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Hiroko Konishi (小西 寛子 Konishi Hiroko?) (born October 26, 1975 in Kanagawa) is a Japanese seiyū. She is currently not affiliated with any production, and has largely retired from voice acting.

Notable voice roles (anime)

Notable voice roles (video games)

  • Elena in Grandia II
  • Bridget from Guilty Gear XX
  • Shiori Misaka in Kanon
  • Lena in Magic School Lunar!
  • Roll in Rockman 8
  • Roll in Rockman Battle & Chase
  • Lilith Aensland from Vampire series
  • Lisa Silverman from Persona 2
  • Sophia in Mitsumete Knight


  • In at least two instances, she has portrayed a character who was later voiced by Yui Horie.
    • Jiyu Nanohana
    • Tohru Honda (Konishi voiced Tohru in a 1999 Hana to Yume drama CD)

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