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Kerokero Ace (ケロケロエース Kerokero Ēsu?) is a Japanese shōnen manga magazine published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten. The magazine is aimed at boys between 9 to 15 years old. It is directly focused on the Sgt. Frog series and other works promoted by Bandai such as Gundam. The magazine contains manga comics, computer game reviews, merchandise promotions and gifts.


The magazine is focused primarily on the series Sgt. Frog, containing features, promotions and a new manga. The manga sees Keroro and his allies sent to an alien world which resembles feudal Japan. They are tasked with attempting to bring order to it.

The magazine's secondary focus is Gundam. Similar to Sgt. Frog, the magazine contains much promotion of its related merchandise and four of the comics running are Gundam titles. These include an adaptation of the television series Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the latest chapter of SD Gundam and GPEX Gunpla Extreme, in which humans use special gadgets to shrink down and turn Gundam models into working miniature mecha.

The remainder of titles printed in the magazine alternate between comedy adventure gag comics and further promotional tie ins.


These manga series are carried by the magazine.

Connection to other publications

Due to its role of promoting Bandai projects, the title is linked to similar magazines such as Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby. The title also includes popular comics which run in Gundam Ace; it is also a special edition of Gundam Ace.


Similar to many children's magazines, Kerokero Ace often includes 'gifts' to increase interest. Such items are usually linked to the comics running within the title or exclusive collectables. Items offered have included Haro digital watches, Keroro stickers and kaiju trading cards.

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