Haruna Ikezawa (池澤 春菜 Ikezawa Haruna?, born December 15, 1975) is a voice actress born in Athens, Greece, but raised in Kanagawa Prefecture.[1] She was formerly affiliated with 81 Produce, but as of 2002, she is affiliated with Oscar Promotion.[2] She is the eldest daughter of Akutagawa Prize-winning author Ikezawa Natsuki and the granddaughter of Takehiko Fukunaga. She is best known for playing light-hearted or mysterious roles, such as Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! as Gō Seiba, Hamtaro as Haruna Hiroko (Roku-chan), Maria-sama ga Miteru as Yoshino Shimazu, and Sgt. Frog as Momoka Nishizawa.

She is a member of the seiyū group "More Peach Summer Snow", alongside Chiwa Saitō, Mamiko Noto and Ryō Hirohashi (The group began as "More Peach Summer", with Haruna, Chiwa and Mamiko. Also, all four women voiced characters in the anime "Sgt. Frog".).

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