Kaori Mizuhashi (水橋 かおり Mizuhashi Kaori?, born August 28, 1974 in Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan) is a seiyū who is employed by Arts Vision. Her debut was in 1998 with the game First Kiss Story.

Notable voice roles

TV anime


Video games


  • Starting with La Pucelle, Kaori Mizuhashi has been a notable voice actor in every Nippon Ichi-developed SRPG, providing the voice for a main character or someone close to the main character as well as any cameo appearances. Her roles include Culotte (La Pucelle), Laharl (Disgaea), Marona (Phantom Brave), Pram (Phantom Kingdom), Hanako (Disgaea 2), and Shauna (Soul Cradle).

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