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Lagoon Engine Einsatz (ラグーンエンジン アインザッツ Ragūn Enjin Ainzattsu?, romanized as Lagūnenjin Einsatz in Japan) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukiru Sugisaki that has appeared in Newtype USA since October 2004. In July 2005 an announcement was made that ADV Manga would be distributing the series as graphic novels starting November that year,[1] one volume has been released so far. It has been suggested that this series is related in some way to the manga series Lagoon Engine by the same author,[2] but no official statement has been made by the author or publishers to support this idea.


File:Lagoon Engine Einsatz.jpg

Scan from Newtype USA

Daisuke Kataoka writes of the series,

An unknown world in the distant past... The people of this ancient world once prospered in the warm embrace of the gods, but they forgot those who blessed them and filled their hearts with greed. Their vulgar hubris made a mockery of the gods, forcing them from their place in the heavens. Now, the gods are no longer kind. Raining death and destruction upon the people, these fallen deities threaten to consume the world...[3]

in Newtype USA's August 2004 issue.


Scions and Attendants

  • Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria - Sakis is a 13-year-old girl, a Scion, and Conductor of the Sky Knights. As a Lagoonarian, she is capable of choosing which gender she will become and like all Scions, she has the "flames of the gods" running in her veins. Sakis intends to become a male and take the role of King over Lagoonaria after her father.
  • Cloche Herzgil Lagoonaria - Cloche is Sakis' older sister. Her duty is to become a woman and pass the flames of the gods, the blood of the royal family of Lagoonaria, onto the next generation.
  • Zwau Herzgil Lagoonaria - Zwau, the father of Sakis and Cloche, is the dying king of Lagoonaria. He's been consumed by the flames of the gods that burn within all Scions. Although opposed to throwing his young daughter into such hardships, he will relinquish the throne to Sakis once she becomes a man. His death is only prolonged by the purifying waters that are constantly placed into his body.
  • Voyse Granc Leiberk - Voyse is an oracle and the foremost magic user on the continent. He is very knowledgeable due to his high level of education and serves as a trainer and attendant to the Scion. He usually accompanies Sakis on outings, offering assistance and counsel as needed.

The Lagoonaria Sky Knights

  • Izar Neele - Izar is commander of the Sky Knights. He joined when he was around 16 or 17 and advanced to his current position by the age of 20. He is somewhat unsociable but very impressive with a sword and is rumored to have instructed the young Sakis in swordplay.
  • Dosh Skeitner - Dosh is an airman and appears to be the oldest of the Sky Knights. He also seems to have known the commander the longest and is Izar's right-hand man.
  • Lugo Callias - Lugo is a helmsman and handles the ship's rudder with the skill of a top-class pilot. He is the newest member of the Sky Knights.
  • Zwan Hausen - Zwan is an airship navigator and rumored to come from one of the oldest and respected families in Lagoonaria.
  • Reitzog D. Quarz - As an assistant engineer, Reitzog is run ragged by the master engineer, he spends his days performing endless maintenance on the Skyships. It's said that he comes from an established family of airship technicians living outside of Lagoonaria.

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