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Illumitoon Entertainment is a company based in Fort Worth, Texas that has announced plans to "[deliver] customized, quality entertainment to the North American markets."[cite this quote] Specifically, the company plans to produce animation, especially anime, both for television broadcast and home video release.

Founded by three former executives of FUNimation Entertainment,[1] the company has announced its first anime acquisition, Beet the Vandel Buster.[2] While press statements seem to emphasize making this and future titles "relatable" or "placeable" to North American audiences, they have also stated that, unlike companies such as 4Kids, they would be including the Japanese language tracks on their video releases.

Since the initial announcement, Illumitoon has also licensed Get Ride! Amdriver and B't X, as well as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo,[3] which is already airing on Cartoon Network but distributed by Toei. Their first DVD was released in January 2007. However, because of how long they haven't been heard from, they probably will never release their shows again.


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