GoodKnyght! is a 2001 fantasy novel written by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, (known as The Two Steves) as part of the Tales of The Dark Forest series.

Plot summary

Willum, a swineherd and Whipping boy for Symon, son of the city's High Lord, longs to go to Knyght School and to become a Knyght. After fighting for Symon in a Tournament for Symon, Willum is sent to Knyght School. After meeting up with a forest dwelling girl named Rose, an Italian restaurateur named Luigi, Humfrey the Boggart, a Pryvate Inquestigator with a speech impediment, a sarcastic harp and a wizard known as The Runemaster who carries the Dragonsbane; a stone which can be used to access the mind of a dragon. When the Dragonsbane is stolen, Willum, Rose and the Harp travel to The Ragged Mountain to retrieve it.

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