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In this Japanese name, the family name is Ishida.

Ira Ishida (石田衣良 Ishida Ira?, b. 1960) is a Japanese novelist, actor, and TV commentator.

After graduating from Seikei University, he worked for a number of different advertising production companies and as a freelance copywriter.[1] In 1997, he published his first novel, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, which won the 36th All Yomimono New Mystery Writer's Prize. In 2003, he won the Naoki Prize for 4-Teen.[1]

His novels describe the culture of young people in Japan, particularly young women and otaku without a college education. Many of his works have been adapted for manga and television. As an actor, he made his first appearance in a leading role in the 2006 film Love My Life.

Ishida's pen name, Ishida Ira, was derived by splitting his real family name Ishidaira.

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