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Green Bunny is a Japanese animation studio that specializes in the production of hentai OVAs. On July 3, 2006, the official site suddenly disappeared.


Japanese title Romaji title Meaning of Japanese title English title Date Info Notes
もけもけ大正電動娘 ARISA Moke Moke Taishou Dendou Musume ARISA Arisa
アドバンサー・ティナ adovansā tina (transcription) Advancer Tina August 21, 1996 Tina becomes an Advancer – an elite explorer of frontier worlds – in exchange for the commutation of her 2000-year criminal sentence. As is inevitable for such situations in this genre, she encounters many hostile, tentacled aliens eager to engage in sexual activity with her. Director: Kan Fukumoto; US licensor: Kitty Media; 1 episode;
カイト A Kite Kite A Yasuomi Umetsu title set in the A Kite universe
ミッドナイトパンサー Middonaito Pansā Midnight Panther Midnight Panther Midnight Panther is based on the eponymous hentai manga
夜勤病棟・参 Yakin Byoutou San Night Shift Nurses (3) View Night Shift Nurses: Experiment part of the Night Shift Nurses series part of the Yakin Byoutou series
オーキッド☆エンブレム Orchid Emblem
個人授業 Kojin Jugyo Private lesson Private Psycho Lesson created by U-jin
学園ソドム Professor Pain The story is that a professor takes his chemistry class hostage with hidden remote-controlled bombs. The plot tells the viewers his reasoning is the sexual assault/rape of his sister by students. It is passed off by the media and investigators, as exploitative seduction and trickery in order to have sex with multiple male students. This eventually leads to her suicide. After his sister's death, the professor receives an email he believes to be from her instructing him to make bombs. Later, he forces his hostages into sexual and painful (hence the name) experiments.
ピュアメール Pure Mail
妖香の剣 Samurai XXX
青 -シーン SeeIn AO SeeIn
ヤーリマクィーン Sex Demon Queen
セックスフレンド Sexfriend Sex friend Sexfriend Sexfriend is based on an eroge dating sim
夜が来る! Yoru ga Kuru! Square of the Moon
ナチュラル Natura Natural Teacher's Pet released in English as part of the Teacher's Pet ナチュラル series
ナチュラル Another Natura Another Natural - Another Teacher's Pet
ナチュラル2 デュオ Natura2 DUO Natural 2 - Duo Natural Obsessions 2
TOKIO機動ポリス Tokio Kidou Police Tokio combat armored exoskeleton equipped Police Tokio Private Police
初夜ヴァージン・ナイト Shoya Bājin Naito Virgin bridal night Virgin Night Based on the eponymous manga by Yutaka Tanaka
ワーズ・ワース Wāzu Wāsu Words Worth Words Worth Words Worth is based on an eroge RPG title by ELF Corporation Words Worth series
ワーズ・ワース外伝 Words Worth: Gaiden Words Worth: Outer Story
Zero Sum Game
続・御先祖賛江 Zoku Gosenzo not licensed


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