Juliet Cesario (born July 14, 1967) is an American actress, well known for her voice work in anime, notably the series' You're Under Arrest, Oh! My Goddess as Belldandy, and the 2009 release of Clamp School Detectives. She has also appeared in many television shows, movies and onstage.


She has attended several anime conventions, including Otakon in 1997 and 1998 and Ohayocon, including JACON in 2003 and Animazement in 2007. She has also made appearances in many television shows and films. She has often worked with Coastal Studios.

Cesario is now currently active as an actress in television, film, and animation. She recently starred in a television movie called What you Want that aired on YTV in September 2008. She can be seen in "Surface", "One Tree Hill", among many other TV shows and films including "Star Trek; The Next Generation".


She is a huge fan of anime. She is also a fan of Speed Racer. [1]



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