Hiro Suzuhira (鈴平ひろ Suzuhira Hiro?, b. January 17, 1978) is a female Japanese mangaka, character designer and illustrator.

Hiro Suzuhira and Aoi Nishimata have known each other from high school; their first work, Ritual, was introduced in 1996. In 2000, she joined BasiL and became the illustrator for Bless: Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind. After Bless was released, she quit from BasiL and became a freelance illustrator. During this period in 2001, she illustrated one of the characters for Welcome to Pia Carrot 3. In 2003, she joined Navel along with Aoi Nishimata, illustrating Shuffle![1] before moving on to Soul Link[1] and Tick! Tack!.

On February 23, 2007, she quit Navel due to health issues and again became a free illustrator.[2]


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