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Lights Out is the 9-volume manhwa written by Lee Myung-jin, the author of Ragnarok. This manhwa is about the high school student Nam Gung Geon, a violent transfer student from the Chi Jon High School to Puk Ye High School. His life is changed by meeting Min Seung-Ah, the land-lady of the inn named Fate, granddaughter of the inn owner, and also a beautiful girl. In the last of the story, Geon meets many friends such as Sin Na-Rae, Kim Mi-Na, Ji-Ae, Kim Tae-Min, Son Seo-Ho, etc. and many girls have a crush of him because he wins the 2nd award of the Motor Grandprix.

Character Introduction

Fate Inn

  • Nam Gung Gun

The hero of the story. He was too violent but now he learns the power is not all for a man, the love is needed. He learns what the friendship is. He now is one of the popular people of Seoul for the 2nd reward of the Motor Grandprix and his unbelievable strength.

  • Min Seung-Ah

The heroine of the story. She is the granddaughter of the owner of the inn Fate. She is so pretty, clever, soft and good-cooking. She and Gun after all is a couple.

  • Kim Tae-Min

He is the closest friend of Gun in Puk Ye High School. He is the son of the President of the Galaxy Community. He sometimes acts like a fool with the bamboo-hat and suddenly changes when removing the hat.

  • The Inn Owner Min

Grandpa of Seung-Ah.

  • So Deong-Re

A pervert guest of the Inn. He sometimes fools Gun with "some tricks".

Puk Ye High School

  • Sin Na-Rae

Close friend of Seung-Ah. She is called the Puk-Ye Radar web.

  • Kim Mi-Na

First she was an experienced thief. Then she stops the thief-work and has a crush to Geon. But later, she and Tae-Min is a couple.

  • Kim Tae-Min (see above)
  • Son Seo-Ho

The boyfriend of Na-Rae. He's also best friend of Tae-Min and Geon.

  • Kang Eun-Hee

The chief of Puk Ye. He hates his girlish name so that he will kick ass all the "fools" who call him by his fullname. His partners almost call him by Big Brother Kang. He has some junior partners such as the Puk-Do brothers.


In 1997, Korean Software Developer T.G. Entertainment produced a game adaption to the manhwa for PC, which was only published in South Korea. It's a side-scrolling beat 'em up.