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Cover of the first volume Limited Lovers

Keiko Yamada (山田 圭子 Yamada Keiko?) is a female manga artist, who has had all three of her serial manga picked up for English translation (though Limited Lovers remains untranslated).

Her first piece, a one-shot, was about old-style talking demons[1]. She is most known for her manga VS (also known as 'Versus'[2]), which has been noted for its unusual premise, in that it centres around violinists.[3]Template:Rs

Yamada is also known for her distinctive drawing style which exaggerates elements of classic manga style, a style similar to that of the manhwa Chocolat, illustrated by Geo. The watercolour-like quality of her coloured work has also been praised[4].


  • VS (バーサス Bāsasu?, "Versus") (published in Princess Comics, licensed by DC Comics/CMX, 7 volumes)
  • Go Go Heaven!! (ゴーゴーヘブン!! Gō Gō Hebun!!?) (DC Comics/CMX)
  • Limited Lovers (リミテッド・ラヴァーズ Rimiteddo Ravazu?) (2004-ongoing, 3 volumes)

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