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Garon Tsuchiya (土屋ガロン Tsuchiya Garon?, born 1947 in Tokyo), also known by the name of Carib Marley (狩撫麻礼 Marei Karibu?) and marginal (in Astral Project[1]), started his manga story career in 1979.

In 1986, completed his first major works in collaboration with Akyo Makata, in Ahomansu and Meisouou Boodaa. Afterwards, Tsuchiya collaborated with draftsman Kaiji Kawaguchi (Zipang, Spirit of The Sun) for the title, Tokishozo Disturbs and Losses. In 1992-1993 he collaborated with Jiro Taniguchi for the manga Blue Fighter (青の戦士 Ao no Senshi?), Knuckle Wars (ナックル・ウォーズ Nakkuru?) and Live! Odyssey (LIVE! オデッセイ?).

He also collaborated with Takashi Imashiro for the manga Takopon. He has collaborated with manga artist Nobuaki Minegishi for the manga Oldboy which the 2003 film, Oldboy directed by Park Chan-Wook is based on. Tsuchiya is currently working on a new series entitled Saniwa.


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