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Hitoshi Tomizawa (富沢ひとし Tomizawa Hitoshi?) is a Japanese manga artist. Alien 9 is his best known work; his manga tend to be short, with sci-fi stories involving children and insects. His art was fairly standard shōnen manga style for his first series, but starting with Alien 9 it became very distinctive, but with very large eyes and unnatural proportions, and has since been recognized as part of the Japanese superflat post-modern art movement[citation needed].


  • Treasure Hunter Jubei (Shonen Champion)
  • Alien 9 (Young Champion)
    • Alien 9 Emulators (Champion Red)
  • Milk Closet (Afternoon)
  • Propeller Heaven (Ultra Jump)
  • Battle Royale II: Blitz Royale (Champion Red)
  • Tokumu Hokokan Yumihari (Genzo)

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