Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club (行け!!南国アイスホッケー部 Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club?) is a shōnen manga by Kōji Kumeta. The manga ran for 23 volumes in Shōnen Sunday from 1991 to 1996. The art style changed drastically over the course of the series, evolving towards Kumeta's distinct style of his later series such as Katte ni Kaizo or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.


The series follows Getto Rando, who has been living in Canada and playing hockey there since he was ten. However, he also earned himself a very long suspension due to cheating and thus was more or less forced to return to Japan where he was recruited by Hamatsu High School in Kyushu, even though ice hockey is not very popular in Japan's southern regions and the school only has a roller hockey rink in the beginning.


Getto Rando (蘭堂月斗?)
The protagonist of the story. He is a very skilled hockey player and has won multiple scoring titles in Canadian leagues of his age group. However, he is not afraid to go outside the rulebook to achieve victory.
Soara Okamoto (岡本そあら?)
Soara is the manager of the hockey team. She is a bit uptight and constantly has to keep Getto and the rest of the hockey club in check.
Kentaro Amakusa (天草健太郎?)
The coach of the hockey team, Kentaro was the former captain until his need for glasses sidelined him.
Maiko Asakiri (朝霧舞子?)
Maiko is one of the most voluptuous girls in school and holds the title of Miss Hamatsu High. She is close friends with Soara.
Rob Doorman (ロブ・ドールマン?)
A former teammate of Getto from Canada. Rob becomes an exchange student and finds himself at Hamatsu High School. Like Getto he was suspended from the leagues in Canada. He was banned for his violent outbreaks.
Yoshida (吉田?)
The gentle giant of the hockey club. He is a timid guy and is often taken advantage of or made fun of by the other members of the hockey club, despite the strength he possesses.


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