This is a complete list of episodes for the Japanese television anime series Azumanga Daioh produced by the animation studio J.C.Staff,[1] and based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Kiyohiko Azuma. The series originally aired on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TV Osaka, and AT-X[2] in five-minute segments each weekday from 8 April 2002 until 30 September 2002. Each week's segments were repeated that weekend in a 25-minute compilation episode with an opening and credits, for a total of 130 five-minute segments and 26 episode compilations. The compilation episodes were released to VHS and DVD by Starchild Records;[3] the five-minute segments can be distinguished by their individual titles.

In the United States, the television anime was released by ADV Films in both a six-volume DVD set on 9 September 2005, and later reissued as a five-volume "thinpak" DVD set.[4] The sixth DVD volume of the first release included The Very Short Azumanga Daioh Movie.

Episode list

EP# Title Original airdate
1 Child High School Student / She's a Prodigy / Scary Maybe? / Wildcat Tomo-chan! / The Osakan Gal
"Kodomo Kōkōsei / Tensai Desu / Kowai Kana? / Bakusou Tomo-chan / Ōsaka-jin Ya" (「こども高校生」 「天才です」 「こわいかな?」 「爆走ともちゃん!」 「大阪人や」)
week of 2002-04-08 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yukari Tanizaki's bike dechained while riding it to school. Enraged, she kicks her bike. A male student, who is late for class, sees Yukari and restrains her from kicking her bike. Determining the problem, he fixes Yukari's bike, thinking he will be not be punished if he arrives at school with a teacher. Yukari steals the student's bike and rides it to school. Chiyo Mihama is introduced to the class as a 10-year-old child prodigy. Chiyo thinks Sakaki is scary for her reserved attitude. An energetic Tomo Takino tries to challenge Chiyo and Sakaki in knowledge and athletics respectively. Newcomer Ayumu Kasuga is nick-named "Osaka" by Tomo because she came from Osaka, despite being totally different from the stereotypical Osakan.
2 Osaka Today As Well / P.E., Volleyball / Hiccups / The Brain... / Brand New
"Kyō mo Ōsaka / Taiiku Barēbōru / Shakkuri / Nō ga / O Nyū" (「今日も大阪」 「体育·バレーボール」 「しゃっくり」 「脳が」 「おにゅー」)
week of 2002-04-15 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Osaka compares her life in Tokyo to Osaka. She is oblivious to the chaos around her in the classroom, caused by a cockroach, focused on eye floaters instead. She shows her clumsiness in PE and her lack of physical fitness, losing to Chiyo in a race. After eating spicy food, Osaka develops a hiccup, which Chiyo, Tomo, Sakaki and Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara try to get rid of using traditional and foolish methods. It appears to have transferred to Chiyo. Osaka plays on a Japanese idiom. She get caught daydreaming about Chiyo's pigtails during Yukari-sensei's class and dozes off again.
3 Nyamo / Factional Rivalry / Yukari's Here / Not My Fault / Forever and Ever
"Nyamo / Habatsu Tōsō / Yukari ga Kita / Warukunaimon / Dokomademo" (「にゃも」 「派閥闘争」 「ゆかりがきた」 「悪くないもん」 「どこまでも」)
week of 2002-04-22 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yukari invites Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa to go to a bar after work. Nyamo suggests Yukari to clean up her over-crowded desk. Chiyo tells Osaka, Yomi and Tomo that Yukari and Nyamo were classmates. Tomo claims that she and Yomi have been classmates since grade school. Yukari is jealous about Nyamo's popularity amongst her students and attempts to boost her own popularity by getting her class to play basketball. When she starts to tease Chiyo about her height, Nyamo switches with Chiyo and easily defeats Yukari's students, winning their admiration. Later on, Yukari goes to Nyamo's place to sleep because of the construction work at her place. She makes a fuss about Nyamo's ten thousand yen pillow. When Nyamo receives a delivery from her uncle in Hokkaido, Yukari tears the delivery box apart, thinking the box contains food. When she finds a wooden bear, she argues with Nyamo and they end up breaking the bear apart. After the incident, both of them go out and see an English-speaking foreigner asking for help. Yukari leaves Nyamo to deal with him. Nyamo drags Yukari to the foreigner because Yukari is an English teacher. Yukari and Nyamo go to a bar and Yukari appears to be unable to use chopsticks. Nyamo teaches her how to use them and shows off her skills. Frustrated and jealous, Yukari drinks herself drunk and falls asleep. Nyamo helps Yukari back home. At one Point, Yukari even Vomits (the screen is covered by an image of chiyo wearing her school unifor and riding her dog)
4 A Fun Profession / Pool, Pool, Pool / Ribbon / Just the Two of Them / A Good Person?
"Tanoshii Shokugyō / Pūru Pūru Pūru / Ribon / Futarikkiri / Ii Hito?" (「楽しい職業」 「プールプールプール」 「りぼん」 「ふたりっきり」 「いいひと?」)
week of 2002-04-29 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Kimura is asked why he became a teacher, he replies that he like high school girls. The girls criticize his blunt comment but the boys commend Kimura for his sincerity. While changing for swim class, Tomo and Yomi compares breast size of the gang. Nyamo is in charge of the swim class but Kimura stays to watch. When he manages to infuriate Nyamo, she kicks him out of the pool area. Chiyo admits that she cannot swim but can dog-paddle. Osaka tries to learn how to float by being a corpse. Yukari interrupts this by bellyflopping into the pool. Kimura manages to sneak back into the pool. Yukari challenges Nyamo to a "Barbecue Cup Relay" but Yukari has a leg cramp halfway through the first lap. Nyamo takes her out of the pool to massage her leg. Meanwhile, students from Yukari's class and Nyamo's class challenge each other in their respective teacher's place. Chiyo, Yomi, Osaka and Tomi see Kimura messing behind a bush. They find out that he was picking out bottle for recycling and witness him giving 10,000 yen to charity.
5 Summer Break / Welcome to Chiyo's Room / Invitation / Someone with Experience, Speak / Done For
"Natsuyasumi / Yōkoso Chiyo no Heya e / Goshōtai / Keikensha Katatte / Mō Dame" (「なつやすみ」 「ようこそちよの部屋へ」 「ご招待」 「経験者語って」 「もうだめ」)
week of 2002-05-06 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The summer holidays begin. Nyamo attempts to make Yukari set herself a schedule for the holidays. Yukari draws a pie chart, splitting her time between sleep, free-time and swimming. Meanwhile, Yomi, Tomo and Osaka are invited to go to Chiyo's house. They are overwhelmed by the spaciousness and the splendour of the mansion. They are even more surprised when Chiyo invites them to her summer holiday house. Meeting at a train station, Tomo finds out that Chiyo has invited Sakaki, Yukari and Nyamo as well. After riding to Chiyo's house in Yukari's beaten-up car, which is dubbed the Yukari-mobile, Chiyo and Osaka claim that they are not afraid of roller coasters anymore. Yomi, Tomi and Chiyo play in the ocean while Yukari and Nyamo relax under a parasol. Sakaki and Osaka sit together with Osaka spouting trivia. Tomi and Osaka try to make the night more exciting with scary stories and dirty talks. Afterwards they all play with fireworks.
6 Equation for Victory / Sakaki of Class 3, Kagura of Class 5 / Runaway Victory / Yay / Dancing the Grand Finale
"Shōri no Hōteishiki / Sangumi no Sakaki, Gokumi no Kagura / Butchigiri / Waai / Odoru Daidan'en" (「勝利の方程式」 「三組の榊、五組の神楽」 「ぶっちぎり」 「わーい」 「踊る大団円」)
week of 2002-05-13 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kimura advises the girls to tuck in their shirts into their bloomers during the athletics carnival. Yukari tells her class to only think about winning, especially against class 5 (Nyamo's class) and promises them juice if they win. The day of the athletic carnival arrives. Yukari attempts to sabotage Nyamo's star student, Kagura, by offering her an anpan. Sakaki defeats Kagura in the 400 metres. Osaka and Chiyo have poor teamwork in the three-legged race and constantly falls onto their faces. Nyamo's class defeats Yukari's class in the tug-of-war. Since Chiyo claims she has not done anything to help her class's rankings, she is assigned to be a cheerleader. Sakaki closely wins the baton relay over Kagura. Afterwards, the school dance together. Kaorin is delighted when she gets to dance with Sakaki. Her mood quickly reverses when she gets Kimura as her next partner. Because Yukari's class won the carnival, Nyamo gives Yukari ten thousand yen. But Nyamo takes the money back due to money Yukari owes her. When Yukari's class asks for their juice, Yukari flees.
7 Fairyland Class / Man of Character / Go with Enthusiasm! / The Mascot / Enemy?
"Otogi no Gumi / Jinkakusha / Nori Nori Gō! / Masukotto / Teki?" (「おとぎの組」 「人格者」 「のりのりゴー!」 「マスコット」 「敵?」)
week of 2002-05-20 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Chiyo, in her capacity as class president, asks the class what they want to do for the upcoming cultural festival. Yukari says that conventional and orthodox ways mark the death of intellect and Chiyo comes up with a suggestion box. A stuffed animal exhibition is drawn from the suggestion box. Kimura attempts to give his own suggestion but is silenced by Tomo. Sakaki pats Mr. Tadakichi, Chiyo's dog, and is awed to see Chiyo riding on her dog. The day of the cultural festival arrives. Tomo wears the cat suit and runs around the school in it to advertise the exhibition. Kimura ruins the swim team's stall just by being there. Throughout the day, students buy stuffed toys from the exhibition. Due to her height, Chiyo wearing the cat suit is considered scary by Yomi and Kaorin. After the festival, Yomi, Osaka, Tomo and Chiyo have a victory parade on the beach with Tomo inside the cat suit.
8 Osaka's New Year's Dream / In Tomo-chan's Case / In Sakaki's Case / Welcome / In Kaorin's Case
"Ōsaka no Hatsuyume / Tomo-chan no Baai / Sakaki no Baai / Yōkoso / Kaorin no Baai" (「大阪の初夢」 「ともちゃんの場合」 「榊の場合」 「ようこそ」 「かおりんの場合」)
week of 2002-05-27 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Osaka dreams Chiyo flying using her pigtails as propellers. When Osaka takes Chiyo's pigtails off her head, Chiyo collapses. Osaka panics, attaches Chiyo's pigtails to her head and flies away. Meanwhile Tomo dreams about herself being a heroic high school student, winning beauty contests and scoring fulls marks in a test while Chiyo and Yomi score zero marks. At the same time, Sakaki dreams about meeting her neighborhood cat. When she tries to pat it, the cat flees. Chiyo introduces a cat to her but the cat identifies himself as Chiyo-chichi. She also dreams about being invited to Chiyo's house, seeing a clumsy penguin being Chiyo's maid and eating dinner with Chiyo and her father. Kaorin dreams about being rescued from the yakuza by Sakaki. Her dream is interrupted by her mother waking her up to meet her friends at a temple for New Years'. When the group assemble, they remember that Chiyo were in their respective dreams. Yomi comes along to see Chiyo frantically asking what she was like in their dreams.
9 If I Can't Pet One... / 11 Years Old / Mr. Kitty Cat... / Premise / Why?
"Sawarenai Nara / 11 Sai / Neko-san... / Settei / Nande?" (「触れないなら」 「11才」 「ねこさん...」 「設定」 「何で?」)
week of 2002-06-03 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sakaki watches a movie about a lost cat, and is emotionally affected by it. This does not escape the notice of a boy sitting in front of her. Leaving the theater, she notices a cat and tries to pet it; it takes off before she can. At school, Kaorin shows off photos of her new kittens. Sakaki reveals that while she likes cats, her mother has allergies, preventing her from having one. The photos inspire her to attempt to photograph a cat; however, the one she finds later keeps her from getting a good shot of it. Leaving the photo place, she spots a cat costume with balance problems. It is revealed to contain Chiyo. Sakaki gets to carry it home for Chiyo. Back in class, Sakaki finds that Chiyo is soon to turn 11; Tomo notes that she looks a lot younger. Chiyo wants to know how Sakaki got to be so tall so she can do that, but Sakaki prefers Chiyo's cute size to her own. When Sakaki reveals her height, Osaka surmises that Sakaki is sucking height away from Chiyo; Chiyo starts begging for it back. Yomi distracts her by suggesting a birthday party. Chiyo says she received ribbons the previous year, causing Sakaki to envision both Chiyo and herself in ribbons, to different effects. Sakaki goes in pursuit of a gift. Her attempt to buy a cat book is thwarted by her own imagination allowing a girl to pick it up first, and a toy cat malfunctions as she reaches for it. The sound of a soda machine draws her attention to a girl with a bunny bookbag. She follows the girl to a crane game full of stuffed animals, where she spends three tries, picking up two cats on the third try. That Sunday, the guests arrive, and present their gifts. Tomo's gifts, her feeling and magic wand intended to increase Chiyo's height, fail to impress. Yomi gives a book. Sakaki gives one of the cats from the crane, naming it Mon Petit. Osaka suggests a racehorse name, but this idea is emphatically rejected. Osaka gives a stuffed cat, too, one that Sakaki recognizes as Chiyo-chichi. Tomo notices that Chiyo is a fan of the Yomiuri Giants, and they argue about whether they or the Hanshin Tigers will go all the way that year, Chiyo taking it a lot more seriously than Tomo was anticipating. Sakaki imagines Chiyo-chichi as a baseball player. As the guests leave, Chiyo joins them for a while to walk Mr. Tadakichi. As the pass through the park, they see a gorgeous sunset. A comment by Osaka causes Sakaki to imagine them in the middle of a sunset. The girls separate for the day. Sakaki tries to pet another cat, but it, too, flees.
10 Draft Nomination / Class Change / Wolf / Superior Airs Woosh Woosh / Marco...
"Dorafuto Shimei / Kurasu Gae / Ōkami / Senpai Kaze Pyū Pyū / Maruko..." (「ドラフト指名」 「クラス替え」 「おおかみ」 「先輩風ぴゅーぴゅー」 「マルコ...」)
week of 2002-06-10 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It's a new school year, and Osaka is concerned about being separated from her closest friends; Yukari reassures her that she'll be in her class. Kaorin tries to predict whether she'll be in the same class as Sakaki by pulling the petals off flowers. The group finds themselves together, though Osaka fails to notice this at first because her nickname was used. Kaorin is overjoyed that she shares a class with Sakaki. Kagura, the other athletic girl, is also in class, and tries to talk with Sakaki, but Sakaki doesn't remember her. Yukari remarks that she recognizes a lot of students, but insists that it's not to keep her from having to remember a lot of new names. As Chiyo, the class representative, goes to the front, Kagura makes a remark about Tomo, the assistant class representative, which sets off a fight between them. Kagura joins Sakaki for the trip home, hoping to find out if she'll join the swim team; a plethora of club recruiters also seek her membership, but she declines to join any. Kagura scares away a cat Sakaki tries to pet. Chiyo is annoyed by first-year students fawning over her cuteness, by no one is any support, even Sakaki, who has a similar thing happening over her perceived coolness. Chiyo gets a first-year boy to call her Mihama-senpai. Tomo decides to do something "second-yearish", specifically, eating lunch early. Mr. Kimura is fooled into thinking it's lunchtime by his entire class eating lunch early. He soon realizes this is not the case. After class, Yukari brings in a kitten in hopes that someone will take it home. Chiyo hits upon the idea of having it as a class pet that students will take turns caring for. Everybody except Sakaki and Kagura hold it; when Sakaki tries, it jumps out the window and runs away.
11 Cosmopolitan City / Showdown / Even If You Don't Fight / Covered in Cats / Don't Run
"Kokusaitoshi / Taiketsu / Tataka na Kute mo / Nekomamire / Nigenaide" (「国際都市」 「対決」 「たたかなくても」 「ねこまみれ」 「逃げないで」)
week of 2002-06-17 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kagura notices a man having trouble moving his bags up to the station, and offers assistance, only to find he doesn't speak Japanese. She tries to communicate her intent. She apparently succeeds eventually. Yukari noticed her struggle, and attempts to demonstrate how to do it better. She, however, is stumped by a German. Kagura relates the story to Sakaki, which draws an insult from Tomo. Kagura tests her by asking what I.T. stands for. Tomo doesn't know, Yomi makes up a convincing answer, but Chiyo answers correctly. Kagura joins Sakaki on the way to school, and starts talking about mountain bikes, but Sakaki is distracted by blooming flowers. At lunchtime, Kagura challenges Sakaki to speed-eating, but Sakaki refuses to eat at faster than normal speed. At P.E., Sakaki hits one of Kagura's pitches; Chiyo tries to catch it, but it hits her on the head instead. When it comes time to take physical measurements, Tomo is excited over an increased bust size. Mr. Kimura is overly curious about Kagura's outcome, but returns to class upon seeing the nearly-flat Osaka. Tomo ribs Yomi about preparing for her turn. Kagura looks at pictures of mountain bikes with Sakaki, but upsets her by drawing on a picture of a Neco Coneco. On the way home, the biting cat approaches her. When she reaches out to pet it, it headbutts her, knocking her to her knees, then latches onto her hand with its teeth. Kagura swats it off, then hits it in the head until it runs away. At home, Sakaki daydreams of being in a meadow with cats. They initially growl, but she shakes her head and they turn friendly, gathering around her for petting. Her magazine breaks her thoughts, but she reads of a road where cats gather, and sets out for it. When she returns and meets Chiyo and Kagura, she is bandaged in several places and sporting an arm sling. Later, she tries to pet a cat, which bites her hand and only lets go when Sakaki inadvertently hits Kagura's face with it. Kagura removes it and tosses it aside. Kagura begins scaring away any cats near Sakaki until Sakaki says not to; she wants to face the problem herself. Pointed toward a nearby cat, Sakaki moves to pet it, and is bitten... but starts petting it with the other hand. Kaorin notices Sakaki at the arcade. Sakaki has been playing the crane game, but hides the cats of her labor, so Kaorin thinks she plays other kinds of games.
12 Chiyo-chan's Day / High School Friends / Lunch / Afternoon / Skipping Rope
"Chiyo-chan no Ichinichi / Kōkō no Tomodachi / Ohiru / Gogo / Nawatobi" (「ちよちゃんの1日」 「高校のともだち」 「お昼」 「ごご」 「なわとび」)
week of 2002-06-24 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Chio wakes up, fixes her lunch, wakes her parents, eats her breakfast, and then leaves for school. Chiyo learns from former elementary school classmates Miruchi and Yuka-chan that skipping rope is hot again. Sakaki walks with Chiyo but disappears when she sees a cat. Yomi asks Tomo if she recorded a show, but Tomo forgot. Students speculate on why teacher Yukari is late. Tomo guesses she is buying a game with a limited edition box. Sakaki is bandaged – she tried to pet the cat. Yukari arrives – Tomo was right. While Chiyo is at the board Osaka falls asleep, knocking things off her desk. Kimura breaks down when revealing that girls at another school sometimes attend homeroom in gym clothes or swimsuits. Chiyo, Osaka, Tomo, and Yomi eat lunch on the roof; Chiyo hold's Osaka's sleeve to make sure she does not do anything dangerous. Chiyo tries swimming in gym class without the kickboard, but Tomo (using the kickboard) runs over her. Cleaning up: Tomo is bad at sweeping; Osaka, while serious, is bad at dustpanning. After school, Chiyo does her homework before walking Tadakichi. Sakaki accompanies them. They see children skipping rope in the park. When the children leave, they leave the rope behind. Tadakichi holds one end in his mouth while Sakaki turns the other end so Chiyo can skip. Tomo crashes in from nowhere, followed by Yomi and Osaka. At 9:12 Chiyo turns her light out in preparation for sleeping; she wants to become an adult quickly so she can stay up later. Yomi reads at her desk, Tomo eats snacks while watching a funny television show, Osaka relaxes in the bathtub, Kagura plays a video game, and Sakaki reads on her bed with stuffed toy cats surrounding her.
13 Tactics without Guard / S / Midterms / Formation / Ability
"Nō Gādo Senpō / S / Chūkan Tesuto / Kessei / Nōryoku" (「ノーガード戦法」 「S」 「中間テスト」 「結成」 「能力」)
week of 2002-07-01 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Tomo and Yomi fight over whether Yomi should let Tomo borrow her math homework. They calm down because this upsets Chiyo, but when Tomo calls Yomi “idiot” the fight resumes. In response to Tomo’s statement “The persimmon next to us sure eats a lot of customers,” Yomi delivers a left uppercut instead of a correction. Tomo asks Yomi what is going to be on the English test. Osaka and Kagura would also like to know. Yomi calls them blockheads. Osaka and Kagura remain unconcerned until Tomo points out the “s” at the end and tells them that they are included. The blockheads decide to study everything but end up discussing Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Kagura borrows Sakaki’s notes. An animal is doodled in the margin, and Kagura draws arrows through it. Osaka asks Yukari a question, but it has nothing to do with English. Tomo decides to guess what will be on the test. According to her reasoning, “There’s an equal chance of either being correct or not!” She tells her classmates to learn page 32. It is not on the test. Kagura, Osaka, and Tomo do badly. They try to decide if the one with the lowest score is the greatest of the blockheads. Sakaki, Kaorin, Chihiro, Chiyo, and Yomi do well, but the blockheads claim victory because their scores combine to more than 100. Tomo decides to stop being a blockhead by getting the abilities of Sakaki (athletic) and Chiyo (genius). Osaka offers her abilities to be late for school and forget stuff. Tomo envisions the dramatic entrance that would come from the combination of these four abilities. Tomo discloses that the only time she really studied was for the entrance exam so she could go to the same high school as Yomi, who had told her that she couldn’t do it.
14 Shopping / Gathering / Sea! / Capturing Strategy / Adult's World
"Okaimono / Shūgō / Umii! / Hokaku Sakusen / Otona no Sekai" (「おかいもの」 「集合」 「うみー!」 「捕獲作戦」 「大人の世界」)
week of 2002-07-08 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Chiyo invites Osaka, Yomi, Kagura, Kaorin, Sakaki, and Tomo to the summer house, but Kaorin has astronomy camp and can’t come. Yukari invites herself. Chiyo and Osaka discover that two people shouldn’t ride on the same bike. They meet Tomo, who is shopping for an awesome swimsuit. Osaka takes too many tissue packets. Osaka confuses the escalator with the elevator. Sakaki arrives early the next morning so she can wait with Tadakichi. Since Chiyo was mentally damaged after riding in Yukari’s car the previous summer, she has asked her father to rent a van for Kurosawa to drive. At the terminal, Kaorin is sad that she can’t be with Sakaki, but Kimura tells her “You have me!” After arriving at the summer house, Tomo grabs the key from Chiyo and throws it into the nearby woods. Everyone except Yukari looks for the key. Chiyo finds it, and Yomi has Sakaki restrain Tomo while Chiyo opens the door. Tomo claims that 3-on-1 isn’t fair. At the beach, Tomo announce that she will break a watermelon with her deadly right hand, but before she can do so a blindfolded Kagura breaks it with a bat. Yomi takes requests for drinks but will not buy the beer Tomo asks for. By the time Yomi is back with Osaka’s orange juice, Osaka’s inner tube has drifted far from shore. Sakaki sculpts a cat with kitten in the sand and Osaka’s return destroys the artwork. Everyone changes into their yukatas for the summer festival. Kurosawa does not know how to wear one, but she does know how to tie a necktie, according to Yukari. Sakaki wins a cat with kitten toy at a shooting gallery and Kagura declares her a sniper. Back at the summer house, Yukari confiscates beer from Tomo. Kurosawa is afraid Yukari will tell secrets about her if she gets drunk, so she drinks Yukari’s sake. After drinking half the bottle of sake and several cans of beer, Kurosawa answers Tomo’s question about the relation between adult men and women. The next morning, Sakaki is embarrassed to meet Kurosawa, who wonders where Chiyo learned something. Yukari tells her, “From you.” Kagura, Osaka, Tomo, and Yomi enthusiastically and respectfully greet Kurosawa and thank her for information from the previous night.
15 Kimura's Family / Ya See, Ya See? / An Unexpected Mother? / Hardness / Results
"Kimura Ke no Hitobito / Mita Mita? / Mikakunin Okusan / Gachi Gachi / Kekka Happyō" (「木村家の人々」 「みたみた?」 「未確認奥さん」 「ガチガチ」 「結果発表」)
week of 2002-07-15 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yukari promises her class free drinks and Korean barbecue if they win the athletics festival. A photo falls out of Kimura’s pocket. He has a pretty wife. The girls are incredulous, but he shows them a photo of his family including his daughter. Shooting contest: Chiyo, Tomo, and Osaka have ambitious aspirations; Chiyo gets one ball in but the others do not. Ball-rolling event: Tomo rolls the gigantic ball over her partner Chiyo. Obstacle course: Osaka enjoys putting her face in flour but does not win. Kiba-sen: Tomo is the horseman, and the horse is made up of Yomi, Osaka, and Chiyo (!) even though Osaka threw late in Rock-Paper-Scissors; the horse collapses, partly because Osaka pretends to eat with chopsticks to figure out right from left, without confronting a horseman and horse from another class. Yomi and Chiyo are drinking juice to replenish the water they’ve lost, but according to Tomo they should just drink water because they’re supposed to get juice from Yukari after winning. Tomo uses an empty juice can to find out how good a person Kimura’s wife really is. Borrowing race: Chiyo needs to borrow “stupid” so she borrows Tomo. Three-legged race: Chihiro sprained her ankle, so Kaorin is partnered with Sakaki! 10km marathon: Yomi will use it to work off the calories from taiyaki. Tomo starts with a last spurt to take the lead, but she, Osaka, and Chiyo come in last. Sakaki and Kagura came in sixth and fifth, respectively, but Tomo is still proud of being first for the first kilometer. Yukari’s class wins the festival, but Tomo no longer wants juice after hearing Yukari taunting Kurosawa’s class. And apparently the 10km marathon was not so good for working off calories.
16 Combination / Advent / Cute / Order / Advertising Impact
"Kumiawase / Kōrin / Kawaii / Chūmon / Senden Kōka" (「組み合わせ」 「降臨」 「かわいい」 「注文」 「宣伝効果」)
week of 2002-07-22 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
For the culture festival, a haunted cafe (“a cafe where no one can drink peacefully”) is considered but decided against. Since the previous year’s stuffed animal exhibition was popular, the girls decide to create a stuffed animal cafe. Sakaki designs a daddy hat for the servers, but she wears a Neco Coneco (actually just the cat without the kitten) on her head. Chiyo wears a cute penguin costume. Yukari taunts Kurosawa for not having a cute student like Chiyo in her homeroom. Kimura wants a daddy hat like the one Kagura is wearing, and he pulls it on so his eyes are covered. He scares away customers by advertising the cuteness in an unappealing way. It is Kaorin’s hat; she is happy to wear a Neco Coneco like Sakari. Tomo volunteers to retrieve the hat, but Yomi notes that Tomo has been wandering around campus rather than serving customers. While on break, Osaka and Chiyo check out what the other classes are doing. Because the arms of Chiyo’s penguin costume are too short, Osaka must feed Chiyo her octopus cakes and taiyaki. When they return to the stuffed animal cafe, it is packed with customers who had noticed Chiyo’s cuteness. No more breaks.
17 Osaka's Scary Story / Feeling Different / December / Incredible Santa / Christmas Meeting
"Ōsaka no Kaidan / Kibun Tenkan / Shiwasu / Sugoi Santa / Kurisumasu Kai" (「大阪の怪談」 「気分転換」 「師走」 「すごいサンタ」 「クリスマス会」)
week of 2002-07-29 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After school, Chiyo invites Osaka to the bookstore, since she wants to buy a panda photo album, prompting Osaka to question whether a panda's fur is white on black or the opposite. After Yomi and Tomo are asked the same question, Osaka quickly changes the subject to mention something "scary" (which scares only Tomo) that happened to her the other day: she smelled a fart that did not come from her. The next day, when Yukari comes for class, she declares being tired of teaching only English and starts an impromptu P.E. class, after a frustrated attempt with math. She proposes a soccer match with her students, but after seeing her own ineptitude, she switches to dodgeball, in which Chiyo's teammates are knocked out one by one and, instead of hitting her, Tomo just teases by throwing the ball over her head. Later at the teachers' lounge, Yukari is checking an year-end catalog, musing over its contents, especially the Matsuzaka beef. At class, Kagura wants to know if Chiyo still believes in Santa Claus, getting into an argument with Tomo over Santa's abilities when she decides to ask Chiyo directly. She settles the matter by saying that Santa is her father, leaving Sakaki overly flustered. Then Tomo asks what would Yomi like for Christmas: she asks for a large sum of money, but Chiyo comes and says she wants the star from a Christmas tree in the station square, causing Tomo to tease Yomi for her greed. Then Kagura asks if reindeers exist, since Santa does not exist. Tomo is convinced that reindeers do not exist, though even Osaka proves her wrong. The night before Christmas, the girls get together to spend some time, eventually going to karaoke. There, everyone is amazed with Sakaki's talent at singing, but get quite the opposite impression of Yomi's singing.
18 Elated Yomi / Betrayal / Wakuwaku Wakuwaku / Companionship's End / Go
"Uki Yomi / Uragiri / Wakuwaku Wakuwaku / Nakama Hazure / Gō" (「うきよみ」 「裏切り」 「ワクワクワクワク」 「仲間はずれ」 「ゴー」)
week of 2002-08-05 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After the New Year's break, Yomi returns with stories from her recent trip to Hokkaido. Much to Tomo's displeasure, she boasts about the things she experienced such as the outdoor hot springs in Noboribetsu, the all you can eat crab buffet, and her first trip in an airplane. Throughout the day, Tomo has bad experiences (First, when she is trying to get milk tea, the machine pours the beverage without a cup under it, then when Yomi buys her own, she gets two cups. Then, during lunch, Tomo insists that Yomi will splatter her broth while she is eating noodles, but it backfires, and Tomo goes on a rampage, which ends in her accidentally hitting Ms. Yukari in the face with a lunch tray). After lunch, Osaka is seen reading a magazine of popular attractions. One of which being information on a new theme park, Magical Land. The group decides to go, and Yomi is extremely excited, but hides it. Tomo takes notice, and teases her about this. Yomi then goes out and buys a Magical Land guide book. She takes it to the park, and reads it until dark. She begins sneezing and returns home on a worry that she might catch a cold. The next day, Tomo gets a call from Yomi saying she can't go because she is sick. When Tomo tells everyone about Yomi being unable to go, Chiyo offers to go see her instead of them going to Magical Land. Tomo insists that they go, saying "It would only worry Yomi because she would think it was her fault we couldn't go." Whereas she wanted revenge against Yomi for the day before. So, everyone goes without Yomi. Yomi stays at home, and gets a call from Tomo about them going on a roller coaster, ironically while Yomi was thinking they would cancel the trip and surprise her. Later, Yomi gets another call from Chiyo, where she apologizes for her not being able to go, and says "You shouldn't fall asleep naked, bad girl!" This infuriates Yomi, and she insists to talk to Tomo (who told Chiyo to say that). Rather than put Tomo on, Yomi only hears yells of excitement. The next day, Chiyo goes to class with a souvenir for Yomi, only for her to open it to finda joke from Tomo, a mug with a picture of the friends on a roller coaster with an empty seat, showing Yomi's absence. Yomi then goes on a rampage, and later Chiyo gives her the intended souvenir, a snowglobe with the Magical Land mascot in the center atop a snow covered hill. Chiyo offers to go again, next time with Yomi, as Osaka points out that it is snowing, and everyone rushes outside to play. After a snowball fight, Yomi sneezes again, and the episode ends with her in bed with another cold.
19 Yawning Expert / Springtime of Life / Adult Cherry-Blossom Viewing / Child Cherry-Blossom Viewing / Cherry Blossom
"Akubi Meijin / Nanda ka Seishun / Otona no Hanami / Kodomo no Hanami / Sakura" (「あくび名人」 「なんだか青春」 「大人の花見」 「子供の花見」 「桜」)
week of 2002-08-12 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Several students are sleepy during Yukari’s English class (or sleeping like Yukari). During lunch Osaka opens a “Yawning Studio” with Tomo and Chiyo as students. They fall asleep and are late for Kurosawa’s P.E. class. The swim team only practices during the summer, but Kagura is training really hard because she wants to get into the nationals this year. She tells Sakaki, Yomi, Osaka, Tomo, and Chiyo that they belong to the “go home club” (the students who didn’t join any clubs). Chiyo goes out alone late at night to buy erasers at the convenience store. Luckily, Kagura comes along. Chiyo wishes she would grow up more quickly, but Kagura can’t imagine herself working or marrying someone. Yomi listens to a radio show while doing homework. Tomo comes in through the window. A letter is read on the air. Tomo infers that Yomi wrote it and is greatly amused. Yukari invited Kurosawa to go “flower watching” that evening, but they are doing it at a hotel bar. They meet Eiko who is now a section chief. She invites Kurosawa to apply for a position with one of the gyms her company owns. Kurosawa will not change jobs, which Yukari supports since she rides to school with Kurosawa. Eiko invites some guys from work to join them. Yukari apparently freaks them out. The two teachers decide to drink some more. Kurosawa thinks that maybe she should go through with the arrangement that her parents brought up involving a potential husband. The next day she yawns an awesome yawn!
20 Separation / Yukari's Birthday / Spread your wings Chiyo / Child President / Please Let Me Be Strong
"Betsuri / Yukari no Tanjōbi / Habatake Chiyo / Kodomo Daitōryō / Tsuyoku Ikite Kudasai" (「別離」 「ゆかりちゃんの誕生日」 「はばたけちよ」 「こども大統領」 「強く生きてください」)
week of 2002-08-19 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girls are finally seniors. A disadvantage is that they must now walk up three flights of stairs. They are still together in Yukari’s class, except for Kaorin (she was put in Kimura’s class). Tomo has a new hairstyle (shorter). Kurosawa’s class gets her a handbag for her birthday. This upsets Yukari, mostly because her class forgot her birthday (which is during spring vacation). The next day Yukari’s class gives her a present; at first Yukari thinks they want her to give it to Kurosawa. On her way to show off the present (also a handbag) to Kurosawa’s class, she is stopped by Kimura. Kagura remembers college exams are coming up, but Tomo thinks Kagura will get a sports recommendation. Tomo plans to join Interpol. Osaka wonders what police officers write in their notebooks. Chiyo plans to study at an American college, to which Kagura compares her to Kazuhiro Sasaki and Ichiro Suzuki. Tomo and Osaka then start considering that Chiyo might get caught and killed, but Sakaki tranquilizes them by mentioning that Chiyo's dad will come to her aid. Later after school, Tomo says that Chiyo might as well become President once studying in the USA, making Osaka fantasize about how would Chiyo's country be like, populated by many little lookalikes of her. Weight-conscious Yomi buys pork buns, but it’s all right since they have no sugar. Tomo, Yomi, and Chiyo meet some of Chiyo’s former classmates. They now wear sailor uniforms, which Chiyo never got to wear since she started high school at such an early age. Kaorin, being Kimura’s favorite, becomes class president. She is sad that she is no longer in the same class as Sakaki. However, since Kimura is going to be her homeroom teacher this year, she resolves to find his good points, after having a run-in with his wife, who had come to bring him lunch. One of his good points would be taking care of flowers, but he has labeled a bed of flowers “Kimurin & Kaorin’s Flower Garden.”
21 Anticipation / I Just Couldn't / Watery Grave / Island of Dreams / Mountain Cat
"Kitai / Itemo Tattemo / Umi no Mokuzu / Yume no Shima / Yama ni Sumu Neko" (「期待」 「いてもたっても」 「海の藻屑」 「夢の島」 「山にすむネコ」)
week of 2002-08-26 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yukari-sensei announces a school trip to Okinawa, and Chiyo is very excited to go, since she did not have the chance to go on any due to her skipping from grade school to high school. In the day of the trip, Kagura and Tomo express their nervousness about going by plane; Tomo worries that they might not take off with so many passengers aboard. Arriving at Naha, the girls immediately go sightseeing, first comparing the Shureimon to its depiction on 2000 yen bills, then to the Shuri Castle, where the shisa draw Osaka's attention. Arriving at the hotel, the girls decide to have their meals; upon finding that the hotel's restaurant is an all-you-can-eat buffet, Tomo starts competing with an all-out Yomi for who can eat more, while Osaka and Chiyo decide to go for chanpurū. The next day, the girls visit the Manzamou heights, which terrify Chiyo simply because of the height - even more so when Tomo recklessly raises her over the railing. Luckily, Sakaki saves Chiyo just as Tomo loses her grip. Later, everyone enjoys scuba diving, to which Kagura describes the experience as "incredibly fun". Afterwards, they shop for souvenirs at Kokusai-dōri, where Tomo provokes Yomi by repeating "Chinsukō" over and over again, while Chiyo and Sakaki buy toy shisa, and Osaka enjoys the sata andagi candy, unadvertently irritating Tomo just by repeating its name. The day after, as Kaorin asks Sakaki where she will be going, the latter notices she is wearing a shirt exactly like one Kimura is wearing (except for the color), much to her despair. Then the girls head to Iriomote, where Chiyo has made sightseeing plans. There, the warnings about Iriomote cats are taken a bit too much to heart by Osaka, since they tell bypassers to reduce speed. After Kagura jokingly says that an Iriomote cat might come out if Sakaki puts her hand out, indeed an Yamapikaryaa (the Okinawan name for Iriomote cats) cub appears from the nearby woods and starts staring at Sakaki who, after a long moment of nervousness, manages to successfully pet it (and even hug it) without being attacked, much to her own surprise and delight. However, she must tearfully part with him when the time to leave Okinawa comes, promising to herself to come again.
22 It's Nice / Tricked / Kurosawa-sensei / Attempted / It's Not Over Yet
"Naisu Desu yo / Damasareta / Kurosawa-sensei / Misui / Mada Owattenai" (「ナイスですよ」 「だまされた」 「黒沢先生」 「未遂」 「まだ終わってない」)
week of 2002-09-02 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As summertime comes, so does summer vacation. Tomo proposes that, this year, their trip to Chiyo's summer house is made with the intent to study for the entrance exams "in a quieter place". This year, also, Kaorin is able to accompany them. So, since the total now amounts to nine, they will have to split up between Nyamo's car... and Yukari's horribly battered car. Kaorin is initially frightened to board it, but nervously decides otherwise after Sakaki volunteers to go with Yukari, which leaves the girl just as traumatized as Chiyo. Upon arriving at the summer house, Tomo reveals her deception to Chiyo and everyone else: she lied about studying just to go to the beach and have a blast, though even Yukari enforces them to study through subtle advice. The girls take to their studies late that night: Tomo is frustrated that her plan was dashed, while Osaka asks of everything to everyone. Suddenly, Kagura asks Nyamo to help her with math and she, being a P.E. teacher, is unable to help and gets very nervous about it, prompting Yukari to show her up just by making a speech in English. The next morning, Kaorin tries to take pictures of Sakaki, but Tomo jumps in front of her camera every time. Later, as Osaka wakes up, she expresses, still sleepy, her desire to wake Yukari up by banging at a frying pan, but when she heads into Yukari's room, she has a knife in her hand, which scares the teacher out of her mind. When summer vacation ends, Tomo comes to class in a highly delusional, near-catatonic state, driven by her lack of motivation, in which Osaka soon joins her. Chiyo tries desperately to get them motivated, to no avail, until Kagura knocks both of them down (and Chiyo as well) to get them motivated. Later, Yukari comes to class much in the same state, causing Chiyo to react accordingly.
23 Chewed / Cheerleaders / I Didn't Think / We'll Run Together / United
"Kanda / Moriageyaku / Kangaetenakatta / Minna de Hashirimasu / Ichigan" (「かんだ」 「もりあげ役」 「考えてなかった」 「みんなで走ります」 「一丸」)
week of 2002-09-09 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
This year's sports festival is just around the corner, and Osaka is looking forward to the bun-eating race, which is one of the new events of the festival. As she wonders how the bun is hung from a string in the bun-eating race, Kagura inadvertently frightens her when she supposes a fish hook is used. Tomo asks Yukari to pay juice for everyone like last year, but this time, Yukari opposes, saying she does not really profit from betting with Nyamo. The day before the festival, Kagura is so fired up, she accidentally takes down the tent Chiyo and Yomi were setting up, so she feels responsible and gets to build it up again, along with Chiyo and Yomi (and Tomo, who really is not any help). Later at lunch, Yomi gets suddenly angry when Kagura points out that she has no fattening bias while preparing to eat a large katsudon dish, and again when Osaka says that she cannot stand eating so much. At the festival, the girls are excited as ever to participate, and when Yomi points out they still have to wear bloomers, Kimura suddenly springs up expressing his appreciation for girls in bloomers. Then the events start, among them a regular footrace (won by Sakaki), tug-o-war, ball-rolling (in which Tomo tramples Chiyo again), a costumed race (with Tomo as a police officer and Chiyo as a prisoner, which they win due to Tomo pushing all the competition out of their way) and the bun-eating race (in which Osaka lags behind because there are five different buns to pick from, and she only practiced with anpan buns, which make her thoroughly confused). For the cheerleading contest, Kaorin meets with Yomi and Chiyo wearing cheerleader uniforms, but her emotions shift drastically when Tomo mentions that Sakaki (as well as her and Kagura) will be wearing a gakuran (a male cheering squad uniform). Later, Chiyo worries that she may slow her team down for the relay race between classes, but is calmed down when reminded that Sakaki and Kagura are on her team. Tomo is the first racer of her class and, after starting ahead of the pack, she falls back before passing the baton to Yomi due to having used up her stamina since before the starting shot. Osaka's strategy of running with open arms (to stop others from passing her) fails, but Kagura later makes up for her lagging colleagues with her speed. Chiyo, on the other hand, despite giving her best, quickly falls behind, prompting a boy from another class to insult her. To make up for her friend, Sakaki speeds uncanningly ahead of the pack as soon as Chiyo hands her the baton. Unfortunately, Yukari stands as the anchor, and with Nyamo going up against her, she is guaranteed to lose... until Yukari tramples her down as soon as she is overtaken, making the 3-3 team finish last.
24 Career Path / Showdown / Let's Hurry / Popularity / Together with Maya
"Shinro / Taiketsu / Hayaku Ikō / Jinbō / Maya to Issho" (「進路」 「対決」 「はやくいこう」 「人望」 「マヤと一緒」)
week of 2002-09-16 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While browsing the Internet, Sakaki learns that the mother of the Iriomote cub she met in Okinawa died overrun by a car. Later on, at home, as she fills out a form for possible career choices, she thinks of applying for veterinarian, considering that she would have to move out and thus, have her own pets. Even though Kagura points out that cats don't seem to like her, Sakaki remains determined to have one when she goes off to live on her own. Later, on her way home with Chiyo-chan, they are ambushed by a pack of cats led by the black cat who always bites Sakaki's hand (which she calls Kamineko). As the cats charge at her, the Iriomote cub suddenly stands between them and Sakaki, and growls furiously, scaring all other cats away, just to fall ill soon after, prompting her and Chiyo-chan to make a run for the veterinarian where she usually takes Tadakichi to. As they wait, Chiyo-chan wonders how the orphaned cub managed to find Sakaki, who takes this as a sign. The doctor relieves them by saying that all it needs is to rest and be fed, but remarks its "resemblance" to an Iriomote cat. Sakaki throws him off by saying the cub is a mixed breed cat. Chiyo-chan then volunteers to take care of the cub while Sakaki, determined to give her all to take care of it (whom she baptized "Maya", after Yamamaya - one of the colloquial names of Iriomote cats), does not find her own place. Upon hearing of the news, the girls all decide to stop by Chiyo-chan's house to see Maya. While there, Osaka promptly sits under a kotatsu in Chiyo-chan's room for comfort, while Tomo uses Maya to tease Tadakichi, which earns her a bite in the hand from the kitten and harsh reprimands from Yomi. After the girls leave, Chiyo-chan offers Sakaki to sleep over so she can stay with Maya. They notice how Maya seems to treat Sakaki as a surrogate mother, as she shows Chiyo-chan her true colors.
25 Course Discussion / Pray for Success / Fight! / Study Session / Tomo and Osaka's Day of Fate
"Shinro Sōdan / Gōkaku Kigan / Faito / Benkyōkai / Tomo to Ōsaka Unmei no Hi" (「進路相談」 「合格祈願」 「ファイト」 「勉強会」 「ともと大阪 運命の日」)
week of 2002-09-23 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With the entrance exams nearby, everyone is focused in it... except, naturally, for Tomo, who goes out of her way to ask wordplay questions to Chiyo, greatly stumping her. But both of them are outmatched by Osaka, who manages to answer all questions correctly and cluelessly. She asks Chiyo what would be a suitable career for her, and is informed that she could be a teacher. Upon consulting Yukari for advice, she feels insulted and chews Chiyo out for "thinking she is an idiot". At Chiyo's house, later, the girls gather to study (or something like that). At New Year's Day, the girls gather at a temple to pray for their success in the entrance exams (Chiyo prays on behalf of her friends, since she won't make them due to choosing to study abroad). Tomo is mortified to get bad luck in her New Year's fortune but, upon meeting their teachers, Yukari informs them (belatedly enough) that the son of the temple keeper did not pass his entrance exams, so it would be useless to pray there. Before their entrance exams, Osaka comes up with a superstition to allow them all to pass: they each must split a pair of chopsticks perfectly in half, though she does not know how to do it until taught by Chiyo, who in turn gives them all lucky charms of her own. At another study session at Chiyo's house, she muses about how fast their high school period passed by them, and they are about to graduate. Kagura and Sakaki manage to pass their exams, but Tomo and Osaka do not. However, they still have another chance to make it, and thanks to Chiyo, they eventually do. With that, there is only a violently resolute Yomi left to pass her own exams.
26 First Graduation / A Thousand Emotions / Sadness / Our Old School / Everyone
"Hajimete no Sotsugyō / Bankan / Kanashimi / Bokō / Minna" (「初めての卒業」 「万感」 「悲しみ」 「母校」 「みんな」)
week of 2002-09-30 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Before the graduation ceremony, Osaka reveals to Chiyo that she suffers from allergies, so she has to keep tissues and eyedrops with her at all times. When she starts sneezing, Kagura finds it funny. Later, at the ceremony, Chiyo is presented with the prize of best academic performance, and brims with joy upon receiving a standing ovation started by Tomo and Osaka. When singing "Aogeba Toutoushi", the song that marks Japanese high school graduation, Chiyo is unable to hold back her tears upon remembering that she will have to leave her school behind. Later, Yukari comes into class devastated because she lost her wallet and, while handing out the diplomas, everyone starts contributing with money, though at low quantities (Tomo gives her only one yen and a half-priced hamburger ticket). She quickly changes her mood when Nyamo comes with her retrieved wallet, though. In each class, the reactions are different: Nyamo's students at 3-2 effusively congratulate her for all the work she had with them. At 3-4, Kimura bursts into tears when mentioning that the students will leave him company, which touches Kaorin until he points out that they will stay together forever, mortifying her. And at 3-3, Yukari receives a large flower bouquet, with each flower bought by one student, but spoils the mood when she loudly wonders which of the flowers will wither first. Afterwards, Kaorin asks Tomo to take a picture with Sakaki and demands a copy be sent to her, while Kagura thinks of taking a piece of furniture from the class as memory. Yukari explains that she already has her memories of high school to take with her. Chiyo proposes that everyone goes to Magical Land again, this time with Yomi, as a graduation trip. Yomi accepts, but feels insulted when Tomo points out that they should wait until her results come out, and also when Osaka "powers up" the charm Chiyo had given her. When leaving school, Chiyo takes her time to bid it farewell with one last bow. The day Yomi's results come, she is initially shocked when Tomo informs her she could not find her number at the lists, but when Yomi herself checks it, there it is. She too has been approved. Finally, as they all head for the station to Magical Land, Chiyo muses that, even after graduation, they will always be together.


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Original Soundtrack

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Music by: Masaki Kurihara
Opening theme for TV anime
"Soramimi Cake" (空耳ケーキ Soramimi Kēki?, lit. "Cake of Mishearing", translated by ADV as "Fancy Hearing Cake")
Ending theme for TV anime
"Raspberry Heaven"
  • Performed by: Oranges & Lemons
  • Music by: Yōko Ueno, lyrics by Aki Hata.
Other songs for TV anime
Performed by Oranges & Lemons, music by Masaki Kurihara, lyrics by Aki Hata
  • "Glasses of a Star" (星のめがね Hoshi no Megane?)
  • "Weepin' Rains"
  • "A Morning Glow Track" (朝焼け線路 Asayake Senro?)
  • "Moi Moi"
  • "Colour March of Wind" (風の色マーチ Kaze no Shiki Māchi?)
Ending theme for "Short Movie"
  • Performed by: Tomoko Kaneda
  • Music by: Hikaru Nanase, lyrics by Masaaki Taniguchi

The two soundtracks to the anime were released in the United States by Geneon.[1]


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