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Gundam Ace (ガンダムエース Gandamu Eesu?) is a monthly Japanese shōnen manga magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten, it largely focus on the Gundam franchise. There is a Chinese version published by Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.


Gundam Ace started as a quarterly publication from vol.1 to 3, moved to a bi-monthly publication from vol.4 and on April 25, 2003 with vol.10 it became a monthly publication. The producer is Shinichirou Inoue of Kadokawa Shoten who also produce Newtype and Shonen Ace. The chief editor is Hideaki Kobayashi.

The magazine contains a number of common features found in official fan magazines, including news on upcoming Gundam series and merchandise.

Gundam Ace is considered canon by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Featured manga

Many of the manga titles running in the magazine serve as promotion (adaptations based on recent games, animated series side stories, etc.) or parody the Gundam series/fandom.

Non-manga columns

  • Data Gundam
  • Ages of Gundam
  • Okawara Factory
  • Gundam Goods Navigation
  • Gundam Game Information


Most issues of Gundam Ace contain at least one 'free gift' item. These may be used to promote a current Gundam work or based on original manga appearing in the magazine. In the three months leading up to the premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the magazine gave away a 00 pencil board, sticker sheet and poster. A continuing series has been keychains depicting Mobile Suit Gundam characters as chickens, based on a popular manga of the same concept. Other items given away include CM collection CD-ROMs, exclusive alternate manga cover sleeves and cardboard calendar cubes.

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