Hiro Yūki (優希 比呂 Yūki Hiro, Teruhisa Tsuyusaki or 露崎 照久 Tsuyusaki Teruhisa) is a seiyū who was born on February 13, 1965 in Tokyo.

He is part of the seiyū quartet Weiss which also consists of Weiss Kreuz voice castmates Tomokazu Seki, Takehito Koyasu, and Shinichiro Miki.

In June 2007, Yuki changed the spelling of his name to 優希比呂 from 結城比呂, which still reads as Yūki Hiro. In addition, he is no longer affiliated with any agency.

He's the official Japanese-dubbing voice actor for Stan Marsh in South Park.

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