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I Shall Never Return (ぼくはこのまま帰らない Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai?) is a yaoi manga series by Kazuna Uchida. The first volume was published in Japan in October 1992 by Shufu-to-Seikatsu Sha. It spanned six volumes until its conclusion in September 1996. Ohzora Publishing reprinted the volumes from April 1997 through October 1997. Aurora Publishing licensed the series for an English language release in North America in 2007.[1] I Shall Never Return is available in English on the Internet from the Netcomics publisher.[2]

The plot is about a love triangle between a cheerful young man, Ritsuro, his troubled friend Ken who works as a rent boy, and Ritsuro's girlfriend Moeko.

I Shall Never Return was adapted into a 40 minute original video animation by J.C.Staff and released in Japan on January 27, 2006. Media Blasters licensed the OVA for distribution in North America and releasing it on February 13, 2007.[3]


Moeko has been described as "more than a convienient prop" to the plot, which is unusual for female characters in BL works, which is unusual since her character is important to the overall character development of both male characters. Ritsuro and Ken's switching seme and uke roles has been remarked on as interesting in "a work of this vintage", and as a device showing the confused emotions of their relationship.[4] Rape scenes in the second volume have been described as being for "full emotional, not sensual, impact".[5] Erin F. of PopCultureShock described it as "amazingly dramatic".[6] The OVA has been described as a "love letter" to the fans of the manga, and as a 'snapshot' of the manga story.[7]


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