Sakura's school so family members has come to cheer the students on. Sakura meets Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi Daidōji for the first time. When Sonomi and Sakura's father, Fujitaka, meet, both are shocked. From their conversation, it is revealed that Sonomi is a cousin to Sakura's mother and she blames Fujitaka for her death, though not in any direct way. While Sonomi and Fujitaka race in the parent's race, there is a shower of flower petals. Sakura suspects a Clow Card and finds The Flower on the roof of the school.
11 Sakura, Tomoyo, and a Mansion
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Ookina Ouchi" (さくらと知世と大きなお家)
June 23, 1998
Sakura is invited to Tomoyo's home for the first time. She is shocked to find Tomoyo's house to be an elaborate mansion with maids. Sonomi rushes over when she hears of Sakura's visit and shares the memories of Nadeshiko with Sakura over tea. While Sonomi is taking care of business over the phone, Tomoyo presents a special box and explains the key to the box bounces out whenever she tries to open it and Kero senses it's the work of a Clow Card. Sakura uses the Sword card to slice away the protective barrier of the Shield card and captures it. Inside the box is a dried bouquet of cherry blossoms from Sakura's mother's wedding and the first present Sakura ever gave Tomoyo, an eraser shaped like a bunny.
12 Sakura's Never-Ending Day
"Sakura no Owara nai Ichinichi" (さくらの終わらない一日)
June 30, 1998 June 24, 2000
Fujitaka is invited to Sakura's school to talk about his occupation and discuss archeology. Syaoran is entranced and becomes an instant fan until he discovers that Fujitaka is Sakura's father. The next day, Sakura has a recorder test, but fails to hit a couple of notes. She falls asleep disappointed but is awakened by the elementary school's clock tower bell at midnight. Sakura is confused the next day when everything from the previous day happens again. This time, she is approached by Syaoran who explains it might be the work of a card. After a failed attempt to capture the card and repeating the same day once again, Sakura manages to chase the Time card out of the tower and into Syaoran's thunder ward trap. Since it was Syaoran who changed the card into its original shape, the Clow Card belongs to him.
13 Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength
"Sakura to Zō no Chikara Kurabe" (さくらとゾウの力くらべ)
7 July 1998 July 29, 2000
Sakura's class is visiting the zoo for a field trip and her group is assigned to observe the elephants. Near noon, something begins to break open the cages causing chaos among the visitors and Kero is positive it's a Clow Card. The Power card, although invisible, begins to torment the elephants and Sakura steps in to save them by challenging it to a game of tug-of-war. Sakura is no match for the Power card even with the help of the elephants. Just as Sakura is about to lose, Syaoran uses the Time card to stop time to help her win the battle, thus tricking Power into surrendering.
14 Sakura, Toya, and Cinderella
"Sakura to Tōya to Cinderella" (さくらと桃矢とシンデレラ)
July 14, 1998
Sakura is invited to the high school culture festival. She meets Tomoyo and Syaoran there and catches a play by Yukito and Toya's class. During the play, a mist forms outside the auditorium and enters through the vents where it destroys the stage and puts Toyo and a girl named Yoko in danger. Sakura and Syaoran head towards the lighting room where Sakura summons the Shadow card to capture the Mist card and Syaoran summons the wind to save the falling Toya and Yoko.
15 Sakura and Kero's Big Fight
"Sakura to Kero no Oogenka" (さくらとケロの大げんか)
July 21, 1998
Syaoran captures his second Clow Card after defeating the Storm card. Tension develops between Kero and Sakura over the Syaoran issue which builds into a fight the next day after Kero makes a mess after building a room inside Sakura's desk drawer. While Sakura is at school, Kero eats liquor filled chocolate and wanders out the window drunk. The next day, he finds himself with a young girl named Akane who lives alone with her mother. Unable to escape, Kero secretly contacts the worried Sakura by fax. Akane wishes she could fly to see her father in heaven and the Float card makes her dreams come true. Sakura comes to her rescue and brings Kero back home. As a way of making amends, Sakura redesigns her bottom desk drawer to become Cerberus's bedroom from now on.
16 Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories
"Sakura to Omoide no Niji" (さくらと思い出の虹)
August 4, 1998
Sakura's family and Yukito takes a vacation to the country side. Sakura meets the old owner of a country mansion near their rented cottage. He invites her over for tea, tennis, and they become good friends. He shows her the room of his granddaughter, now deceased, and gives Sakura clothes that once belonged to her. The next day, Fujitaka gives Sakura cookies to give to the old man. When she brings them out to eat, the old man asks her about her father. On the last day of her vacation, Sakura asks the old man to stand in the balcony of his granddaughter's room. From a distance, Sakura uses the Rain card to give the old man a rainbow as a goodbye gift. Sonomi comes out of hiding to speak with the old man to reveal the old man is the grandfather of both Sonomi and Nadeshiko, and Sakura's great grandfather.
17 Sakura's Scary Test of Courage
"Sakura no Kowai Kimodameshi" (さくらのこわーいきもだめし)
August 11, 1998 July 8, 2000
Sakura and her class is on a trip to the beach for a few days. On the first night, Noako tells one of her scary story causing Sakura to flee to the teacher's lodging, but she is found by Syaoran who senses something in a cave nearby. Together at the beach, the two have their first civil conversation where Syaoran tells Sakura about Wei, a person he lives with. A test of courage is held the next night where the students must enter the cave and place a candle next to the shrine inside. But once inside, Sakura's friends begin to disappear. Syaoran, the only one left, forbids Sakura from panicking and walks her through the process of capturing the Erase card even while he's starting to fade away. Syaoran refuses the card after Sakura offers to give it to him.
18 Sakura, Yukito, and the Summer Festival
"Sakura to Yukito no Natsumatsuri" (さくらと雪兎と夏祭り)
August 18, 1998
Sakura visits a festival with Tomoyo, Yukito, and Toya. After meeting Chiharu and Takashi, Sakura and Yukito wander away from the group where they find glowing lights falling from a tree like snow at the back of the shine — just like a dream Sakura envisioned the night before. Just as Sakura is about tell Yukito something, she is interrupted by their friends. When everyone leaves for snow cones, Sakura captures the Glow card.
19 Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework
"Sakura to Natsuyasumi no Shukudai" (さくらと夏休みの宿題)
September 1, 1998
The summer holidays are coming to an end and Sakura still has a lot of summer vacation homework to do. Making a deal with her brother and Kero to help her, Sakura is left with only a book report and meets with Tomoyo at the library. There, they meet Syaoran who refuses to share a library cubicle with them because his fortune predicted bad luck with women. The book Sakura needs for her book report is missing so Sakura and Tomoyo search the library, but notice the book disappearing and reappearing in different places. The book eventually appears outside the library where they meet Syaoran who is also after the book. Kero reveals it’s the work of the Move card and for the first time, thanks to Move's unpredictable actions, Sakura is forced to rely solely upon her magical senses to catch a card. Sakura is rewarded with the book and a new card, but accidentally plunges into the river, taking Syaoran with her. Syaoran invites the girls over to his place so Sakura can change into dry clothes, but to everybody’s surprise, a Chinese girl enters the apartment and leaps on Syaoran with a hug.
20 Transfer Student vs. Sakura
"Sakura to Tatakau Tenkousei" (さくらとたたかう転校生)
September 8, 1998 August 5, 2000
When Syaoran enters the room, he's markedly pale and haggard compared to his usual tough-and-healthy look. When Meiling enters the room, it's clear that her presence has exhausted him and he is desperate to escape it. Mr. Terada explains that she is from Hong Kong and cousin to Syaoran. Meiling is quick to add that she is actually his fiance, and obviously believes Sakura wants to take Syaoran away from her. Syaoran asks Meiling why she came, and she answers that she was lonely for him. He explains that he's not going back until he gets the Clow Cards, but she doesn't particularly care about that. She reminds him that a fortune-teller in Hong Kong predicted someone else would get them, a reminder that clearly grates on his nerves. It's only after he makes it clear he won't return home without the Cards that Meiling decides she will get involved and 'help', so that he can collect them faster. Meiling is just as competitive as Syaoran, and indirectly challenges Sakura to a gymnastics competition. It begins a long trend of Meiling forever trying to one-up Sakura at a number of things, though she rarely succeeds. Sakura, however, isn't interested in competing at all. Meiling meets Sakura and the others at the park, revealing that she knows all about the Clow Cards and intends to participate in the captures. Meiling displays impressive martial artist technique against the Fight Card, demonstrating what skills have been taught to the children of the Li family. Syaoran shows up later, revealing that Meiling went after the Card without his knowledge. We learn Meiling has no magic of her own. Syaoran comes across as extremely protective of Meiling's safety, probably because she is without magic. He also comes across as condescending.
21 Sakura's Long Marathon Race
"Sakura no Nagai Marason Taikai" (さくらのながーいマラソン大会)
September 15, 1998
During a school race, Meiling is determined to win with Syaoran, in their usual "One-Two Finish" they were known for in their previous school. During the race, both Syaoran and Sakura take off at top speed after seeing that Yukito is watching. As the run, the Loop card causes traps Sakura and Syaoran, causing them to run in circles. After they realize what has happened, Sakura is able to use the Sword card to cut the loop. Syaoran carries Meiling, who hurt her ankle, the rest of the way to the finish line, joined by Sakura.
22 Sakura and her Kind Father
"Sakura to Yasashii Otousan" (さくらとやさしいお父さん)
September 22, 1998
Sakura's father has an important presentation to complete so Sakura and her brother decide to help by taking on all the chores around the house. Sakura decides to do more and brings a snack for her father at the university. While she is there, the Sleep card shows up and starts to make all the students and professors fall asleep. Sakura manages to capture the card with the help of Windy, however her father's laptop is ruined in the process. Although her father forgives her, Sakura still feels guilty so her father deicides to make her his personal assistant and they eventually get the presentation finished.
23 Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Wonderful Song
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Suteki na Uta" (さくらと知世とすてきな歌)
September 29, 1998
When a rumor starts that a voice is heard in the elementary school music classroom, everyone is assuming that it is a ghost singing (much to Sakura's dismay). That evening, Toya comes home with Yukito for a sleepover, much to Sakura's liking. When they arrive home Sakura asks Yukito for tea, and Toya asks, too. When they sit down and talk about the ghost, much to Sakura's dismay yet again, Toya starts on about some of the students hearing the vioce some time at ten o'clock in the night. Sakura gets frightened, but then Yukito adds that he heard that the voice was really wonderful, so Sakura decides that she will check it out in case of a clow card and to record it. When they get there Sakura is obviously frightened. Then she gets a surprise from Syaoran and Meilin. Suddenly, they hear a voice coming from the music room. They decide to check it out. When they arrive at the music room. Meilin suddenly leaps up and opens the door to the room making the clow card disappear. Although Sakura recognizes the song and remembers that it is the song Tomoyo sang to her and will be doing the song for the chorus. They hear it yet again and follow it to the stairs. During the chase, Syaoran and Kero tell the rest that the clow card is the Song card.
24 Sakura's Little Adventure
"Sakura no Chiisa na Daibouken" (さくらの小さな大冒険)
October 6, 1998
When Tomoyo comes over to measure Sakura for a new outfit, Sakura comes in contact with the Little card, which shrinks her and her magic. While Tomoyo and Kero search for her, Sakura winds up in the backyard, being chased by a cat and a praying mantis. When Toya and Yukito come home, Tomoyo hides Kero while Sakura confronts the Little card, but it runs away from her. Eventually, Sakura chases the card into the kitchen, where it almost shrinks Toya, but it bounces away. The card bounces up the stairs, and Sakura gives up because it was not possible to continue. Luckily, she was then found by Kero, who explained the Little card to her. Meanwhile, Tomoyo is in Sakura's room when she hears the Little card. She is about to touch it when Sakura comes riding on Kero and runs into the Little card, thus returning to her normal size. She then seals the Little card. Later, Sakura, Tomoyo, Toya, and Yukito are enjoying Tomoyo's strawberry tart that she brought, when Sakura remembers that she promised Kero a piece. In the end, Sakura manages to get him a tiny slice. He whines and then uses the Little card to make himself tiny and eat the now huge slice of cake.
25 Two Sakuras
"Sakura to Mou Hitori no Sakura" (さくらともう一人のさくら)
October 13, 1998 August 19, 2000
Many see Sakura causing problems along the streets, and Sakura says that she has nothing to do with it. Later, it is revealed that a card is impersonating Sakura and that it is after Sakura's brother. The Mirror card leads Toya into the woods, asking him to help her find something. Toya falls off of a cliff and is knocked unconscious. However, Toya reveals he knew that that was not the real Sakura and the card is sorrowful. Sakura finds the Mirror card with the help of Syaoran's Lasin Board. She changes it to its true form by speaking its name after thinking back to when Kero used the cards to show her the three cards Mirror was most like. Before it is sealed away, Mirror apologizes to Toya.
26 Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher
"Sakura to Suteki na Sensei" (さくらとすてきな先生)
October 20, 1998 September 16, 2000
On her way home Sakura bumps into a woman in the street. After arriving at school the next day, Sakura discovers that her maths teacher will be on extended vacation and the replacement it the woman she bumped into the day before, Ms Mizuki. During the lunch break Syaoran reveils to Sakura and Tomoyo That the substitute has a strong magical presence and that they should be careful around her. When School Finishs Sakura and Tomoyo go to a shrine to pick up a romance charm. Upon arriving Sakura feels a presence. While at the Shrine they also see Meilin and Syaoran. After a brief conversation they are all transported into a labyrith, it is soon discovered that this is the work of the maze card. A number of escape attempts using the Fly and Sword cards are foiled. The maze then starts to change shape and Meilin is spearated from the others. While searching for Meilin, they find her with Ms Mizuki and they soon escape the Labyrith with Ms Mizuki's help. The clow card is then captured, however it goes to Ms Mizuki who promptly goes on to give it to Sakura.
27 Sakura and the Shrine of Memories
"Sakura to Omoide no Jinja" (さくらと思い出の神社)
October 27, 1998
After waking up early, Sakura goes for a skate and remembers the dream she had the night before about a mysterious figure standing on the Tokyo tower. She soon ends up at the shrine were the maze card was captured and mets Ms Mizuki. Sakura and Yukito go on to help Ms Mizuki clean the shrine. After school, Sakura and her father are together and it is revealed that Toya know Ms Mizuki as she was an assistant teacher while Toya was in Junior High. Kero is soon alerted to a strong presence coming from the shrine. While at the shrine the meet up with Syaoran who is also looking for the card. Kero soon slopes off to get drinks and Syaoran and Sakura are left to talk. Syaoran once again warns Sakura of how dangerous Ms Mizuki can be and they both admit their love for Yukito. Syaoran is so embarrassed that runs off in distress and Sakura is swallowed by a dark shadow. It is soon revealed that it is the work of the return card and that she has gone back in time. While in the past Sakura see a number of scenes involving her brother and Ms Mizuki and you find out that both appear to love each other, but she tells him to not linger in the past and look forward, since she has to go to England but, when she returns, Touya will have a new love in her life and both she and Toya will be best friends. Sakura is soon returned to the present with the help of Syaoran and the Time card and Sakura captures the card and it then goes to Syaoran.
28 Sakura and the Enchanted Cards
"Sakura to Omajinai Kādo" (さくらとおまじないカード)
November 3, 1998 November 4, 2000
One of Sakura's friends makes a jump and passes a P.E. test. But she and her other friends all think it was because she made a wish on the "Jump" card. Sakura becomes worried and asks to see she is relieved to see that it is not the real Jump card. any she still asks where they got them. they tell them at Twin Bells. Both her and Tomoyo go to check it out. They see Maelin there. After seeing that one is missing they ask who bought it and what it was. when they discover that it is a real Clow card they go looking for whoever bought it. After running into Syaoran, he and Sakura find Meiling. She refuses at first to give the card back, but when she releases the Shot card's power accidentally and Syaoran is hurt, Sakura comes up with a plan to capture it and does so.
29 Sakura's Sweet Cooking
"Sakura no Amai Kukkingu" (さくらのあまーいクッキング)
November 10, 1998
Sakura practices in the kitchen with her father for an upcoming home-economics class, as Sakura is worried about how she will do. Sakura's classmates decide which cakes they will bake. The following day, everyone begins making their various cakes, but after leaving them to bake over lunch, they find them to be far too sweet. The next day, everyone starts over and make sure they measure the ingredients correctly. Sakura and Syaoran sense a Clow Card, and after except them exit the classroom, they discover it to be the Sweet card, which files around the room turning everything into sweets and confections. Sakura captures the card after throwing salt on it to temporarily immobilize it, which causes the room to revert back to normal. After everyone comes back, and the cakes have turned out great, except for Meilin's, who made hers too hard.
30 Sakura and the Injured Card
"Sakura to Kega wo Shita Kādo" (さくらとケガをしたカード)
November 17, 1998 August 26, 2000
When an attempted at capturing the Dash card doesn't go so well. Sakura's upperclassman Rei, a girl from the track club, finds it and takes it home. After the Dash enchants Rei to become faster as thanks for her kindness, Sakura has a hard time capturing because she feels bad, but Syaoran doesn't and one day he finds and luars it to the woods. After Kero and Syaoran tell her that itd' be worse if Rei won her races through "cheating", Sakura then captures it. but it goes to Shoran, since he weakened it. During an upcoming tournament, Rei is sad upon the loss of her friend, but Syaoran casts an illusion of the Dash card at the race fields; encouraged, Rei wins without the power of magic.
31 Sakura and the Nameless Book
"Sakura to Namae no nai Hon" (さくらと名前のない本)
November 24, 1998 September 15, 2000
Noako, Sakura's classmate and friend goes to a bookstore and buys a mysterious book which has no title and the things she writes in it comes to life. Sakura catches the card which appears to be the Create card by using the newly captured Big to enlarge her size and seal the dragon she encountered away.
32 Sakura, Kero, and Syaoran
"Sakura to Kero to Syaoran to" (さくらとケロと小狼と)
December 1, 1998 September 23, 2000
While kero and Syaoran where holding down a card (CHANGE) that took form of an animal. Sakura turned it back into a card, but because they were both touching the card at the same time, Kero and Syaoran swapped bodies. Kero tried to make it though a day as Syaoran without anyone noticing, but didn't do very well. At the end they finally change back when Sakura used the CHANGE card.
33 Sakura's Freezing Ice Skating
"Sakura no Samui Aisusukēto" (さくらのさむーいアイススケート)
December 15, 1998 September 30, 2000
Sakura's class takes a trip to the town's ice skating rink. There the freeze card shows up and everybody except people with magical powers freezes. With Syaoran's distractions, Sakura is able to revert freeze back into a card and Syaoran becomes its master.
34 Sakura, Yukito, and the Midday Moon
"Sakura to Yukito to Hiru no Tsuki" (さくらと雪兎と昼の月)
December 22, 1998
Sakura and Yukito participate as a two people team in the quiz tournament. As they get to the 10th question which is the last, Ms. Mizuki warns them about the full moon tonight. They go in the forest and then suddenly Sakura becomes dazed and begins to fall off the cliff. Yukito dashes to Sakura and covers her while his leg becomes injured.
35 Sakura's Wonderful Christmas
"Sakura no Suteki na Kurisumasu" (さくらのすてきなクリスマス)
December 29, 1998 October 14, 2000
Christmas is coming, which is also Yukito's birthday, but Sakura is unsure what to get him. She asks Meilin for advise who tells her it can anything because if the person likes her they will like the gift. Sakura asks Yukito to go to the amusement park with her, using tickets given to her by Chiharu. Tomoyo and Kero follow them to film Sakura's "date". Sakura and Yukito run into Syaoran and Meilin. While they are at a cafe, the Firey card appears. Syaoran uses the Time card, giving Sakura time to use Sleep and put everyone at the park asleep. She then tries to capture Firey using Windy, but Firey is a strong attack card and Windy is unable to defeat it. Sakura has to use two elemental cards, Watery and Windy, together in order to capture Firey. With Firey captured, Kero regains a small amount of his power, enabling him to make small fires. Sakura gives Yukito his Christmas present: a doll of himself.

Season 2

Org # Dub # Original title translated to English / Cardcaptors title Original airdate North American airdate
36 Sakura and the Snowy New School Term
"Sakura to Yuki no Shingakki" (さくらと雪の新学期)
April 6, 1999 November 11, 2000
A new trimester starts and Sakura is now a fifth grader. She walks to school with Yukito, who gives Sakura a watch as a late birthday and start of fifth grade present. Sakura's new homeroom teacher turns out to be Ms. Mizuki. Sakura looks out the window and thinks she sees cherry blossoms, but realizes it is snow. Later, the snow is piling very quickly, even though it is April. It turns out to be the doings of a Clow Card. Sakura with Tomoyo look down at the snow-covered city to find the card with the Fly card. They stop at the big penguin at Penguin Park where Syaoran and Meilin appear. Syaoran tells the group that it is the doings of the Snow card. Suddenly, a blizzard surrounds them and it appears to be following people with magical powers. Sakura tries to use the Fly card to get herself, Kero, and Syaoran away from the blizzard. Syaoran uses a fire spell to try to stop the blizzard from following them, but it just becomes more furious. In the middle of the flight, Sakura realizes the watch she got from Yukito is gone. Sakura gets angry and releases the power of Firey to burn all the snow and captures the Snow card. Even though Sakura caught a card, she cries because she lost Yukito's present to her. Kero leaves Sakura and Syaoran to get Meilin and Tomoyo. Ms. Mizuki appears and gives Sakura the watch she lost and Sakura thanks her, while Syaoran glares at Ms. Mizuki.
37 Sakura and Tomoyo's Lost Voice
"Sakura to Kieta Tomoyo no Koe" (さくらと消えた知世の声)
April 13, 1999
Sakura and her friends are at a picnic with a portable karaoke device Tomoyo got from her mother's company. It is Tomoyo's turn to sing, and she begins singing. The next day at school, Sakura and Tomoyo talk about the song that Tomoyo will sing in choir. At cheerleading practice, Sakura, Chiharu, and Naoko talk about Tomoyo's singing, and decide to go listen after practice. However, Tomoyo's voice is stolen by a Clow Card. Later that night at Sakura's house, Kero tells Sakura that the Voice card caused this. Sakura and Syaoran go to Tomoyo's house to try to seal away the Clow Card. Then, Syaoran and Sakura begin thinking of ways to capture the Voice card. After a comment by Sakura about the Song card, Syaoran comes up with the idea as using the Song card to sing with Tomoyo's voice to draw out the Voice card. It works and the Voice card comes into Tomoyo's house. Syaoran seals the exits with seals, so that the Voice card cannot escape and Sakura seals the card. Tomoyo's voice is returned to her, and she is able to sing in the choir. Sakura and her friends go to the concert and listen to the choir's singing.
38 Sakura's Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure
"Sakura no Tanoshii Ichigo Kari" (さくらの楽しいいちご狩り)
April 20, 1999
Sakura's grade goes on a field trip to pick strawberries. Sakura and Tomoyo bump into Yukito and Toya who are working part-time at the strawberry field. On the way to the greenhouse, Syaoran senses something from the storehouse, but Meilin pushes him along. The class enters the greenhouse and begins picking strawberries. Sakura hears the door to the storehouse will not open, but when she and Tomoyo go to investigate, they find it open. Syaoran and Meilin come into the storehouse, and Syaoran says that he feels a strange presence. The door suddenly closes and locks them inside. Syaoran informs the group that it it the Lock card that has trapped them. After Rika, Naoko, and Chiharu come to the storehouse, they go look for Ms. Mizuki and tell Toya and Yukito. While looking for a key to unlock the door, Sakura sees Ms. Mizuki through the window, who gives her a hint, but Ms. Mizuki then disappears. Sakura realizes that Ms. Mizuki was trying to tell her to use her key. The Lock card shows its true form when Sakura tries to put her key into the lock. Syaoran seals the exits and Sakura quickly seals the Lock card before it can get into the keyhole. Toya, Yukito, Rika, and Naoko come into the messy storehouse, now that the Lock card has been captured. Sakura and the others clean up the storehouse together. Sakura's group learns how to make and bakes desserts with strawberries. After the desserts are made, Sakura brings a piece to Toya and Yukito.
39 Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day
"Sakura no Furafura Netsuyoubi" (さくらのふらふら熱曜日)
April 27, 1999 June 30, 2001
Sakura has a fever, but goes to school anyway because of a group project. Later, Sakura gets dizzy and is sent home with Toya by the nurse. Toya stays home to watch over her. When Toya is making food for her, Sakura senses a Clow Card, and it turns out to be the Cloud card. Sakura uses the Mirror card to make a clone of herself, so Toya will not notice that she is gone. Sakura, using the Fly card so she can capture the Cloud card. Toya comes in Sakura's room with food and offers it to Sakura's clone. Sakura travels toward the Cloud card, but when she is blown off her staff, Syaoran saves her with a wind spell. Sakura learns that Syaoran and Meilin are going after the Cloud card as well. Back in Sakura's room, Sakura's clone asks for the medicine and Toya replies that she should not take medicine when she is not sick, because she is not Sakura. Toya asks the Mirror card to hide the fact that he has a vague idea of what Sakura is doing and the Mirror card agrees. Back outside, Syaoran hits the Cloud card with various spells and gets it to its original form and Sakura seals it. The card is Syaoran's, but he gives it to Sakura. Sakura returns to her room and falls asleep in her bed. Nadeshiko appears and heals Sakura. She tells Toya that she was a bit worried and then tells Sakura to do her best, before disappearing. Sakura's father appears saying that he was worried about Sakura because she was acting strange this morning, and Toya tells him his hunch was right and that mother appeared. The next morning, Sakura is as cheerful as ever, and her father is home helping make breakfast. Sakura thanks her mother for staying by her side.
40 Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream
"Sakura to Yume no Naka no Sakura" (さくらと夢の中のさくら)
May 11, 1999
Sakura, Tomoyo, Meilin and Syaoran head into town for a day of fun. The four are not alone in their venture as the Dream, in the form of a butterfly, tags along. When the group enters Tokyo Tower to see an exhibit there, Sakura falls under the Dream's spell. At first, the vision that the Dream presents to Sakura is comical. Later, the Dream takes a more serious tone by expanding upon Sakura's reoccurring dreams concerning the Clow guardians' Final Judgment. Sakura becomes frightened of the images of this future, however, the Dream flashes clips from Sakura's past to remind Sakura of all the obstacles that she has overcome. Outside of Sakura's dream, Syaoran realizes that something is wrong and uses the Time card to freeze the Dream card. Snapped out of the Dream's spell, Sakura is able to successfully capture the Dream card. However, as it was Syaoran that stopped the card's effects, the Dream card belongs to Syaoran.
41 Sakura, Syaoran, and the Sea of Sand
"Sakura to Syaoran to Suna no Umi" (さくらと小狼と砂の海)
May 18, 1999 June 23, 2001
Ms. Mizuki announces that the class will by doing a play for the school arts festival. Sakura realizes that the woman she sees in her reoccurring dream is Ms. Mizuki. Roles are assigned by amida drawing. Sakura has the role of the prince and Syaoran is the princess. The two have lunch with Yukito, who asks about the play. Sakura and Syaoran are too embarrassed to tell him what roles they are playing. They agree to practice their lines together in the morning at school. Toya makes Sakura breakfast and warns her about doing "reckless" things. Sakura meets Syaoran in a hallway and the Sand card rushes around behind them. They practice outside and almost get to the kissing scene, when the Sand card forms a vortex around them. They get away using Fly, but Syaoran gets caught in the vortex again. Sakura uses Watery and Syaoran uses Freeze to freeze the Sand. Sakura seals the card and it comes to both of them, but she lets Syaoran have it.
42 Sakura and the Blacked Out School Arts Festival
"Sakura no Makkura Gakugeikai" (さくらのまっくら学芸会)
May 25, 1999
Sakura and Syaoran are working hard at memorizing the play. Finally the day of the play comes, and after a few denials about going out on stage from Syaoran, the play is on. The play goes well until right before Sakura and Syaoran kiss, when the Dark card appears. Sakura is almost lost in the Dark card until she realizes that she holds the Light card in her heart. The two card counteract each other and show themselves. Sakura seals both cards and before being sealed, they tell her that the final judgment is coming and that is will be up to Yue.
43 Sakura and Farewell to Meilin
"Sakura no Sayonara Meilin" (さくらのさよなら苺鈴)
June 1, 1999 December 2, 2000
Meilin gets a call from her mother, who wants her to come home. Meilin tells Sakura the next day that she is going back to China next week. Syaoran appears, and asks Meilin if she told the teacher she is going back to Hong Kong yet. Meilin asks Syaoran if he feels she is getting in his way, and Syaoran says that is not it. Meilin runs off, calling Syaoran an idiot. At the end of school, Sakura invites Meilin to her house and they have a chat with tea and sweets. Sakura tries to make Meilin feel that she is not a nuisance to Syaoran. Meilin tells Sakura about how she fell in love with Syaoran. In the middle of their conversation, Sakura senses a Clow Card. Meilin decides not to go, but Sakura drags her along and tells her there are things only she can do. Meanwhile, Syaoran is getting beaten by the Twin card. After a couple of failed attempts, Sakura thinks that Meilin and Syaoran can work together to keep the two bodies of the Twin card immobilized, so she can seal them away; they try it, and it works. Sakura seals the Twin card, and it goes to Syaoran because he and Meilin weakened it. Syaoran tells Meilin that he never thought that she was in his way. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero go to the airport with Syaoran to say goodbye to Wei and Meilin. Meilin asks Syaoran if he remembers the promise, which is until Syaoran finds a girl he likes more than her, she will be his bride. Meilin whispers a thank you to Sakura for saving them with her magic, before she leaves.
44 Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher
"Sakura to Kero to Fushigi na Sensei" (さくらとケロと不思議な先生)
June 8, 1999 July 21, 2001
Sakura once again has the dream in which she is facing the Tokyo Tower. She clearly sees Ms. Mizuki, but this time, Mizuki is accompanied by another figure with long hair and wings. She wakes up early to see Yukito compete in an archery competition. Sakura explains what she knows of her dream to Kero before running down to make breakfast. She meets up with Syaoran and Tomoyo at the archery competition, and Kero tags along too. At the archery tournament, Sakura finds that Ms. Mizuki is one of the challengers and ends up in the finals alongside Yukito. During the fierce match, Kero pokes his head out of Sakura's bag upon sensing tremendous magical power, shooting a piercing glare at Ms. Mizuki. Sensing his gaze, Ms. Mizuki loses her focus and the tournament. Later during lunch, Sakura discovers that Kero is missing from her bag. Searching for him, she is astonished to find him in the middle of a private conversation with Ms. Mizuki. While walking home, they run into Toya once again, this time dressed in a bear costume giving out balloons. After he leaves, there is an earthquake, likely caused by the final Clow Card.
45 Sakura and the Final Clow Card
"Sakura to Saigo no Kurou Kaado" (さくらと最後のクロウカード)
June 15, 1999 July 28, 2001
The earthquake was caused by the Earthy card. Ms. Mizuki is nearby, but there is nothing going on around her. Sakura uses to Sleep card to put everyone except herself, Kero, Tomoyo, and Syaoran asleep; Ms. Mizuki is not affected by the card, however. Sakura uses the Fly card to see from above; while Syaoran makes sure everyone is safe. Sakura eventually uses the Woody card to seal it away. Now with the final card in her possession, Kero is able to transform into his true form. After a short celebration, Syaoran explains that Kerberos, representing the sun, is one of two guardians of the Clow Cards, the other being Yue the judge, representing the moon. Kero explains that the sole owner of the cards will be determined after Yue appears. Suddenly, Yukito magically floats with a light blue aura, and turns into Yue. Ms. Mizuki explains to Sakura that Yukito is Yue. Yue begins the Final Judgment of Syaoran, who tries to fight Yue with a seal, but Yue tells him that it is useless, and he can only use the Clow Cards he currently has. Syaoran tries to use the Time card, but since it is under Yue's jurisdiction, Yue can use it against him. Syaoran is defeated, and it is time for Sakura's Final Judgment.
46 Sakura and the Final Judgment
"Sakura to Saigo no Shinpan" (さくらと最後の審判)
June 22, 1999 July 28, 2001
Sakura initially refuses to fight Yue, but after he repeatedly attacks her she tries to find card that can confine him without hurting him. She uses the Woody card, but it is a card under Yue's sign of the moon, and he turns it against her, and Yue declares she has failed. Sakura learns that if she fails the Final Judgment, everyone who has ever had anything to do with the cards will forget their feelings for the person they love the most. After seeing a vision of such a world, Ms. Mizuki uses the bell to enable her to break free from Woody's hold. She explains that her bell was created by Clow Reed to give Sakura another chance. Ready to try again, Sakura releases her wand and it transforms, the end changing to a Star. She call's Windy, which Yue denounces as being under him as well, but this time he is unable to turn it against her and is captured. Sakura expresses her understanding of his love for Clow, promises to try her best, asking if they can be friends rather than her being his master. Yue declares the trial successful and acknowledges her as his and Kero's new master. Sakura has a vision of Clow Reed who thanks her and explains that her power is of the Stars, rather than the Sun or Moon. Sakura celebrates with Tomoyo and Syaoran, while Kero and Yue chat briefly before they return to their false forms.

Season 3

Org # Dub # Original title translated to English / Cardcaptors title Original airdate North American airdate
47 Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student
"Sakura to Fushigi na Tenkousei" (さくらと不思議な転校生)
September 7, 1999 August 4, 2001
Several months have passed since Sakura became the new master of the Clow Cards, and things are largely peaceful. At school, Sakura sees the arrival of a new transfer student, Eriol Hiiragizawa, prompting Syaoran to cancel his plans to return to Hong Kong; Toya's school also has a new student, Nakuru Akizuki. After school, it mysteriously begins to rain over Tomoeda, though nowhere else. While investigating the bizarre weather, Sakura finds she is unable to transform her new Star Key into the Star Wand, and is in turn unable to use the Clow Cards.
48 Sakura and the Awakened Star Key
"Sakura to Mezameta Hoshi no Kagi" (さくらとめざめた星の鍵)
September 14, 1999 August 4, 2001
As the mysterious downpour continues over Tomoeda, Syaoran becomes jealous when Eriol makes advances on Sakura, while Nakuru begins interrupting Toya every time he tries to tell Yukito something important. Kerberos consults with Yue about the freak weather, explaining that he has felt a familiar presence. While attempting to investigate again with Kerberos, Yue, and Tomoyo, Sakura is once again unable to summon the Star Wand or use the Clow Cards, and the four are imprisoned in torrents of water. Sakura creates a new incantation based on her power of the stars, not only allowing her to use her wand, but also transforming the Fiery card and amplifying its power. Sakura frees herself and her friends, though the entire experience causes her to collapse from fatigue.
49 Sakura and the Dangerous Piano
"Sakura to Kiken na Piano" (さくらとキケンなピアノ)
September 21, 1999
Exhausted from the events of the other night, Sakura remains in bed and sleeps into the afternoon before being visited by Syaoran and Tomoyo. Kero explains that Sakura used a great deal of power to transform the Clow Card, explaining her sudden fatigue. Since the Fiery card was transformed to be under jurisdiction of Sakura's power, Sakura's friends henceforth dub the transformed cards the "Sakura Cards." Later at school, Sakura overhears Eriol playing the piano and has Tomoyo sing to his music; unbeknownst to them, however, Eriol enchants the piano while he plays. While waiting for Tomoyo to finish practicing her song, Sakura and Syaoran find her being attacked by the piano, which has been brought to life; in addition, Sakura senses Clow Reed's presence in the piano. Discovering that the piano is being lured to Tomoyo's voice, Sakura lures the piano to the roof of the school, transforms the Song card and uses it to mimic Tomoyo's singing, tricking the piano into falling off the roof and smashing on the ground.
50 Sakura, Syaoran, and the Invisible Thread
"Sakura to Syaoran to Mienai Ito" (さくらと小狼とみえない糸)
September 28, 1999 August 25, 2001
Sakura begins to wonder if the bizarre goings on are connected to Clow Reed's presence, though she is aware that Clow is long deceased. At recess, Rika shows everyone a teddy bear she made. Sakura decides to get her own teddy-bear-making kit at the craft store where she sees Eriol buying several spools of string. That night, Sakura and Kero once again sense Clow Reed's presence and meet up with Syaoran and Tomoyo. However, Syaoran's body begins moving against his will and attacks Sakura. Fortunately, he is able to cast a water spell around himself, revealing a set of invisible strings controlling his movements, which Sakura cuts with the transformed Sword card. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Eriol was the one manipulating Syaoran and that he is the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He has two servants: Spinel Sun, a beast similar to Kerberos, and Ruby Moon, the true form of Nakuru.
51 Sakura and the Big Teddy Bear
"Sakura to Ooki na Nuigurumi" (さくらと大きなぬいぐるみ)
October 5, 1999 August 25, 2001
Several people at school have started making their own teddy bears to give to their loved ones, while Eriol helps Sakura make her bear for Yukito, secretly enchanting one of its ears. Syaoran, who also has feelings for Yukito and has made his own bear, begins falling in love with Sakura as well. Yue approaches the confused Syaoran and tells him that the reason he seems to be in love with Yukito is that he, having descended from Clow Reed, is really reacting to the immense magical power stored inside him, since Clow Reed and Yue were intimate at one point. That night, Sakura gives Yukito the bear, only to see it grow in size in response to Eriol's magic. Yue awakens to protect Sakura from the bear but quickly loses his power. Sensing the bear's power source in its ear, Sakura transforms the Jump and Fly cards, the latter granting her a new winged form that allows her to use Sword as well (since both cards previously involved Sakura's wand transforming and couldn't be used simultaneously as Clow Cards), cutting off the bear's ear and returning it to normal.
52 Sakura's Sheep Warning
"Sakura no Hitsuji Chuuihou?!" (さくらのひつじ注意報?!)
October 12, 1999 September 1, 2001
Yue secretly confides with Kerberos that he has recently been losing his energy, and that Sakura's powers alone aren't enough to help him maintain himself; he adds that if his power disappears, both he and his alter ego Yukito, who is oblivious to this incident but growing increasingly aware of it, will fade from existence. Toya, who is aware of Yukito's predicament, attempts to tell him the truth, but is once again interrupted by Nakuru, making it clear she is doing so on purpose. Meanwhile, Sakura's attention is drawn to a large, deep hole in the middle of the playground. She is able to enter the hole, though her friends are not since it is sealed by Clow Reed's magic. At the bottom of the hole, Sakura is buried under a pile of stuffed sheep. However, she converts the Erase card to obliterate the sheep.
53 Sakura and the Panicky Bike
"Sakura to Panikku Jitensha" (さくらとパニック自転車)
October 19, 1999 August 11, 2001
Sakura learns that the Clow Cards she is unable to use are beginning to lose their power, and will become ordinary cards if they aren't converted into Sakura Cards. Unwilling to let this happen, Sakura recklessly converts several cards at once. However, she loses control of one of the cards, the Dash, which panics and flees, possessing Toya's bike which Eriol had enchanted earlier while helping Sakura clean her yard. During a frantic chase through the park, Kero scolds Sakura for her increasingly rash decisions and behavior, which prove troublesome to her attempts to corner the bike. Finally, Sakura converts the Windy and Loop cards, allowing her to detain the Dash and calm it down.Sakura jumps off to catch the bicycle but she didn't. She was falling down the building. Fortunately, Syaoran is there to catch her. Sakura resolves to turn all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards, but only when the situation calls for it.
54 Sakura and the Calendar of Memories
"Sakura to Omoide no Karendaa" (さくらと思い出のカレンダー)
October 26, 1999
Fujitaka gives Sakura her mother's old calendar, and learns about her great-grandfather (the two had previously met, though Sakura remains unaware of his identity) and how he disapproved of his granddaughter's marriage to Fujitaka. Hoping to set things right, Sakura hand-makes a gift and uses the Flower card to decorate it, along with a letter about how happy her mother was. Tomoyo's mother Sonomi delivers the present to him, and he makes peace with Fujitaka. As a thank-you present, Sakura receives her mother's old dress from her great-grandfather, which she wore when she unknowingly met him.
55 Sakura and Sakura From Wonderland
"Sakura to Fushigi no Kuni no Sakura" (さくらと不思議の国のさくら)
November 2, 1999 December 3, 2001
While reading Alice in Wonderland, Sakura is sucked into the book's fantasy due to another of Eriol's enchantments, this time on a leaf he gave Sakura to use as a bookmark. There she meets the story's characters who have taken on the forms of her friends and family: Eriol is the Cheshire Cat, Yukito/Yue is the White Rabbit, Toya is the Mad Hatter, Syaoran is Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, Tomoyo is Humpty Dumpty, and Kero is the Red Queen. During the adventure, Sakura converts the Big and Little cards (in fruitless attempts to use them to her advantage), and discovers that Syaoran likes someone else other than Yukito. In the end, she manages to find the enchanted leaf floating in the sky and flies through it, allowing her to escape the book.
56 Sakura, Kero, and the Sweet Meeting
"Sakura to Kero no Okashina Deai??" (さくらとケロのお菓子な出会い??)
November 9, 1999 September 22, 2001
Sakura's school is hosting a bazaar, and Kero attends to eat sweets, hiding in the woods. Nakuru, meanwhile, brings Spinel Sun along and hides him in the same forest while she attends the bazaar. Kero meets Suppie (the pet name Nakuru gave him) but is completely oblivious to his true nature and befriends him, forcing him to eat some of the sweets. As a result, Suppie becomes intoxicated by the sugar and goes on an eating binge throughout the school. Kero, who is unable to explain the predicament to Sakura, asks her to use the Sleep card on all the customers, allowing him to get rid of Suppie.
57 Sakura, Syaoran, and the Elevator
"Sakura to Syaoran to Erebeetaa" (さくらと小狼とエレベーター)
November 16, 1999 October 8, 2001
Syaoran's feelings for Sakura have been steadily increasing, though he still doesn't understand why, and Sakura remains blissfully unaware of it. Soon Sakura invites him to go to a teddy bear festival with her, Tomoyo, and Eriol. However, Eriol secretly traps Sakura and Syaoran on an elevator, where the two grow closer. Eriol then creates a large hole in the wall of the elevator, causing Sakura to fall through. Distraught, Syaoran calls out to Sakura by her first name for the first time. Fortunately, Sakura is able to float to safety with the Float card into the relieved Syaoran's arms. Later, Sakura feels that she and Syaoran have become very close friends, and asks him if she can call him "Syaoran" as well (having referred to him by his surname "Li" up until now), and he agrees.
58 Sakura and Double Trouble
"Sakura to Futari no Dai Pinchi" (さくらと二人の大ピンチ)
November 30, 1999 September 15, 2001
Eriol casts a spell on Kerberos and Yue so that they are unable to revert to their original forms, much to Sakura's dismay, since it is understandably difficult to hide their true forms for long. Fortunately, Toya and Fujitaka are out for the day, and Sakura has them help around the house while reminiscing about their time with Clow Reed. Eventually Sakura gets the idea of using the Shield card, which can nullify and protect people from magic, and the two guardians are able to revert to their original forms. Eriol becomes impressed by Sakura's increasing skill, while Kero begins to wonder who besides Clow Reed would have the power to prevent them from transforming.
59 Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap
"Sakura to Tomoyo to Booru no Wana" (さくらと知世とボールの罠)
December 7, 1999 September 22, 2001
Sakura grows in power for every Clow Card she transforms, while Yukito/Yue's energy begins to falter. Syaoran, in the meantime, has fully realized his love for Sakura and consults with Tomoyo, who helps him deal with his jealousy towards Eriol and gives him the confidence (just barely, though) to speak his mind to the oblivious Sakura. Before he can do so, however, both he and Sakura sense Clow Reed's presence once again, this time in the form of a basketball that leads them through the school at night. Space has been warped in the building, causing every door to lead into a different room each time, which separates her from Tomoyo. She begins to lose hope of finding her, but Syaoran gives her the courage to proceed. Sakura then hears Tomoyo's singing voice and uses the transformed Shadow card to track her down. She later thanks Syaoran for all the help he has ever given her; Syaoran tries to confess his love to her, but is interrupted when Kero forces Sakura to pose with him for Tomoyo's camera.
60 Sakura and the Precious Friend
"Sakura to Taisetsu na Otomodachi" (さくらと大切なお友達)
December 14, 1999 October 15, 2001
Remembering his promise to Meilin that he would be her "fiancé" until he found someone he loved more, Syaoran calls her to tell her that he is in love with Sakura, though he is taken by surprise when Meilin arrives in Tomoeda for the day. While Meilin spends the day with her old friends, the group is attacked by a set of enchanted penguin statues at the playground. Acting upon Meilin's advice, Sakura transforms the Freeze card and uses it to freeze the statues, allowing her and Syaoran to defeat the penguins. During the incident, however, Meilin realizes exactly why Syaoran called her. Seemingly accepting of the matter, Meilin breaks off their "engagement;" in reality, however, she is heartbroken and visits Tomoyo upon her suggestion to bawl over it. Feeling better, Meilin encourages Syaoran to profess his love to Sakura as soon as possible, since Sakura would never know about them otherwise, before leaving the next morning, and leaves a cryptic message for Sakura indirectly stating she should pay attention to Syaoran's feelings.
61 Sakura, the Card, and the Presents
"Sakura to Kaado to Purezento" (さくらとカードとプレゼント)
December 21, 1999
Kero is almost positive that Toya knows everything about Sakura's secret, though Sakura dismisses his claims, saying Toya would make fun of her if he did. Toya, meanwhile, is certain that Nakuru is deliberately interrupting him while he tries to tell Yukito the truth about why he is always feeling fatigued. The two make plans to buy a Christmas present for their father, though Sakura senses Clow Reed's presence again. Sakura uses the Mirror card to create her double and cover for her while she fights off a pair of enchanted fence bars with Syaoran, destroying them by using the Mist card to corrode and disintegrate them. However, Toya immediately recognizes the Mirror card, but goes shopping with her anyway. In gratitude to the Mirror card for looking after his little sister, Toya gives her a ribbon for her long hair in her true form. When Sakura returns home, she plays a recording of a hymn she and Eriol played on the piano together earlier to thank all the Clow and Sakura cards for their help. When the Mirror card returns to her card form, however, Sakura notices that she is wearing the ribbon Toya gave her.
62 Sakura and the Strange Written Fortune
"Sakura to Fushigi na Omikuji" (さくらと不思議なおみくじ)
January 4, 2000
Sakura goes to a New Year's festival and notices that Yukito isn't around. Toya goes to check on him, discovering that he has not only collapsed from fatigue, but he's also beginning to fade from existence since Sakura's power, despite how strong it has become, is not enough to sustain Yue. Later at the festival, she receives a fortune from Eriol which he secretly made and enchanted, saying that she will begin to learn the "truth" in her "first dream of the year." That night, Sakura transforms the Dream card in her sleep and has a dream of the sky being blanketed by darkness emanating over Tsukimine Shrine, where she sees the silhouettes of Eriol, Spinel Sun, and Ruby Moon. When Sakura awakens to realize what she's done, she and Kero begin to suspect that they will meet the three silhouetted figures very soon.
63 Sakura, the Pool, and the Huge Wave
"Sakura to Puuru to Ookina Nami" (さくらとプールと大きな波)
January 11, 2000
Sakura and her friends go spend the day at a new indoor water park, where Eriol causes the water to rise to dangerous levels. When Rika, who has trouble swimming, nearly drowns, Sakura uses the transformed Watery card to save her, risking being seen using her magic by everyone. However, it appears Eriol would have returned things to normal if Sakura was too late, making his motives unclear.
64 Sakura and the Snowy Ski Class
"Sakura to Fubuki no Sukii Kyoushitsu" (さくらと吹雪のスキー教室)
January 18, 2000 December 11, 2001
Sakura's class goes on a field trip to the mountains for skiing lessons. At the lodge, Syaoran admits to Sakura that the person he cares for most is not Yukito, and that his attraction to him was actually his reaction to Yue's power; however, he still can't bring himself to tell Sakura that she is the one he's in love with. The next day, Sakura goes up the mountain with Eriol when a blizzard begins to form. At the top of the mountain, there is an avalanche that threatens to bury the lodge at the foot of the mountain where their classmates are. Sakura transforms the Time card in an attempt to stop the avalanche without Eriol seeing, but it uses up so much of her energy that she passes out. However, Eriol stops the avalanche himself (suggesting he caused it in the first place) and saves Sakura, voicing his reluctance to put her in harm's way so frequently.
65 Sakura, Yukito, and the Vanishing Power
"Sakura to Yukito to Kieyuku Chikara" (さくらと雪兎と消えゆく力)
February 15, 2000 December 10, 2001
Toya and Yukito are starring in an independent film directed by Nakuru for their school fair, and Nakuru gives Sakura a role. Sakura later begins to notice that Yukito is losing his power and is starting to fade away. Things come to a head when Yukito passes out and falls of a veranda while shooting the film, though he is saved by Toya and, secretly, Sakura. Toya finally manages to tell Yukito the truth about his power, telling off Nakuru when she attempts to interfere. In order to maintain Yue's power and existence, thus allowing Yukito to survive, Toya sacrifices his powers to save him, though losing the ability to sense when Sakura is in danger. As such, Toya has Yue promise to protect Sakura, as well as himself. Having overheard, Sakura realizes that Toya had indeed known about her secret all along. She confronts Kero about why he didn't tell her about Yue/Yukito; Kero explains that he did so to prevent her from blaming herself, since her power alone wasn’t enough to sustain him, and thus act irrationally because of it. Not wanting Yukito to disappear again, Sakura resolves to confess her true feelings to him.
66 The Person Sakura Likes the Most
"Sakura no Ichiban Suki na Hito" (さくらの一番好きな人)
February 22, 2000 December 10, 2001
After viewing Nakuru's film, Sakura tours the high school fair with her friends, while Toya comforts Yukito when he appears troubled by the fact that he is not human. Alone with Yukito in one of the attractions, Sakura tells Yukito how much she likes him. However, Yukito gently rebuffs her, saying that her love for him is merely platonic, and that he already has someone he loves; Sakura, in a rare moment of insight, realizes that person to be her brother, Toya. Yukito tells Sakura that the person she loves most is still out there when Sakura senses Clow Reed's presence once more. Using the Maze and Illusion cards, Sakura manages to trap the presence and discovers it to be coming from Eriol, though she loses consciousness. Eriol jumbles her memory of the discovery, acknowledging that she has indeed grown powerful to find him. Sakura tells Syaoran of her experience with Yukito and, despite her understanding and acceptance of the matter, begins to cry. Knowing that now is not the time to tell her that he loves her, Syaoran comforts her and assures her that she will find the person who she loves the most.
67 Sakura, Syaoran, and the Tsukimine Shrine
"Sakura to Syaoran to Tsukimine Jinja" (さくらと小狼と月峰神社)
February 29, 2000
Sakura heads to school in the morning, but does not see Yukito. She notices that there is a festival and asks Syaoran whether he wants to go to the festival at Tsukimine Shrine. He agrees, much to Sakura's delight. As the lessons continue, Sakura feels sleepy again. Syaoran notices this and is worried. As Tomoyo and Sakura walk home, Sakura admits that she feels much better now and thanks Syaoran and Tomoyo for their help. As Syaoran and Sakura walks to the shrine, Sakura gives Syaoran her handmade scarf, which Syaoran shyly accepts. Toya, Yukito (and Eriol) turn up and the shrine (Sakura invited them);Sakura happily goes with Yukito. Sakura and the rest waits near the lake while Yukito and Toya went to get drinks. As Sakura walks near the lake, she felt Clow's presence and Eriol summons a strange-looking horse. Sakura transforms the Wood card in an attempt to immobilize the horse but fails. The horse cuts the power lines and Syaoran sends a blast of lightning but the damage was not enough. Syaoran then sends a blast of wind to push the horse into the water. Sakura transforms the Thunder card to electrocute the horse and succeeds. As the power lines are cut, there are no lights. Sakura then transforms the Glow card to illuminate the shrine, while Syaoran wonders whether he should confess his love to Sakura.
68 Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed
"Sakura to Kako to Kurou Riido" (さくらと過去とクロウ·リード)
March 7, 2000 December 12, 2001
Wondering what will happen once all the Clow Cards have been transformed, Sakura uses the Return card to travel back in time to talk with Clow Reed. Sakura meets with Clow Reed and he answers her questions, but during the experience, Sakura realizes that Clow Reed's house is the same one that Eriol is now living in.
69 Sakura Meets Clow Reed
"Sakura to Arawareta Kurou Riido" (さくらと現れたクロウ·リード)
March 14, 2000 December 13, 2001
Eriol reveals his true identity to Sakura and Syaoran to be the reicarnation of Clow Reed. He sets his final challenge: turn all the Clow cards into Sakura Cards or the world will remain in eternal sleep and darkness. Sakura manages to turn most of the cards into Sakura Cards except for Light and Darkness because both cards are loyal to Clow Reed and she is not powerful enough. Kero and Yue both help out Sakura by embedding their power into her staff, however if Sakura still fails then they will remain asleep in the staff forever. Sakura hesitantly accepts and the staff is transformed. With further magic enhancement from Syaoran, Sakura transforms them and all the cards are now hers. She lifts the darkness and breaks Eriol spell but he disappears before given an explanation. Yue and Kero give chase whilst Sakura checks on an exhausted Syaoran. Syaoran confesses his love to Sakura.
70 Sakura and Her True Feelings
"Sakura to Hontou no Omoi" (さくらと本当の想い)
March 21, 2000 December 14, 2001
Sakura ponders over Syaoran's confession. Meanwhile hearing word that Eriol is leaving for England they decided to visit his house for an explanation. Whilst there, Eriol explained that the cards needed to be handed over to the new owner, but without a reason the cards would run amuck. He refused to reveal his identity sooner because he knew Sakura would do her best if she didn't know what was going on. It also turns out that Kaho Mizuki also knew his identity (he was the one who gave her the bell). Eriol explains he knew how everything was going to turn out apart from one detail: he believed that Yukito would love Sakura in return, however he loves Toya and Sakura loves Syaoran. Before having time to confess, Sakura learns that Syaoran is returning back to Hong Kong. She is still confused by her feelings and is saddened the Syaoran is leaving. Her tears create a new blank card with a heart on it. Before Syaoran departs Sakura rushes to the airport. Though she does not confess her feelings she accepts the bear Syaoran gives her.


# Title Original release date
1 You're wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary!
"Suteki desu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura Katsuyaku Bideo Nikki!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記!)
September 25, 1998 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tomoyo wants to produce what she calls a "Sakura-chan Memorial" and is shown recording scenes featured in the opening theme song video of the first season, including a scene where Sakura sings the theme song. When the opening video is completed, Tomoyo reveals to Sakura that the project encompasses 35 episodes of Sakura's exploits while she captured the Clow Cards in the first season, which will be broadcast on TV, much to Sakura's embarrassment. The completed opening video is shown with Sakura singing the song "Catch You Catch Me".
2 You're wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary 2!
"Suteki desu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura Katsuyaku Bideo Nikki 2!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記 2!)
September 25, 1999 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sakura, Tomoyo and Eriol are making cupcakes at Sakura's house, but right after completing them, they start mysteriously disappearing. Suspecting Kero must be the culprit, Sakura and Tomoyo go to check on him, but find him still tied up with the ribbon Sakura had tied him in to prevent him from eating the sweets. With no proof Kero ate the cupcakes, Sakura and Tomoyo go back downstairs, but now Eriol has to leave. While baking a cake, Kero's ribbon unties itself, letting Kero—who can smell the cake baking—to come downstairs. Sakura uses the Create card to finish the cake, and the Move card to prevent Kero from eating it. In the process, they find out it really was Kero who somehow ate the cupcakes earlier, and outside Eriol is shown holding the ribbon that Kero had been tied up in.
3 You're wonderful, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura Video Diary Special!
"Suteki desu wa, Sakura-chan! Tomoyo no Kādokyaputā Sakura Katsuyaku Bideo Nikki Supesharu!" (すてきですわ、さくらちゃん! 知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記 スペシャル!)
September 25, 1999 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sakura and her friends overhear Yamazaki saying that in addition to the usual red mailboxes, there are blue ones too. Everyone assumes it is just one of his usual lies, but Sakura and her friends come across a blue mailbox after school. Meilin recalls Yamazaki opening his eyes while telling the story, and this is confirmed after a look at the video tape Tomoyo was recording of Sakura at the time. Meilin realizes that Yamazaki must only tell the truth when he opens his eyes. They rush outside when they hear Yamazaki and Chiharu coming, and watch as, while his eyes are open, Yamazaki says that if someone mails a letter towards someone he or she loves in the blue mailbox, that person will love them too. Sakura, Syaoran and Meilin go to write letters, and it is revealed later on that Yamazaki was only opening his eyes because Chiharu stepped on his foot, and the mailbox was blue because of a spilled paint can. Not knowing this, Sakura, Syaoran and Meilin fight over who gets to mail their letter first while Tomoyo records it.



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