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Ultimate!! Pervert Mask (究極!!変態仮面 Kyūkyoku!! Hentai Kamen?) is a comedy manga series originally run in the shōnen anthology magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump between 1992 and 1993 created by Keishuu Ando. Running for 52 chapters, it tells the tale of a young martial artist who transforms into a bizarre hero of justice by wearing a pair of panties on his head. The series returned by way of School Rumble author Jin Kobayashi with the special one-shot Kaettekita Hentai Kamen (帰ってきた変態仮面?) in the magazine Jump Square in 2008.


Kyosuke Shikijō is a high school student skilled in kenpo but slightly incompetent with girls, to the point that his interaction with them makes him get into painful situations. One day, he saves a girl named Aiko Himeno from bullies, whom he's immediately smitten with. When she is taken hostage as part of a bank robbery by a group of criminals, Kyosuke is forced to take a disguise in order to save her without being recognized by the crooks. (after an earlier incident where he reveals himself on a megaphone) But when he accidentally puts a pair of panties over his head instead of a normal mask, he undergoes a transformation: due to the perverted genetics of his mother (an S&M worker), he is able to awaken the full 100% latent potential of his body! Running out with nothing but the panties and a pair of underwear on a near nude body, Kyosuke, now christening his masked self as Hentai Kamen, uses his power and perversion to defeat the criminals and save Aiko. However, his troubles have only begun....