Kazuya Tatekabe (たてかべ和也, 立壁和也 Tatekabe Kazuya?, July 25, 1934 – June 18, 2015) in Kimobetsu, Hokkaidō, was a veteran Seiyū. He was currently represented by Kenyu Horiuchi's Kenyu Office.

He was most known for the roles of Jaian (Doraemon), Walsa (Time Bokan), and Tonzura (Yatterman) until his death from acute respiratory failure.


In 1979, he was cast in the second Doraemon anime as a strong and quick-tempered local bully who can fight at any time and with any kid he sees, especially Nobita, alongside co-stars Nobuyo Ōyama (Doraemon), Noriko Ohara (Nobita Nobi), Michiko Nomura (Shizuka Minamoto) and Kaneta Kimotsuki (Suneo Honekawa) for 26 years after the end of the 1979 series, he handed his role over to Subaru Kimura as (Takeshi Gouda - Jaian) on April 15, 2005.


In 1977, he was cast in the first Time Bokan series of Yatterman as a short, muscular, squat man with a severe overbite and facial stubble. He reprised his role, alongside co-stars Noriko Ohara (Doronjo) and Jōji Yanami (Boyacky), in 2008, he reunited with Ohara and Yanami to reprise their roles for the 2008 adaptation. The sole exception being the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes game released by Capcom for Wii in 2008, in which the role he reprised for his lifetime, he appeared along with Ohara except Yanami and creator Hiroshi Sasagawa in the Live-action film adaptation of the series and a customer of the restaurant run by the Dorombo Gang.

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