Gyakuten! Ippatsuman (逆転!イッパツマン?) is a Japanese anime television series broadcast from February 13, 1982 to March 26, 1983, comprising 58 episodes. It is the fifth entry to the Time Bokan series by Tatsunoko Productions and the first series to feature a super robot as the main hero.[1] The series succeeded Yattodetaman and preceded Itadakiman in 1983. The titular character is playable in the fighting game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.


In the 1990s-era Osteandel City is the headquarters of Time Lease, a business that leases almost everything you could ask for, including powerful robots. They are proud of themselves for being number one in the international ranking of billionaires for the past ten consecutive years. Meanwhile, there is another lease company in the same city called Skull Lease, where the notorious villain trio work as top executives. Their ostensible object is to disgrace the credit of Time Lease and replace them as the leading enterprise. However, they have a scheme to secure a footing for world conquest. One day, a transport robot of Time Lease is assaulted by the villain trio and Ippatsuman prepares to get on the move to fight for justice.


Time Lease

Skull Lease

Osteandel Northern Branch

Osteandel Western Branch

Head Office

Machine Friend

  • Ichiro Imai - Shigeru Chiba


  • Narration - Hirotaka Suzuoki

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