Haru Matsukata Reischauer (ハル・松方・ライシャワー Haru Matsukata Raishawa-?, (1915, Tokyo-1998, California)) was a writer and wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Japan (1961-1965) Edwin O. Reischauer. She was a granddaughter of Matsukata Masayoshi, a liberal finance minister in the Meiji era.

She studied at Principia College in Illinois. She later worked as a newspaper reporter in the United States before meeting Reischauer, whom she married in 1956. In 1961 she returned to Japan with her husband when he was appointed ambassador to Japan. They lived in Japan until 1966 and then went back to the United States, where she was to take an active role as a director of the Japan-America Student Conference.

She is the author of the biography Samurai and Silk (1986).

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