Kenichi Yoshida (吉田 健一 Yoshida Ken'ichi?, born November 23, 1969 in Kumamoto Prefecture) is a Japanese animator and illustrator. He is a graduate of Tokyo Designer Gakuin College.[1] He is a member of Japan Animation Creators Association (JAniCA).[1]


Upon joining Studio Ghibli in 1990, Yoshida worked on Only Yesterday and Porco Rosso.[1][2] In 1999, he left Studio Ghibli to become freelance.[1][2] Currently, he is focusing on working on Sunrise and Bones works.[1] He is good friends with fellow animator Akira Yasuda (Akiman) and has collaborated with him in numerous productions.[1]

In 2005, he was awarded the individual prize in the 10th Animation Kobe awards.[1][3] In 2006 at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, he was given the character design award for his work in Eureka Seven.[1][4]


TV anime


Web anime




  • edge - a collection of paintings (2004; illustrations)
  • Shangri-La (2004-2005; illustrations)
  • Kozue Takada's CD single Himitsu Kichi (2005; jacket illustrations)



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