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Harold Sakuishi (ハロルド 作石 Harorudo Sakuishi?), born March 16, 1969 is an award-winning manga artist. His real name is Takahiro Sakuishi (作石貴浩 Sakuishi Takahiro?). Sakuishi has a wide variety of interests which include baseball (he is a huge Chunichi Dragons fan), martial arts, MMA, and music (he is a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan). Each of these has become the basis for his most popular series (baseball in Stopper Busujima, fighting in Bakaichi, and music in BECK). His series also often include character cameos from his past works; one of the newspaper reporters in BECK is actually from Stopper Busujima and so on. Additionally, he’s a big fan of Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) with a warped version of that story appearing in BECK written by Christy Sakuishi. In BECK he included many odd and famous people in background crowds. These included many people wearing luchadore masks, characters from Happy Sangokushi and in chapter 28 pg. 1 MMA legend Royce Gracie.


  1. Gorillaman (1985)
  2. Bakaichi (1995)
  3. Stopper Busujima (1996)
  4. BECK (2000)
  5. Seven Shakespeare (2009)[1]

Video games

  1. Heavy Metal Thunder (2005)



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