This is the episode list from Battle B-Daman.

Season 1

# English dub title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Original air date English air date
1 Cobalt Blade
"" ()
January 5, 2004 April 2, 2005
Yamato, who was raised by cats until he was five, has dreamed of owning a B-Daman and playing the sport. When his dream comes true and is given the legendary B-Daman, Cobalt Blade, will Yamato have what it takes to control it from those who wish to steal it from him?
2 B-DaBattle Mountain
"" ()
January 12, 2004 April 2, 2005
In a rematch against Gray, Yamato learns how to better control Cobalt Blade. During the match, Bull's "dark side" makes his first appearance in order to steal both Cobalt Blade and Chrome Zephyr. It is up to Gray and Yamato to keep that from happening. Can Gray and Yamato put their differences aside to stop him?
3 Something to Crow About
"" (26歳のアヒルパンツさぁー!)
January 19, 2004 April 3, 2005
Eager to B-DaBattle other B-DaPlayers, Yamato learns of the B-Coliseum, a place where all B-DaPlayers can play all sorts of B-Daman games. When he gets there he soon realizes that he still has a lot to learn about the sport. But when a mysterious member of the Shadow Alliance shows up, it's up to Yamato to put his skills to the test and stop the evil Battle Crow from destroying the B-Coliseum.
4 Ice to Meet You
"" ()
January 26, 2004 April 9, 2005
Ababa sends Wen and Li to take control of Cobalt Blade after Battle Crow's failed attempt. Yamato, Gray, and Bull run into Wen and Li on Delta Rock where they must B-DaBattle them in order to save Chrome Zephyr from a pillar of ice. If Yamato and Bull can't defeat Wen and Li, Gray will lose Chrome Zephyr forever. But things get a lot more difficult when both Wen and Li combine their B-Damans to form Bakurekuso.
5 Gray and the Blues
"" ()
February 2, 2004 April 10, 2005
Wen and Li win the match thanks to Li's cheating, and Yamato discovers Gray is a member of the Shadow Alliance. Yamato was in shock when he heard this, and he was very angry.
6 Yamato & Terry's Excellent Adventure
"" ()
February 9, 2004 April 16, 2005
Yamato goes onward to find Armada, but, on the way, Yamato meets Terry, who follows Yamato to find Armada, but, the two keep getting in fights. When they made it to Armada, they were given a test. The test was to draw circles & triangles all over the place, even underwater! A swarm of paper bats put their abilities to the test as well as learning Rapid-Shooting, but, what will Armada's next challenge be?
7 A Fistful of B-DaBalls
"" ()
February 16, 2004 April 23, 2005
Armada's next test is to knock down the statue of Armada with 100,000 B-DaBalls! At first it seemed impossible, but, later, when the dam was breaking, Terry & Yamato use the Rapid-Shooting technique to knock down the statue & save the town!
8 Yamato Versus The Masked Marble
"" ()
February 23, 2004 April 24, 2005
Yamato, Terry, and Armada arrive to the Winner's Tournament and are also surprised to see Mie there as well. In the Winner's Tournament, the B-DaPlayer's task is to play "Shoot the Gap," until Yamato knocks the pins down accidentally, but manages to tie with Castio, will Yamato be able to advance?
9 The Bull Supremacy
"" ()
March 1, 2004 April 30, 2005
Yamato runs into Bull at the Winner's Tournament allowing the two friends to be reunited, but Terry doubts Bull's blading skills forcing a B-DaBattle. who will win this battle, and what is the Shadow Alliance doing with their eyes on Bull?
10 The Bull Identity
"" ()
March 8, 2004 May 1, 2005
Bull has been taken over by Ababa. Can Yamato find some way to restore his friend to his original self while he must battle him in the First Round of the Winner's Tournament?
11 Monkey Business
"" ()
March 15, 2004 May 7, 2005
Yamato must help some new friends gain back their B-DaBucks after a monkey of the Shadow Alliance sells them faulty parts.
12 Invasion of the B-Dasnatchers
"" ()
March 22, 2004 May 8, 2005
Enjyu finally takes to the stage in the Winner's Tournament first round. Just how powerful of a B-DaPlayer is he, and can anyone beat him when he has Cobalt Blade's brother?
13 Hog Wild
"" ()
March 29, 2004 May 14, 2005
Li goes on an undercover mission to steal Cobalt Blade, but Mie's friendliness destroy's all his tricks. Can Li actually be trusted?
14 That's What Friends Are For
"" ()
April 5, 2004 May 15, 2005
In an intense battle - Terry takes on Li. Terry's B-Daman is broken and it's up to Yamato to fix it before the time runs out.
15 The Good, the Bad and the B-DaPlayer
"" ()
April 12, 2004 May 21, 2005
The gang runs out of money and can't buy food or get to the second round of the Winner's Tournament. Luckily, a new 5 station tournament has begun. They enter, but can Yamato win the first match-up?
16 Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart
"" ()
April 19, 2004 May 22, 2005
After taking a 1-0 lead in the 5 station challenge, Bull gets his turn in a power battle. It looks like he wil fail due to hunger until a Ms. Karat brings him food for saving her, but what will be the results?
17 There's B-DaBattle in My Soup
"" ()
April 26, 2004 June 4, 2005
Terry seems to be unappreciated when he tries to cook, but can he find a way to be a good soup maker while preparing for the next round of the Battle Tournament?
18 The Karat Question
"" ()
May 3, 2004 June 5, 2005
Down 2-1, Bull must battle between his 3 selves over what to do with Ms. Karat's affection, but will he be able to even it up, or will Bull and the gang be eliminated?
19 Watt Are You Waiting For?
"" ()
May 10, 2004 June 11, 2005
Ms. Karat's father, Watt, is looking for a worthy husband for Karat. He believes Bull's alternate personality could be the one, so he kidnaps him, but what will this mean for Yamato when he's left alone with a chance to win the tournament?
20 With a Little Help From My Friends
"" ()
May 17, 2004 June 12, 2005
Karat helps Bull escape, and then Terry saves the two of them, but will they be able to get back to the Battle 5 tournament and root Yamato to a victory when Yamato is even 1-1 and in a first hit wins competition for match 3?
21 Great B-DaBalls of Fire
"" ()
May 24, 2004 June 18, 2005
Yamato learns the truth about Gray's sister, and is about to throw the B-DaBattle until Gray knocks some sense into him. The two resume the battle, but who will advance to the final 4?
22 The Rapid and the Powerful
"" ()
May 31, 2004 June 19, 2005
Only one of these warriors can advance. Will it be Yamato or Gray, especially with Gray's sister Leanna being on the line should he lose. Enjyu is sure to make it more interesting.
23 Who's Who?
"" ()
June 7, 2004 June 25, 2005
Terry gets his chance of advancing the final 4 semi-finals, but he must defeat Gray's sister, Liena, to do so. Who will advance, and can Gray find a way to save his sister?
24 Twisted Sister Act
"" ()
June 14, 2004 June 26, 2005
Yamato and company break into the Shadow Alliance's base hoping to save Leanna, but instead it leads to a Leanna/Gray showdown. Who will prevail?
25 That's No B-Daman, That's My Sister
"" ()
June 21, 2004 July 2, 2005
With Yamato and Leanna advancing, Cain and some of the others from the Battle 5 tournament return to offer their congratulations, but do they really want to congratulate them, or do they have something else sinister planned? Can Yamato battle some sense into them?
26 Cobalt Saber
"" ()
June 28, 2004 July 3, 2005
The gang decides to help Yamato build a new blade with a new upgraded system, but the Battle 5 members may have something to say about it. What exactly is Cobalt Saber, and what type of power does it have?
27 For a Few B-DaBalls More
"" ()
July 5, 2004 July 9, 2005
As the Winner's Tournament continues, Yamato is set to have his first battle with his newly-created B-Daman, Cobalt Saber. Has Yamato learned to master its true power yet, or does he still have a lot to learn?
28 High Stakes
"" ()
July 12, 2004 July 10, 2005
It's now time for Enjyu and Wen to have their own Power Alley match, but after Wen refused to lose to Enjyu on purpose, what plans does Enjyu have for him in their match?
29 Hurry Up and Wait
"" ()
July 19, 2004 July 16, 2005
It's the festival night before the day of the final round of the Winners Tournament. With the Shadow Alliance still after Cobalt Saber, what tricks does Enjyu have up his sleeve to ensure his victory over Yamato?
30 All About Enjyu
"" ()
July 26, 2004 July 17, 2005
It's almost time for round two of the final match of the Winner's Tournament. But Leanna's intuition tells her that there is still some good left in Enjyu, despite how evil he acts on the outside. What is it about Enjyu's past that makes him who he is today?
31 And the Winner is . . .
"" ()
August 2, 2004 July 23, 2005
It's the final match of the Winner's Tournament. Who will win - Yamato or Enjyu?
32 The Return of the B-DaPlayer
"" ()
August 9, 2004 July 24, 2005
After a successful victory at the Winner's Tournament, Yamato returns to his hometown along with his friends. What new surprises await for them there? And what will become of the Shadow Alliance now that only Ababa and Marda B. remain?
33 Enraging Bull
"" ()
August 16, 2004 July 30, 2005
Over in the town of Carlitoville, a couple of new B-DaPlayers are causing trouble for the villagers there. Who are they, and what exactly are their intentions?
34 Rebel Without a B-Daman
"" ()
August 23, 2004 July 31, 2005
Bull reveals that his B-Daman was destroyed because he used it too much, and that Gray's Chrome Zephyr will meet the same fate if Gray battles against the Longhorn Brothers. Gray refuses to sit back though, and he and Terry tag team against the Longhorn Brothers, but when Terry gets knocked out and Chrome Zephyr gets damaged, it's up to Bull to gain the victory. Can he complete a new B-Daman for Gray and complete repairs on Cobalt Saber in time?
35 The Good, the Bad and the B-DaMan
"" ()
August 30, 2004 August 6, 2005
With Cobalt Saber having been repaired, Yamato joins Grey taking Terry's spot in the battle. The two blaster core systems appear to give them an advantage until the Longhorn brothers get powered up. Old friends return to bring this battle to an exciting conclusion, but the new Neo-Shadow Alliance appears to be causing trouble for all. Can they find a way to beat them?
36 Yamato Versus the Masked Marble Part 2
"" ()
September 6, 2004 August 7, 2005
Wen and Li report that the Neo-Shadow Alliance is growing, so Yamato and company become determined to stop it. One big problem occurs though, they've been forbidden to interfere. Of course they disregard those orders, but how will they do in ultimate knockdown when the pins weigh 100 times the normal amount against an old rival from the Winner's Tournament?
37 The Lion's Den
"" ()
September 13, 2004 August 13, 2005
Asato returns to join Yamato and the others after finishing his B-Daman training journey. He offers to take them to see the B-Daman Academy he's attending. But something strange is happening to all the students. Does Marda B. and the Neo-Shadow Alliance have anything to do with it?
38 Food Fight
"" ()
September 20, 2004 August 14, 2005
In search of the mysterious B-DaSage that Manuel told them about, Yamato and the others travel to the town of Liken, along with Wen and Li, which is their hometown. Will they be able to find out Marda B.'s big secret once and for all?
39 The B-DaWinds of Change
"" ()
October 4, 2004 August 27, 2005
The guys stop while Bull repairs Wing Ninja, and the cafe stops to fill up on gas. They end up stopping in Sly's home town where Marda B. is at his work again, and once again Leina is targeted to become his slave. Will Wen and Li agree to Sly's training to keep them all safe? Can Sly help the resistance defeat Marda B? Find out as the B-DaWinds of Change airs today.
40 On Troubled Water
"" ()
September 27, 2004 August 21, 2005
Yamato, Terry, Gray, and Bull have reached as far as west as they can by land. So they decide to sneak aboard a ship to get across, but encounter one of Marda B.'s henchmen along the way.
41 They Call Me Yamato
"" ()
October 11, 2004 September 17, 2005
The gang makes it to a resort island where Yamato learns how to channel more power behind Cobalt Saber's power blast. When Armada learns of this, he figures out a way to test Yamato's new strength at the Meowtra temple, but can Yamato pass the test?
42 Lake B-Daman
"" ()
October 18, 2004 September 18, 2005
The gang arrives in Terry's home town where Terry tells them the legend of Lake B-DaMan, but when the gang is attacked by Enjyu only an old friend can help them out with a new blaster core B-Daman.
43 With Friends Like These
"" ()
October 25, 2004 October 1, 2005
Terry has helped Joe defeat the invaders in his hometown. Meanwhile, Enjyu persuades Li to turn against Wen and join the Neo-Shadow Alliance to help Enjyu with his agenda.
44 Meet the Neo-Shadow Alliance
"" ()
November 1, 2004 October 2, 2005
Wen returns and joins the team with the news that Li has joined the Neo Shadow Alliance, but that's not the only bad news around. Biarce has begun attacking all the world's B-DaPlayer's. With Mega Diaboros' ability to use energy from the B-Da Players that have been turned to stone it looks like it is the end for Yamato and company, but can Yamato and Cobalt Saber find a way to reverse the effects, or will they end up becoming another victim in the seemingly endless number of victims?
45 B-DaBreakdown Part 1
"" ()
November 8, 2004 October 8, 2005
Joshua seeks out Yamato and asks him to help unlook Cain's true heart, but is he leading the gang into a trap, or does he really want Cain to be free hearted again? Also Wen decides how to free Li, but can he get by the members of the Neo Shadow Alliance?
46 B-DaBreakdown, Part 2
"" ()
November 15, 2004 October 15, 2005
As the battle between Cain and Gray continues, it soon becomes apparent that Cain is too strong for Gray. Joshua tries to reason with Cain, but has no luck. What does Cain really have planned for Gray and the others by coming out to battle Gray himself? And what is Joshua's plan to turn Cain away from evil and the Neo-Shadow Alliance?
47 Bright Lights, Neon City
"" ()
November 22, 2004 October 22, 2005
When the Neo-Shadow Alliance has taken over most of the B-DaWorld, Ms. Karat appears to take Yamato, Terry, Bull, Gray, and Wen to Neon City, which is now surrounded by a wall. Armada reveals to Mie and Liena a stone tablet he found on Meowlantis when it floats and leads them to a ruin under Neon City reuniting them with Yamato. Meanwhile, Enjyu overhears Biarce talking to Marda B. about the B-Energy that would be used on him and Enjyu begins his agenda.
48 Everybody Wants to Rule the B-DaWorld
"" ()
November 29, 2004 October 29, 2005
With Enjyu now under his control, Marda B. decides to launch an attack on Neon City. Bull and some of the other B-DaPlayers decide to stay and defend the city, but can they be victorious? Meanwhile, Yamato, Terry, Gray, and Wen travel into the cave of darkness searching for the B-DaEnergy that they can use to defeat Marda B., but will they be strong enough to overcome a cat statue?
49 Into the Neo-Shadow Den
"" ()
December 6, 2004 October 30, 2005
Yamato and the gang infiltrate Marda B.'s base, but they quickly run into Li leading to a showdown between brothers. Will Wen be able to defeat Li and bring him back to the side of light, or will Wen be trapped in stone like most of his friends?
50 The Longest B-DaBattle
"" ()
December 13, 2004 November 5, 2005
Cain reveals that the only reason he's been working for Marda B. is so he can take over the B-DaWorld, and he plans on building a new B-DaWorld after Marda B. finishes destroying the current one. Grey has heard enough though, and so Cain and Gray resume their battle in the Neo Shadow Ship.
51 B-DaStorm
"" ()
December 20, 2004 November 6, 2005
Biarce reveals that Enjyu has had all of his memories deleted and the only way to restore them is to defeat him in battle. As a result, Terry decides to show his colors by facing off one-on-one with Enjyu while Yamato pursues Biarce. Can Terry free Enjyu, or will he become another victium of Marda B?
52 In Search of Greatness
"" ()
December 27, 2004 Aired on YTV, Original Date Unknown.
Yamato continues taking on Biarce with the stake of the entire B-DaWorld on the line. Can Yamato find a way to get by the cunning Marda B. and his henchman Biarce, or will Marda B. become the new controller of the B-DaWorld permanently?

Season 2 (Fire Spirits)

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# English dub title (top)
Japanese title (bottom)
Original air date English air date
01 Wishes For The Stars
"Request of the stars" (星に願いを)
January 10, 2005 February 3, 2007
Yamato embarks on yet another fantastic journey in the B-DaWorld. He wins a Strike Shot in a B-Da Battle. Then a character named Haja tries to steal it from him for his own use, so he challenges him to a B-Da Battle.
02 Two Boy Crash
"Crash!" (激突!)
January 17, 2005 March 20, 2007
Gannos searches for a Strike Shot.
03 The Great Brave
"Super Hero" (大いなる勇者)
January 24, 2005 March 27, 2007
Gray challenges Haja to a B-DaBattle.
04 Gold Rush
"Gold Rush" (ゴールドラッシュ)
January 31, 2005 April 3, 2007
Terry and Joe start their journey to the Winners Tournament.
05 Encounters
"Unknown Encounter" (未知との遭遇)
February 7, 2005 April 10, 2007
Bull searches for a Strike Shot on his way to Winners.
06 Battle Runner
"Battle Runner" (バトルランナー)
February 14, 2005 April 17, 2007
Yamato and Gannos battle Terry and Joe.
07 The Chuckerout in the Wilderness
"Wilderness' Bodyguard" (荒野の用心棒)
February 21, 2005 April 24, 2007
Gannos runs into trouble in the village.
08 The Flame
"Suddenly Like Fire" (突然炎のごとく)
February 28, 2005 May 1, 2007
Gray trains for the tournament and challenges Enjyu.
09 No Mercy
"Unforgiveable Things" (許されざる者)
March 7, 2005 May 8, 2007
Terry finds a Strike Shot.
10 Reunion
"Town of Reopening" (再開の街)
March 14, 2005 May 15, 2007
Bull reunites with his old friend Yamato.
11 Goodbye Friend
"Farewell, Friend" (さらば友よ)
March 21, 2005
A new B-Daman is found.
12 Count to Three
"Count of Three" (三つ数えろ)
March 28, 2005 July 7, 2007
Yamato and the gang visit Armada.
13 Whiteout
"Whiteout" (ホワイトアウト)
April 4, 2005 July 14, 2007
Enjyu makes a discovery.
14 Elegy for the Guys
"Elegy of the Men" (男たちの挽歌)
April 11, 2005 July 21, 2007
Yamato must battle a confused Terry.
15 Countdown
"Final Countdown" (ファイナル·カウントダウン)
April 18, 2005 July 28, 2007
It's the final 3 days before the Winner's Tournament and eveybody is preparing for the tournament. Akylus gets an improvement to his newly found Revolver Hades.
16 The Way to the Dragon
"Dragon Road" (ドラゴンへの道)
April 25, 2005 August 4, 2007
17 Youth Carnival
"Carnival of Youth" (青春カーニバル)
May 2, 2005 August 18, 2007
In this special episodes, profiles are given for the participants in the Winner's Tournament.
18 The Qualifiers
"The Winners" (勝利者たち)
May 9, 2005 August 25, 2007
19 Hard to Hit
"Hard Target" (ハードターゲット)
May 16, 2005 September 1, 2007
All the B-da players, including Yamato, Gunnos, Gray, Enjyu and Kiba start the battle for A Block.
20 Hot Shot
"Hotshot" (ホットショット)
May 23, 2005 September 4, 2007
B Block winners, including Akyulus, Jinbee, Haja, Wen, Liena and Castillo battle in the game B-da golf battle.
21 Swallow Tail
"Swallowtail" (スワロウテイル)
May 30, 2005 September 11, 2007
A mysterious bird leads Terry to a strike shot.
22 Inside the Labyrinth
"Labyrinth" (ラビリンス)
June 6, 2005 September 18, 2007
Akylus, Enjyu, Haja, Wen and Kiba battle in the Battle Pyramid.
23 Rules to be a Hero
"The Terms of a Hero" (英雄の条件)
June 13, 2005 September 25, 2007
Yamato, Gunnos, Gray, Jinbee and Liena play against each other in Battle Royal Hockey.
24 Days of Anger
"Wilderness of Anger" (怒りの荒野)
June 20, 2005 October 2, 2007
Terry finally gets to Winners and challenges Haja with his new B-Daman in a spider match.
25 Semi-Final
"Showdown" (対決)
June 27, 2005 October 9, 2007
Yamato and Gunnos battle to qualify for the finals.
26 Glory with Wounds
"Wounded Glory" (傷だらけの栄光)
July 4, 2005 October 16, 2007
Akyulus and Enjyu battle to qualify for the finals where Yamato awaits.
46 b-da end
"" ()
Although Felix won, Bossmaster punishes her. Equus tries to stop Bossmaster but is forced to test a new machine instead. Meanwhile, Yamato and his gang are absorbed in the training for the next match. Aqulas seems to be better but his emotional damage is still too deep to allow him to shoot Special Attack. Gunnos and others argue that Aqulas is not ready and they should battle to decide who is entitled to the next match. Then, Jinbee shows up there. Aqulas and the others follow Jinbee to the place for the battle but they are ambushed by B-Deus' members. Outnumberd by B-Deus, they are driven up to the wall but Gunnos and others protect Aqulas, throwing themselves into the battle. To respond them, Aqulas finally makes a stunning comeback!
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