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Jigyaku no Uta (自虐の詩?) is a manga series by Yoshiie Gouda. Yukihiko Tsutsumi adapted the series into a film, known in Japan under the same title and known in the United States as Happily Ever After. VIZ Pictures licensed the film for release in the United States.

The series follows husband and wife Isao Hayama (葉山 イサオ Hayama Isao?) and Yukie Morita (森田 幸江 Morita Yukie?). Yukie works at a noodle shop for long hours while Isao is a lazy gangster. Yukie's friends ask her to leave her husband, but Yukie feels an obligation to him because Isao had initially saved her from misery.

The film aired in a selection of theaters in the United States.[1][2]


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