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Ippongi Bang (一本木蛮 Ippongi Ban) is a multimedia and manga artist, born January 4, 1965 in Yokohama City. She attended Den-En Chofu Hikiba High School, then Tamagawa University Dept. of Agriculture, and worked on a farm[1]. She continued to indulge in her passions—drawing manga and making costumes (she often attends conventions dressed in a Lum costume) until becoming a professional artist, working on manga, CD-ROMs, adult videos and others. She has worked on a number of magazines, ranging from boys' magazines to motorcycle magazines. A number of her works have been translated into English and released in the United States.


Her published works include:

  • The Hero Kojiro 2, 3 volumes (Ennix Manga)
  • All Around Ippongi Bang, photo collection and video (MOVIC)
  • Hong Kong Video Castle, 3 volumes (Shogakukan; Planning, Production and Publishing by Yuuki Hiroshi and Co.)
  • Manga Empress of All the Asias: The Dynamic Ippongi Bang CD-ROM art and cosplay photo collection CD-ROM (Gainax)

She has appeared several films and direct-to-video adult movies, including:

  • Sha sha ren, tiao tiao miu (1998) (aka. Ballistic Kiss)[2]
  • Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: daiishin fukkatsu-hen (1994) (aka. ExorSister 4)[3]
  • Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Joyô Senmenki-hen (1994) (aka. ExorSister 3)[4]
  • Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Hakui jigoku-hen (1994) (aka. ExorSister 2)[5]
  • Chô-yôma densetsu Uratsuki-dôji: Makai gakuen-hen (1994) (aka. ExorSister 1)[6]