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Guyver: Out of Control is a short original video animation based on the manga, Bio Booster Armor Guyver but is different both in length and story from both the manga and the 12 episode OVA series, Bio-Booster Armor Guyver.

It was produced in 1986 in Japan and released in the U.S. and Canada in 1993 by L.A. Hero under the Dark Image Entertainment label. It has since been out of print in North America.


While walking home from school, high school students Shō Fukamachi and Mizuki Segawa accidentally discover one of three Bio Booster Armor units stolen from the Chronos Corporation. When Shō and Mizuki are attacked by a Zoanoid, the unit comes into contact with Shō and bonds with him, transforming him into Guyver I and promptly destroying the Zoanoid assailant. Meanwhile, a female Chronos agent named Valcuria acquires a second unit and becomes Guyver II. She then abducts Mizuki in order to challenge Shō for the Guyver I unit.

Differences from the manga

Though Out of Control is based on the first four chapters of the Guyver manga, it deviates heavily in character development. The OVA omits Shō's best friend Tetsuro Segawa and replaces his role with Mizuki. Valcuria replaces Oswald A. Lisker, the original user of the Guyver II armor. Guyver III also appears, but it is not explained who the host body is, as he only appears in the closing moments of the OVA.

The OVA is well-known for a scene resembling tentacle rape where the Guyver II unit bonds with Valcuria.


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