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Kaoru Mori (森薫 Mori Kaoru?, born 18 September 1978) is a Japanese manga artist from Tokyo. She is the creator of popular manga such as Shirley, and Emma. Her work is typically set in Britain, and centers on characters who are maids. She also writes dōjinshi under the penname Fumio Agata (県 文緒?).[1]

Mori is not only famous for her storytelling and art, she is also famous for her unflattering self-portraits, usually an outline for a body, and a head with wild hair. She is also shy of making public appearances or giving interviews in person.[1]

It has been announced that the author will be publishing a two-installment spinoff of Shirley in Fellows!, where her latest work Otoyomegatari is also being serialized.[2]


  • Emma (エマ Ema?) - 10 volumes in total
  • Shirley (シャーリー Shārī?) - ISBN 4-7577-1313-4, Release date: February 2003
  • Otoyomegatari (乙嫁語り?) - Serializing in Enterbrain's bimonthly manga magazine Fellows! since October 2008.
File:Emma full page.JPG

Emma, the main character in Emma


  • Violet Blossoms (すみれの花 Sumire no Hana?) - Art; story by Satoshi Fukushima.



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