This is a list of episodes from the anime series Ask Dr. Rin!.

Theme Songs

Opening theme
Ending Theme
  • "Dare Yori (More Than Anyone)" by Ai Maeda (AiM)
2nd Ending Theme
  • "Kimi to no Mirai (Future With You)" by Ai Maeda (AiM)

List of episode

# Title Original airdate
1 The Rumored Feng-Shui Master!
"Uwasa no Tensai Fūsuisha!" (ウワサの天才風水師!)
5 @ March 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The story begins with the protagonist Meirin Kanzaki prosecuting a magical girl dream sequence prior to finding that she has overslept and thus must rush to bootstrap herself for her daily school commute complete with a demonstration of the divination ritual Meirin uses to call upon her Feng Shui powers. An exhibition of Meirin's home life and classmates gives way to Meirin encountering consecutive mishaps throughout the school day whenever she tries to approach Asuka; the divination ritual signaling a yellow watering can prior to the home commute becomes the ironic deus ex machina for Meirin to finally make time with Asuka after she intercedes for him to avert a construction accident and ultimately have demonstrated that there is more than one way to read a premonition.
2 Extracurricular Class of Heart-Pounding Love!
"Koi no Doki Doki Kagaijūgyō!" (恋のドキドキ課外授業!)
12 @ March 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A whistle blast of great volume and proximity on the part of Meirin's pet monkey Tenshin shocks Meirin into bootstrapping herself for her school commute to a day of proximity to Asuka who is none too thrilled with the idea and initiates speculative analytical concourse as he questions Meirin's prediction. This sets the stage for Meirin to misunderstand the relationship Asuka has with her friend Yue during the urban historical expository research charged to her group. The ambiance is further soured when Meirin finds that Tenshin has decided to help himself to her lunch while stowing away; a medley lunch and a quick bit of customer service later, Meirin resumes her search for Tenshin before Asuka decides for reinforcements. Ironically, Takashi Tokiwa ultimately serves as the deus ex machina for locating Tenshin and Meirin making time with Asuka after a last-minute high-altitude rescue along with demonstrating why the word »assume« is spelled the way it is.
3 Love Panic with the Transfer Student!
"Tenkōsei de Rabu Panikku!" (転校生でラブぱにっく!)
19 @ March 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Meirin updating her website with the results of another divination prior to the inception of another ordinary school day becomes the preamble of Takashi Tokiwa transferring into her class. The awkwardness visited upon Meirin for already having a prologue with Takashi quickly gives way to several exhibitions of his athletic and academic prowess much to the delight of the girls; still, Meirin is shocked to find that Takashi is too good to be true when she sees his technique for interceding against a wayward soccer pass and claims her as his prize against her will. Shuuko showing off her concert tickets after cheering up Meirin ironically ignites Takashi's cyber-bullying Meirin into abandoning Asuka for him; unfortunately, things get worse when Shuuko's tickets turn up missing the next morning. Asuka's intercession and escort home on Meirin's behalf prompt Takashi to entrap Shuuko in a chemical fire at school whose only escape is ultimately because of Meirin rushing to the rescue and Asuka breaking an outside window.
4 Giant Crisis on the Bus with Shikigami!
"Shikigami Basu de Dai Pinchi!" (式神バスで大ピンチ!)
26 @ March 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Takashi fumes over his recent defeat and redoubles his efforts to conquer Asuka, Meirin is coming to grips that her hakke crystal has been an active deus ex machina in recent events as she has it explained what shikigami are along with the onmyouji who control them. Resolving to defeat Takashi's mortal designs for him, Meirin prosecutes several panicked intercessions to protect Asuka that meet with scant success and gratitude only to find that Asuka can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Takashi on his own -- even if it is only on the soccer field. Meirin replies Asuka's injunction against proximity and association with Takashi by offering him several pink-colored items only to have them angrily repulsed to Takashi's delight when he animates another shikigami that wields Tenshin to infect the coach Asuka has to avail the morning of the game. In spite of Meirin stowing her hakke into Asuka's bag ironically becoming the deus ex machina that saves Asuka and Tenshin, Takashi ultimately succeeds in sidelining Asuka because of the inordinate time frame consumed by the ordeal.
5 A Round of Crisis in a Girl's Feelings!
"Otomegokoro Kiki Ippatsu!" (乙女心危機イッパツ!)
2 @ April 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Asuka recuperates in the hospital devastated about how he was unjustly deprived of playing in the soccer match, Meirin's brother Koumi notes the diminished commerce the »Dr. Rin« website has been experiencing as of late because of the Onmyou fortune tellers at Nikumo Temple. Against the backdrop of Asuka's attempted murder with the bus, there is not a lot to argue against this naturally being another of Takashi's traps -- a fact thus confirmed by Takashi himself. Asuka's friend Daisuke Shinagawa accidentally hits a nerve with Meirin with some tactless speculation; the irony of this sequence is that Meirin has it hinted who the cyber-bully is while Shuuko wielding Daisuke in her visit to the Temple sets the stage for Meirin to learn a traumatic truth about Takashi. After delivering a »You thoroughly disgust me!!!« slap across the chops, Meirin demands of Takashi his motives for attacking Asuka who ultimately becomes the deus ex machina for Meirin's successful escape; unfortunately, Meirin's newfound insight does not include a way to diffuse the threat of Takashi's continued attacks short of capitulating to his coercion.
6 False Lover
"Itsuwari no Koibito" (いつわりの恋人)
9 @ April 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Even with her »romance« with Takashi now community discourse among the Seika Middle School student body, there are more problems than solutions when Yue and Shuuko are visibly anguished at the toll Meirin is forced to bear in order to sustain the mirage as she fails to realize that Takashi is far too driven by his vendetta with Asuka for her appeasement to matter. Frustrated at Asuka's obliviousness to his culpability, Yue and Shuuko deliver a jolt of insight to the locomotive that prompts Asuka to race off after Meirin for answers only to find that Meirin is in just as much danger as he is. The hakke becomes the ironic deus ex machina by it hinting that Takashi is not his own master and becoming the vehicle by which Meirin can finally come clean with Asuka; unfortunately, the kiss he and Meirin were kept from sharing pales in comparison to the vengeful Takashi.
7 Decisive Battle After School!
"Kessen no Hōkagu Batoru!" (決戦の放課後バトル!)
16 @ April 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Meirin's enthusiastic greeting as she delivers Asuka a homemade lunch at school commute inception while teasing him about their near-kiss in view of their respective family governments gives way to Daisuke escorting him to morning practice as the vengeful Takashi looks on. Just as Meirin is about to explain things to Shuuko and Yue, Takashi accosts her about the sentimental moment that she had with Asuka at her house with such ferocity that possession by an evil spirit is not contra-indicated; it is not long before Asuka rushes to Meirin's rescue and for the necessity of bearding the lion in its den to manifest itself during the home commute as Asuka sets course for the Nikumo Temple with Tenshin after escorting Meirin home. The ultimate irony is that Takashi easily wields this to his advantage as he makes short work of Asuka and Tenshin prior to stealing Meirin's hakke as he abducts Meirin herself into a shotgun wedding unless Asuka can somehow turn the tables and rush to the rescue.
8 Wake Up, Dragon God! Shinsenron!
"Mezameyo Ryūjin! Shinsenron!" (目覚めよ龍神!シンシェンロン!)
23 @ April 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Asuka's consecutive emphatic egress endeavors having met with failure, Tenshin then tries his fortunes and finds the rope bucket so that Asuka can ascend out of the well; a brief stopover to retrieve the hakke later, Asuka and Tenshin arrive just in time to prevent Takashi from exporting into Meirin the demonic apparition controlling him. There is no time for Meirin to exult her emancipation as the enraged apparition is not about to capitulate after being successfully exorcised out of Takashi -- especially since it has erected a barrier that twists the cavern space in on itself. Tenshin takes it upon himself to retrieve the hakke while Asuka tries to distract the apparition; unfortunately, even Takashi recovering himself to intercede as the apparition tries to envelop Meirin does nothing to turn the tide. The deus ex machina to ultimately save the day is set in motion when Asuka and Takashi set aside their differences to dispel the barrier while Tenshin recovers the hakke so that Meirin can marshal the confidence necessary to actively summon her dragon guardian Shin Shen-long and finish off the apparition -- mere child's play compared to the necessity of adapting to Takashi's normal personality.
9 Papa's Epic Feng-Shui Battle!
"Papa no Fūsui Daisaku Ikusa!" (パパの風水大作戦!)
30 @ April 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
An afternoon television exhibition of Meirin's father Shou obfuscates the dangerous opportunity the Gekiazi Foods CEO visits upon him to ensure the success of some important negotiations using his feng-shui; if successful, the CEO promises to finance a prime-time documentary to increase Shou's fan base. It is not long before it becomes evident that arranging the circumstances for successful crucial negotiations is logistically easier said than done with speculation and unrealistic expectations flying around regarding the epilogue. As Meirin and Koumi have been dreading, Shou's overconfidence polluting his feng-shui instigates the CEO's misapplication of the counsel to wear something pink. Now humbled after ignoring Meirin's warning against traveling south, the CEO again exhorts Shou's assistance. Unwilling to leave town with her family if Shou botches things, Meirin also gets into the act with her feng-shui. The deus ex machina that ultimately saves the day lies in Meirin's earlier divination of Shou having a rough trip to the Gekiazi office building; unfortunately, Meirin's successful intercession does nothing to curb Shou's ego.
10 Cute Shikigami! Here Comes Nanao!
"Kawaii Shikigami! Nanao Sanjō!" (カワイイ式神!七尾参上!)
7 @ May 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Takashi prosecutes an unsuccessful summoning ritual, Meirin's mother Emika is surprised to find an onmyou ofuda in place of the fried tofu she wanted to use in the miso soup. Tenshin explaining Meirin his discovery of Takashi's wayward vulpine shikigami Nanao making a hasty retreat gives way to Yue and Shuuko explaining that Nanao has been stealing fried tofu all over town. The sequence that follows Takashi taking the day off from school illustrates the current relationship Takashi practices with Nanao and prompts Meirin to investigate the epilogue; some teasing of Meirin's crude dimensions and some fruitless divergent concourse later, Nanao proposes a trial that plays on Takashi's three worst fears with his perpetual proximity as the prize as he explains his prologue with Takashi who ultimately demonstrates that action speaks louder than words when he conquers his fears and acknowledges the necessity of Nanao's proximity.
11 Shinagawa the Man's Love in Full Bloom!
"Otoko Shinagawa Rabu Mankai!" (オトコ品川ラブ満開!)
14 @ May 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Meirin and Shuuko cheer at Asuka and Takashi in action during soccer practice, Daisuke grouses at his poor fortune as he wonders if there is a way that he can have a piece of the glory pie from Yue; ironically, Daisuke reads as his second chance Yue declaring the necessity of the ornamental paper ball coordinator only to find that the circumstantial logistics have become a bitter and relentless adversary. Daisuke initially makes headway with the ball in spite of his mom loudly and aggressively coercing his assistance with the store but realizes that he will end up dropping the ball if he cannot work on it at night and calls upon Dr. Rin for her counsel to this end. Between Daisuke's misapplication of Dr. Rin's counsel and his mother defeating it, Daisuke has it driven home that the ornamental paper ball task is too much for him alone in spite of his sincere and well-intentioned efforts; a protracted nocturnal labor session alongside Asuka and Meirin later, Daisuke ultimately completes the ball and even adds in lots of cherry blooms as an extra bonus thanks to Nanao's deus ex machina counsel.
12 Mysterious! Tarot Labyrinth
"Fushigi! Tarotto Rabirinsu" (不思議!タロットラビリンス)
21 @ May 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
13 Invincible Friendship Rainbow!
"Muteki no Yūjō Reinbō!" (無敵の友情レインボウ!)
28 @ May 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
14 Special Love Ring!
"Ai no Tokusetsu Ringu!" (愛の特設リング!)
4 @ June 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
15 Victory is Pink, Pink, Pink!
"Shōri no Pinku! Pinku! Pinku!" (勝利のピンク!ぴんく!Pink!)
11 @ June 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
16 Heart-Pounding, Dangerous Live Broadcast!
"Tokimeki Abunai Namahōsō!" (トキメキあぶない生放送!)
18 @ June 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
17 Dreaded Meeting at School!?
"Kyōfu, Gakkō no Kaidan!?" (恐怖、学校のカイダン!?)
25 @ June 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
18 Last Trap of the Battle!
"Ikusaritsu no Rasuto Torappu!" (戦りつのラストトラップ!)
2 @ July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
19 Time to Change Your Heart!
"Toki wa Nate Yua Hāto!" (ときはなてユアハート!)
9 @ July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
20 Temptation of a Heart-Pounding Date!?
"Yūwaku no Harahara Dēto!?" (誘惑のハラハラデート!?)
16 @ July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
21 Glittering Great Reversal of Star Trap!
"Hoshi no Wana Kirameki no Taigyakuten!" (星の罠きらめきの大逆転!)
23 @ July 2001 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}


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