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A game club is an organization devoted to bringing game players together. Schools and universities are common venues for game clubs. Other game clubs meet in members' homes. Many game clubs are often organized around a gaming store; a hobby store-type of business which sell non-computer games. These can be role-playing games, board games, German-style board games, card games and collectible card games. These relatively small stores are usually privately owned and run by people who are gamers themselves.

A gaming club will provide space (rooms, tables, some gaming equipment) and thus create a place where gamers can interact, learn and play games, meet, and relax.

The motivations for joining such clubs vary. Some games (e.g., Axis and Allies) are, by their nature, so complex and time-consuming that finding an optimal number of opponents may be difficult in some areas without an organization to bring players together. Some games, such as chess, have such a disparity of skill between beginners and experts that a ranking system may be helpful in matching up players of comparable skill. In addition, members may share books and other paraphernalia related to their games. Game clubs may also organize tournaments. These events typically involve complex rules and procedures for ensuring fairness.

Some game stores even become centers of a community. People that are into gaming sometimes have trouble finding people to associate with, and game stores and clubs provide a place for them to find such people.

There are about 5,000 non-chain game hobby stores in the US (Fullerton, Hoffman, Swain, 2005).

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