Junkers Come Here (ユンカース・カム・ヒア Yunkāsu Kamu Hia?) is an anime movie about a girl, Hiromi Nozawa, and her miniature Schnauzer, Junkers (pronounced Yoon-kers).

Hiromi appears on the outside to be a mature, resilient girl, but on the inside she feels like she's falling apart. She hardly sees her parents at all, as they are always busy with work. Then she learns that her parents are considering a divorce and she may have to make the heartrending choice of deciding which parent to live with. On top of that, Hiromi's tutor, Keisuke (on whom Hiromi has a crush), is getting married, and Hiromi fears that she soon will be completely alone. She finds herself comforted by Junkers, an unusual dog with the ability to speak and grant her three wishes.

The film, directed by Junichi Sato of Sailor Moon fame and shown in small chunks on Japanese TV before being released theatrically, was based on a story by singer-songwriter Naoto Kine (who also performed the film's opening song and acted in the film as Shintaro, Hiromi's father). The late Kazuo Komatsubara also worked on the film as a character designer and animation director.


Japanese Voice Cast

English Voice Cast


Opening Theme
Real You, Another You, by Naoto Kine
Ending Theme
Winter Comes Around, by Akiko Hioki

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