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Legendary Emperor VI Promo

The Legend of Emperors is Drawn and Scripted by Wong Yuk Long or better known as Tony Wong. In Malaysia, this title is renamed into "Alam Perwira" which means "World of Warriors". Emperor Legends starts with the quest of China's First emperor of Zhou Dynasty "Duke Ji Fat".

The second series then portrays the life of Emperor Shi Huang-Ti of the Qin Dynasty.

Third continuation tells the story of emperor Liu Bang of Han Dynasty. A conqueror by the name Xiang Yu challenges Liu Bang to a big scale war. Though Xiang Yu owns the very powerful Storm Sword, he was later defeated when Liu Bang acquires the Sky Sword which is bound for the True Emperor.

The Fourth arc focuses on story of Emperor Li Shi Min of Tang Dynasty.

Fifth series takes a twist on the life of Emperor Zhao Kuang Yin of Song Dynasty. He later clashes with his sworn brother Long Ge Er who happens to be the secret successor of both the Tang Dynasty and the Buddha Palm Fist. However, Ge Er remained as a spectator when Zhao had his final battle with Xiang Wu Hen, descendent of the past conqueror Xiang Yu. Both Zhao and Wu Hen is known to be affected by the soul of Xiang Yu whom escaped Hell. This title is also known as Raja-Raja Perwira which means "Heroic Kings".

The Sixth, and Probably the Last tells the journey of China's Last Emperor Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty.

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