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Hello! Sandybell (ハロー!サンディベル Haro! Sandiberu?) is an anime series made by Toei Animation in 1981. It was aired in Japan by TV Asahi.

Similarly to Silver Fang, the show is relatively unknown in the U.S. but was quite popular in Latin America, Arab countries and Europe, particularly Scandinavia.


Hello! Sandybell is the story of a girl who lives in Scotland with her father. She spends her time playing with her faithful dog (Oliver) and her friends. One day she meets the Countess of Willington, a kind-hearted old woman living in the castle near their village. She also meets Kitty, an arrogant young lady who lives in the large mansion outside their village.

Kitty hates Sandybell and continues to visit the Countess in the hope of winning the love and interest of the Countess herself. The Countess gives Sandybell a white lily and she plants it outside the village. She also brings other flowers and plants them around the lily, making a small garden of flowers around it. Sandybell treasures the lily because it reminds her of her deceased mother.

Sandybell's goal throughout the series is to find her mother someday. In the final episodes, they finally reunite. However, upon their meeting Sandybell finds that her mother suffers from amnesia, and Sandybell fails to convince her that she was her daughter. Later, when a young child falls into the water and Sandy saves his life, flashbacks strike her mother and she remembers the past.


  • Series director: Hiroshi Shidara
  • Episode Director: Kazumi Fukushima
  • Original story: Shiroh Jinbo
  • Script:Hiroshisa Soda, Makoto Sakurai, Noboru Shiroyama
  • Music: Takeo Watanabe
  • Character Design: Makoto Sakurai
  • Background Art: Eiji Itô
  • Planning: Yasuo Yamaguchi
  • Production manager: Akira Sasaki
  • Theme Song Arrangement: Joe Hisaishi
  • Theme Song Lyrics: Noriko Miura
  • Theme sung by Mitsuko Horie
  • Production: TV Asahi, Asatsu Shinsha, Toei

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