Kenta Miyake (三宅 健太 Miyake Kenta?) (born August 23, 1977 in Okinawa, Japan)[1] is a male seiyū who is affiliated with 81 Produce. He is 181 centimeters tall (5"11') and weighs 71 kilograms. His blood type is A. His interests include judo.[2]

He is known for his unusually low voice (especially at his age).

After the death of Hirotaka Suzuoki in 2006, Kenta took over the role of Giovanni (Sakaki) during Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. He has since expanded this role into the new series, Pokemon Best Wishes. As well as voicing Giovanni, Kenta also provides the vocals for Ash's Donphan in the original Japanese version of the cartoon as well as the English-language dub.

Voice roles

Television animation

Drama CD

  • Love Neko (Toshiaki)


Theater animation


Dubbing roles



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