Kōhei Miyauchi (宮内 幸平 Miyauchi Kōhei?, August 4, 1929 - June 2, 1995) was a veteran Japanese seiyū born in Kagoshima Prefecture. His real name was Takayuki Miyauchi (宮内 孝幸 Miyauchi Takayuki; not to be confused with the theme song vocalist of the same name) and his nickname was "Miya-chan". On June 2, 1995, Miyauchi died on his hospital bed at the Nihon University Itabashi Hospital from abdominal varices. At the time of Miyauchi's death, he was represented by Aoni Production.

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Video games

  • Hokuto no Ken for Sega Saturn and PlayStation (Jūkei)
  • Policenauts (Victor Jurgens)



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