International Manga Award
Awarded for manga by non-Japanese mangaka
Country 23x15px Japan
First awarded 2007

International Manga Award (国際漫画賞 Kokusai manga shou?) is an award established to encourage non-Japanese mangaka in 2007. This award was created by Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, who proposed this award in a policy speech he gave in Tokyo's Akihabara district in 2006. [1][2]


The First International MANGA Award:

"Shorei" Award:

The Second International MANGA Award:

"Shorei" Award:

  • Elapse by Yin Chuan (China)
  • “Portrait” by Chezhina Svetlana Igorevna (Russia)
  • Okhéania 1 by Alice Picard (France)

The Third International MANGA Award:

  • SUPER DUNKER by Jakraphan Huaypetch (TON JAKRAPHAN) (Thailand)

"Shorei" Award:

  • Zaya (Belgium: Huang Jia Wei)-Morvan-Dargaud Benelux) by Huang Jia Wei (China) Morvan (France)
  • Natty (Belgium: Melvil-Corveyran-Dargaud Benelux) by Melvil - Corveyran (France)
  • Running on empty by Kim Jea-eon (Republic of Korea)


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