Idol Densetsu Eriko (アイドル伝説えり子?, trans. Legendary Idol Eriko) is a Japanese anime series by Ashi Productions. It ran in Japan from 1989 until 1990, spanning 51 episodes. The story has been adapted into a 3-volume manga series by Ayumi Kawahara.

The main character, Eriko Tamura, is actually an Japanese idol in real life. She performs the opening theme, and the last episode's ending theme.


Eriko Tamura is the chairman of Tamura Productions, a renowned music company and the only daughter of Minako Tamura, a former famous idol singer. Having had a talent for singing since birth, she has always loved her parent's media world. Then one day tragedy strikes when her parents get into a horrible car accident, which kills her father and leaves her mother in a coma. Now Eriko must take the path of singing, a path her parents did not want her to pursue. Things get worse when her uncle sets out to destroy her career. But in spite of all the hardship, she becomes an idol and wins hearts all over Japan


Eriko Tamura
Voiced by Akiko Yajima
Songs by Eriko Tamura
Yuusuke Tamura
Voiced by Takaya Hashi
Eriko's father
Minako Tamura
Voiced by Kumiko Takizawa
Eriko's mother
Rei Asagiri
Voiced by Naoko Matsui
Songs by Maiko Hashimoto
Shogo Ohgi
Voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto
Songs by Masahiko Arimachi


Eriko Tamura
Locomotion Dream - ED2
Namida no Hanbun - OP
Rei Asagiri
Ame no Highway
My Song For You
Precious Days
Rolling Night - Duet Shogo & Rei
True Love
Unchained Heart ED1
Shogo Ohgi by Masahiko Arimachi
Rolling Night - Duet Shogo & Rei
Midnigth City
Sayonara no Natsu

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