Leigh-Allyn Baker (born April 3, 1972) is an American Actress best known as Amy Duncan on the Disney Channel Original Series, Good Luck Charlie.

Personal Life

Baker, born in Murray, Kentucky, is the daughter of Mike and Vicki Baker. She has one brother, Chuck Baker, the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Kentucky Lake Oil Company.

Baker is a resident of Los Angeles, and spends her free time with her husband and their son, Griffin.[1]


Baker has done voice work in video games for the Star Trek and X-Men franchises, and guest starred in television shows such as That '70s Show, Early Edition and Yes, Dear. She also starred in the short-lived 1996 sitcom The Last Frontier.

Baker is also known to television audiences for her recurring roles as Hannah Webster in the first season of Charmed, and as Ellen, the long-time friend of Grace Adler on Will & Grace, which she played since the show began in 1998 through to its last season in 2006. She is also known for currently providing the voice of Abby in the animated series Back at the Barnyard.

In late 2008, Baker appeared on several episodes of Hannah Montana playing Mickey, a morning show host. She is currently co-stars as Amy Duncan in the original Disney Channel sitcom, Good Luck Charlie.

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