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Kazushi Hagiwara (萩原一至 Hagiwara Kazushi?, born April 4, 1963) is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating the manga Bastard!!. He originally began as an assistant to hentai manga artist Dirty Matsumoto, and then as an assistant to manga artist Izumi Matsumoto in the production of Kimagure Orange Road, creating his own stories in his spare time. He debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump with a short story, Binetsu Rouge, in 1987. He had a strong influence on Yoshihiro Togashi. He has also supervised, co-written and illustrated three Bastard!! related novels for the Jump! J Books imprint.

His group of assistants are called Studio Loud In School. They regularly publish a best-selling doujinshi, Wonderful Megadeth, as well as various doujinshi featuring popular fighting games such as Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter and various Capcom games.


  • Bastard!!
  • Wizard!!: Bakuen no Seifukusha
  • Virgin Tyrant

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